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Essence is what I call my car.

My black Buick regal has comfortable leather seats that heat up and the passenger and driver can adjust the heat individually. I can lock the windows and put the child lock on while I am driving, with the click of a button. The panel lights up to let me know that it is locked. Highway driving is smooth. The tire sensor is reliable in letting me know when I need air or I have something in my tire. The car is 5 years old and it is still running!

- Shay J

Love my Buick regal - mostly.

My sporty Buick regal is great to drive. It has plenty of power and maneuverability. The e- assist gives it excellent gas mileage. The only things I do not care for are: it is small so hard for my husband or son to get into, there is limited trunk space, and the cup holders are poorly placed.

- Mary S

The comfort of the ride and the gas mileage is the greatest thing about it.

Buick is the best car that you can buy that has a lot of luxuries and a lot of extras added to it fully loaded very comfortable great gas mileage and it is just an all-around good car I would highly recommend a Buick the reliability and comfort features are just absolutely outstanding.

- John T

That I really like it, especially after getting my windows tinted.

I like the color of my vehicle (pearl white). I like that I have leather seats, a display screen up front, a sunroof, a large trunk and electric windows/locks/seats. I do not like that I do not have a backup camera. I also do not like that I cannot get around very well in the snow.

- Kimberly R

Smooth and sleek, safe featured, modern ride.

It has a button/dial setup instead of touch screen which I love. It has leather tan seats. It has chrome wheels, handles, and window frames, really smooth. Quiet, backup camera, and button adjustable windows. It also had safety features and heating/cooling seats. Would recommend.

- Kristen S

It is a tight fit for the backseat passenger if they are over 6 foot tall.

My vehicle is very comfortable because the seats move smoothly to where you enjoy them to be they have warmers and the ride is smooth the interior is sleek the frame is wide so it takes curves well. The only thing I do not like is the one I have does not have a sunroof.

- Jackie P

A wonderful vehicle that looks excellent and expensive.

It is very reliable, comfortable. . We have not experienced any maintenance problem. It has very comfortable seats and drives smoothly even for long drives. It has very good and wonderful mileage. I love how it looks on the outside. It looks like a luxury vehicle.

- Mary Ann S

Not a great nor dependable ride. Thumbs down.

The sensors went out on this car two times already. It has a slow pick up speed. It doesn't really seem to be a very dependable car. Right now I am having some issues with the engine. I have had other cars that I enjoyed a lot more. I would not buy another Buick.

- Joyce H

Beautiful looking car. Runs well.

I love the way it feels to drive and it is very comfortable to drive. Great gas mileage but the parts to fix the car are a bit expensive. It is very reliable and you do not need to worry about fixing the car often. Like I said it is expensive to fix it.

- Colin S

It has never failed me. My car does everything I ask of it.

My vehicle is very reliable. It runs very well and has no scratches or bumps. The ac is top of the line and the seat warmers are to die for. My vehicle is perfect for road trips or just a long drive. I trust my car a lot.

- Will M

Safe and reliable car. Good for a family car.

Love this car! Reliable and modern. Good on gas. Love the touch screen for the radio. Love the assisted parking for backing up yo let you know when something is behind you. Brake system is good.

- Sharon D

It is more than just an 'old person' brand. It is a smart car to invest in.

I like the weight of the vehicle, the drive is smooth as any luxury ride should feel. The sleek style of the body is luring. Overall is an appealing car, style, ride & sense of safety!

- Joanna R

My Buick will surprise people when it comes to the rate of acceleration.

My current vehicle travels very smoothly over the road. It has great body lines and a sleek design. It is also very responsive to my speed changes and goes quickly when I want it to.

- Mersadez R

My 2013 regal Buick is a great small family car with electric seat controls.

I really like this car, it is very comfortable to drive. It has a very good engine. The seats are electric. It drives very smooth. It's a great small family car.

- Madison P

It's a very fast 4 door sedan, and it's very safe. I have weathered 3 accidents in it.

I bought my vehicle new off the showroom floor. It's the first brand new car i have ever bought, it has 50k miles on it and has been very reliable and safe.

- Steele S

Very comfortable, and feels safe.

Wish it had back up cameras. It does have a lot of options. Very roomie and safe feeling. It definitely is a mom car, was wanting something more sporty.

- Beth P

The great gas mileage this car provides.

It is responsive, comfortable, reasonably economical and service costs are relatively low. I have no complaints about this vehicle. Love it!!.

- Kent M

That I take good care of my vehicles and try to keep them looking and operating in a good condition.

It's a '13 Buick Regal with 110,000 miles. I like it because it's a 4 cylinder and gets good gas mileage, but the turbo gives it some boost.

- Jon A

It's safe, the leather protects from spills. The car is safe because I've had people hit and run me and I can still drive.

I love the color, the interior is awesome. The way it runs is great it has turbo and my child is comfortable. The car runs smooth.

- Yesenia L

Great riding car. It handles well, rides smoothly, and has a sporty feel and plenty of pep (turbo).

The Buick Regal Turbo is quick, handles well, and rides smoothly. It has been reliable, and not hard or expensive to maintain.

- William P

very nice ride and very dependable.

I like that it is dependable and looks nice. There have been no mechanical problems with it and I feel safe driving it.

- Anne w

It drives very well in bad weather.

I like how fast it goes. I love the leather seats. I do not like the gas mileage. I also like the size of my Buick.

- Ally K

It has plenty of room and is a gas saver.

I like the automatic push start. I like the heated seats. I like the leather seats. I like the gas mileage.

- Kelly B

it's sleek and reliable, never gives me any problems.

no complaints at all. gets me where i need to go quickly (turbo) and in style. never any issues.

- linz W

Hard to get in and out. For old people gets good gas mileage. I would purchase a new one for my wife.

Drives Smooth. Good Looking vehicle. Good on GAs. Wife loves it. Me not so much.

- Robert T

Very reliable vehicle and handles very nice, smooth ride.

Love the smooth ride, although it does take more gas than my former Ford Focus.

- Joan H

My car rides incredibly smoothly compared to most other cars I have driven.

I dislike how low the car sets. I would prefer to go back to an suv.

- Kate R

My car has a very sensitive gas and pedal while driving you never have to push so hard.

I love my vehicle it drives smooth and is really good on gas!

- Tatiana R