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More than just a town car!

I love my Buick it's a really reliable car. I guess it would be considered a town car but I live in the country and have to say it actually does really well going back and forth every single day and the gas mileage is amazing I live a good ways from town and I can put anywhere from $5 to $10 in it a day and it gets me back and forth and then some. After my tune up I think I now get like 25 miles or more to a gallon!

- Megan C

It is a good quality car and very reliable. I would recommend it to anyone.

I bought my car in 2004 and then it was much like a brand new car. It was as close as I ever got to a brand new vehicle. It is still on the road I am still driving it, but I do feel like it's ready to get sick and die. But, as of may I will have driven it for 15 years. It's not the first regal i've owned, oys the 3rd. I love Buick regal and if I can it will be my next purchase.

- Valerie B

Buick regal, very reliable.

I have really enjoyed my car. Although it is older by today's standards I have only had to do the general up keep on it and have not had any major issues. It drives very smooth and has been a good quality vehicle that I trust with my family. The only upgrade that I have performed on this vehicle is getting a different radio than the factory one and that is just preference.

- Taylor G

A summary of my Buick's good and bad points.

I really like the leather interior and dash. It is not only practical, it is stylish as well. The ride is exceptional as is the performance. Unfortunately, the environmental controls are not functioning, so it is difficult to judge the temperature outside, thereby more efficiently regulating the inside. But all in all, it has so far performed quite well.

- Sandy C

Reliable, American car-- 19 years and still running.

We bought it preowned and have had very little problems in the 7 years we have owned it- just new brakes, new tires, and minor repairs. It is comfortable and easy to park. Some of the electrical components have worsened over the years we have owned it. Even though it is old, always passes smog. I see a lot of them on the road too.

- Laura S

Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick.

My vehicle has low mileage. It runs very well. I try to keep it maintained with what it needs to prepare for winter and summer. It is been totally reliable with no major issues. I sincerely hope it is the last car I will ever own. I had one recall on it years ago but no major problems. I appreciate this vehicle.

- De’ W

Brakes are bad and the engine has a recall.

This vehicle is so outdated that it has been raining into the ground before I got it. Now everything's messing up. It is a ride. But if things happen with me child in the car I am scared she may get hurt. The car is messing up, I am broke, and I am stressed over it. That is why I rated a 3.

- Jessica T

The dazzling 2000 Buick regal.

My vehicle is a gas saver, it also rides smooth and comfortable while driving on the highway. It has great gas mileage when taken for long rides out of town, and while being driven around town locally. The seats are nice and comfortable, even while being in a reclined position.

- India C

Buick regal reliable vehicles.

It is a great car gets great gas mileage. Runs smooth & no major problems. It is a great family car. Had it for little over 18 years now. I would definitely recommend a Buick to anyone. They last long and are very reliable. Every car I have own since a teen has been a Buick.

- Janet M

It is a car it has 4 wheel and tires 4 doors.

Not the greatest older model prefer a new car gets me from here to there that is all I have to. Day no more what else do you want me to say it is a car I am hoping to get a new car soon like I said it gets me where I need to go do not drive much just use it when I need too.

- Cindy H

Great car even better on gas!

It is pretty good on gas. Also has almost 280, 00 miles. The overdrive is gone on transmission but it is still a daily driver. It is a good family vehicle. Not very loud but can go pretty fast. It also sounds pretty nice with the right Audio sound system in it.

- Kimberly M

That it has very low miles count even though the car is old.

I like that my vehicle is very easy to see out of since I am short. I like that my vehicle has a good weight to it so I don't feel like I am blowing around in the wind on the highway. I dislike how old my vehicle is because it is a lot of money to keep it up.

- Taylor G

It will protect you in event of a crash because of its sturdy build.

My Buick lesabre is a very reliable and sturdy vehicle, one that will protect you ina crash. It has issues with the brakes wearing quickly, the cruise control is taper down to work, and the ceiling has fallen. The car is simply aging. Gas mileage is average..

- Kassandra K

Low miles and heated seats.

Pretty reliable car. Needs a new windshield wiper motor. Plenty of room in the back. Heated seats. Great for the winter time. Brand new brakes and rotors and tires. Only 150, 000 miles. Only one owner (no smokers). New sound system installed with remote.

- Adrian H

Clean black buick Commuter car

Car was bought used with low miles. Needed small repairs over the years like battery, spark plugs, hoses and such. Older vehicle still road ready Great gas mileage c6 engine

- Kristin B

Buick offers comfort and some problems.

Very comfortable, reliable, great heating and air conditioning. Warning lights occur fairly often. Repairs pretty expensive and sometimes require long waits to get parts.

- Mike H

it still works to get me from here to there and doesn't stall out on me.

love the tab to pen the doors and trunk. love the interior. don't care for the leather seats-too cold in winter. the air conditioner doesn't work-too expensive to fix.

- Kathleen O

A cherished classic to be cared for and admired for years to come.

This is almost a classic, an absolute beauty, and feels like a part of my family. Older Buicks seem to have chronic brake problems, however, and mine is no exception.

- Eleanor V

My car is very spacious. I love the fact that it can comfortably fit 3 people in the front and 3 or 4 people in the back yet it is just a regular sedan.

