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A story of a beautiful car! One of the details of the Buick is the many extras.

My Buick park avenue is a very classic auto. It is comfort level is second to none. It is a car that is perfect for long road trips. The sound system is of such high quality that you would think that you are in the opera house. The leg room the cushy seats are all part of the wonderful interior. Then you get to the beautiful outside. Well done! Beautiful!

- Kathryn G

Beautiful leather interior.

Our 2003 Buick park avenue is a great car. We bought in august, 2017, and it only had 82, 000 miles on it and was in excellent shape. It has leather interior and looks brand new on the inside. It rides really smooth and you can barely hear it running. It is really a great car. It should last us for a while longer as low mileage and good shape its in.

- Barbara B

My vehicle is nice and reliable, it is also very pleasant to drive.

It is a nice roomy car that is comfortable. We feel safe in it, and it is reliable. It is an older model, so it is having some problems. But for the most part it is been a good car that we are thankful to have. Another feature that we like is the front heated seats. The trunk is very nice and spacious for groceries.

- Roslyn G

The joy of owning a Buick; the car is especially good in winter,

I have not had any major problems with this vehicle. The only minor problem we occurred was the power windows stopped working due to a burnt out fuse. Aside from that the car has been great. It is a big automobile and the gas mileage is not bad for its size. The comforts of the car are just fantastic.

- George R

Very dependable and safe family car with great comfort.

The heater needs to be kicked to turn on. The performance of the car been from Idaho to Texas no problem very comfy ride. Have 3 kids they ride and sleep with no problem. The front seat sits 3 so for 2 there is plenty of room. Leather seats I would rate this car a 7 overall.

- Brian O

Luxury turbo charged ride.

Clean comfortable car with all the bells and whistles. The features include stereo with front and rear speakers, heated electric leather seats, dual climate control. Supercharger boosts performance. New tires and brakes ensures safety. The rear seats are very comfortable.

- Gwendolyn J

I pretty well covered this on last request.

My car is the best I have ever owned, great gas mileage, great ride, I have kept in like new condition, no rust, perfect paint finish. I get many compliments often, . Buick no longer makes this model, which I believe is a mistake, I see many of these still on the road.

- Al U

If the motor is any good on it.

It is a old car and it really gets on my last nerves always cuts off and sometimes it will not even start I just wish I could get a new car so I will not have to worry about this car any longer.

- Regina H

It is blue and beautiful disputes age.

The vehicle is in on condition for Its year. Breaks are going. Rides great. Very comfortable. Auto seats and windows. Air heat and full controls for radio system with CD and cassette player.

- Alexis R

It is compact & easy to drive.

I love the leather seats and the seat warmers; great gas mileage; very easy upkeep and low insurance cost..... I am not a huge fan of the body style, it is like I am driving a boat.

- Morgan W

The interior and exterior of my eighteen year old car has held up well.

I have had no major problems with this car. I have had my car serviced regularly. I live in Florida my car has spent it's life in the sun and the paint has held up very well.

- Pamela W

This is a very fuel-efficient large car. It is comfortable and should last a long time.

My car is large and well built. I love the features my car has and its gas mileage. I prefer trucks but at this time a car is more practical for my family.

- jackie d

Comfortable drive for long distances.

My Buick is very reliable. My car has lots of power. My car has great climate control. My car has great sound system.

- Robert W

That is a sturdy and safe car and not pretentious.

Very reliable car, comfortable and safe. Works great as new even after so many years of use with minimal repairs.

- Adrian L

Lots of power for pulling trailers.

I like the luxury ride and style and.. I dislike that I have high mileage.. Overall I love my car... Its great..

- Ruth P

My car is extremely comfortable dnd it's reliable and trustworthy. It's a big car and allows my 6 foot husband to stretch his legs.

It is a big car with plenty of room. It rides quietly and smoothly. It reliable and comfortable to travel in.

- Audrey B

It rides and drives very smoothly.

I like the large powerful engine, the roomy interior, the leg room in the back seat and the smooth ride.


Buick Park Avenue has done me right. I would recommend this car.

My Buick is very comfortable. Its fuel mileage is relatively good. Overall it's a very dependable car.

- Kevin S




It gets good gas mileage, is comfortable, roomy and safe.

It is big, comfortable, safe and roomy. No complaints. Gets good gas mileage.

- elizabeth d

There is a lot of room in the car for a family to ride in.

I like how much room is in the car. It gets good gas mileage. It drives nice.

- Tina E

The performance is great . It rides smooth and easy .

The body style . It looks like a granny car . The interior also

- Phil J