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The Buick Lucerne is very reliable, safe, sturdy, and sound. This vehicle drives nicely and has good options.

I had my vehicle since 2008 and I had no major complaints. The vehicle did not need major repairs. The Buick Lucerne runs in great condition. I only do regular maintenance check-ups. The car looks nice and has decent features. Perhaps the only setback is I wish the car was little bigger and little more spacious. Otherwise the car is working fine and I had no major problems with it. Some of the strengths are the car runs very smoothly and elegantly. The Buick Lucerne is easy to handle and gives passengers a pleasant ride. I am a satisfied user of Buick brands.

- Ashwin R

My 2008 buck and why I will keep it rather than a new car.

My car is a 6 cylinder Buick Lucerne 2008 with just over 91, 000 miles on it. I recently purchased new Goodyear tires for it and had both front and rear brake pads and rotors installed on the car. Over the years that I have owned the car I have had to replace both front wheel bearings and the fuel pump and sending unit. I like the car as I am 6' 3" tall and this model gives me plenty of both head and leg room. It runs very well and I have been told by more than one mechanic that the underside is very clean, with no leaks nor rust.

- Robert H

Buick Lucerne- sporty looking luxury.

Buick Lucerne is truly one of the last affordable luxury cars in a large size. It is like driving a couch on wheels and that is a good thing. No compact luxury it is roomy, comfortable and surprisingly sporty looking with the shiny rims it has. As for reliability we’ve had no major problems only the rear tire monitor sensor and routine maintenance. I just wish it was not discontinued, I would love a 2019 version. You may think of Buick as an old person's car but I have gotten compliments on it from 20 yr. olds.

- Kelly S

My vehicle is great. I get great gas mileage. I love my heated seats.

I love my Buick. I love that it drives nicely and I do not have to worry about my vehicle not getting me where I need to be. I get great gas mileage. The only problem I have with my vehicle is that there are quite a bit of miles on it. My tires need to be filled up quite a bit but that is not a big problem for me because I am close to a pump. I would highly encourage anyone to purchase a Buick.

- Peyton C

Black 2008 Buick Lucerne.

Good mileage, expensive to fill tank usually around $30-40. Spacious trunk leaves room for moving from home to school. Comfortable seats and easy to adjust to each height/lay back so you are not so close to the wheel. Very good car overall. Once got rear ended by someone going 35 and nothing but a scratch on the bumper of my car while hers was totaled.

- morgan T

Car is very reliable and good on gas.

The vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. As far as features go, it's very simple, its an older car so it does not have the cool driver assist and backup view like a lot of the newer cars have. But it is very reliable and good on gas. It rides very smooth and haven't had a lot of problems with the car mechanically.

- Mario C

I am very satisfied with my vehicle. It is easy to drive and reliable.

I have had no real problems with my vehicle which I have had for a little over 3 years. Even though it is 10 years old and has 125, 000+ miles on it, I have found it very reliable. It also has a nice feature in that it beeps when you back up and come close to another object. It also has heated seats and steering wheel.

- Lillian S

Luxury ride question is confusing.

Trunk leaks during rain storms, side vision is not always good.It depends on where passenger is moved to, the air conditioner has backed up several times does not drain properly. Door lock broke several times. Car rides nicely, heated seats and steering wheel are great as is the remote starter seats are comfortable,

- Margaret G

Lasts forever and it reliable engine wise.

Large front end and hard to park. Does not turn well sharply and had issues with features not working over the years. Overall a reliable car with the engine. Had them in the family for years and they last forever. Would continue to purchase similar cars like this if they continue to lash the way they do.

- Heather Q

If you are looking for a smooth and classy ride, buick lucerne is the answer.

I love the size and body of my vehicle. It is fuel efficient enough satisfy my needs and the ride is smooth. I enjoy traveling and the interior design makes it comfortable to travel in. I wish that the center console was designed differently, I do not like all of the storage compartments in the middle.

- Jenna K

My vehicle has the two most wanted items - reliability and low maintenance.

My vehicle has been very reliable. Though it is 10 years old and has over 125, 000 miles on it, I have had very little repair on it and it drives very well. It is comfortable and has many attractive features such as heated seats and steering wheel and backup signal if I am too close to another object.

- Lillian S

My Buick is spacious, reliable and comfortable!

Very reliable, drives great, very spacious! People pair Buick with older people but I am 23 and I absolutely love my Buick. Heated seats & steering wheel in the winter time save my life and the cup holders are a good size for the vehicle. When traveling, I do not need anything bigger than this.

- Laurel W

All you can see is the engine.

