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Buick is the # 1 car for value, performance, and looks.

This is our second Buick, the first had 400,000 miles when we traded, 16 years old and was still going. We wanted another Buick due to it is great reputation. We have not been disappointed. It runs quietly, is very comfortable to ride or drive. It handles beautifully, and gets very good gas mileage. We've had people stop and remark on. What a beautiful car it is. The seats have memory,that really helps when you have the short wife, tall husband syndrome! It has excellent pick up when you need it lots of trunk space and ample room for passengers.We are planning on keeping this Buick for a long time and when necessary will replace it with another Buick. We are happy to be repeat customers.

- Vicky B

Lots of comfort extras. Quiet and comfortable ride. Lots of trunk space.

What I like most about the vehicle is the comfort options ie heated seats, steering wheel, auto start. The car rides very smooth and quiet. . The only issue I have had that I do not consider routine maintenance is there is apparently a transmission issue with this make and model. When you accelerate from a complete stop it sometimes hesitates before it takes off. I have had it looked at and was told it was a flaw in this particular transmission. I have just adapted and learned not to try and punch the gas when accelerating from a stop.

- Tiffany T

Buick Lucerne luxury cars.

I like my car just not the leather seats, as for getting small things fixed.. It is expensive. Instead of an easy headlight change you have to take the whole front end apart just to change the bulb which cost me an arm and a leg at a garage. It is comfortable and has seat warmers, steering wheel warmers and heats up pretty quick with key starter for cold winter mornings before work. Overall it is a nice vehicle other than how much it costs for simple things!

- Tracy F

Nice, reliable slick looking car.

This car is very reliable and dependable. The performance in just fine, get me from point A to point B. Great value and super comfortable on the inside. It is not very roomy but Definitely gets the job done for me as I generally drive alone or with my roommate. A low maintenance car with cheap upkeep. The gas mileage is mediocre so if you are going for great gas mileage I wouldn't recommend it but nonetheless it is still a great car for your money.

- Sal S

The most important thing about my car is that it has a lot of useful features that make it easy to get in and out of the car and sit comfortably while driving.

Me and my husband bought this car and have been very impressed with it. One of my favorite features is the ability to move the seat back and forward automatically with a button when leaving and getting into the car because it makes it easier with our bad knees to have more room to get in the car. My only dislike is that it is larger than my last car and it takes a while to get used to parking with a larger vehicle.

- Carolyn S

Reliable, dependable, and sturdy.

I love my car so much. Its reliable, dependable, and an all around good car. I've had it for 6 years and have had no problems at all. My nieces and nephews have spilled I don't know how much water back there and it's still so in tip top shape and the car is so easy to clean. I recommend this car to anybody that's looking for a luxury vehicle that's dependable and sturdy.

- John F

the vehicle is actually really nice. The interior, exterior, features etc.

I've actually had a lot of problems with my vehicle since I bought it last year. I've had to replace the fuel pump, the battery, the whole air conditioning setup, and multiple switches on my fuse box. Honestly starting to regret buying this vehicle. Never had as many problems with any car as much as I've had with this car.

- Caitlin H

Lucerne the best car ever.

I have a few problems with the electric board and fuel pump injector. Was quite costly to fix. My car is red with silver trim. It has heated seats and steering wheel. Doesn't take much to fill up but also doesn't take much to run out. The car runs great, the seats are amazing. The air conditioning is godly amazing.

- Holly G

Buick Lucerne performance and recalls.

Problems acceleration, recall and blind spots issues with mirrors viewing, had issues with motor mount and brake issues, tire stability, comfortable roomy and good on gas, paint exterior is nice. Haven't had any major exhaust issues and nice sound system. Leather interior is quality.

- Anna C

Smooth riding and very comfortable.

Drives very smooth. Good on gas. Very comfortable on long rides. No real problems. When cold heats up quickly. Computer system a little touchy. Stable on road. Great pick up. Handles very well in bad weather. Live the color deep purple. Computers relates when service is needed.

- Michael P

it is a classic but a very modern take on Buick .

It is a smooth and reliable ride. It is low Maintenance with a classy interior / exterior. I bought it used and have not have had any major mechanical issues with it . Unfortunately, the rear wheel drive is not good in the snow. I also wish the acceleration was more powerful .

- Eva Z

Sound vehicle a little high priced.

Vibration noise in steering column. Smooth ride, quite. Good gas mileage reliable. Overall a very sound vehicle. Low maintenance. Well made. Factory stereo isn't that good. Runs well in both summer and winter. High priced, good in the city, very smooth on the highways.

- Robert L

2011 grey Buick Lucerne. 78,000 miles. $4,800

A grey 2011 Buick Lucerne. Great condition internally and externally. Peanut butter leather seats. Features a sunroof, dual AC/heat, electric mirrors. Plenty of trunk space. New tires. Recently maintenanced. 78,000 miles. Price: $4800. Rides like a space shuttle.

