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Why general motors? Bring back my Buick please! I want to buy a newer one!

I have had several van in the past. This is the second SUV I have bought. The first had a smaller wheel base. That was a more sporty drive. My Buick is easy to maneuver but it has a more comfortable ride. I like the two doors for the second row sitting. It is much more convenient. I have the power locks so I am able to unlock the rear door as well. I is spacious inside but being a smaller person I do not feel like I am getting lost inside. The driver's seat has great options for position to get the seat exactly how I want it. The gas mileage seems to be decent. It is getting the same (18 miles per gallon in the city) as my Pontiac Bonneville that was several years older and was a midsize. I usually wouldn't pick a white vehicle but because of the body style and the black molding I think it is an attractive vehicle. It is not a priority but the color is a consideration for me. All and all I have been very satisfied with my vehicle and was very disappointed when I heard they stopped making these in 2007. The next model up is nice but it is not something I would buy as it is larger and I am not comfortable with the size.

- Kathleen J

Great vehicle very reliable and well made.

Our Buick has been a great vehicle. Very reliable without any major problems. The main problem with this vehicle is the traction system has been defective, you hit a small bump in the road and the service traction warning alert goes off and turns the traction off. This has been an ongoing problem since about a year into purchasing it in 2010 and at that time it only had 40,000 miles on it now has 256,000 miles. It has not been a hazard just annoying. Other than normal wear and tear from usage and living through 3 teenagers. It is very roomy in both front and back seats. This has been the best vehicle we have ever purchased.

- Heather D

Buick is a great vehicle.

Love my Buick. It rides smoothly and quiet. There is plenty of legroom for passengers in the middle seat. Plus the seat sits comfortably. I like that it has a rear radio with headphones so teens can listen to the music they like. The only problem. I have is when starting up a hill, all the dash lights blink on and off, then the battery light comes on and after that the AWD light comes on and stays on. I took it to a gm garage but the mechanic has no idea what could be causing that to happen. That is my only complaint.

- Nancy M

Good gas mileage even though it is 12 years old; still gets 20-21 miles per gallon.

The Rendezvous is spacious and I love that I can fold down the third row seat when I need more storage space but it also provides extra seats when required. The leather, heated seats are a great, comfortable feature. The gas mileage hovers around 20-21 miles per gallon, so great for a 6 cylinder that is 12 years old. My only problem is the A/C doesn't cool the rear seat area very well. That is a downfall in the summer heat.

- Kathy T

It's the absolute best vehicle I have ever had. I love it.

It's the best vehicle ever. I love my rendezvous we drive it everywhere. Its low maintenance and hardly ever needs any kind of work done. It's really roomy and I have 3 kids. We all fit comfortably and rides smooth. It's good on gas and is built to last. I would recommend buying a rendezvous to anyone especially if you have children.

- Christina M

Room for hauling stuff, or extra passengers. .

I have not had any problems with my car. It is reliable, and a comfortable ride. I have plenty of room to haul things I regularly need, and have room for my nieces and nephew to ride with me. I love the extra row of seats in the back for when I drive the family, or can fold down the seats to fit my nephews bike in the back.

- Amy G

All of the gauge notifications like air pressure, oil needs changed, gas which is on most anyway, and my estimated average gas mileage I get

I got to pick this out myself and got what I wanted, first time in years. I love that 3rd row seating that's a great option with grandkids. I have the room I want and need, heated seats, gets pretty good gas mileage and has the air conditioning I need and easy to drive and see out any way

- Roberta C

My favorite car the Buick.

I love my Buick. It has plenty of room to travel. It has the extra back seat in it which is very convenient. If we go on vacation we have plenty of room. It has every feature most cars have. It is good on gas for SUV. It is never broke down on me before it is very reliable. I love my Buick.

- Zoe F

Has 159,000 miles plus and still running good.

It has a third row. But when you utilize the third row there is no trunk space. And when I bought it used it was advertised as a seven seater when in actually it is a six seater. The third row only has two seatbelts and the space in the middle of the third row is more like a storage spot.

- Tammie B

Great for travel with the whole family.

Problems: needed a new transmission when I first bought the car in 2017. The park aid does not work either. Performance: smooth ride great for travelling. Reliability: haven't had problems since the transmission was replaced. . Comfort: spacy and the kids love it. . Problems: none.

- Sarah E

Great car for a little older person. Good dependable car.

My car drives very smooth. Very reliability. Very comfortable. I feel very safe in it. It's an SUV so easy to get in and out. Good on gas. Good get up and go. Clean car no dents. May need new tires in the near further. Doesn't have all the feathers of a new one but enough for me.

- Donna K

My beautiful Buick.,interior and exterior both well done.

Ours is a pleasure to drive, comfortable seats, classy dashboard. Never any motor problems. Sharpe exterior lines, looks younger than her years. Many electronic features but easy to use. The interior is plush with all comfort controls handy to both seats up front..

