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Safe well made 4 door sedan

My Buick Park Ave is a large 4 door sedan which I feel very safe in. I hear little outside noise while driving on back roads, highways, city streets and interstate roads. My Park Ave has not required expensive motor or other repairs. The gas mileage is great at and average of 28 MPG for a car that is very comfortable with leather seats that you can position to your needs. My Park Ave has a very sleek interior with a CD player, plenty of air vents, auto window controls and mirror controls. One of the biggest assets is that it weighs almost 5000 lbs and has 4' thick doors to make me feel very safe while driving

- Barbara J

Great value if you are shorter on cash, comfortable and spacious.

Things I love about this car: it is comfortable, it feels safe, it is quiet, decent gas mileage, it is spacious (we can fit our baby's huge stroller in the trunk, and a ton of groceries). For what we paid for it (about 2500$), it is so worth it. I would recommend anyone a little shorter on cash this car. It is great quality for the cost. . Things I do not love: it feels kind of like a grandpa car, it is really long and so can be hard to park. In the future I would prefer to have a hatchback.

- Lindsey R

Good running reliable vehicle.

Very reliable and suitable for our family of 5. Wish it sat up higher but not too bad for a car. Lots of features for the year of the car. Love this vehicle in particular because it's not too big but not too same. Handles road very well local and long distance. Good on gas mileage as well.

- hunt H

The vehicle battery is not made to sit with the car idling for a length of time.

I love the luxury of a Buick park avenue. This is our fourth one. We have found used ones in very good condition and had very good luck with each of them for years. There is really nothing I dislike about a Buick park avenue.

- Judy W

It is a model that is no longer available. If we could get a new model, we would!!!

It is a good sized car and rides well. I like the color and style. I wish it weren't so old and had so many miles on it. I would like it to last for many more miles. I am not looking forward to looking for a new car.

- Carol M

That with proper maintenance the car can last and run right.

The car is a very good dependable car, it now has over 400,000 miles on it (yes, we have taken care of it) and it is still going strong. No real issues with it except the driver window is always coming off track.

- shawna k

big car good on gas very reliable

This car is very reliable. It runs well and is comfortable. It's spacious and has a large trunk, so it is a larger car which can take some getting used to. Really good on gas.

- Nicole W

Its fabulous Very comfortable. Great ride sad they are not made any more

Love all the auto stuff, the warming seats, automatic settings, heads up display, individual seat preference settings with keys Don't like the glove box. All weird shaped

- Joy M


well built ride is smooth like the heated seats in winter 126000 miles still do not add oil a between changes can get up to 29 mpg on highway


It is very reliable it is rusty but that does not bother me

I love my buick park avenue i have driven it for 10 years never have any problems it drives like a dream i dread the day that i am going to have to give it up

- donna g

The Buick Park Avenue is a dependable comfortable vehicle that gets great gas mileage!

3800 engine is dependable, absolutely bullet proof. Most comfortable ride ever. Love the size of the car and good gas mileage.

- Mary H

It is mine and my son's. Nobody else's.

Love everything about my car. Got it used. Its great!! My son likes it too. I dislike this sound that comes from the trunk.

- Amanda H

It's a very boat like car but that's why I like it. Good protection. And rides smooth

Great car. Still have it today and our whole family uses it. My dad taught me how to drive in that car.

- Melanie M

it has the 3800 motor which is a very good motor and it has over 200000 miles and is still running strong

it was very nice when we first got it but it has gotten old and has a lot of miles now

- michael l

runs great, great gas mileage, very comfortable seating, doesn't have a cd player, though. I love it

It gets me from point a to point b in a very efficient manner

- john t

It has everything I want in a car. Good on gas. Comfortable on long trips. Has all the gadgets I was looking for. That's about it.I think I covered all of this in a few questions back.

It's a nice riding car. Quiet inside. Perfect car for me.

- marie p