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Ready to go from place to place with all of the kids easily accessible.

As far as a 'soccer-mom' vehicle goes, this van has been wonderful. The DVD player entertains the kids on long drives while the leather seats keep us all comfortable. We haven't had many problems or issues mechanically and it is 14 years old now. There is plenty of storage in the back for tools and emergency gear with the removable compartments and a good amount of space for groceries. My only complaints with this vehicle are pretty standard on any minivan. I do not appreciate how much road noise there is. Also, there is not a lot of room in the back for a dog or for luggage for 6 people on a trip. But again, those seem pretty standard for this type of vehicle and perhaps unique in situation. Overall, we love our van and how far it has taken us and our family for 14 years.

- J Y

This van is great for traveling with children because of the DVD player.

I love that it has a DVD player for my five children to enjoy. I love that I can open the side doors from my seat. I really don't like the traction system I feel like its loud and there is something always wrong with it. I love that it has a net in the trunk to keep my groceries or other things from falling out. I really feel like this van is reliable. It's the best vehicle we have had. We really didn't want to get a van but with five children it seems that was the most comfortable option and I am glad we made that choice.

- Sage S

The Family Van that keeps on going

The vehicle has been in our family since first purchased. It has been comfortable for long trips between California and Arizona. The gas mileage is great! Ita averages 500 miles/ tank. Our model has the TV with DVD and wireless headphones which has been great with the kids in the family. We have kept up with the routine maintenance and plan on keeping the vehicle until it is on its last leg.

- Dee D

I would give it a b+. Very well made and can stand the test of time.

It has a vast array of features including 2 power sliding doors, holds multiple CD's, DVD player, seats 6 comfortably, 4 seats fold down or can be removed for carrying large or bulky items, seats are very comfortable for longer distance, and has 2 electrical outlets. Drawbacks:. Must almost totally rely on side mirrors to see sides and back view. Also no phone Charger.

- Constance N

Three seats, tan color siri’s radio side doors on both sides.

Roomy comfortable color durable heated seats green color sage reliable loveable mirrors automa doorstep must have if you have a family it is of room for baby seats and old people with walkers plus your siblings mother in law also if you have to get groceries drinks ice kool aid potato chips and kool aid.

- Jean B

My multipurpose mini van.

The van is very comfortable and seats 7. It has had only two problems so far..Sliding door would continue to chime after the door was closed, and the abs sensor just now had to be replaced. The van has heated front seats, two video screens and 4 sets of headphones, has towing package and roof rails.

- Diane R

Well it could have been better.

The van itself would be just fine if I had the money for continual up keep. The cruise control will not stick the first, second and mostly the third time you get lucky and you'll finally be able to cruise. The van takes forever to heat up in the winter. The one good thing about it is the radio.

- Jessica D

Comes with DVD player & storage compartment! Door opens with motor! Awesome!

This van is really comfortable, it has many seats, 2 in the front, 2 in the middle, and 3 in the back. It has a middle console that you can put down to allow people to pass through to sit down, and it comes with a DVD player, it is super reliable, almost no problems, and also cheap to fix.

- Elizabeth D

A great minivan to own. General Motors out did themselves.

It's a great vehicle. Have not had to do much work to it. It rides great. The seating is comfortable. There is not much road noise. Sound system is great. The reception with the stereo is bad thought it does not pick up many channels. The rear air ride system is great with bad roads.

- Erik H

Good but has issues, reliable so far.

Problems with sliding doors shutting, electrical issues, comfortable leather seats, good family van, lots of road trips. Only one heated seat works. Radio stays one once turned off and doors open. Air ride stopped working. Ac pump not working either. Spacious inside.

- Kim G

Horrible electrical problems

I bought it from a previous owner. There's a lot of electrical wrong with the van. It's drivable though. Neither side door works automatically like they are supposed to. Driver side sliding door doesn't open without a belong sound going off continually..

- Amber B

Great family van great for sport family.

Bought used 2 months ago. With 150000 miles and still runs great. Only had minor problems. Exhaust needed repaired. The rear pass door motor jammed and the door open chime went off while driving.But that was easy free fix. All in all it's a great van.

- Amber W

Good and bad of my vehicle.

Underbody rust, braking issues, short in drivers side heated seat, has a DVD player with wireless headphones. Can listen to 3 different things at once. Great color and cool pinstriping. don't care for the leather seats especially in the summer months.

- Kim W

Great vehicle to get you where you need to go and Great Air conditioning!

Starting to show its age repair wise. Narrow interior makes me wish it were more roomier. Love the leather seats, Love how it handles, Love the DVD player for road trips, and it is a nice vehicle just need newer edition.

- Nicole S

Gas mileage is great with this car.

The only complaint is that the sliding passengers doors have lots of problem closing. Even on a level surface they do not close and we have to force it sometimes. But other than that I love my vehicle.

- Rosa L

That it is a little on the expensive side to work on.

It is a good ride for the family, it is smooth ride, it has had some problems with the fuel injector and i have had to replace brakes but all in all great car.

- Christina R

Most of these don't come with rear AC and then actually wind up being a problem when it's hot

For the age of the vehicle it runs like a champ. We have had to do very little maintenance on it and I've had it for over a year now

- James D

It is a great work horse and family vehicle.It is very roomy and comfortable on long trips

It has the power and space I need.it gets good gas mileage .It is comfortable to travel with family and has built in DVD player

- Chris A

electrical system does not work properly. alarm for backsliding sounds constantly. Other than reliable vehicle.

door alarms sound constantly I had to pull out the fuse for sliding door. radio does work properly.No other complaints.

- billly g

Pros & Cons Buick Terraza

A lot of electrical issues with power buttons. Door handles both broke off. Nice & roomy. Very comfortable ride.

- Jennifer H

It is comfortable and the ac works in good condition.

The car has good technology. Compared to other cars that are more new. The battery works in good condition.

- Carlos B

All of the room that the terraza has is unbelievable it rides so smooth!

It is a very reliable van, never lets me down gets me from point A to point B, and just has a lot of room!

- Robert D

It gets me where I need to go and is easy to maintain. It is fuel efficient.

I like the height (sits higher than a car) I like the sliding side door I like the removable bucket seats

- Betsy S

The gas mileage is perfect for the type of car and it is super easy to drive.

I like that it has a tv. I like that it is spacious. I do not like that it doesn't have a better radio.

- Becky M

it runs. gets me everywhere i need to go

it is a minivan. which i need the space. it is a good van just want a newer one

- brandon G

it works unlike other cars we have had

i don't like minivans, but It's been a good running car for 5 years now

- Naomi B