- Herb J

Smooth and quiet. My vehicle never quits always keep it moving.

It is just old. I have an issue with steering pump and the grind by the wheel. Also I am paying twice as much as it is worth. It rides smooth for the most part and it is very attractive to most people. I love the luxurious of the vehicle and the comfort it brings.

- Tame K

Comfort reliability and class all in one.

It's a great vehicle. Everyone loves to get in and ride in it. With third row seating it makes the family get together easier and more enjoyable. Nobody likes car rides when the vehicle is uncomfortable. My husband tries to find reasons for us to leave the house.

- Amber P

Very roomy, comfortable, big trunk.

I have had my Buick rendezvous for over 4 years now and I love it. Its 12 yrs. old and I have only had 2 problems with it. I don't remember what the parts were called but first time only under $200 and second time under $500. Highly recommend a Buick rendezvous.

- Jeanie G

Room for the whole family.

I really like my Buick SUV! It has seating for 6 people. It has been a great car the past 3 years with very little mechanical problems. The one thing I do not like it there is no room for anything if the whole family is in the car, we cannot fit the stroller.

- Anna D

It is a well put together vehicle, strong and sturdy.

It has always been a safe and well running vehicle, as long as the maintenance is kept up. It has room for 7 people which is nice for kids and family. I do not like that while using the 7 seats there is no extra room for bags, groceries etc. .

- Erica L

it is a a comfortable car to drive and the seats are very comfortable.

i love how much room the car has to haul stuff. I also love that i am higher up than cars, it helps me to see around better. The only complaint i have is that i bought the car for the all wheel drive and mine has not worked since i bought it.

- allileah p

The seats are comfortable and it drives pretty good all in all. It has 3 rows of seats and it provides air for rows in the second seats. The air works really good in the vehicle even in the back you can still be pretty cool in it. The vehicle does have its usual problems that comes with it over time.

If you need a vehicle that can get you to where you need to go this is a pretty good one. This vehicle is good if you travel with a bunch or people or going to buy a lot from a store. It has a lot of room to work with.

- jbee b

They should know that it is a good car for a big family.

The vehicle is older so it is experiencing some issues. For instance, the vehicle has an oil leak. Also, the front headlight keeps popping out. However, I do like how spacious and comfortable the vehicle is.

- Crystal C

Problems of my Buick Car.

Ball joints need to be replaced too frequently and the triangle metal corner piece on window corner fell off and costs over $100, replaced it and fell off again. It is missing on many of these cars.

- Jane A

Most important about my vehicle is that I am the second owner of my vehicle.

I have been had my Buick for exactly 1 year and It's very reliable. I had an electrical issue with the fuse box but had it replaced but other than that it drives fine and runs so quiet.

- Jamie B

The sedan has amazing seats comfort great handling and roomy.

I love how comfortable this vehicle is. Only complaint is the gas mph. The sedan is very roomy and is very smooth riding, comfort and class with amazing package the perfect vehicle.

- Amber M

It has a lot of space inside, can fit a lot of people, and is rather comfortable to drive in.

The car is a good balance of value and size. Some problems with the sensors on the car. But it starts and runs every day. Not sure what I will do when it wont pass emissions.

- Michael R

So comfortable! At 170,000 miles with no issues!!

What I love most about my car is how comfortable it us. We have leather seats that are heated and built in movie player. My car is at a 170,000 miles and have had no issues.

- Whitney B

It is a very reliable model that has very easy to maintain(occasional oil and tire changes.)

The rendezvous is a very spacious vehicle with decent gas mileage. I like It's storage capacity for loading up groceries. It is also a very smooth ride with good handling.

- Diane B

Has much more space than it looks like it has. Also has a very convenient 3rd row.

Great comfort features. Heated seats, cruise control, power doors and locks. Since it is an older vehicle, it is more difficult and expensive when I need to do repairs.

- Amanda M

She's perfect for transporting your drunk friends.

She drives very well. With gas prices where they are, it takes about $40 to fill up the tank. Lots of storage and lots of seats. Perfect for road trips and moving day.

- Mackenzie C

A nice size SUV great for a family

The Buick Rendezvous is a great mid size SUV. It's great for transporting boxes, furniture, etc.Other than minor wear and tear it has been a great reliable car.

- Brittany S

No significant mechanical problems.

I paid cash for this vehicle. I have had it since 2006 and have had no significant problems with vehicle, I love the size and it is extremely comfortable.

- Jessica L

that it is a nice family car lots of room for kids and stuff.

Oh I like everything about it I love that I have 3 rows of seats DVD player I don't dislike anything about it I just wish that they was still making tem.

- Lois l

Toyota makes cars that last.

I like that my truck has enough room for my family. I also like that it is not a gas guzzler. What I do wish though that it was a more up to date model.

