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Very nice traveler, heads up display a great addition!

The reliability of my Buick park avenue ultra is exquisite! The commonly unexpected supercharger adds a nice element of surprise for others and sometimes, yourself. After 122, 000 miles being put on it the o2 sensors have been clogged and I recently have had to replace them. I keep up on necessary oil changes and do not seem to have any problems. The lights on the inside/outside temperature burnt out before I purchased the car and have had to replace the fan, it had begun to overheat the engine. This car has luxury features such as heated seats, automatic and memory seats, sunroof, as well as a dash projector of the speed on the windshield and rides very smooth. Perfect for long travels! I have no complaints, just necessary fix ups here and there as I have previously stated.

- Katie W

It is a decent looking car and has a smooth ride, however, it has a lot of small issues.

Though the car rides smoothly and does not have any major problems as far as its motor is concerned, it does have a lot of minor issues. The windows don't roll up and down because the levers are rusted. The car's locking mechanisms are messed up and the key fob no longer works, but if you use the indoor lock mechanism, the alarm goes off. It's kind of a mess. If I could afford to upgrade, I would.

- Layne L

It has over 200, 000 miles and still runs like a charm.

The leather seats and climate control is great. It has over 200, 000 miles and still runs like a charm. It has proven to be a very reliable vehicle. It has electric seat controls and electric locks and windows. Wear and tear has caused the headliner to start to fall and the controls on the driver's side are coming apart, but they still work. Overall it has proven to be a good, reliable vehicle.

- Ryan K

Handles well and seats are comfortable.

I like my car. It drives comfortably and handles well. It gets good gas mileage and has not had any recalls. The prices of parts and labor to fix the car are reasonable. The seats are comfortable and I like that there are controls for the radio and temperature on the steering wheel. I have had no issues with the car driving in the snow.

- Deborah H

Like a Timex. Only with a lot more maintenance!

Shocks, oil, brake/power-steering fluid, radiator, a/c, battery need replacing/maintenance/repairs too frequently. While the driving experience itself seems like there is a delay in all areas, from steering to braking and even accelerating. While it has provided many hours of operation, I am not sure I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Will H

Good heat, loud music, comfortable.

Gas gage and the speedometer don't work, you have to open the gas tank from the trunk by pulling the lever, the driver side window doesn't roll down and the tape player doesn't work and the right front speaker is going out, the seats are torn in a few spots, and it makes a ticking noise kinda loud.

- Taylor Z

Good car rides smooth is electric windows and radio CD player.

I just bought it and it rides smooth it came with a bad Ty Rod and brakes though I was given the parts it still needs to be fixed inside there's a lot of room and CD player heat and air heated seats and so on. It is a metal car and big enough so if someone hits me it might less my chance of injury.

- Jennifer L

Great dependable car that has been a good car for us.

This is a great car. Runs good get great gas mileage. Leather seats large comfortable leg room. Even though it is old it still runs great and is very reliable. I bought this from the second owner. She took very good care of it. I have done regular maintenance on this car since I bought. .

- Elaine F

It has the look, stance and feel with all the modern safety and technology.

This car is very reliable. The performance is very good, and it great for getting to the a and b. The seats are very comfortable, and it fits a good amount of people. The seats can warm since up in the winter. There is a lot of space in the trunk and it fits a lot of times.

- Jerry A

Nice riding, spacious vehicle.

Nice older luxury car. Very smooth ride with plenty of room for passengers, the front seat is a bench seat, so you can easily put six persons in the car. It has a quirky rear view mirror on the right side that turns down when you put the car in reverse to see the curb.

- Dan M

Best car I ever owned. I rate Buick better than Cadillac.

This is the finest car I have ever owned. Have no problems. The performance and comfort are outstanding. I have owned Buicks in the past and all were very fine automobiles. Of all kinds of vehicles I have owned I would recommend Buick above them all.

- Jerry L

It is made in America and has excellent gas mileage. City and hwy.

We bought it new. It's been a great vehicle. Only has 70, 000 miles. It is been very liable. It has all leather and heated seats. Ac stays very cold on hot days. It has factory air ride.

- Robert M

Everything is fine except an electrical short somewhere.

Great car. Runs and drives like dream. Everything works well. I do have a sort in the dash so lighting on air control is messed up. And my cigarette lighter does not work.

- Kala M

It is very comfortable and I feel safe driving it.

I feel safe because it rides well and is large. I purchased it from a friend who took very good care of it, I a very low payment and a safe vehicle makes me very happy.

- Dorothy R

It is a reliable vehicle.

I like the fact that the car is reliable and has lasted a long time. I do not particularly like the look of the car. The interior of the car is not holding up well.

- Ryan K

it drives very well and is quite dependable. I have had this car for awhile now and have not had very many issues with it

i dislike how big the vehicle is, I feel like I am driving a boat. However, I do like how spacious it is inside and the back up sensor, as well as the heated seats

- ABBY w

There is a lot of room in the car and gets good gas mileage for the size of car.

I like how much room is available in the car for a family of 5. The trunk is huge to be able to haul stuff. The car drives very nice and handles really good.

- Tina E

2004 buick park ave. in good shape.

My car has a transmission leak. still in great shape other than a couple small cosmetic flaws. I am planning on fixing the gasket / trans leak soon.

- Levi A

Dependable, economical for a larger car.

Bought car used 8 years ago, has been super comfortable, great fuel mileage and very reliable, wish they still made a sedan like this.

- Joan G

I use it in my ministry several times a week.

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. I don't like the right side rear view mirror that points down when you back up.

- Daniel P

It is reliable transportation, even with high mileage.

It is very reliable. The car has 200,000 miles on it and still runs well. However, the interior is falling apart.

- Ryanne K

It rides so smooth and good on gas.

I bought my Buick new and no one drives it much but me. I love the smoothness of the ride and everything about it.

- Ann B

Fast. Bluetooth. 2012. Good base. Great gas mileage.

Has Bluetooth and navigation also seat warmers and the driver side window is broke, it needs tires, drives fast,

- Taylor Z

It is blue has a dent on the passenger side.

Reliable gas gauge needs fixed sway bar needs replaced and some breaks plus tires but for the most part runs ok.

- John F

Buick Park Avenue, a luxury car.

My car is an older model. It is a 2004 Buick Park Avenue. Leather seats, cruise control. Auto heat/air settings.


It is very dependable to operate.

Quiet operation, it drive nice handles very well. I like body style very dependable motor and transmission.

- Fred D

great engine with 237000 miles on it.

for an older car it has great pick-up speed, handles very well and has great air-conditioning.

- Donald s

It is very clean and is in excellent condition.

It's comfortable to drive. Very roomy. I feel safe in it because it is so big.

- Tim S

It's Comfortable and roomy with a great ride and pretty too!

Great ride, plenty of room for 6 people and their luggage. Not bad on gas.

- Patricia L

I love how my car rides. It's very quiet. I also like how well it responds.

It's a very dependable vehicle getting you where you want to go safely.

- Tina P

It is paid for best thing ever and no need for another car yet.

Leather interior,air,smooth ride still looks brand new

- Vicki K