- Michael B

Buick's are expensive and breakdown easily.

The car is amazing except not a good car at all. It has broken down so many times and it cost a bunch of money to fix and it is now broken down in front of my house. The car is so great that it cost a bunch of money that I do not have and do not use it.

- Nick B

It was the last model year for the Lucerne. It handles well in most traffic situations.

Purchased used with only 9500 miles in 2014. Nice looking and handles well, It is also flex fuel capable although every gas station around here only has a max blend of about 10% with the gasoline.

- jj s

They are very low on repairs!!

I love my Buick. This is the 4th one I've owned. They have been very good to me and I would recommend them over and over. The only complaint with this Buick(not any of the others) is visibility.

- sylva R

My car is extremely easy to drive and even though it is a "old people car" it actually has a little power.

I like that there is plenty of room in the backseat for my dog. I like the heated seats and steering wheel and general ease of driving the car. I don't like that the seats are not that comfortable.

- Kia M

I only have to fill up once a week.

I feel very safe driving it, I love the heated seats and the heated steering wheel, the seats are very comfortable and can adjust to what is perfect for me I have had no repairs issues.

- Kim B

It's fun to drive. Very comfortable on long trips.

My car has really nice leather seats. Its red and that is my favorite color. It drives great and gets good gas mileage. I only bad thing is I cannot drive it more. I luv this car.

- Joy B

The transmission goes out in a 114,000 miles and will need to be replaced.

I liked the lucerne for the first 5 years. When I got a 114,000 miles on it, the transmission gave out on it which cost $3500. Besides that, it has been an ok vehicle.

- Paul S

Yes, it really only has 6,000 miles on it.

Just purchased the car in April. Love Buicks due to high reliability and low maintenance costs. Only complaint is that they stopped making them!

- Kristen C

The safety features that make for a smoother ride.

Love the comfortable ride. It provides. The color is beautiful Carmel outside and interior. Very roomy and spacious. Special safety features.

- Paula A

This car is good for taking road trips, I like the heated seats,

The rear end air shocks had to be replaced. It was very expensive to replace. The front end had to relined twice had to replace tires twice.

- Carolyn J

It is dependable and has given us good service. We plan to keep it for a good long time

Our Buick Lucerne runs well. It has comfortable seats. It is in good condition. It's almost paid for!! I wish it got better gas mileage

- Sybil M

Great quality prestigious.

I like the look, the comfort and the ride. I dislike that there is no place to put my purse while driving with another in the front seat.

- Linda C

Buick Lucerne Rating Profile

I love my car. It's is very durable and reliable. I love the 4.6 V8 engine. On the down side it drinks a lot of gas in the city.

- Gary G

That it comes with a lot of current electrical conveniences.

I like the power windows and seats. I like the temperature and compass reading. I do not like that it only came with one key.

- Carla G

Low maintenance. I haven't had to spend much since I bought the car.

It has many features that are standard but not too many buttons and programs to access. It runs well and is low maintenance.

- Virginia C

The most important thing is that there is a blind spot on the right side of the car when changing lanes.

I do like my Buick Lucerne. The only thing I dislike is that there is a blind spot on my right side when changing lanes.

- Eleanor R

It has a lot of room with room to comfortably seat 6.

My car is dependable, good on gas, and gives me very little problem, has been a very good car with dependability.

- Joy W

It is incredibly reliable.

Comfortable do not like the sound system.. Steering wheel vibrations. Not enough pick up. Gas mileage sucks..

- Robert W

It really is seven years old.

Seven years and looks and performs like net. Modern styling. Dislikes - nothing wish it would run forever.

- david F

An expensive looking car that was not that expensive

Very comfortable ride. A smart looking car. People look up at this car. It is very low in maintenance.

- Frank M

I love my car because I feel it is dependable, easy to drive, and the color is beautiful. I get compliments all the time!

It is very sad because the Lucerne is no longer being made. It is roomy, comfortable, wonderful car.

- Janet J

It gets great mileage and does not use much oil.

I love my Buick. I had a manual transmission installed in it when i bought. I get good mileage.;

- Jean K

It is dependable and it has passed without any major problems for 7 years now

No real complaints honestly. A quality everyday car that feels luxurious. Very dependable.

- Dave K

It is very reliable and is a really nice car to own

It drives very smooth and has a lot of room. Also has all the features I wanted

- Melissa B

American made comfort, luxury and good horsepower. Good gas mileage

Like the brand, buick. Like the luxury. Dislike the bucket seats

- Beth K

It has a good amount of room inside.

It is comfortable. It is dependable. It is easy to drive.

- Robin d

Easy to maintain, good gas mileage, runs great!! it is paid for, no payment.

I love the space, the third row seat. I dislike nothing.

- Craig S

that I am happy with it and don't plan to trade it .

like the body style like the ride good gas mileage

- thomas b