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Buick rendezvous the best car I have had!

The only problem I really have with the car is that it's hard to get the back seats back in the car after they are removed. Simply because I am not strong enough to lift them. The car has amazing mileage and has plenty of space. I moved while owning this car and it took half the time of my first move with a much smaller vehicle. The car has high miles but still runs. Perfectly. The tires need filled up every now and again but the car always tells me when so I do not have to worry about checking on that myself which is really nice. I have taken the car cross country a couple times and it does amazing on highways and bathe car is very quiet on the highway which I find ideal for long trips.

- Jael F

Love My Buick It sticks with you like family

the first problem I experience with my suv running hot that was until I read the manual that is a must with every car, truck, van or suv. I being driving this same car for twelve years and I love it. I have taken it on long trips as well as casual driving in my hometown. now I am experiences the wear and tear you expect like hoses, the starter, the battery, and unfortunately my stirring section went out. but other than that it drives excellent and would love to have another

- katherine c

Leaky rendezvous with wet floorboard.

I loved the car when I bought it but with all of the mileage and wear on the vehicle it's not my ideal daily driver anymore. I've had it for about 5-6 years now and I am having a lot of issues with it. The power steering leaks but not constantly, only so often. There is a leak somewhere in the windshield so the floor board stays soaked from rain. At this point the only thing I like about the car is its paid off and I don't have to worry about payments.

- Billie B

Roomy SUV for the whole family.

My vehicle is roomy with a 3rd row seat allowing all of my family to fit comfortably for our frequent road trips. We are able to pick up groceries and items for the home without having to make multiple trips. Its an older model so the maintenance and upkeep is expensive and time consuming. The gas consumption is reasonable and my tires seem to glide on the road. I am pleased with my SUV.

- Sean T

I love the body style looks expensive but is not.

I love my car but bad gas mileage due two always 4 wheel drive good for winter I love the style the room the color the room the ride height the leg room the back assist easy to clean very tough heated seats 3 row seating or cargo room easy to put seats up or down plenty leg room for everyone getting into 3rd row seating not to hard plenty of room when seats down to haul items.

- Debbie U

This is a very efficient and versatile vehicle.

I really, really love this SUV. I have a scooter lift in the back, so I am quite mobile, being almost totally wheelchair-dependent, but can still drive and walk a bit. She gets great gas mileage, handles like a dream, and you can fit the world in the back end if you fold up and/or pull out the rear seats. (I've handled 3 moves in this vehicle without needing a moving van.)

- Margaret A

Has heating in the back for comfort for both front and back seats.

I like the fact that it has good gas mileage and that it has leather seats and has room for 7 people also have fold-down seats in the back so that I can get my groceries in there with still all my family with me my only problem with the fold-down seat part is that when that back seat is up there is no room to put anything in the back unless the seats are down.

- Jennifer L

Brakes hang up/traction issues. Causes the vehicle to not always wanna stop quickly.

It runs great! Service traction System always pops up. We had something fixed but 2 months later it started coming on again. It wouldn't be an issue but when braking sometimes it's difficult. Like the abs system or something is the cause. I met another lady with same issue. Other than that it's great. Lots of space for kids and vacationing.

- Rebecca N

Buy yourself a 2004 Buick rendezvous excellent cars to buy.

I have a great car very spacious runs excellent has a lot of pick up and go just slight problems with thermostat, sometimes it starts to run hot and you hear crackling and bubble noises which is still the thermostat other than that the car is a keeper excellent traveling car going out of town really lovely car.

- Corey C

I recommend Buick rendezvous.

No problems. I bought it used. It has required only general maintenance. A big benefit is the space - very accommodating for people and things. I get 19 mpg. It offers plenty of good viewing for safety. Family member had two rendezvous vehicles. She bought used and held up nicely for family busy lifestyle.

- Jill A

Great vehicle cheap maintenance.

Great performance as long as maintenance is taken seriously most major problems are head gaskets blowing out and transmissions have a high pressure failure due to plastic sensor inside the transmission case haven't had any other issues as far basic parts like belts plugs and wires and routine oil changes.

- Dustin G

It is the best car I have ever had.

Haven't had very many problems with my car. I bought it used from my landlord. We changed the oil, transmission fluid and filter, spark plugs and wires, and put new tires on it. Had to change a couple of sensors and a rear bushing. Other than that, there is not anything bad that I can say about my car.

- Brenda A

Smooth ride! Buick Rendezvous still has it going on.

On the whole, for the age and mileage on my Rendezvous, its holding up REALLY well. It's a comfortable ride, and all it needs is general maintenance. My only issue is that now everything triggers the lights on the dash, and the gas gauge doesn't function properly anymore. That's about it though.

- Shana S

Buick rendezvous 2004 - still ticking.

Purchased this vehicle used and have had no major mechanical issues. Just your typical maintenance and replacement of wear and tear components for a vehicle 14 years old with $150k mileage. It has been a reliable and safe vehicle. Just missing a few of the driver conveniences for current day.

- Susan T

It is lower to the ground than it feels.

