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It got lot of miles on it and nice.

My car is very nice being a regal and having a nice inside area of its own. A fair price and even for anyone and me when I got it I suggest this and should suggest to others. Its all white with nice and intact black seats and such very normal size car that has lots of miles for it to go. With it feeling like it is endless amazing had this for a couples years still run like new. Thanks to me taking care of it and of its produce type which I wish to go to someone who can own up to it and keep it as best quality as it was when bought or better. Everything move slick does not use to much gas so you on the road for some time perfect for all your needs it is there for you till the end.

- Anthony A

It is the best vehicle ever.

The car itself is amazing, it drives like your on air and has not needed any work on it. The car is very reliable and for a 4 cylinder vehicle it accelerates quickly. Unfortunately for my family it is not big enough I have 3 car seats and it is a very tight fit. The trunk has great space for shopping, the gas mileage is great. I do not like where the unlock button is and my trunk only pops from my key fob.

- Logan A

Great drive! For someone with back issues! Pain free upon arrival always!

Drove a Jeep previously. This luxury sedan is a better fit for me due to back issues. Heated seats and lumbar supports are a huge blessing. Smooth yet sporty suspension. Sun roof brings joy to the drive. Down side it is a little noisy. The wheels rattle a bit and the engine has a unexplained purr. Dealer unable to diagnose but assured me all is well.

- Shannon G

Turbo engine, leather interior.

I love my Buick! The heated leather seats make long, cold drives more bearable. The touchscreen radio makes it more “sporty!” and the turbo drive helps speeding past people so much easier. The only problem I have had so far is the gas mileage I average about 24 mpg which is not that great for me because I drive long distances frequently.

- Emma F

Awesome Buick regal with turbo!!

No major problems with my Buick regal, very comfortable smooth riding car. Has heated leather seats and back up camera. Mine has turbo and is great, can pass others with no problem. Good gas mileage, around 29-30 miles per gallon. The only issue, which is minor is the radio is not that great.

- Veronica S

It is an amazing and reliable car!

My car is amazing! It is comfortable and beautiful. It has touch screen and a sunroof and Bluetooth feature. The performance is great. I have turbo it can go really fast. The engine is good too. It can fit five people. It has controls on the wheels and it has an overall great system.

- Rosemary F

Great for short distance travel such as errands.

This car is great for running around town and short trips. There is plenty of room in the front seats but the back seats have limited leg room. The car handles nicely and has plenty of pickup. Because it its an older model, it lacks the safety features available on newer models.

- Deb A

I love it! I highly suggest purchasing this car!

I love everything about my car! The best feature that it has is the backup camera! I would be so lost without it. Also I love the seat warmers and the heated steering wheel! Another plus about this car is that it has automatic start on it so in the winter time I use it a lot!

- Rachel P

Discontinuing the regal. Very surprised this model is being discontinued by gm.

Turbo engine. . . Great pickup, performance. Comfortable. Roomy for 4 adults. Good size trunk. One thing not thought out by gm: no place to put a larger cell phone like iPhone 7 plus. I had to buy a pouch to stick between seat and console to have a place for my cell phone.

- Jim M

It has a very luxurious feel when riding/driving.

I like the riding comfort and good gas mileage. I like the handling while driving and the turbo option that allows it to get up to speed quickly. My complaint is an oil leak that was very difficult to diagnose and fix. It took several months, and many trips to the garage.

- Rachael L

It is very roomy and comfortable. I also like the features in the car.

I like the the design of my Buick. We bought it new and only have 15,000 miles on it but it has given us a few problems. We went on a short road trip and we ended up having to find a dealer in the area to repair the problem.

- Louise C

Discontinued Regal I find it difficult to believe that the Buick Regal is being discontinued.

Turbo engine, provides great pick-up. Roomy interior for 4 adults. Smooth ride, good power. Trunk is roomy. My only complaint is a small one...GM did not make room to place a large cell phone like IPhone 7 Plus!

- Jim M

It is quality that you can see.

I like the style of my Buick Regal and the features that it has. I especially like the navigation screen on the dashboard. It really helped on road trips we have taken.

- Louise B

buick regals normally last a long time trouble free.

It's dependable, plan jane car nothing flashy just basic transportation.not sure what i'm supposed to say in multiple sentences. It's a car, i'm happy with it.

- drew y

It drives amazing and looks great doing it. Very dependable.

Drives really smooth. Handles well. Comfy on the inside. Looks great. Would like a little better gas mileage. Headrests take some getting use to.

- Benjamin L

Very comfortable; very safety conscious, except for the back up camera

Truly wish it had backup camera; it has so many amenities but this one; amazing seats; amazing quickness and response; best stereo system ever.

- Carol F

Require premium fuel. Back seat is smaller than most which is not ideal for the bigger friends.

Fantastic fun motor. Great fuel efficiency and fantastic look to it. Only problem is that you need to run premium fuel which can get pricey.

- Anthony K

It has a high safety rating.

It is fully loaded and rides so smoothly. Also great gas mileage for the size vehicle it is. There is not anything I hate about my car.

- Marsha L

Good fuel economy, safety, not great in snow.

The size is perfect for me. I drive it solo most times or with an kid in the backseat. The hybrid is great for long distance travel.

- Sara S

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has heated seats. Life saver in the winter.

I love this car. It's the most comfortable and reliable vehicle I've ever owned. It gets great fuel mileage. No dislikes at all.

- Brent T

It has not needed too many repairs, but the repairs have been expensive.

Very comfortable and convenient. Plenty of room for my pets and family. The air works great and it's a very smooth experience.

- Amanda B

This model is American made. It has a sleek style. Very good horsepower.

I liked it because it was fast, and it looked good from the outside. I also love the fact that it has 100% real leather seats.

- K H




Good gas mileage on long trips.

I like the comfort, the gas mileage and the general look of the car. On long trips, however, the comfort disappears.

- Jeffrey F

Comfortable. Handles well on the road in bad weather.

No complaints. Like everything about it including the interior and exterior. Also, handles well on the road.

- Pat W

The seat is very comfortable for me to sit in and drive.

The radio cuts in and out. Some of the stations do not even come in. The back window doesn'T defrost well.

- Danielle M

It isn't an old person car.

Comfortable. Sleek. Lots of problems mechanically. Electronic system w/radio sucks

- Brian R

it is easy to drive. It requires minimal maintenance

it gets good gas mileage. It performs well. It rides quietly. It is built well

- nope V

It is very easy to handle, responsive, and reliable.

Good field of vision. Good size for what I need. Good acceleration and handling.

- Laura L




It rides really smooth, its really quick being turbo and has one of the best looks to it. It also has heated seats and leather interior with mylink. By far best car I've ever owned and I've owned 12 cars.

It rides great. It's turbo so it's really peppy. Also handles great!

- Chad T

Nice ride but missing newer safety features. Love the heated seats. Wish it had a backup camera.

Love the heated seats and pickup for a small car. Great small car.

- Kim G

Smooth and easy riding. It is loaded with many extras.

I have no complaints. I love my car. I will always own a Buick.

- Sue T

It has easy to use media touchscreen.

Touchscreen for media, Leather seats, Power windows, Small.

- Amanda K

I would have to say that it is a high quality automobile

i like my car. It runs well and it still looks good

- Phil M

My Buick Regal has comfort. Tech it very good. Sound system is good.

I like my Buick Regal. It has the features I want.

- Ray A

last a long time no trouble at all

easy to drive looks great easy on the gas

- raymond A