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High quality, peppy and great to drive

I love this car. It is reliable, comfortable, classy and not too dated looking. It is roomy and comfortable in front and back. One issue has been that the drivers side control cover popped off of the seat controls and to get it fixed, the dealer charges hundreds of dollars. I have used zip ties to secure it which are not visible. The car is peppy, great both in the city and on the highway and is a solid family car. I plan on driving it for many more years and have found that I can adapt to the changes in technology by using a USB cable with my phone for music. Otherwise, my calls all work with the Bluetooth technology available in the car. My child's car seat does use up most of the leg room on the back seat and takes up most of the front passenger seat leg room because of that. But, it isn't a big deal for my family. The leather is really good quality and I have taken the car to be professionally detailed and it comes back looking like a new car.

- Sarah E

the turbocharger kicks early and you can get moving in a hurry.

this little 4 cylinder will go like hell. Great performance and good gas mileage. Problems, automatic lights don't work all the time they will dim in bright sunlight so there is no information on the instruments. The cruise control will not engage if the interior is HOT. The heat control in 'auto' mode sometimes does not turn on the fan, you will drive for a while and wonder why the car is still hot or has not cooled off. And you the driver have to turn the fan on manually The brake pedal assembly had ad design flaw where at time it would apply the brakes at the slightest touch and then when it failed the pedal was all the way at the bottom of its travel and would not return to the up position. GM did not take responsibility for that problem. The dealership we bought the car from has turned out to very unfriendly unless you have major problem. They would do the minor things like battery checks and the like.

- Tony G

2011 Buick Regal good and bad points.

I chose this vehicle because it feels luxurious for the price. The ride is smooth. It looks nice or at least used too. It has held up pretty well. It had a recall on the fuel pump and mine failed at 118k miles. They didn't tell me about the recall until it failed. Luckily it had mileage limit of up to 120k miles. The air conditioner is weak. I've had mine replaced and it still doesn't circulate well. The fan does not blow as hard as other vehicles I've had, which matter because I live in South Texas. There's a weird glare issue because the shift is encircled in shiny chrome. It can blind you if the sun hits it hard. The tires are 18 inch, so more expensive. The body bolts are plastic pins and can come out. My underbody road protection cover came off and are literally zipped tied in place. I'm disappointed in how cheaply cars are put together. Overall it's been a fairly easy vehicle to maintain.

- Lisa L

The ups and downs of owning a Buick regal

This Buick tends to have a fair amount of engine rattling associated with it. It's very comfortable to drive, has heated seats and a sunroof that work great. The interior seems to be cheaply put together. The plastic accent components don't want to stay in place on the dash. When I try and pull my car charger out of the cigarette lighter that whole assembly tries to come with it. The rubber like accent piece on top of the shifter has peeled off. As far as gas mileage goes it's good out on the interstate but if you only have to drive a shorter distance on county roads it gets terrible mileage. On the plus side it has a lot of trunk space and the cabin itself is pretty roomy.

- Aaron S

Buick Regal CXL - good, all around vehicle.

We have had the car for six years. It's loaded with sunroof, heated seats, leather, USB, nice stereo. It's a 4 cylinder, yet with the manual shift, still has plenty of get up and go. Right as the warranty was expiring, it started running rough and leaking oil, but thankfully GM authorized covered repairs and rebuilt the top half of the engine. Other than the water pump going out recently, it has been mostly trouble free. It's especially nice on trips, with a comfortable ride and gas mileage in the upper 20's. I would definitely recommend it to family or friends looking for a dependable, fun to drive vehicle.

- Michael R

Small car plenty of big storage.

When I went to buy a new vehicle I thought I wanted a small SUV. I found they were much too bulky for me, this was a perfect alternative. I like that the hood is shorter so I can actually see the end and there is still plenty of storage in the back. The heated seats and steering wheel were musts for me, I would never buy a car without those features. My only complaint is how low the ceiling is in the back seat. My husband and I are both very tall so in the rarity one of us has to sit back, it is relatively miserable. The backseat is still large enough for my 130 lb lab to be comfortable back there.

- Alex S

Roomy with lots of feature.

The 2011 Buick regal has many features such as seat warmers, information on your dash about fuel range, tire pressure, speed, oil life. The car itself has many comforts with room back seats and a spacious trunk. The car itself sounds loud when accelerating, more like a truck, but this could be due to it being seven years old. The car let’s you know if the roads may be icy. The phone has Bluetooth but only allows for calling, not music. Although this is disappointing, it makes up for it with auxiliary, lighter, and charger ports for other options to listen to music from your phone.

