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Buick regal is worth considering as your next car.

I love the 2012 Buick regal that I own. It is navy blue with white pinstripes and Michelin tires. It also has a backup camera which I totally love. The backup camera really helps when I am in a tight spot or when I am backing up and there is something behind me. The camera beeps to let me know that there is something behind me and it has helped me so much when I am in the grocery store and backing up. It has saved me from fender benders in the grocery store lot when I back out. The Buick regal has great pickup for when I am merging into traffic from the interstate. If there is a lot of traffic on the interstate and I begin to merge, then the pickup is phenomenal. Also the pickup comes in handy when I am passing from another lane and I need to merge into traffic quickly. The interior of the car is beige leather which looks so good withe the navy blue of the car. I always buy leather because leather makes it easy to slide into the seat. The leather has also held up beautifully. My regal also has performed reliably. I have not had any major repairs in the five years that I have owned the car. I also like the wood look that is inside the car. It makes the car interior look luxurious. The only thing that I have been disappointed in is the air conditioner went out this summer and I had to buy a new compressor. However, this has also happened on other cars so I was not that surprised. All in all I am very happy with my Buick regal.

- Yvonne B

This vehicle is comfortable, reliable, has many great features!

This vehicle is very reliable. It has menu settings easily accessible in the cars dashboard. This menu includes items such as vehicle information, mileage/ fuel economy, navigation, etc. My vehicle is comfortable, however there is limited room inside. Not a great choice for small families. This car has great gas mileage and keeps you up to date on your car's fuel economy, you can access this feature through the cars menu option. This vehicles sound system is excellent, very clear. For those people who like a nice bass in their vehicle this car is a nice choice. You can access the cars sound system without leaving the wheel, you can answer calls without leaving the wheel, you can access your car's menu without leaving the wheel. This car rides smoothly, you can keep up in your tire pressure by accessing the vehicles menu option. I have leather seats in my vehicle, seat warmers, and he seats are fitted to your bum. This car has good maneuverability, nice handling.

- Brooke M

The car is beautiful and reliable inside and out.

My Buick has been a very good car. It is very reliable and very good on gas. We get about twenty five miles per gallon. It is very comfortable. Any one who rides with us says how comfortable the seats are in the front and back. We have taken long trips in this car and been very comfortable the whole time. Plenty of space and comfortable seats. The interior is very nice. Love the controls on the steering wheel and the way the dash is set up. We keep up on maintenance and have gotten new tires. That is all we have had to do in six years.

- Julie W

I love the turbo engine in this car!

I love my car. It has a turbo engine in it, chrome trim, and my favorite feature is the heated seats. The car runs well, gets great gas mileage and lets me know when I need to change my oil, when my tire pressure is low, etc.. Only two things I do not like as much are the comfortability of the seats. While you can move them and adjust them several different ways they are not great to me. Also whatever coating they use in the door handle where the window buttons are, is peeling and the more you use the buttons, the more it peels.

- Amanda S

The 2012 Buick regal base is a great cheaper car for the value.

My 2012 Buick regal has been a great car for the money. Even though it is a base model, it have a nice sound system and seats that are leather and heated. The car is very comfortable and very quiet on longer trips (especially on the highway). It has good power to get around anywhere, gets good fuel economy, and has plenty of space. I would recommend it to any one looking for these features in a car. Remember, mine is a base model, so there are many options for better features in other trims if that is what you want.

- Rick P

Excellent car except for the oil-burning issue.

The Buick regal 2012, is a nice car. The sleek design and smooth ride makes this car a joy to drive. It is roomy enough to fit car seats and has a large trunk that helps when I am on mom-duty. The only complaint I have about it, is that due to a manufacturing issue the year mine was made, it burns through oil like crazy. I cannot even go the typical 2000 miles between changes before my oil is completely empty, which is upsetting.

- Corey P

Buick regal 2012 best car I have owned.

I have to say that my Buick regal is by far one of the best motor vehicles I've waver owned. I haven't had a single problem from my car in over 3 years when I purchased it from an older woman who had less than 30, 000 miles on it. The engine always runs smoothly. Great in gas mileage and exceptional seating. I find it very room and comfortable rather I am driving or a passenger.

- Courtney W

Regina the Buick regal is a wonderful car.

My car is very reliable. Only performance issues are with the stability track that has to do with the brake system. Everything is power (windows, sunroof, locks). It is very comfortable for the driver and passengers. The seats have seat warmers and the back seats have adjustable air control. The exterior of the car is very eye appealing.

- Buick R

Excellent driving car with luxury and style

My Buick has been an extremely reliable vehicle so far. It is a very comfortable riding, very smooth. The acceleration is excellent for the cylinder size. The tires are a little expensive and it does require dexos oil so that is a little pricey but not bad, depending on how much you drive.

- Logan C

The new age of Buick regal.

My Buick regal has leather interior with automatic lights, and power windows. It also comes with reverse motion sensors when you are backing up. The driver and passenger seats are both heated. It has XM radio and OnStar capabilities. CD player and built in auxiliary to plug your phone in.

- First Name, H

My comfortable great nice Buick.

I really like how my car rides. It is very comfortable. I also like the performance of my Buick. It goes down the road good. It is also good on gas. The thing looks great. I also like the truck size. It also has a good radio and sound system. The car has good headlights also.

- Mark S

My Buick regal is amazing!

I love the heated leather seats and the adjustable lumbar support. The car runs smooth and is very roomy on the inside. Is also very quiet. The gas mileage is a lot better than the older ones and the wooden sleek interior is amazing. I cannot get enough of my regal!

- Miranda M

The car looks better than it performs.

