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Comfort and design of the Buick Lucerne is awesome and drives like a dream.

I love the comfort of the car, the heated seats, the seat controls that move the seats up and back and the I like the that fact that I can preset my settings for my seat. I love the color, the comfort of the car. I love how it drives. I love the roominess of the car and the size of the size of the trunk. The stereo is great, the interior design is great. I love the remote start during the winter months. . I do have a problem with my tires losing air and even after I get new tires, they get low so fast as if there's a problem with the rims. I have had trouble with the transmission already and during the rain, the lane departure signals do not work the electrical system and harness had to be replaced.

- Anne B

Pearl colored looks different in the sun. It's a striking color!

The Buick is very nice. Comfortable and luxurious. Heated seats, electronic adjustable too. Leather interior. Roomy, very large trunk space. Great for long trips. We are snowbirds so we drive to Florida and back every year! We have had it for 3 years now and haven't had any problems with it. Would buy another one. Large glove box and dual heating system. Nice radio and speakers!

- Julie H

2 years ownership plus and going.

It has been a reliable vehicle. I have own it a little over 2 years now. I had to replace the rotors and pads recently. I replaced the radiator last year. Other than those two items, it has just been normal wear and tear items. The only thing I hate about it is that the battery is located under the back seat. You cannot change your battery without taking out the back seat. Ugh!

- Mary L

The trips we have taken in our 2010 Buick.

It's very drivable, great ride on along trip, we have taken it on many trips, it's not tiring to drive, we got about 25 to 30 mpg driving 70 and 75 mph. The ride was quite, roomy, we could all stretch out, lots of legroom, there were 3 of us and the little dog. All-in-all a great car, we love the lines.

- Glenn M

I car responds and handles smoothly.

Parts do not last as long as I expected. Had to replace door protector, motor mounts, driver front seat would randomly move forward. Dealer could not resolve seat problem; had to deactivate second driver code options. Had to replace other items, but do not remember the part names.

- Sandra J

Buick Lucerne drives & feels great. Even with the problems that have occurred,

It is a very comfortable car. It has nice features like heated seats on driver and passenger side. It has remote start which is great on those cold winter days. The car has had transmission problems and electrical problems but easily repaired also problems with low tire pressure.

- Jan B

Who could ask for anything more? My biggest plus is remote.

I have had no real problems with my Buick Lucerne. It has many features, including: remote start, blind spot assist, lane departure warning, heated seats & steering wheel, "rainsense" windshield wipers, cruise control, backup assist, seat & mirror memory. I love my car!

- Thomas C

Beautiful Buick Lucerne sedan.

I have had several problems with the traction control and brake system. The car is roomy and rides comfortable. It is much bigger on the inside than it looks. The trunk is spacious. I have had no motor problems. It is a good reliable vehicle. I hope this helps someone.

- Amy H

The vehicle is a very smooth ride, especially on long trips.

Very smooth riding car with reasonable gas mileage and adequate legroom in back seat. Vehicle has around 75,000 miles so starting to have maintenance issues. Like the various sensors like tire pressure, but it is expensive when they stop working (to have repaired).

- Beth S

Affordable, dynamic, strong enough

In fact, this purchase is also partly due to an activity of the manufacturer, sending 10 regular maintenance plus many gifts. Generally, a routine maintenance is 300/400 yuan, 10 times is equal to 3,000 yuan/4000 yuan. I still think it is very cost-effective.

- Bridget b

Beautiful ride and fun to drive,

Beautiful car, lovely ride big and comfortable. No maintenance problems since we owned it. Looks like a million bucks. May own it forever. Highly recommend this model to anyone.

- Richard H

It is dependable and good on gas.

Like the heated seats, the comfort, the auto lock and auto start the color he size.. Dislike the tires/wheels because my tires are always losing air and they are new tires.

- Jeanette B

There isn't anything that I want others to know about the car at all.

I like the size of the car but I hate the controls on the dashboard which can be confusing. There are also too many distracting alerts in the car.

- James T

For the standard six cylinder engine, it is very reliable car.

Unit runs very good, excellent car, it is reliable transportation, seats six people, comfortable for riding, Too bad GM stopped production

- Lowell S

It is easy to drive and always starts. I do not want to struggle to drive it and I do not have to do that with this vehicle

I love my car because it gets me where I need to go and it is comfy to drive. I do not want a sports car. I just want dependable rides.

- Dorothy S

It's very stylish with beautiful lines and trim features.

Full size smooth riding car. Spacious interior with comfortable seats. Great sound system. Lots of convenient gadgets and options.

- David M

It isn't the best car in the world, and it isn't the worst

I like my vehicle because it has a fast mileage, and it has great offers. I dislike it because it looks basic, it has nothing new.

- Carly R

It is very dependable and parts are readily available.

Parts are expensive to replace. It is a great riding car and. Easy to drive. It has a huge gas tank and is expensive to fill up.

- Susan P

Great gas mileage and nice ride. Very quiet and comfortable

Easy ride with heated seats. Lots of cup holders. I like the rainsense wipers and nice size trunk which Can fit my moms walker

- Annette B

Never fails and gets great mileage to the gallon.

Very reliable and gets great mileage. Only goes in to the mechanic for a yearly inspection and an oil change when necessary.

- Elaine F

Good on gas. . Nice smooth drive and no problem in bad weather.

Drives really nice and no complaints. It is a nice color. Drives good in bad weather and just like the look of the car.

- Linda P

It is a great reliable car.

I love how smooth the ride it, however the speaker system it came with could be better. Other than that, no complaints.

- Peyton G

It gets very good gas mileage.

The gas millage love it. Nothing to dislike. No complaints. Color is good too. The car serves its purpose.

- Mike D

It has more room inside than it appears.

It is comfortable and very reliable. It has brought me to places I would like to go without any problem.

- Mary Ann S

Very Dependable and easy to drive.

This is a comfortable car and is very dependable. It is getting old but I hate to get rid of it.

- David S

Brand reputation It is a good car, made to last. We've had no problems with the car.

I like how spacious it is. No dislikes, or complaints. Enjoy my heated and leather seats

- Alek T

expensive to maintain due to extras failing due to age

good luxury vehicle some extras are starting to fail expensive to maintain

- Regis S

That it's not mine anymore. It was a good car though. Nice and big.

It's comfy during long road trips. My brakes don't work. Totaled by hail.

- Emily J

This car is good on gas. The trunk is huge. Really smooth ride.

It is a sharp looking car. Very smooth ride. I like the dual a/c control.

- Craig C

It's economical. No problems in the years it's been used.

It's great.. I get good gas mileage. It's almost maintains a free.

- Ann H

A Buick is American made and we only drive American made cars

Rides great. Looks great. Classy but not ostentatious

- Kerry B