The car is amazing. I really love the leather seats and the amount of room I have to drive groups of people around. I am able to take everything I need for camping in just my car. I like that it also has a cassette player in the car. Overall I really enjoy the car and love the room and feel.

- Jael F

Lots of space! Even with two car seats, we always have enough room for anything we want to fit.

It's very old, and the previous owners did not clean it very well before giving it to us. The engine runs loud at high speeds, and sometimes the steering wheel locks up and won't allow the key to turn. But it's very spacious so we can travel and have adventures with 2 kids in car seats.

- Taryn E

My Diego. Survivor of it all.

Car is good on gas and reliable. Sound system is also good. Have been driving this car since 2006 and have never caused any problems. Has plenty of space for family camping trips. Has enough place for the family and luggage in the back and the kids have enough space to sit comfortably.

- Luz A

My 2004 Buick Rendezvous Review

The extra hauling space comes in handy a lot. There have been some things that went bad before and after the extended warranty expired. Right now the worst is that two of the electric windows won't work and it'll take awhile before we can save up to have enough money to get them fixed.

- Donna H

Great family car. Be prepared for sunroof leaks.

This is an amazing family car. Can fit four passengers in the back. The back seat folds flat and the captain seats in the middle can be taken out. The only issue I have had is the drain tubes in the sunroof tends to clog and burst and cause the sunroof to leak water into the cabin.

- Melody L

Better distributing space.

The heating and air conditioning is kind of shot, I like the amount of seating it has but not the lack of legroom in the back seats. I also do not like how I have to choose between extra seating and cargo space. I do like the height of my car, and the gas mileage is not too shabby.

- Brenda S

Great room compact. Travels well.

A lot of vehicle maintenance at high price has to go to Buick for most things. I love the room it has and great to travel in. Right needs headlights and front fender just had brakes and transmission done. Trying to keep it as long as possible. I might trade it in for a new version.

- Lisa C

A white grand marquis ls with a really cold ac.

overall a good vehicle but it sways from side to side while driving it is a little hard to control sometimes that really my only complaint other than that the air conditioning works and that is all I am worried about people from Florida will understand what I mean:).

- Hunter S

Very reliable when certain maintenance issues are corrected

One major problem on most Buicks, are the intake manifolds and head gaskets. It seems to be a problem with each one. And needs to be fixed immediately. It will leak out all of your antifreeze, and if not fixed can permanently damage your vehicle.

- Tana L

It can fit a lot of people in it.

I like the space of my vehicle and that I have third row seating. I dislike all the problems I have had with it. I have replaced the motor, transmission, and a bunch of other things. But, it gets me to and from where I need to go.

- Shea V

Really good on gas as it has a very fuel efficient motor for the size of automobile that it is compared to others on the market.

It's really good on gas and we can travel pretty far on a tank. Can handle up to 8 people du to the third row of seating. Also still has some storage room but not a lot like you would like to have but some is better than none.

- Jerry S

This car has AWD which makes it ideal for all road conditions.

This vehicle is perfect for us with heated seats in the front and air conditioned throughout the vehicle.It has Onstar installed and a lot of extras that makes this car comfortable and safe with 20 mpg fuel consumption.

- Stephen G

The four cycle engine. The traveling compartment on the top of the vehicle.

I love my vehicle, I love the small engine, gas mileage, compact sitting arrangement. The color and the life star system. The radio system and the key system when I am outside of the vehicle.

- Sarah H

It's nothing special but it gets the job done well. It's a good all around vehicle.

It's nothing fancy or special, but it's reliable. It gets decent gas mileage and has plenty of space. It's nice to drive because you sit up a little higher than you would in a sedan.

- Jared B

My vehicle is a safe vehicle for the winter time. I don't slide much at all.

I love how much mileage it tells me that I still have. I can keep better track of my gas mileage. I also love the all wheel drive feature. It makes me feel safe in the winter time.

- Amber K

Low fuel warning. Removable seats. Large storage area

Look the fold down back seats, also they can be removed if needed. Has onstar system. Seats are very comfortable. Has luggage rack on top. Let's you know when you are low on fuel.

- Frances M

It is a three row car and the trunk space is very small when the third row is up.

It is a very reliable car. After almost over 260000 miles I had to rebuild the transmission but other than that just keeping up with the maintenance of the car for many years.

- Mercedes G

This vehicle is very reliable, my only concern is the transmission, shifts hard sometimes, but not an immediate concern.

My wife purchased our suv by herself six years ago, it had low miles at the time and has been very reliable since. Would love to purchase a newer model but can not afford to.

- Douglas M

It is very comfortable on long trips.

Love driving it gets good gas mileage and is very comfortable. Had some issue with breaks lots of room for passengers or cargo drives and handles great on all types of roads.

- Dana B

It is reliable and dependable, which is the best thing about it.

I love that it is super reliable. It always gets me where I need to go and rarely has problems. However, it has really bad gas mileage, and it is very bad at accelerating.

- Katelin K

An interesting detail of this car is that you can set 2 different positions for the seat so if someone adjusts it you can just press a button and it will adjust to your setting.