The problems that I have had with my car includes with air conditioning in the car. For some reason it stopped working and was only blowing hot air. Then my battery got fried in the car but that's because I left it in the hot son for a month and nobody drove it.

- Andry S

Good gas mileage for a four door sedan and a great comfortable ride.

Like the dual zone control for temperature, heated seats. Car starter is great for hot summer days or cold winter months. Trunk opening not big enough, large boxes don't fit. Back seat passengers are always hitting their heads when getting in and out of car.

- Therese B

Luxurious Buick with smooth ride.

Great gas mileage. Sleek appearance with luxurious interior. Leather seats, heated seats, great heating and cooling, touch screen radio. The ride is very smooth and makes for very comfortable driving both around town and long distance. Speaker system is clear.

- Mal W

Defective headlights. It cost us a lot of money to have them replaced several times.

We love the car, it has a German frame and it is a turbo and is a great roadster. The thing I do not like is that the headlight have a MAJOR defects. We have replace 6 of them so far. There are other parts of the car falling apart and the paint is defective.


Why getting a Buick is a good answer.

Good car to drive, only had minor problems so far. I would suggest getting a Buick. We have had a Buick cars for over 10 years. Each vehicle has had a long life. This vehicle that we have now has heated seats, which is a must for people with back issues!

- Roseanne B

It is faster than they think.

It has a turbo which I love because it makes it a sleeper. It is only front wheel drive, I wish it was all wheel because it is not good to get around in during the winter. It is all black and has a sunroof.

- Patty Rae Z

Classy, good gas mileage, safe car.

I love my Buick regal. I like the set up the control panel, the heated seats. It just fits me perfect. I did have a timing chain jump breaking all the rockers and needed a need engine at 110, 000.

- Linda M

The exterior styling of the car is perfect. The legroom and headroom along with trunk space are very nice for a midsize sedan. The handling of vehicle is great, very responsive

The vehicle is to heavy for the size engine. The fuel economy I received on a larger V6 was much greater than my Buick. The need to add larger tires and a small engine in my opinion was foolish

- Mark Y

It's like a luxury car on a budget and is a smooth ride with all the bells and whistles

It is the first 4 cylinder car I have ever had and it gets great gas mileage. I love the leather interior and smooth ride. The heated seats make it great in winter.

- Jennifer O

A beautiful and comfortable car.

I love the comfort and extra luxuries in it. It is a very comfortable riding car and is snappy enough. It is good on gas mileage for the luxuries it has.

- Roberta J

This car has to many recalls every other year it is a recall.

It is slow it is small it is made for a woman or a little or small man or for a person first car for a man that is 30 like me it is a waste of time.

- Thomas R

Great little car, great gas mileage, travels well, great power

I love the way it rides. Looks sporty but luxury at same time...I have had a few problems that GM should've taken care of but didn't in this model

- Erin S

How well Buick has done with design and the ride quality

I own a 2012 Buick Regal Turbo with the premium one package. I enjoy the ride and features but would have liked to see better gas mileage.

- Joel E

Silver 2012 regal Buick tinted windows

Never had any major issues with this vehicle until after 200,000 miles the alternator went out . Other than that it has been a great car

- Kayla S

The reimagined Buick line of vehicles is definitely worth looking into

Quick responsive on the gas, great handling. Full leather and spacious interior. Manual option is a must for pure driving experience.

- Justin H

It is older and still running smoothly.

I like the luxury, leather but I hate that it has no window tint and it is slower. I love that is black car and runs really smooth.

- Justin M

If you want a sexy car, then this is the dream for you.

I love how reliable, roomy and smooth the car runs. I feel like it could get better gas mileage, but thats with any bigger car.

- Shannon B

Slow moving vehicle ahead move get out the way.

It's just slow it has no pick up and go power its small inside the car the windshield wiper handle is backwards.

- Lisa P

Most comfortable ride for smaller car

This is my favorite vehicle for long trips, great gas mileage and very comfortable ride and a joy to drive.

- kim c

This full size vehicle has by far the best air conditioning system

The engine is the northstar V8 which is great with performance. The air conditioner is amazing in this car

- demycrus H

It is just a good reliable vehicle. Very few problems.

It has a lot of options on it but not great on gas for a smaller car. I wish the car was better on gas.

- Julie K

It's a nice car good gas mileage it's a little cramps inside but otherwise a great car love and handles very well and it's really fun to drive

it's a really great fun to drive and it gets good gas mileage and it looks nice and it's American

- Steve D

It has good pick up with relatively good gas mileage. It is a fun ride, it is sporty looking and yet comfortable to drive even on longer road trips.

It is a comfortable ride for a smaller car. we get good gas mileage. I like the style of the car.

- Charlene L

runs very well for being 7 years old.

i like that for being old, still runs. rums very well. could see me having it for more years.

- tim M




sporty looking looking car ... trunk a little small for golf clubs

no issues in the years i had it... just 100,000 bust new car i ever bought!!!

- rick d

lives for ages, reasonably priced.

dependable affordable vehicle, big trunk to carry all my work stuff.

- drew b

Love it good fuel mileage, and conformable. Wish the were still making them like this so I could get another

Hybrid system gives good fuel economy especially on the highway.

- Avrom l

It is stylish and dependable. It hasn't had any issues other than routine maintenance. It has a turbo so it has some get up and go and the size is just right for my family now.

That's it's comfortable and easy to drive, it also looks great.

- Becky E

It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable. It looks nice.

It has lots of nice options and features, and it has a turbo.

- Lynne V

It was a great value. Very good gas mileage. Easy to drive.

Great car, comfortable, good gas mileage very reliable.

- Mavis W