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The Buick regal: sport of your grandma's car.

I use my car just to get around and am not concerned about the lack of hipster appeal of the car-- it looks like a grandma's car! But, a grandma car has its advantages, it's a comfortable car, with comfortable seats and plenty of interior details that make up for the lack of character. . Repairs have been minimal, my aunt had the car before me, ( original owner), and did not have much work except for the timing, this seems to be a problem that re-occurs with some regularity. . Driving is smooth and feels safe in the regal, though the turning radius is bad and makes some tasks difficult. The electrical system has been pretty good, surprisingly better than my Honda, few troubles or worries. The overall design is good, comfortable fabrics, rounded everything, though, the windshield and its angle/ distance is quite strange and feels very exposed and slightly unsafe. I like the car, it is very utilitarian, which is fine with me.

- Katy M

That it is safe and reliable along with affordable.

Very comfortable to drive and to be a passenger. Good size inside the vehicle. And good looking style. As long as it is maintained the car has not had many issues that needed a mechanic to fix. This car also has very good gas mileage. The performance of this vehicle is definitely luxury. As your driving the ride is smooth also sturdy enough to not fall apart if road changes from pavement to dirt or gravel. Oil changes and other routine maintenance has always been easily completed. When I decide to purchase a new car I will be getting another Buick.

- Shanna K

I would recommend a Buick regal.

The car seats are extremely comfortable. I have back issues and can complete long road trips in this vehicle without complaint. The trunk is huge and is excellent for transporting baby gear or helping in a move. I have had some issues with the anti-theft system. Other problems that have come up include leaking from the trunk and back doors though this admittedly might be an easy fix if I looked more into it. For as old as the car is it has held up quite nicely and I would recommend it.

- Kendall B

White Buick Regal, 2004, 4 door, decent size

My Buick Regal is a decent car. It gets pretty good gas mileage in town and on the highway. The car holds about 14 gallons. The trunk is pretty big, which is perfect if you're a mom for a stroller. It also has lots of room in the trunk for grocery shopping. The inside of the car is not the roomiest, but there is still plenty of room.

- Hayley S

Tall people fit comfortably

My 6'4' son fits well in this car. Plenty of legroom. It seats four very comfortably but will accommodate five. The frame has held up well in the Midwest winters but the wheel rims are losing the chrome covering which makes the tires lose air pressure. It gets good gas mileage. Have not had any major problems with the car.

- Jean Y

Needs lots of work but good vehicle.

My vehicle gets me where I needs to go. But I need new brakes, tires, the steering wheel makes noise when you are turning it, the lights are always going out. The fuse box cover constantly falls off, the check engine and oil light is on. Otherwise it has a sunroof, CD player, heated seats.

- Melissa T

Amazing car that is comfortable for long drives that gets me where I need to be.

I really like my vehicle. I have had limited problems- all that have been an easy fix, and it is very reliable. I drive it everywhere and can count on it to get to long destinations. When sitting in this vehicle and taking long trips it is very comfortable. The interior is also very nice.

- Charlie M

I love how comfortable it is, I love the seats. It's probably the most comfortable seats ever.

Overheats a lot, a lot of wiring problems, and issues with unsolvable issues with the lights in the dashboard. It says there's something wrong, but it doesn't come with any error code. It's very nice, but it's been a nightmare at times. Also, the a/c is permanently broken.

- Beverly L

Fun to do Buick is a great car.

It's a great car in my opinion but I don't drive, never learned. He drives me where I need to go to dr and pay bills. It runs great has heat and its a clean car. It's silver in color runs perfect nothing wrong with it I don't know much about cars since I can't drive.

- Dorothy B

The car that does it all. Runs smooth and is very comfortable and modern.

We have a very reliable car. It's easy on the gas and low mileage. Everything works well. Rides smooth. Love the interior.It's easy to drive and the tires are good. Does not use up the oil very fast. Four doors and comfortable. It's got very trendy hubcaps.

- Judy P

After buying had to get a new older engine.

Has an oil leak, it will sometimes die while I am driving. The "need an oil change" light comes on sometimes right after getting my oil change. If the speedometer goes out it will take $500. 00 to fix it and they have to send it out to the home office.

- Lana E

That I love Buicks and everyone who rides in it loves my car

Have had this car since 2006. It rides very smooth and is comfortable, which is very important to me since I have a bad back. Decent gas mileage and not too expensive I love Buicks.

- Kyle Q

This is a reliable and dependable vehicle.

I like the small size for parking. I like the gas mileage of having a smaller car. It is quiet on long car trips. As it is getting older, there are more and more maintenance issues.

- Erika W

A Buick Regal is reliable when well cared for. No major issues, just a little maintenance here and there.

My car is a hand-me-down from my parents. It's reliable, although it burns oil a little bit so I have to check it monthly. Otherwise it runs well, especially considering its age.

- Tim B

That it is still a great smooth ride. love it. It was a little pricey when I purchased it, but so well worth it. I have 87,000 miles and it still runs like the day I drove it out of the showroom. No complaints.

I love my buick regal. I has been a very dependable car. No major issues. It's old but still runs great. I'm very good at keeping up with oil changes and maintenance.

- Terrie H

Reliable vehicle with affordable upkeep

The leather seats are roomy and comfortable, even on long drives. Vehicle gets decent gas mileage in town and on freeway. General maintenance is affordable.

- Leia F

don't buy it, spend money on other vehicle

it's ok car for everyday drive to work and back, car doesn't have too many options and maintenance getting expensive will replace it soon.

- Valeri C

Very comfortable and economical. Yes.

Comfortable car. It's very reliable. It's very safe. Sound system is palatable. Its very spacious and roomy. It has a lot of trunk space.

- Chris L

It's a good car and gets good gas mileage.

It's used and I love the color.. It do not have a lot of mileage on it.. Do not guzzle gas.. Did pay much for it.. It has plenty of room.

- Linda B

And she still running good

My car is reliable. AC cold. Engine performance great. Also interior still in tact(leather). A Little paint job would be nice though

- Shernale R

It is actually more roomier on the inside than it looks or than you would think.

I like it because I feel safe in it and it rides good and materials in it are good.. What I do not like gas mileage.

- Willie F

The Buick Regal is a very reliable car. If you take care of it she will take you far,

My vehicle runs great! She is very reliable and good on gas. She is very inexpensive to maintenance and stylish

- Mark J

Buick regular 2004 really good condition

My car is really good on gas and if you want to travel from one place to another it a decent caries really good

- Yousef D

Its fast and feels like you are going slower than you really are

I like how quick my car is. It feels like a luxury car with all the options

- misty g

Beautiful finish, doesn't look as old as it is. It has endured thought weather.

One of the best,we love it ! Ride like Caddy. Easy to maintain.

- Lynn R