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Low miles in great condition for a 15 year old car.

Great low miles, comfortable, has met my needs, has held the color and condition very well. Very few dents or scratches. Clean, looks very nice. Has low miles for age. Has been serviced regularly at the dealership. Tires are like new, with less than 5000 miles in the past year. Has 92000 miles in the past 15 months. Well cared for. Kept in garage at home. Has all the bells and whistles for a regal ls model.

- Charles H

Often has electrical issues.

Car has been in a crash. I often have problems getting the key out of the ignition and have to try many different thing to get it out. There is something wrong with the transmit ion and it often gets stuck in first gear while in drive. The muffler has broken due to rust from living in a state that used salt on the roads for 16+ years. The car has done a good job with everything it is been put through.

- Savannah M

Buick is a well built and durable car.

The age of my vehicle is starting to show. One problem I have is that there is an electrical issue around the transmission. Another issue has to do with the lack of interior lighting. But it's still reliable and gets great gas mileage to boot. The model I have has a very durable engine and it is just the right size for me. I am currently at around 200, 000 miles.

- John H

A great car for anyone to drive.

That car is a tank it has run well for years you just do not get cars like that anymore. Very dependable car going to drive it till the wheels fall off. Although it does need repairs at times but mainly just routine maintenance. I would recommend this type of car to anyone. We had spun out once on a icy patch of road and absolutely no damage to the car.

- Cullen D

Here's an oldie and a goodie!

I love this car. It runs like a charm, it is very good on gas and it gives a very smooth ride, I would consider this make and model again. It has leather seat interior, uses regular gas and has not reached 100 miles mileage figure as yet, it has a sporting looking design, with large trunk. Gives a very smooth ride. Uses regular gas.

- Kathleen H

My Buick is a very durable vehicle. The engine is the best engine out there.

My vehicle has been very reliable but it seems like its getting tired. One of the problems I have had with it originally they said it was the sensor on the transmission. The same day it still didn't get fixed after spending $500. I took it back and then they said it was another part but it would take $750. 00 to fix this problem.

- John H

Buick�s are awesome cars!

My Buick is reliable, very comfortable (specially when in cruise mode) I can fill up my tank with $25 dollars which is nice. Drives awesome on the snow. I have not had any problems with it so far. The one thing I hate is the leather seats, especially in the summer. But I love the heated seats in the winter.

- Stephanie C

Regal with class and style.

Fires up every time. Clean as a whistle! Ladies find a piece of visual pleasure with my bright whites behind the wheel. Shows class with a bold attitude. Jus wish the trunk was bigger so I could put more speakers. Easy to maintain as well. Factory components withstanding daily wear with no problems.

- Devin R

2003 Buick regal ls. It is a great used car for $300.

Transmission slips, good gas mileage, old and used. Probably would have loved if I bought it new. It is been a good car, considering I bought it for only three hundred dollars. Motor mount loose and car shakes a lot! The headliner is falling, but it is had a lot of wear and tear.

- Victoria E

Good ol' betty the Buick...

Bought it used with really high miles on it. Does not leak a drop of oil and still runs like a champ. This is the first Buick I have ever had, and I really wish it was newer. But it gets me and my family to and from wherever we need to go. The back seats are also really spacious.

- Betsy S

Super looking. Sharp. Great color.

Just like new, has only 44, 000 on it. A pretty color of burgundy. Comfortable. Looks like new. Rides very nice. Good performance, reliable. Comfort. Very low mileage. Looks super new. Love the color. Handling of driving it. Bought in sept. 2003. From dealership in Omaha.

- Sandra A

Roomy and comfortable. Velour seats that do not get hot like vinyl.

The Buick regal is a very comfortable roomy sedan with velour seats. The engine is very quiet and drives very smoothly. It has great gas mileage if maintained properly. I believe I get about 33 mpg in town and around 55+ mpg on highway. It is a very good reliable vehicle.

- Sandra L

The engine is solid and I expect it to run well into 200k miles.

