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Roomy, reliable, and built to last.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I have loved both the Buicks I have owned. Both were pre-owned, older vehicles and still worked fantastically. I am not very good at taking care of my cars, unfortunately, but they still held up really well. Both of them have had minor oil leaks but not too bad. I especially love how roomy they are. Our park avenue is perfect for our family. The back seat can fit three child seats and the trunk fits our big double stroller and all our groceries with room to spare.

- Jean P

A classic with one complaint.

2000 Buick Park Avenue Ultra

Only one handle works which is the back passenger side so we have to climb in the back to open the doors or roll down the front window. They have been replaced before. The seats are amazingly comfortable and roomy. The trunk is spacious. The heater is efficient and quick which is great for Midwestern winters. The car has really done us well over the years and my partner wants to get another one in a newer year.

- Jennifer R

The Park Avenue has a very stylish look to it

2000 Buick Park Avenue Base

The Park Avenue has a very stylish look. It rides very smoothly. For a large luxury sedan it gets good gas mileage. It runs on very low rpms at 60 and 65 miles per hour thus saving gas. You cannot however do power pull outs if you want to get good gas mileage.the car comes with a good sound system. It also has a dual temperature controls. The ride is very quiet inside I am very pleased with this car

- William A

Overall it has run good the paint job is very poor.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

The paint job is very disappointing I have had a problem with my door locks on the driver and passenger door of front seat but overall she ran great drives good haven't had any real serious problems with it is comfortable I very much enjoyed my car. My current problem with the card is it loses power the paint job on it the hood is completely filled off my door locks broke twice.

- Penny H

Older model but very reliable and sufficient.

2000 Buick Park Avenue Ultra

I love my vehicle. It drives smoothly and is fully loaded so there's an extra level of comfort while driving or passenger. It has a heads up display with digital speedometer and is adjustable. It seats 6 very comfortably. The vehicle has a super spacious trunk which is helpful with groceries and keeping a stroller available.

- Carmen W

I drove thru a flooded street and she's still driving.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

It has lots of kick down power but its too big of a body and too low to the ground. I like the way it runs, and always starts even when its cold out. In its time it was probably a very wonderful car. Its lived a long life and is still kicking. Its very roomy inside, living in Minnesota it is showing the signs of rust.

- Melissa B

The interior is nice and the seats are really comfortable. Smooth rides.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

The Buick is not good with going up hills because of its weight. It goes really fast down hills so you have to use your brakes almost constantly down the hill, 3rd gearing and 2nd gearing helps but not a lot at all. Stereo is easy to blow so down put the volume up too high or you'll blow your speaker.

- Cassidy D

Dependable, comfortable, high quality.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I love my Buick. It is incredibly dependable, roomy enough for my family, and very high quality. It is lasted through the past couple decades in wonderful condition. The last year or so it is had a few problems that need fixing but nothing serious. It is still my favorite car I have owned.

- Brian P

Best car ever that runs just as well now as it did when it came off the line

2000 Buick Park Avenue Base

My Buick is a reliable mechanically sound vehicle that has never let me down. It has minor cosmetic damage which include a few dents and rust spots. I got it when I graduated in 2008 for a graduation present. I have replaced the alternator, water pump, spark plugs, tires and brakes.

- Lisa A

It's pretty good automatic car overall but it is really long type of car so you really need to know how to park and back out and make turns properly. I wouldn't recommend this car for first time drivers. The lights turn on automatically in the evening. Even though the car is pretty spacious being how long it is I would recommend the car for people with children in carseats.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I don't like that's it is so long. It makes it harder to park and back out of parking lots. I don't like that it doesn't have metal hooks inside the back seat to hook up car seats. I also don't care for the cupholders. Otherwise the car has lasted a long time and still runs well.

- Rebecca A

Old and runs and looks good.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

Car runs good. . No money really put in it as far as motor parts. Good on gas. Rides nice. Have some problems. With the driver seat. But it needs new one. The car is old but looks good. Easy to find parts for. . Buick. Has good car that run a long time.

- Tracy F

Love my park avenue. Heated seats, cruise control.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

It has been very reliable, no major repairs, runs smoothly, fair on gas mileage, love the heated seats. Even though it does not have the features of a new car, back in the day, it had all the bells and whistles available. I would purchase a Buick again.

