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Enjoyable drive for anyone.

Have only had normal wear and tear. Comfy to ride. In this car does a good job for almost any job you have to do. The seats keep your buns warm when its cold, and the air works to keep you cool in the summer you can ride five adult people with ease. Has a lot of little storage spots, the seats fold down for a flat surface in back seat, also has a opening from the trunk to the back seat for anything to long. The steering wheel moves up and down so you can drive comfortable.

- Pam D

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it's safe and will get us from point a to point b without safety or mechanical issues.

I love that our 2002 Buick Regal has high safety ratings because I have two children under 17 months old. I also appreciate the high level of visibility. Many newer models I've driven have smaller windows and larger sections between windows. Having a moonroof is fun; I'd never had one before. I wish this car got better gas mileage for fuel savings.

- Rachel S

It is getting on in miles, yet does not seem like it will die on the road.

Overall it is an okay automobile. It had a couple of recalls that needed to be dealt with by the dealership. Performance has been okay, it is comfortable and gets up to speed in a functional manner. Ac lasted about 10 years. It is old and getting on in miles but does not feel like it will die on the side of the road.

- Jeff S

The Buick Regal, PERFECT for Moms on the go!

I absolutely love my Buick Regal. It's spacious and good on gas. One thing that truly attracted me to this car was the trunk space, I have 2 kids and sometimes we have a lot to fit in the car. The gas mileage is great and I'd say on average I get about 30 miles per gallon. Definitely an economical family car.

- Maryann G

It gets me where I need to go, but it's high maintenance.

It holds a lot, which is nice, but it seems to always have something going wrong with it. This has been a problem since a couple years after i bought it. I keep fixing it because it's paid off and cheaper than buying a new car, but no way would I get another one.

- Meghan B

A family car that is very reliable.

It drives really well. The coolant light does stay on even though it is full of coolant. It also does use a ton of gas. It is big enough for my family to fit comfortably & has a big trunk for when we travel. It is very reliable and gets where I need to go.

- Sabrina G

That Buick's are good cars. Reliable. Comfortable. Provide a nice ride. the car is powerful and can goes fast.

This car was used. bought from owner. Very nice shape and acceptable amount of miles on it. I use it to go to work and errands. It is reliable. So far, I have only had to make a few repairs. Comfortable ride. It was loaded with CD player and all.

- Audrey W

My Buick regal always turn heads.

I love Buick. However, the model years 2000-2005 had quite a few recalls for camshaft, converter and power window issues. Gas mileage is good. Great travel car. I like my Buick because of the roominess of it. That's something Buick has managed to keep.

- Liz S

A highlight of this vehicle is the reliability.

My Buick regal is a very reliable car, I have had it going on 3 years. As of now my vehicle is in need of maintenance such as brake pads and rotors, muffler repair and oil change other than no major problems with the car.

- Mare H

It is a workhorse. I know other sedans similar to mine that doesn't keep close in gas consumption or in appeal.

I like that it roomy and was fairly popular. I hate that even though it is over 15 years old it still costs a ton to repair.

- Aubrey V

It's roomier inside than it looks from the outside.

I like the comfortable seating. It's not the prettiest car. My husband has hit several deer with it so there are dents.

- Susan P

It is paid for. I do not owe anything on it, so it is free and clear.

I honestly do not really dislike anything about my vehicle. It rides smooth, and is a really good car.

- Abby L

It has a great motor, reliable and so Worth it for anyone

I like that its reliable. I dislike that it's older

- Jenn T