I really enjoy my 2008 Buick Lucerne. It's stylish and has many advanced features for its age. It provides a smooth comfortable ride. The only downside is when you pop the hood, all you can see is the large engine cover, so for even simple maintenance it normally has to be taken to the garage.

- Sherry J

I love how my vehicle has stored memory for the seats.

There's only major problem I had was replacing the alternator. I drive it for all reasons, from travel, to chauffeuring my kids around, to travel for work. It is very spacious and comfortable. I have a third seat in the front middle where the console is, it is kind of hidden but there.

- Precious D

The computer lets you know if anything in the car needs a mechanics attention.

Comfortable ride, heated seats and steering wheel a plus. Only downfall is the hood goes at such a angle down it makes it difficult to judge how close you are getting to curbs etc and when to stop. Does a good job on snowy, icy and rainy roads. Like this car. Does a good job on trips.

- Kelly M

It is a great car, spacious, and drives wonderfully.

My Buick Lucerne is very spacious and comfortable. The ride is smooth and it drives very well. Although considered an older car, I love the features it has and really wouldn't ask for more. We haven't had any major problems that any car owner wouldn't expect to have at some point.

- Christina H

It has a poor fit, unless you're somehow really short on top with a long bottom half, don't expect to be able to reach the door to close it when you're getting in.

I like the smooth ride and the sleek design. I dislike the way I fit in the car. I hit my head when I get in. And I can barely reach the pedals safely. Also, errors won't clear on my dash, which is really annoying. I like it when it tells me if ice is present, nice safety feature.

- S R

Heated seats remote trunk button.

It is very reliable car we have went lots of places, it has auto locks and windows, cruise, passenger side air bags, the battery is under the back seat, remote trunk button, it gets very good gas mileage, sometimes it acts like it wants to cut out though, heated seats.

- Theresa R

The most reliable and comfortable car.

Only has 46, 000 miles on it and runs great. Have had no problems besides with the lights. Everything else in the car runs great and is a reliable car. The seats in this car are so comfortable. The car drives very smoothly and even over bumps you can barely feel it.

- Elizabeth R

Fast accelerating cruise!

Only thing I have an issue with sometimes the cruise accelerates too fast. Feel like it should be a little less extreme. It can really put you to the back of the seat and I am sure it burns through some gas. Not really a problem but I find it kind of annoying.

- David C

Buick Lucerne-driving your couch.

The car is like driving your couch. It is very stable to drive, performs well in most bad weather conditions, and has lots of space for people and storage. The only real downside is the gas mileage is not excellent but that is to be expected for a large car.

- Christopher G

Gas mileage is great for a big car and it is very comfortable.

Gas mileage is great and it rides really smooth. The upkeep is very affordable. The seats are cloth and comfortable. The only complaint I have is the radio, I need to update it soon because my husband and I love music! It will be our road trip car very soon.

- Kissy W

Really cool car. Most people who drive Buicks are over 60.

No issues. Car runs great. Tires are good. Gets good gas mileage. Car is silver in color and does not show the dirt as much as other colors. Brakes are good. Has leather seats but no seat heaters. Has automatic windshield wipers which are pretty cool.

- Lou P

It has lasted longer than many American made cars and hasn't required a lot of repairs.

I love some of the features on my car; such as auto headlights, auto rear view mirror dimming, and seat warmer. I don't like the electric windows because it broke and costs a ridiculous amount to fix. I also like that it came with a Sirius radio.

- Rita M

It is expensive to repair and maintain after 100,000 miles

It is becoming very expensive to maintain. It has high mileage and a lot of things are starting to go wrong with it. It was a good car for a long time, and I didn't start having a lot of problems until it hit 100,000 miles.

- Laura r

The car is very comfortable. There is actually legroom in the backseat! And there is plenty of car around you to help you feel safe on the road.

I really like the size of the vehicle because it nicely fits a carseat in the backseat, and there's plenty of trunk space. I don't like that the blind spots are kind of large. You really have to move around to look out!

- Carri W

Buick Lucerne gives you a nice, comfortable, smooth ride.

This vehicle rides very comfortable and smooth. The design is very nice and looks good. It is an affordable vehicle. It is not convenient to change a headlight bulb. The battery under the back seat is not convenient.

- Shelia S

She may look like an old person's car (because she's beige) but she works wonderfully

I love how smoothly she rides and how the steering is, and how I can see my gas mileage, how many miles I have left before I need more gas, my oil level, and the pressure of each of my tires

- Becca M

Cannot open the trunk when inside the car. You have to use the button on the key.

Very roomy. Luxury.. Rides well.. Have had minimal problems but have had issues with fuel pump relay shorting out had to research and. Learned it was a typical problem for that model.

- Sheri C

The most important things to know is that I like this car.