I love the fact that my car has a lot of space inside. I hate the fact that there are NO cup holders in my car. There used to be 1 in the front, but it broke.

- Lauren M

It is in great mechanical shape and always starts on the first try.

My car is in great mechanical shape. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It doesn't look great on the outside but the interior is in perfect shape.

- Ppolly s

Looks slow,but accelerates very fast

This car is very reliable,comfortable leather seats,has a 3.80 liter v6 engine,body is heavy,made from steele and the engine is made from iron.

- dennis s

My vehicle is extremely comfortable. The seats make me feel relaxed.

The reliably is starting to get sketchy. I am nervous it is going to break down and not bounce back! There are also some minor cosmetic issues.

- Adam M

It is fun as hell to drive!.

I like that my car is reliable, still has low, miles, and good one mileage. I do not like the looks of it, leather seats, and outdated radio.

- Cynthia W

It saves us a lot of money on gas and maintenance and we have no car payments

It gets good gas mileage. It has low miles and was used with low miles, It was very cheap. It is very warm, it has good air conditioning.

- shelley h

It gets good gas mileage and a smooth ride.

It is reliable. But soon getting a new one it has low miles could be more economical but you guys are asking for much too much writing.

- Billy P

as I said: it starts and stops and is not too expensive to operate.

it is old and dependable. it starts and stops..it has not required a lot of repairs. and, it is comfortable to drive and to ride in.

- shabsi t

It is made well and has required only normal repairs that come with use.

Its reliable. It needs some maintenance work done to it. It needs tires as well. The make and model is very dependable and trusting.

- Courtney R

Dependable and has saved my life in a couple of accidents

My Buick Regal is actually a 1996, which makes it 22 years old. It is strong, dependable and has never given me any major problems.

- Mary O

The most important thing is that my vehicle is great on gas.

My vehicle is good on gas. It takes 40 dollars to fill up the tank. It rides like your floating on air. It is a very reliable car.

- India C

It is a 2000, so I have had to do a lot of work in it in the past year. The dashboard odometer never worked. Other than that, I do like it. It does seem to have a lot of electrical problems though.

It's a great car, but a full electronic dash isn't the best option for cars. Lots of money, and work involved if they go out.

- Sarah O

Headlights are bright. Comfy seats

I don't really like it to be honest. It doesn't have the room I need. It is a gas hog considering the age of the vehicle

- Rachel B

Review of the Buick 2000 Regal

Reliable, engine works great, the inside is very well done and has an amazing feeling to it. Sound system is great too.

- Jacob A

2000 Buick review for you

I love this car. Only drawback is that the room between the driver's seat and door is small. It makes driving cramped.

- Casey G

it has a brake leak that could be a serious matter. it could be costly repair

it has a lot of mechanical roble. it has a lot of features. i like the silver color. i d not like how messy it is.

- kathy e

There is a lot of legroom in front and back of it.

The car is comfortable to drive. It is too old to attach a base for a car seat. The a/c rattles when I drive it.

- Ali S

It is no longer made by General Motors. It was designed by a woman.

It is an Oldsmobile alero I purchased new in 1999. Still runs well and looks good with less than 94000 miles.

- Marjorie W

The one thing I should know about my car is to operate it safely.

I like it because it was leather. I like it because it cruise control. I like it the way it run smoothly.

- Lovely R

Has a sunroof, and power windows.

It drives nicely it runs well! Has all the amenities you'd want for a car! Very spacious, and huge trunk.

- Monica J

Gets me where I want to go. I very much like it and that is all that matters.

Very good engine. No problems so far, hope not to jinx it. Best car I've owned. Excellent ride.

- sars k

It gets me where I need to go. Got a great motor in it that Buick made.

Too big. Color. Broken seat when bought it. Year 2000. Gas using. Not a hatchback. Broken airbag.

- Kim K

I love the space in my car. It is the right size and gets us front point a to b.

It is very dependable. It hardly ever breaks down and does not cost much to be repaired.

- ashley c

I can't figure out how to turn off the automatic headlights. However, I do like the heated seats!

It only takes premium gas, which is a pain, but the fuel efficiency isn't all that bad.

- Eleanor S

That it has over 200000 miles and still going strong

My car has been the most inexpensive car I've ever owned by meaning parts and service

- Sepress G

that's It's mine and It's got good gas mileage

It's gets me where i have to go good gas mileage dont brake down to easy

- dots R

I bought in 2000 with 27000 miles on it and has 155000 now.

It's older with a lot of mileage. Plus it's too old to drive for Lyft or Uber

- Julie S

good performance over the years and good on gas mileage

getting old and having some small problems. very comfortable. good on gas

- Susan D

No matter what it looks like it goes fast and runs great

I like that it's very reliable I like the looks of it and the sound of it

- Janie F

A Buick is a really good running car

I like that it is still running I dislike how old it is a shutting down

- tia y

It runs decently but always has to be fixed. So it is expensive to maintain.

Cheap Piece of junk. Looks stylish. Always needing repairs.

- Raymond D

It is a great car. Runs smoothly with being almost 20 years old. Doesn't have any sort of mechanical issues of any sort and never has. All around a great car.

As long as you take care of it, it will take care of you.

- Chase H