- Anna K

Buick regal is a very spacious, reliable vehicle!

I love my Buick regal. The seat are leather and can be heated/cooled. It has a great sound system, and drives really smooth. It is pretty good in the snow but is not the best car for icy roads. I tend to like the SUV style of car better because it has more room, but this is rather spacious for a small car. It is pretty reliable. With 90,000 I have had to replace a few things like the exhaust and transmission that I was not expecting to place yet.

- Bella G

My Regal has an electrical socket for a regular plug.

I really like my vehicle. It handles well and is very comfortable inside. It is loaded with every feature I wanted and more. It took a little time to get used to it but I really like it. I am a musician and I love for my music to sound good and clear. My regal came with top of the line stereo and speakers. I have always replaced one or both in my previous automobiles. This is the first car I purchased and it was perfect for me.

- Debbie B

The interior is very luxurious and comfortable!

My Buick regal is the best car I have ever owned. It is sporty, good looking, reliable, very solid and quiet. Ride and handling are first class as is braking and safely features. I have 136, 000 miles on the odometer and it still feels like new. I average 30 mpg on the highway. I have a turbo charged 4 cylinder engine which provides lively performance. I highly recommend this automobile..

- James J

I love the seat warmers on these Oklahoma winter mornings.

I got my Buick in 2016. I have had no problems with it. Gets good gas mileage and is operating just great. I have had Buicks in the past and they have all been very good vehicles. I would not think twice about getting another Buick. In fact, my oldest son also got a 2011 Buick regal about three months after I got mine. He loves his as much as I do.

- Shelly R

The turbo on it is a car plus!

The Buick Regal is reliable, comfortable, fast, secure. Four cylinder car that's good on gas. Yet it drives very nicely. It looks luxurious. I've never had any problems with it. Get lots of compliments on it. The only complaint I have is that the paint is chipping. I've seen this on other Buick's as well. I will most likely need a paint job soon.

- VA A

It works best with premium gas.

There is no button in the car to open the trunk, only on the key ring so it is very inconvenient. The engine is very loud upon starting and it burns oil fast. It is great that the engine is quiet while riding. The car is nice and wide so it can fit three car seats in the back. It is not that long so the legroom in the backseat is very short.

- Melinda R

Leather seats, sunroof, radio, lights all around on the inside of the car. Luxury.

I love the fact that my car is reliable. But it is so expensive to fix. I have sensors all around my car. So sensors are so expensive, with the tires. The tires and oil changes everything is expensive. My screen does not work. I do not know why, and that is so irritating because I have a car note and I want everything to work.

- Nisha B

- the amount of gas it take ( not too much ) -

problems with the engine. The leather is okay in the car. The A/C structure in the car needs to car I feel that A/C doesn't blow equally in car. The performance is okay isn't like anything crazy. The gas it take is good it's like average. The major problem is the engine which can impact the driving by having the car shut off.

- Nicole H

Buick Regal - Constant Issues

My car is a 2011 and I bought it with less than 30,000 miles on it. The transmission blew out on me two years after buying it. The car is very slow, and the sensors are almost always off. The only reason I still have it is because it's paid off and I don't want a car payment again. I would not recommend buying a Buick!

- Kristen T

Nice looking and comfortable but BEWARE

It's a nice looking car, has leather seats and is very comfortable to ride in. I did have one major problem shortly after buying it. I had to replace the timing chain and fuel pump which cost over 2,000 dollars. Buick did cover part of it which tells me that this is something they knew that was wrong with the car.

- christi r

You should definitely buy this car.

The performance is very good. The car is also very reliable for driving. The car is very comfortable for sitting in very long periods of time. You can change the music from the steering wheel and the car comes with a sunroof, which is very cool. You should definitely buy this car if you want something reliable.

- Lauren D

Buick regal, I am suggesting that you own one.

I really like my regal, it runs very well and I have had very few problems, I like the music system and I love the reliability. The only thing I can think of is that I wish it was a newer model. I would absolutely encourage anyone to own this vehicle, it is made in America and does not have a lot of problems.

- Geoff S

Very nice, reliable vehicle.

I love my Buick! It is a very trustworthy and nice vehicle! If I were to say there is anything wrong with my car at all, I would like my vehicle to have a little more space. Very nice, big trunk, but it is got a pretty small front and back seat which makes it hard to make it a family vehicle.

- Marissa G

I love my sleek, silver Buick regal!

I have had no problems with anything since I have owned this car. It was a pre-owned purchase. I like the look of my car. It is sleek. It also has nice 18" low profile tires. The only thing I would have preferred if this car had the super-charged motor. I like the quick pickup of a car.

