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That it's a reliable vehicle and it's also very comfortable to ride in.

My car is a Buick Lucerne, I think it's kind of a little old lady car but it's actually pretty powerful, it speeds up super fast when I want to pass cars on the highway and I haven't had any problems with it, so far. The one thing that I don't like about it is that the driver's seat moves all the way back every time I unlock the car with my fob, and it will crush something if it's between the driver's seat and the back seat. I don't think I can reset it. My car is pretty nice though, I'm very happy with it overall. I think that when the time comes to make repairs on it, it should be an affordable car to have work done on, unlike my last car--the Acura. Which I also loved but seemed less reliable and more expensive.

- Caroline B

2009 Buick Lucerne:bianca. She is very clean and gets complimented quite often.

I bought my car with 67,000 miles on it and haven't had any problems with it thus far with the proper preventative maintenance. The vehicle runs very solid, it is not a sporty car by any means, it will get up and go, but not 0-60 in 2 seconds. The interior is the tan leather with the darker Brown Dash board and wood grain across it and wood grain on the doors. The outside looks great for a big body vehicle..It has factory chrome rims on it that are phenomenal and look phenomenal when taken care of.

- Brady W

Buick Lucerne too bad they do not make those anymore. Buick is a nice brand!

My vehicle is very reliable as long as you keep the maintenance up-to-date. I like the fact that my vehicle has Bluetooth phone and OnStar I do have a current subscription to OnStar. The comfort of my vehicle is very high because there is a lot of legroom and trunk space. I also like the v6 engine I do not like the fact that they say that the battery is kept behind the back seat I am not sure how true that is.

- Becky F

Like traveling in a spaceship.

The Buick is the comfiest ride I have ever experienced. The heated steering wheel seems excessive, but is a must if you live in area with cold winters. Gas mileage is decent for a heavy and comfy car such as this. The leather seats and trunk room make it a very easy fit of 5 people and all their belongings.

- Jonathan P

I love the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

My Buick has a lot of features that I love. It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel. It is a 6 cylinder and it gets 33 miles to the gallon. It is very comfortable to ride in. I haven not had any problems with my vehicle. It has an option for satellite radio but I do not subscribe to it.

- Penny W

Loving my space and I am sure you will too.

I couldn't say I have any problems with my vehicle. It is very spacious I have to say my favorite thing is the extra middle seat in the front. I wish there was a spot where I can hide that seat belt for when I am not using it that way it's not just laying around. But I really cannot complain.

- Andrea G

Great family car and for road tripping with friends. We still drive it on trips over 100 miles.

My car has 130,000+ miles. We recently bought a new pickup, but I will drive my car until it won't go anymore! It has been a great car getting me to lots of fun places and events with no problems. I only replaced the original battery a year ago. It still drives great and is very reliable.

- Carmen O

You can get lock out if you do not watch it. The door lock will lock you out so always take the key out with you.

I love the way it drives. I love the seat can be heated. I love the car can be started before, I get to it. I love the beeper to tell me I am too close to another thing when backing out. I do not like the way the seat sit when I try to get out of the car but I can charge the seat setting

- Mary B

It doesn't get very good gas mileage. I love the fact that it has a heated steering wheel

It's a very stylish looking car. An extremely smooth ride. Even has an heated steering wheel! My only complaint is it doesn't get very good gas mileage. My inside door handle broke and I need to replace the whole panel costing $600. I cannot just replace the handle

- Missy M

I have a 09 red Buick Lucerne its a 4 door sedan.

I love my car I've had it for five years. I love it, and it rarely gives me any problems. It has great space, which is great for road trips and its great on gas. I would definitely recommended the car to anyone who is looking to buy an affordable long lasting car.

- Kelley B

Good car, horrible headlights.

It is challenging to change the front headlights. You have to take the wheel off, which is irritating. I end up having to pay more for someone else to change it. I also have had an issue with one of the passenger doors are not being able to be opened.

- Diane D

2009 Buick Lucerne cxl special edition.

The car has a ton of awesome features like heated and cooled leather seats. I also like the finish on the interior of the car. Having said that, the motor mounts need replacement.

- Ian I

It is a great automobile, let’s you know when it needs to be serviced.

It is a great automobile, comfortable powerful, not bad on gas, all around great car!! I actually like a smaller car, easier on gas and easier to maneuver.

- Bonnie L

I also like the size of the trunk.

I like the way it drives and it does not burn a lot of gas. I haven't had a lot of repairs done to it. I like the color and the way it was manufactured.

- Ruby J

Its brakes don't last. There was a point where out of nowhere they stopped.

It's bigger than i'd like. I don't enjoy how often it need a repairs either. Lots of foreign cars go longer without the need for constant check ups.

- Ben A

It has been driven everywhere, had several accidents bit I'd still going.

I like it because it has been dependable and is still getting us where we need to go. I wish it was a newer model & a little smaller.

- Shawn S

Great car. Annoying headrest.

Over all the only issue I have with this vehicle is the head rest. They are not the most comfortable but overall I love the vehicle.

- Sarah F

It is dependable and has been a great car.

I bought it used with low mileage. It has only had to have new battery and tires since I've owned it. It is safe and stylish.

- Ronda J

Very dependable. And safe. Comfortable riding.

Dependable comfortable, decent gas mileage, stylish, and reliable. Great safety features. Roomy and quiet riding.

- Donald S

Kept going & kept us going through a lot

Has been very reliable. I haven't had to do much maintenance & I will keep it as long as it keeps running

- Shawn z

Full size cars are terrible to own

I hate the value of it. It's a full size sedan. Bad mpg. Hard to drive. Bad I'm the snow

- Ken M

It is very reliable and comfortable.

It has a very smooth ride. It has the room I require. I never have any trouble with it.

- Ralph B

That it rides very smooth and is very solid compared to other vehicles.

Rides smooth. On the fence about maintenance issues. Repairs cost more than expected.

- pl c

When ac is on the car smells like something gas dies in it

It runs very smooth. Have no problems. The AC has a very stinky smell

- Justin K

Reliable and very dependable vehicle that does not require a lot of service

Smooth ride. Good gas mileage. Roomy. Economical. No complaints

- Judy C

It was bought used with 137000 miles and needs replacement motor mounts. All of the electronics are really nice to have and still work well.

It is the most comfortable car I have ever driven.

- Ian I