- Julie E

The oil level and how much gas is in it.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

The air works bad the brakes are messed up flat tire battery constantly goes out windows don't work has seat warmers radio works good the tires pull the car to the right when driving it gets good mileage and it smells like gasoline.

- Trace S

My Buick Park Avenue is nice and big, and very roomy. There is plenty of room for everyone to stretch out their legs.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I love my Buick Park Avenue. It is a fairly old car, but it still runs and drives like a dream. It feels like I'm driving on air. I wish the seats were not leather, as they get very hot in the summer, as does the steering wheel.

- Cassandra K

Buick are great automobiles.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

It is 18 years old it has been a good car. It was very dependable. I wouldn't take nothing for it. Nothing like a Buick. It is like riding on a cloud. The motor is great. All in all it is great car.

- Sandra D

Old is the brand new . How a an older car can treat you .

2000 Buick Park Avenue

Rides smooth after all these years .It has some cosmetic issues but runs like a top . It does leak a little oil but hey how many 20 year old cars don't . Bucks are always comfortable .

- Phil J

the motor is one of the best motors ever and the transmission also. the interior had superb workmanship and quality material.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

This car has been the best car that I have ever bought. The workmanship was very good. GM can be proud of this make and model and they should have never quit making them.

- randy b

It has heated seats which is really great in the winter.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

We bought this car used. It had been owned by one person who did not use it often so it had low mileage. We have not had any major problems just the regular maintenance.

- Toby G

It is really easy to crack a flywheel.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I love how it drives and the gas mileage. Also love how it has room and not so small. Only dislike is having to fix something when is messed up. To complicated to fix.

- Kimberly W

It runs and drives so nice and is so comfortable. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I love our Buick Park Avenue. It drives so nice and smoothly and is so comfortable. My husband likes it too and wouldn't hesitate to buy another Buick Park Avenue.

- Shirley m

that is is a very reliable car

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I don't like the fact that my car is almost 20 years old. It also sits too close to the ground. I like that it is very reliable and gets me where I need to go

- bob F

It is a large four door sedan with an easy ride. It is a good family car.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

It has a very easy ride. It is also very large and has a ton of trunk space. I do not like how old the vehicle is. I also do not like how it is two toned.

- Janelle A

It is reliable and dependable.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

The car is old but still gets me where I want to go and I own it completely. The repairs are getting more costly due to the age of the car.

- Robert S

Consumes a lot of gas, it also performs well in bad weather.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

Likes that it is roomy, dislikes are that it burns a lot of gas, it drives comfortably also good on highway but not on city streets.

- Antoinette C

Smoothest driving boat for the road with fantastic gas mileage on long trips.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I love how smooth my buick drives. It has fantastic road noise blocking ability. I dislike that it feels like I am driving a boat.

- Erin H

It is roomy and can fit a lot.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I really like this car. Rides very comfortable and is roomy. Has not given me any big problems. Parts are affordable.

- Roger A

Fully loaded a real luxury car.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

One of the best cars I, very ever owned. Just been routine oil changes. No mechanical failures at all very happy.

- Robert S

It's runs good on gas and it's miles.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I like the fact that it's good on gas. It makes the most out of the car. I really like the air conditioning I. It

- Sandra S

I have it serviced regularly and it has new tires. I do what I can to make an old car as reliable as possible.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I like the fact that it is dependable. It was built to last, and last it has. It only gets 16 miles per gallon.

- Phyllis G

It still look good for as old as it is.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

It is in pretty good shape for its age everything works on it uses gas when on a quarter of gas. Runs good.

- Wilma S

Love the size, hate that it takes premium fuel though.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

The belts are impossible to change on your own. You have to take it to a shop or have a hoist.

- Leslie R

It's comfortable to ride in for the driver and passengers.

2000 Buick Park Avenue

Very comfortable. Solidly built. Pretty color. Leather interior. Power everything I need.

- chris b

It's big on the inside and has nice wheels but that's about it

2000 Buick Park Avenue

It's old and not as cool looking as other cars. Plus the gas mileage is meh

- Deven J

It's a beast kind of car. It runs and drives like a dream

2000 Buick Park Avenue

I like the gas mileage. I like the size inside. I also love the features.

- oi F