The model of my car is quite old but it still runs good. It has had some work done and I don't know how much longer the car will last but for the age the car is great.

- Alexandria B

Somewhat reliable but some mechanical issues that are common

It's alright. The size works well for my current family. The back windshield wiper doesn't work and a mechanic told me that's common with them. Some mechanical issues.

- Alicen R

We are happy to have purchased it!

We've owned our car for 10 yrs. It is a perfect size, reliable, and fun to drive! We notice several others on the road, every day. We have over 200k miles on it.

- Elise P

Great mid size SUV & lots of room.

This is a very great midsize SUV and which has quite a lot of room. You have room for up to 8 people. Also has great handling and suspension for a midsize SUV.

- Jerry S

. Because of the AWD if one tire is damaged all 4 must be replaced.

Like the AWD and cargo room. Dislike pretty much everything else. Window has been broken for two years because it is nearly impossible to repair it on my own.

- Chad R

It has a lot of storage space to get groceries, move furniture, etc.

I like the fact that there is a lot of storage room. In the back seat, the seat in the middle lays down for cup holders and console. It's good on gas.

- Linda A

It's a good running vehicle it's great on gas

It's been a real good vehicle it's been a dependable vehicle it's real good on gas :it gets good gas mileage and were very pleased and happy with it

- David C

Best car in the snow hands down.

Best car I have ever owned. 15 years 240000 miles. Rarely had any issues. Still comfortable ride, quiet interior, and incredible in bad weather.

- Carol H

If you want a good family car that has good gas mileage this is the car for you.

I love my car because it is big enough for our family. It is very easy to work on. It is good on gas mileage. It gets us to where we need to be.

- Jamie L

I would buy/recommend this vehicle to my friends/family.

This has been a very good vehicle, very few problems and always dependable. The v6 engine has plenty of power for passing and highway driving.

- Richard L

It is the second Buick rendezvous I have owned cause it the best I have ever owned.

Very reliable and dependable. . Very low maintenance and I rarely have problems with it. . I just keep the oil changed and coolant up in it.

- Brittany D

My Buick is a small SUV with a large enough seating and cargo space.

Very reliable car. Runs great. Interior is nice and the car is easy to work on with a lot of interchangeable parts with other vehicles.

- Kathy T

It is a solid vehicle. Drives like a small car but it is an suv

I like the leather seats and it drives very well. Solid vehicle. Has a few manufacturing issues I do not like. Gas gauge does not work

- Laura H

Very dependable and good on gas.

No complaint. Love it. Best v vehicle I have ever lots of room good on gas. Good heat nice radio. Move very fast for as old as it is.

- Angel A

It does drive nicely and I consider it pretty dependable.

We have had a few issues to fix. Two wheel speed sensors have gone out. One right after the other. And we replaced the transmission.

- Amy P

It is weird shaped but has a lot of seating. You can haul a lot of things when the seats are down

It does not have good gas mileage. It runs well but when something goes out it is expensive to fix. It does have good steering

- kim h

It has really nice storage. I love the deep opening in the middle of the front seat that locks.

It is low mileage and runs good but It's older. It has a lot of storage which I like. I wish it had a third row of seats.

- Jessica G

Four door SUV, power windows and doors. Two rows and seats five passengers.

It was a great vehicle until the all wheel drive started slipping. I like how well the vehicle handles bumps and potholes.

- Roberta M

It is unreliable, it is broken down on me several times. Leaving me stranded.

My vehicle is having many problems right now, including my gas gauge being broken. It also has terrible gas mileage.

- Megan S

Better Electrical Units Please

Too many electrical problems. The entire dash went out at one point. Which we've read was a problem with this model.

- Joshua R

Long lasting car for family.

I like the way it drives. I like the gas mileage. I like the reliability. I like the comfort for driving and myself.

- Ana L

It drives down the road and gets me where I need to be.

I like that it drive down the road. I don't like how it consistently breaks down. Everything keeps messing up on it.

- Yvonne H

reliability and comfortability. perfect for family trips

great on gas and great family car. Size is perfect for family trips and vacations. Very spacious and comfortable.

- Luz G

Some models do have a third row seat. Unfortunately mine does not.

I bought this car is the use car after my van died. I loved my van and the Buick does not compare to my Honda.

- Jen J

It is comfortable and has plenty of room for hauling.

I like the amount of room it has. I wish it was a four wheel drive. I wish it had third row seating.

- Jennifer T

The dependability and durability of the car

I love the dependability of the car. I love the roominess and comfort, I enjoy driving this vehicle.

- Frank R

When the car runs it's great.

We like the Buick but it doesn't work. Your survey didn't include my car. Oldsmobile Alero.

- R G

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

I like the third row of seat. I don't really like the body style or the way the card rides.

- Tina D

I love my car, it is the best one I have ever had! If they still made my car I would buy a new one!

That it is comfortable and it drives like a dream. It gets decent gas mileage!

- Tra H

It's a great car but things break so easily on it and they can have a lot of problems.

Well my car breaks down a lot. From what i've been told it notorious for it.

- Robin S

It's great and dependable.

Awesome SUV. Great dependability. Love it.

- M H