- Smith S

It's like driving in your favorite living room chair.

I like the smoothness of the ride, the features like leather seats, sunroof, power everything. I don't like that it gets terrible gas mileage.

- Stephanie E

I like that it has enough space to accommodate both friends and objects. I do not like that my tires seem to be always on low, my All Wheel Drive light is on despite it not being broken, and that the front leaks water everytime it rains.

Other people should know that it is a reliable car that has kept me safe and gotten me everywhere I needed, but that it does have some quirks.

- Kathryn L

You need to have room to pass, the get up and go is a bit slow.

It is fun to drive on road trip's, it is not roomy for a big family. So far I have just put tires on it. I keep the oil changes a 3000 mils.

- Michael M

My car might not look like much but it's an old faithful and will knock you out of the park

It has a lot of miles but it's sturdy. I wish it was smaller since it's a commuter car but at least It's large size makes it a little safer,

- Connor V

Buick's have longevity! If you are looking for a car that will last and continue to look great this is your car!

I've been very impressed with my Buick! It's continued to run great even with age and has been very low upkeep. It still drives great!

- Dorothea S

It is a cheaper car, will not take long to pay off.

None. I love my car. No complaints. Bought it brand new. Runs good. I do not want another one. This is ridiculous. Cause I love my car.

- Darlene T

Size and comfy. Smooth ride with space for a large family.

I love the size. It is a perfect fit for our family. I also love the comfort. The seats are more comfortable than any car I have owned.

- Sarah L

The rear window wiper stopped working shortly after buying the vehicle

The Rendezvous gets decent gas mileage and has plenty of cargo room. It meets all of my needs whether transporting people or luggage.

- Robert m



- Terry C

The traction system is messed up. Parking system no longer works and back hatch won't open except on key fob

It's a nice vehicle but the back gate no longer opens unless you use the key fob, the back parking system no longer works as well

- Heather D

After 12 years my car is still running great and has been a great investment.

I love the style and size of my car. I have had no mechanical issues in 12 years. My car is comfortable even for long trips.

- Sue H

Reliable transportation that is roomy front and back with lots of storage.

The vehicle has 169,000 miles. Replaced the Transmission at 150K reliable, roomy, vehicle, fun to drive. 16 mpg combined


Reliable and comfortable.

It rides smoothly and has plenty of room and is reliable. The v-6 engine is serviceable, but it gets the job done.

- Joseph J

It gets very good gas mileage and is very safe and drives very well.

I dislike the gas mileage, currently 19 mpg. I like the size , having the front bucket and 2 other rows of seats..

- Beverly B

Things about the Buick car.

It is a nice car. Everything works great. There is a sun roof as well. Seats are comfortable. It is a smooth ride

- Delilah W

It is very safe vehicle. Perfect family car.

I love the size the captain seat and the tv. I hate how cold the front get compared to the back when A.C.. Is on.

- Whitney K

Power, looks, storage. Not to mention the handling.

I really love the storage and the built ins. The heated seats are a plus. As the bucket seats and cup holders.

- Brielle G

It's functionable and very useful for travelling w/ a full-house family.

Leaks something into the front-seat carpeting (as of last month). Contains about a total of 15 gallons of gas.

- Seth C

The most important thing people should know about my car is that its fast.

I like the size I like it is an SUV. I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle since I bought it used.

- Kelly F

The large sunroof, it is great for driving in the summer.

It is starting to have a lot of problems. It is costing a lot of money. And it is really stressing me out!.

- J W

It's runs good I've had it for three years

Starter problems, had to change wheel bearings, new transmission. Easy Maintenance and upkeep, I like it

- Baranda G

Reliable for the most part.

Seat is broke, latch broke breaks shot but gets me to work and back every day. Horrible on gas as well.

- Jessica K

It's big. Lots of storage space, room for more people.

Doesn't like hot weather. The engine lights come on all the time. The traction lights come on.

- Christina R

It is a good automobile for families of five or fewer

It is comfortable. I have a large family, so the size is something i do not like about ut

- Erick R

It has third row seating and is great for families with more than three kids!

I love the compact feeling even though it's a truck. I love the third row seating

- Suzane S

The Buick Rendezvous lasts forever. No major repairs in 14 years.

Doesn't rust because lower panels are plastic. Lots of space for hauling stuff.

- Penny G

I HAVE to get oil changes on time or I have issues. They also tend to have wheel sensors go out. Other than that it runs well.

If you have scraping noises and the brakes are fine check the wheel sensors.

- Kendra S

I love this vehicle for the most part! Very dependable, safe durable vehicle.

This vehicle has been extremely dependable and durable to my family!

- Nicole M

I really enjoy driving my Rendezvous! I'm a little disappointed with the gas mileage and winter driving ability though. The interior is very luxurious!

It drives very smoothly and has a luxurious interior!

- Debra N