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Very comfortable inside, room for 7.

Typical problems with this gm brand. The stabilizer is always in need of repair According to the engine light. Power side doors are inoperable. In order to repair we would have to replace the entire unit on both sides. Cost of that is approximately $600 each. Not wanting to spend $1200 on a vehicle that I only paid $3300 I opted to remove the cable from the doors making them totally manual. The other issue is the exterior handles on both sliding doors have broken off. So now we have to open the doors from the inside.

- Rick B

Ball joint and hub assembly repairs.

This vehicle has had its problems with ball joints and hub assembly braking. The side door won't open half the time. I can't get my back hatch to open at all. The hydraulics on the back hatch had to be replaced. The vehicle is a very comfortable car other than the noise. This vehicle has always started for me in -40 temps. So reliable that way. It also has a DVD player for the back passengers which comes in handy on long trips.

- Amy W

It has many issues but still gets me where I need to go.

It still runs but I'd rather have a smaller vehicle. The sway bar is messed up. The traction control is messed up. The abs system is messed up. Other than that it is a pretty dependable vehicle. Good size if you want to start a family. I have three kids myself and they all fit comfortably.

- William U

Buick is the best car to drive.

Heated seats, automatic sliding door, comfortable, DVD player, CD player and heater. And a/c. Great color and everything works. Great. Rides smoothly and still has a lot of. Power. Fold down seat in row 3. Great for vacations. It is getting old now. 12 years old.

- Frances A

My van is amazing, I have had it for a long time and it is still great.

My van has over 200,000 miles on it and other than regular maintenance and upkeep it has had no issues. It is very comfortable. I love that it has spacious seating for my kids, and a DVD player. There is plenty of places for drinks. Also there is lots of storage.

- Dawn S

It's a Buick and they last,will drive on for miles and miles.

Terrazzo van, roomy and comfortable. Love the hatches in the back for groceries. We are able to fit all of our camping gear in the back. Great for travel as well as short trips and Grocery runs

- Diane N

The kids love it-especially on long trips. So family friendly.

Love the room and 7 passenger seating. DVD player is a must for kids and headphones that come with it are great. Quiet, sturdy, dependable vehicle that we feel safe in.

- Karen W

Reliable transportation received at an economical price

Had some electrical system problems with it when we first got it, but we got those bugs worked out of it. Generally, the performance has been as good as expected.

- Rudy K

That it runs good. That it is a pretty color and that I love to see it.

I like that I have a vehicle for one. I like that it has a good engine and I like that it has a lot of room. I dislike that I need to get a tire for it.

- Beth D

It is a very dependable vehicle. I have over 230,000 miles and still drives great. I have very minimal mechanical malfunction.

I like my vehicle because it allows me to sit high and have a good view of road and other traffic. It has automatic back doors which is very convenient.

- Sally T

Lots of safety features and great gas mileage.

The vehicle has lots of room. Three row seating. Good on gas. Love the tan color. Has a DVD player.Plenty of storage.

- Beverly M

We do like it and are quite happy with it. The mileage is great.

Roomy, easy to drive, good looks no complaints, had it since new, never let me down, very comfortable good on gas.

- Jane V

The automatic doors do not work well.

It started out good. Was a good van to have when kids were little. Having trouble with the automatic doors.

- Melanie D

It's been well maintained and safe family van with dvd

I've owned since new has been very reliable. Never had any big issues with it. Been a great van

- Guy B

I love my van. It is very easy to drive and comfortable to ride in. The only drawbacks are that you can only unlock the vehicle on the driver's side and only the back passenger door is automatic.

It's a great family van with lots of extra features and room.

- Karen O