I bought this vehicle brand new and it has always been reliable. There have been minor issues like replacing the battery and other small issues, but overall, it has been reliable.

- Derrick W

It is a comfortable ride.

I've had some problems with this model. The 2006 model was fantastic! The 2008 year seems to enjoy nickel and diming people, it makes me disappointed in the manufacturer.

- Aman S

Others should know that my car is dependable.

I like the comfort, room and style of my car. There is nothing that I dislike about it. I purchased it brand new in 2008,and I have not had any issues with it.

- Derrick W

It's reliable. I have never feared that it wouldn't start or would stall. I always know it will start and get me where I need to be.

I love how comfortable and well my car drives. I have had no issues with it. Sometimes it can be a little to large of a car. It feels like parking a boat.

- Hayli S

It is very comfortable to drive and the seats are easy to adjust

I like the large trunk space. I like that the seat automatically adjust to my preference.The only thing i don't like is it doesn't have remote start.

- larry j

It is a nice luxury car very reliable good on gas and comfortable.

Doesn't always start on first try. Nice leather seats. Automatic seats. Reliable gets you there and back no problem. Shakes when you go over 40 mph.

- Sarah H

That it is very reliable.

My definition of trump is that I am only doing this survey for money so ya well if someone is actually reading this hi and have a great day today.

- Savage S

It has a gigantic turning radius that makes it hard to maneuver in tight areas.

I like the smooth ride and basically everything about it except it has a giant turning radius. This makes it hard to maneuver into tight areas.

- Edwin M

its great and i would buy it again. I would recommend buick they are good cars

I like the dual heat and air conditioning, leather seats, heated steering wheel, heated seats, sunroof, and overall style and color.


I would say that it would be to keep fluids filled.

I love it is spacious comfort runs smooth it is easy to drive, has everything I need.. I would love it can have the back camera.

- Patricia B

2008 Buick Lucerne CXL. Very comfortable ride.

recurring problem with front wheel bearings. fuel efficiency is slightly worse of similar past models with same engine size.

- Jerry W

Its pretty large and hard to park in small spaces.

The car runs great. It has lots of room and I love the large trunk. It's not terrible on gas mileage but I wish it was better.

- Andrea M

It is comfortable and has decreased noise with the noise reduction windows.

It is very comfortable. It has been reliable. The main problem is the driver's side outside door opener. It has broken twice.

- Donna K

Doesn't get the best gas mileage.

Beautiful car, runs great. Have not had any problems with the vehicle thus far. No complaints on vehicle except gas mileage.

- Tanya A

Super comfortable ride great for trips.

I love how comfortable it is to drive. It is great for long road trips. I love the space in the back seat and in the trunk.

- Mel V

The faster it goes the smoother it rides.

It is a very smooth car only has 52,000 miles. Bought it in Florida an old couple had. It's beautiful and very luxury.

- Charles B

I have had this car for 10 years and have had very few problems

very reliable and comfortable. Have had very few problems with it since I purchased it. Sorry they stopped making it

- Martha d

That it is dependable and maintenance is low even after years.

When I first laid eyes on this care when it initially came out, I knew that I wanted it. It hasn't disappointed yet.

- Derrick M

I keep it up the best I can with repairs and oil changes

It burns too much gas. The gas mileage is only 17 to the gallon. Gives a good ride and is quite dependable.

- Marilyn F

If you live somewhere with snow think about that before purchasing.

Rides great, comfortable. The tires that were put on have some issues. I love the extras that came with it.

- Meguire G

The style is great the performance is great

Radio trouble with speakers Great car , love it Rides and drives wonderful Couldn't have a better car

- Teresa T

Very smooth ride, average gas economy, and overall excellent look of the vehicle.

Like the look of the vehicle, and midsize, unlike recent vehicles. Rear window visibility too limited.

- Michael B

I like the way it drives. It rides so good and smooth. My car is almost trouble free and that is a good thing.

It is paid for so that makes it ride better. The finish is very good and shiny. Low maintenance.

- Charlotte B

It's comfortable to ride in.

I love this model car. Unfortunately they don't make it any more. I prefer the 2006 model year.

- Erik W

It is big enough for tall people.

It is roomy as I am tall. The trunk is large. It has been reliable.

- Martin n

American made can last. With proper care. Most car owners neglect proper maintenance.

I have owned this vehicle for 10 years. I have no complaints.

- mark c

no major problems with it still runs good so i will not change

love Even though the car is 10 years old i still love it

- Martina S

I have had no problem with the Buick since the warranty has expired. It is a shame they do not make that model anymore.

This Buick has smooth, wonderful ride and road handling.

- Donald K