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I love the air compressor and hose that allows me to fill my tired wherever I am

I really like my Buick Rainier, I bought it used so it did need some work. I've owned it for about three years and have had to make several repairs. The back shocks were air bag and they were dry rotted so I replaced them with regular shocks. The trans went out but it does have 240,000 miles on it. Had a rebuilt one put in just recently. In the back hatch in the side panel there's a air hose that hooks up to the air compressor (that was used to fill the air bag shocks) and I can literally fill my tired wherever I am, I love this feature! Along with the moon roof. This vehicle is all wheel drive and I love that EXCEPT that IT chooses when to be in AWD. I'd prefer to choose myself.

- Stephanie K

It's a great riding SUV, and is very roomy and spacious for hauling things behind the seats.

I like that the Buick Rainier is a very smooth riding vehicle. I enjoy the SiriusXM Radio that is in it. I would like to be able to activate the OnStar program in the car, but I can't afford the monthly cost at this time. I don't like that I had to immediately replace the Air Ride suspension system in the car with coil springs within a month of purchasing the car. I think this should have been something the dealer who sold me the car should have made me aware of before purchasing the car. I should not have been responsible for fixing that. The dealer should have.

- Tina P

Be aware that there are dozens of electronic sensors that require repair occasionally.

The Buick Rainier has been a pretty good car. I was disappointed that the air ride system failed in the first month I owned it. It would have cost $1500 to replace that system, so I had my mechanic to replace it with coil springs and haven't had any additional trouble with that part. I dislike that it has so many electronic sensors that are constantly having to be replaced. It is a good riding, comfortable vehicle and I don't owe money on it, so I'm happy with it.

- Tina P

It is all-wheel drive and safe to drive in all weather.

It is comfortable to drive. Very roomy even for my almost 6 foot tall husband. Lots of cargo space. It has almost 150,000 miles but just started needing service that most vehicles started getting at less than 100,000 miles. Even though it is not garage kept, it has no rust. I do not like the cost of the repairs.It is beginning to need, but still better and less expensive than replacing it.

- Char L

Great and comfortable vehicle to drive.

I bought the vehicle used from a family friend, so it is really hard to say what someone else has done to it. It is got some minor issues, like the power steering pump is leaking. Other than that, it is a great vehicle that I love driving. It is comfortable and reliable. It performs better than expected (i.e. gas mileage). Again great vehicle and I do recommend it.

- Chris B

The sound system is wonderful and the moon/ sun roof.

We haven't had our car very long, but I like to drive it and be a passenger in the Rainier. It holds my husband and I very nicely, we both like the sound system, heated seats, dual heat control s power windows, power seats. We haven't added the phone, XM radio or the OnStar system as if yet, but considering doing so.

- Lorna Z

2004 Buick Rainier is a great family car!

I love the air ride in my vehicle and how it drives. The heated seats and quality AC are lifesavers. Our puppy loves the rear AC/heat. I love the air pump in the back which is great for flat tires as well as how roomy the back of my suv is when I lay the seats down. My vehicle has no known serious problems.

- Chalyse W

Smooth riding SUV, luxury vehicle yet utilitarian.

Car is a luxury suvin use it to tow a camper trailer and it runs like a top. It has 170,000 miles on it and maintenance has been minimal. I am disappointed they no longer make this model because I would it another one. It rides smooth, has comfort features like heated seats and a sunroof. It looks great.

- Amy G

17 cup holders wow that is impressive.

Enough cup holders, I like the way it is painted, the seats are nice, the engine purrs nicely, the steering wheel is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. I like the car, the brakes still work and the gas pedal does too, which helps a lot when I am driving.

- Natalie J

Even though my car is 14 yrs old, it has never had any major problems.

It has all the options you could get on the 2004 Buick Rainier. I love the way it drives and looks. The only downside is the gas mileage, it's 12 mpg around town. This car is very reliable and fun to drive.

- Linda M

It's been pretty reliable for transportation, and can tow a trailer.

I like that I can tow a trailer. I dislike the systems that break down. The airbag suspension system had to be replaced, the air conditioner needs expensive work, and the washer fluid reservoir is cracked.

- Bob s

The gas mileage is terrible.

It is a v8 and seems to have no power. I have had to replace every exterior bulb at least once in the last 2 years, and they are extremely difficult to get to. I expected better from Buick.

- Brooke W

Comfy but expensive to maintain

Comfy, but requires maintenance. Air shocks are a maintenance burden. AWD auto-transfer got stuck in 4WD, had to disable it. Otherwise a great car. 216k miles and counting.

- John S

Comfy but expensive to fix.

Very comfortable and reliable. Air shocks are a maintenance burden. AWD auto-enable broke in 4WD, so had to disable it. Otherwise, a great car. 216k miles and still going.

- Conrad G

It's really wide, with blind spots. Takes a bit to get up to speed, but rolls down the road well.

I haven't owned it long, but it has more bells and whistles than what I've driven previously. I get about 16.3 mpg, wish that was better, at least 18 mpg would be nice.

- Tanya R

Safety, low mileage, low marianne costs.

Nothing we like our newer ride it is smooth, has all we were looking for. Power locks, sun/ moonroof. Xm radio, CD player power windows, heated seats.

- Lorna Z

Gas mileage is about 14 in the city and around 23 on the highway.

There is plenty of room for a family and pets. Good towing power, never sluggish. Easy to find parts when needed.

- Sherry B

I don't know what else to say lol

its black it drives nice has no issues as of right now only needs an oil change and new tires before the winter

- Michelle F

Nice family size car. Welcome.

It has comfortable seating, electric windows. Electric seating. Cushioned. Now size for family size of 4.

- Melissa A

It has a glitch that makes the seat all wonky.

I dislike the size. It is good on gas! It works like a charm!

- Richard K

It's great on gas. The features.

I love the features. I dislike that It's parts are expensive

- Janney P