Performance-wise this vehicle is quite reliable. The one mechanical issue I have a the moment with my vehicle is a broken gas gauge. Generally, it is a rather comfortable car, but Its age is starting to show as cosmetically the interior is seeing degradation.

- Philip Z

I enjoy cruise control. Tilted steering. Leather interior. Power windows

I enjoy driving my Buick. It has been a very reliable and dependable car. I've had a few problems with things like window motors. transmission. But nothing to major. It gets good gas mileage. I ve never been concerned about driving across state in it.

- Regina W

It's an "all-terrain car" and has a large enough trunk to bring anything you might need along with you!

It's been a great car. I like that it gets good gas mileage. Another great thing is that I can take it a lot of different places. It also has excellent trunk capacity. Sometimes it would be nice to have a little more ground clearance.

- Hannah S

The car is reliable and great to drive on quick or long trips

My regal has been a great vehicle. It has been very reliable. As it has gotten older it has a few maintenance issues but nothing too extreme. My car is great on gas and is a smooth ride. Love it

- Michelle R

It is safe and reliable. Has never broken down on me.

My car has been very reliable from when I first got it. It's gotten me around safely everywhere I go. After 100, 000 things began to fall apart and I have been unhappy ever since.

- Brooklyn S

This car is low maintenance!

This is a great vehicle. It has maintained well for it's age and has only needed one major repair. It is comfortable and easy to drive. It has plenty of room for two car seats.

- Hailey T

This car is low maintenance, but has a long long life!

This vehicle runs great for it's age! It is low maintenance and has plenty of room for two car seats. My biggest complaint is that the paint has not held up well at all.

- Hailey H

Overall reliability and brand name is well known.

I like the leather seats, spacious trunk area, heating/air conditioning system, and power! I do not like the high mileage, CD/radio, and some minor electrical issues.

- James P

The car always gets you to where you want to go!

My car is getting old,but still running. Starting to get a lot of rust spots on the bottom half of the car.It has been a really great for all these years.

- Terrain W

The room and the feel are great.

Comfortable, roomy, safe for the family and gets you going to where you need to go. However it is pricy and takes up lots of gas.

- Lauren W

Reliability and Beauty What a car

The Buick Regal has been a very reliable car for me. I have not experienced any problems in the years I have owned this vehicle.

- Stacey W

Tan interior and exterior

Has a lot of problems rn drivers window and back passenger side windows are broken, service engine light is on needs new brakes

- Katelyn J

Conservative, reliable transportation.

It has a smooth ride. It gets good gas mileage. Hard to get in and out of seats. Dual air for front seat passengers is great.

- Ruth J

Reliable family vehicle with the power to get you where you need

It is a great family car. it is comfortable to drive daily and in long road trips. It is very reliable with minimal repairs

- michelle R

Great performance car. but has a lot of unexpected repairs

car would sometimes cut off after a turn or a stop without warning. the ignition switch and wiring goes out frequently

- Lisha B

Others should know that Buick is one of the oldest auto brands.

I like that it is reliable. I like that it is paid for. I like the sound system. I like that I find it stylish.

- John P

My starter is going out and sometimes it doesn't let the key come out. Also all the tires on the front passenger side go flat

It is old and is starting to have issues. It needs an oil change so it's not running very good right now

- Bethany B

Dependability. Will go forever.

I love my Buick I have it for six years I had no problems with it rides nice and it is easy to fix it.

- Donna C

Really good mileage and will be able to save on gas.

I like it's mileage and size. However, I wish that it was updated with newer technology.

- Katerina B

Best made, brand in the industry.

I like the brand, Buick. It is well made. The styles of Buick, really appeals to me.

- Arlander L

That it's mine, doesn't matter what it looks like or how old it us, it still runs

It has good gas mileage, its bit too big for me but my husband loves it

- Terri I

It needs repairs all the time

It is old but just right for me, no payments.

- Peggy E