- Tracy C

Acceleration Lag from stop but overall good car.

Drives very smoothly though I have found there is a lag in accelerating from a stop after pushing the gas pedal. No back up camera which I would prefer for safety reasons. No Bluetooth feature since it's an older car which I would like. Brakes are effective: not too quick or slow.

- Zoe S

Likes and dislikes of this make and model

No issues with this vehicle ac works amazon. I put 40$ in and it last about 10 days and I drive at least 60 miles a week. The truck also is a nice size the only thing I don't like is leather seats but I can easily get seat covers I only dislike it in the summertime when it's hot

- Amanda R

Buick regal is the car for me.

Very reliable car. The seats are comfortable and have heat. The view has no blind spots. The gas mileage is around 25 mpg. The car has plenty of power when you ask for it. The look of the car is nice with great lines. Wider tires gives me the extra traction I like on wet roads.

- Jack H

The Buick is great car to have. It is very spacious and roomy in the back.

Great starter car for a teenager. The Automatic security system is great. I love that it has the OnStar system already installed in the car. This car can be a little gas hog. It has very spacious back seat and as well as the trunk. I love the option to do manual or automatic.

- Sierra M

Buick Regal for review lol

Getting to be too small for comfort, engine replacement was put in, good on gas, reliable and definitely dependable for work and other places I would like to go, want to upgrade to something bigger eventually soon and it be affordable, definitely dependable and reliable

- Tim D

Heated seats and a sunroof for summer driving.

The ride is very comfortable, I get good gas mileage, love the sunroof and the heated seats. Is good on oil use if probably maintained the vehicle will last many years. Drawbacks are several recall notices but the dealership takes care of them in a timely matter.

- Mark T

Black Onyx beautiful car that gets me everywhere I want to go.

My car is very reliable. It has heated seats. Everything in my car is electric. When I hit the gas my car just goes. I get good gas mileage. I have all leather seats. I have never had any issues with my cars performance. It has a sunroof. It is sleek and stylish.

- Danielle H

I loved the color and the brakes needed work.

Tire issues, Brakes and shuts down randomly, I really thought the car could've been better with speed. I always went slow and it would make weird noises. I think the painting should've been better. I think the design of the car should've been more modern

- Reese R

comfortable with reliability

I bought my 2011 Buick Regal new - leather heated seats, Navigation system, On-Star, road service included. Smooth and comfortable ride, nice surround sound system, roomy back seat. I've had it nearly 8 years and still not ready to trade it in.

- Janice W

the turbo will kick in early and makes a noise that sound like gurgling

The feature of the car that are "automatic" are not auto light control does not work on instrument lighting. The electric parking brake is in a bad location and is hard to use. Cold air comes thru the doors.

- uncle t

It's a reliable vehicle that will last you a long time assuming you take care of it.

I love my car its because it's never given me any problems. I do wish it was a tad bit more modern on the inside however it is a 2011 so I'm not expecting those car years to be up to date with technology.

- Beatriz G

The great amazing Buick regal.

The Buick regal is a great car overall. It is comfortable to drive, has great gas mileage, and is an example of something that you would want to drive everyday, for both long and short distances.

- Connor T

It may just be my bad luck, but I can't recommend this car because of reliability issues.

It looks good in today's era of nondescript cars. It handles very well and is quiet on the road. Fit and finish is good. It rides more stiff than I would prefer. It has not been reliable.

- Jay B

It's a dependable car. It has never broken down and offers a smooth ride.

It is a reliable car with usb ports, making it easier to charge my phone. The gas pedal is not too sensitive. It doesn't take up a lot of space, but still has plenty of storage room.

- Shannon M

The turbo engine give the car great power and acceleration, use it wisely.

It is a Buick Regal turbo with great pick up and acceleration. The car handles like a sport card with a hard ride. It has very comfortable bucket seats but very little rear room.

- John F

To summary the Buick Regal would be that very comfortable and enjoyable to drive .

The Buick Regal is a fun and very comfortable vehicle to drive. It gets great gas mileage and performance is excellent in this vehicle, Would recommend it to other car buyers.


Good color,great performance, all around good car.

Back left light leaks and burns out the bulbs,the fuel pump went out twice in 3 years, has great power,good on gas,passenger seat is uncomfortable after 5 hours of riding.

- Dale C

It gets good gas mileage And has a good speaker system

My vehicle is small enough to get around quickly but big enough to carry a lot of things in the trunk or backseat. Also, I like how the car looks and how it drives.

- Weston T

Great value for the price.

