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The vehicle is very reliable and it drives well.

2006 Buick Rainier

The vehicle is extremely comfortable to drive. It has a v8 engine so it has a pretty good amount of power to it as well. I find that it does have some small electrical malfunctions and is definitely not good on gas. The hardware of the vehicle seems very cheaply made as well. The back left passenger door handle has broken twice in the past 5 years and it has needed to be replaced. Many other pieces of hardware has been faulty as well. It has been very reliable in the 4 years that I have owned it though.

- Matthew F

Comfortable ride for straightaway.

2006 Buick Rainier CXL

Love the interior of the Buick rainier, roomy and comfortably for a larger person. Ours came equipped with OnStar, but we never activated it. Honestly, however, it steers like a brick. Corners send be sliding around in the leather seats like someone just picked up the back end and threw it around the corner. Very jerky and almost feels unstable. That said, it was wonderful on the ice and snow with all wheel drive. Gas mileage is a bit on the low side, 19.5 mpg combined.

- Beth L

The Buick rainier is nearly flawless.

2006 Buick Rainier CXL

We have had no problems since purchasing the vehicle. It drives smoothly and fairly quiet. It is comfortable with individual controls for heat and air conditioning and seats that warm along with electric controls for comfort. The paint is in good condition and the interior is leather and in very good condition. It is known to travel as much as 300 km, this is something we need.

- Christy S

Buick Rainier is a True Luxury Vehicle

2006 Buick Rainier

I bought my Buick used over a year ago and have been very satisfied with it. It truly feels like a luxury vehicle with the heated leather seats and drop down DVD player. I have only had some routine maintenance issues that can be expected with a car this old. I use this car daily and feel that it is extremely reliable and comfortable.

- Hali C

Some problems but good value

2006 Buick Rainier

I bought the vehicle pre-owned and it drove very well at first. Now, I am experiencing several electrical problems such as the radio staying on after the key is out and door is open and my hatch light staying on after I've closed the door. Have also had problems with the exhaust but overall, a decent suv

- Neil D

you can get great mileage for the amount of gas in the car. and it is all wheel drive.

2006 Buick Rainier

it's a great car for my family lots of storage space in back. great to drive in the winter. love the heated seats the radio station and volume button on the steering wheel. kids have plenty of room in the back and there own hot and cold system. Rearview mirror can adjust while backing up. great car

- amanda s

There is not much about this car that is substantially different.

2006 Buick Rainier CXL

No matter how many times I change the brakes or who does it, they still skip when having to quickly come to a stop (not the same way anti lock brakes do) and this car also blows through gas like nobody's business. I feel like I have to refill it every other day and I only drive 15 minutes to work.

- Jessica S

The heated seats are a great feature. In the winter it keeps me feeling warm.

2006 Buick Rainier

It runs great especially in the winter. Has heated seats, good gas mileage. Nice room for kids and storage. Good for traveling. Parts last long barely had to go. In for repairs. The mirrors make it easy to see when backing up. I really love this car it performs great. And is very reliable.

- Amanda A

Its a real nice running vehicle.

2006 Buick Rainier

My vehicle saves on gas when I go out of town. It's a smooth ride. It has a c. Am FM and CD radio. It also has a lot of space and leg room. I have put a little work into it. I have replaces the back struts and springs. Right now the truck need front bushing and middle arm to be replaced.

- Yolanda S

Though I didn't subscribe to OnStar they contact authorities without a hesitation.

2006 Buick Rainier

Having a problem with the Stabilitrak and door handles breaking.. Also had the locks get stuck. Also needing to replace the oxygen sensor and coil number 2. Having to replace the alternator as well. Other than that just minor maintenance and one recall for drivers door function panel.

- Katerina Y

Affordable and reliable!!

2006 Buick Rainier

The car is really amazing. It has a good mileage and is for anyone looking at a good, affordable model. Also, the brand name is high and therefore very reliable. The service of the brand is also very efficient even though I have not had many issues in the past few years. Thank you.