I love the way my car drives. The look is very classy yet trendy. The perks on the inside are fabulous. The sunroof adds to the enjoyment of my driving experience.

- Sherry A

When owning a Buick Regal, you look good while driving in style.

I like that my vehicle is a midsize car. I like that it is put together well and is sturdier than some others. I enjoy all the features that it has to offer too.

- Micki F

This car is extremely dependable and I rarely run into any issues.

I love the backup sensor, which I prefer to a backup camera. The steering is great and it gets decent gas mileage. I don't really have any complaints.

- Emily H

The reliable Buick regal!

My Buick regal has been very reliable. No issues. I really like that you can charge your electronics with a wall charger. It charges much faster.

- Ross W

It is a reliable car and gets decent gas mileage.

It has a few dents and scratches on it. The leather is starting to crack and the heat does not work at temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

- Brady D

American made and less expensive to be repaired.

My vehicle is dependable good on gas and I only had to replace the breaks so far and keep the tune ups and oil changed and I also got new tires.

- Patrice J

Better off with another car

the car is semi reliable and had its share of problems and now its getting old and repairs are costly but it's good car for everyday driving

- Ruby D

It is a car that will last longer than I do. I keep it in great running shape and treat it like a family member. It gives me very little trouble

My car is in great shape and goes everywhere. It is blue with a white vinyl top and a lovely shade of blue and white inside. Runs very well.

- sharon g

This sedan is a great family car, although it does well for single drivers as well.

The car has all the features that I need in a vehicle. Great performance, sturdy, easy to drive, great mileage and comfortable to drive.

- JoAnn M

It is comfortable. It gets great gas mileage. It also has many electric features.

My vehicle is very comfortable. It has a great appearance. It does not have a trunk release button in the vehicle. It has a moonroof.

- Tyler B

That it has been a great value for the cost. Good commuter car.

Fun to drive. Comfortable. Lots of power. Roomy. Only problem is that trunk space is limited. Great on road trips I have taken.

- Doug B

This vehicle made me a forever Buick purchaser.

Engine went out shortly after purchasing at 100, 000 miles. There has been no other work needed except routine maintenance.

- Nicole W

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I actually love the car. It is a pretty decent car. I do not like that the parts are expensive. It costs a fortune to fix.

- Rae B

It's an American made car.

It's fairly reliable. The driver's side door is starting to have problems closing. Other than that, it's running smoothly.

- Mike D

Haven't had any major issues since having car for years.

I have had my cars for years and have never had any major issues. Gas mileage is great as well and payments are perfect.

- Hannah R

That the gas mileage is great.

It is an extremely dependable vehicle. The only thing is it is getting old so small things are starting to go wrong.

- Kimberly N

It is very reliable, and has great gas mileage.

My car is nice looking and is fine. My car runs very well. My car is white and looks fine. I like my car very much.

- Marilyn L

Inexpensive to run especially if you must commute.

I like the style of my car. It rides well and has great features. I do not like that my car is not an older model.

- Joy B

Due to a software problem it sometimes does not go into reverse.

Like gas mileage and comfort. Do not like software glitches in transmission and I prefer Sirius radio to XM radio.

- Jennifer G

It is got a lot of miles but it still runs great.

I love the radio tuner next to the arm rest. I do not like the actual screen. I like the extra room and storage.

- Megan M

2011 Buick regal review nice car, computer issues.

Computer issues, cylinders sticking are issues I have had. But it is a good vehicle, nice looking, smooth ride.

- Catherine C

Safety and reliability - this is a car that I will feel comfortable driving for many years.

I love the safety and reliability of my car. It's a comfortable ride, and I really enjoy having a sunroof.

- Rebecca H

This car gets great gas mileage and fun to drive.

Car gets good gas mileage this car is fun car to drive interior very comfortable awesome sound system.

- David E

It runs good! Plus it get me to point a to be in know time at all.

I love it. I runs good. I do not have any problems with it. It is worth the money.

- Marie E

unsure car is small and does not do well on gas

car is to small and does not get good gas mileage for such a small car

- David H

that it a cool car to drive around town and gets good mileage

i like it because it gets good gas mileage and looks good also

- sean t

High safety rating for accidents

Sporty looking. has all the bells & whistles. feels safe.

- nora s

That it gets me from A to B without any issues whatsoever

No complaints it is very reliable and comfortable to drive

- Will R

It's a dependable vehicle. It drives well for how old a vehicle it is.

It's an old vehicle. I bought it used. It gets me around.

- Clynn A

My car looks good and it runs very very well and I like it

My car runs well. It looks good. It is 7 years old.

- Marilyn L