- John M

Buick Rainier. Gas mileage is unbelievable. Smooth riding and very dependable.

2006 Buick Rainier

My Buick rainier rides really smooth. . It handles well in all weather including snow. My gas mileage is excellent. So far I have only had to replace the starter and tires. My next vehicle will be a Buick. We have driven it to several different states with no problems.

- Sissy W

All wheel drive and leather seats.

2006 Buick Rainier CXL

Heated seats is fantastic in the winter. AC blows very cold in the summer. Leather seats, sun and moon roof. Backseat can lay down for extra room. Stock speakers sound great. Transmission is amazing at travel. Back window has a wiper. All wheel drive.

- Izzy B

The electrical has been an issue since day 1 but despite that the car has a great get up and go engine.

2006 Buick Rainier

I like the powerful engine, the seat warmers and the large capacity interior. I don't like the problems with the car's electrical system and the constant need for repairs. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't purchase this vehicle again.

- Sara C

It is an overall reliable vehicle.

2006 Buick Rainier

A problem I had with this vehicle was with the brake system. I believe that had to do with the year. The brake line was rusted and I had to have it repaired. Other then that, the car runs great.

- Sarah F

Buick Rainier. A very hardworking and dependable car. I got the V-8 engine and have had no problems.

2006 Buick Rainier

I have over 258,000 miles on my car. I regularly change the oil and have not had many problems. I have had some air conditioner problems but nothing serious. I have replaced the brake pads.

- Joey L

That is it quiet and comfortable and meets our families needs

2006 Buick Rainier

It is a great vehicle it has a straight 6 engine it is quiet and comfortable and meets our families needs it has a lot of power and is a great suv to bad they do not make them any more

- Kindwyn H

Smooth , reliable vehicle

2006 Buick Rainier

Airbags went out so I lost my air ride. Minor problems like starter, ac and fuses. Been having issues with stabilitrak system. But have heated seats and overall a great ride.

- Esther W

That it has a smooth engine. I like that it is a quiet ride and powerful.

2006 Buick Rainier

I like that our Buick rainier has a straight 6 engine. I like that it is pretty quiet inside and easy for my husband to drive. Like its power and its a smooth SUV.

- Kae H

my vehicle is a really good car and it has good features such as warming the seat adjusting the seats.

2006 Buick Rainier

the car is a really reliable car and has great features such as adjusting your seat, warming the seat and more. it does need work sometimes but every car does.

- thomas w

It has plenty of room for family trips.

2006 Buick Rainier

I like the space and the room of it perfect fit for my family. The seat warmers are a nice touch. I also like the curbside mirror.

- Amanda Y

Great handling in all conditions , except ice, it has plenty of traction on snow

2006 Buick Rainier

Totally reliable car with 165,000 miles, starts every time, runs super quiet, gets through snow and carries lots of cargo

- Maureen A

2006 Buick Rainier- good vehicle

2006 Buick Rainier

Its an older vehicle now. I haven't had too many problems with it in the past, but there have been a few dealer recalls.


Older model SUV, had more miles on it than I would have liked, but it is running great and was a well maintained vehicle

2006 Buick Rainier

Larger SUV, like being able to see & be up higher. Just got vehicle in June, still learning about it.

- Cathy S

The vehicle handles well in bad weather. The speakers are great. The seats are really comfortable.

2006 Buick Rainier

I like the space in the cargo area. I did like the tan interior. I dislike the age of the vehicle.

- Kendra A

Its comfy and paid for. Has a tight turning radius. This vehicle is roomy and provides options (car or truck like). It's not great on gas mileage, though. It is starting to show its age.

2006 Buick Rainier

Overall, it has been a dependable vehicle and the pros outweigh the cons.

- Elizabeth B

It gets really great miles to the gallon and does not cost much to fill up.

2006 Buick Rainier

it is a great car gets me where i want to go It's great on gas

- travis w