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Charlie. The amazing Buick sedan.

I absolutely love my new used car. Her name is Charlie and she is a perfect fit for my size and shape physically. I do not drive very often but when I do it's either the doctors or kids event. The car really isn't big enough for my growing teenagers. But with the murano they can travel comfortable. I really love when the kids get on school bus and Charlie ( my car)and I go on mini road trips. I usually take her to get my iced coffee. She's very dependable and so quite. The only problem is the back drivers tire has a slow leak or something. It has been so cold and like every 2 or 3 days I have to air it up. I hate that. My husband plans to take her to the tire shop. All in all I am so happy that I found Charlie and I get to relax all my spare time out of house with her...Thanks..

- April G

Why I love my buick verano

I love almost everything about this car. The features are great, power everything, heated seats and steering wheel, all leather, built in navigation, and a remote start that can be done from my phone or even Alexa. It looks great too. The color is a tri color pearl bvb so depending on the lighting it looks different all the time. I have owned it for 2 and a half years and have been fortunate enough to only have to put money into oil changes and tires. My brakes are even still factory and it has 60 some thousand miles on it. My only real complaint is the back seat sits really low, so I feel like my kid will be 14 before she's out of a booster, and I wish it had a bigger engine. Both of those things can be fixed by upgrading the type of Buik I own.

- Brandy L

A Real Gem of a Compact Luxury Car

It is the most trouble free car that I have ever owned and since I am a retired senior that covers a number of cars. All the work on it has been the routine sort that you would expect. It is very quiet and very comfortable and you would hardly know that it is six years old. It is quite roomy for a compact car and is comfortable for four people. The gas mileage is good and it has decent acceleration. Since Buick has not changed their exterior design much it looks much newer than it really is.

- douglas s

My family pleasure of the Buick.

I love my Buick Verano. It is a small sedan but very roomy. My Buick Verano gets excellent gas mileage. I have never had to do anything to my Buick Verano, other than regular maintenance. It has been a great purchase for me and my family. I have never had any problems with my Buick Verano, we have taken it on many long trips and family vacations. The only dislike I have about the car is the way the back seats sit straight up instead of reclining.

- Mitchell W

Great car for a great price.

Beautiful car, I get a lot of compliments on it as it appears to be super luxurious. It was a good price for what you get. I wish the gas mileage was a little bit better, I get 24 mpg on average. Mine is silver with a black leather interior and it is been a really great car for me with no major repairs necessary.

- Riley O

It is black, I have blue stickers on the back of it.

I do not have anything bad to say about this car; it is has amazing features. drives good, has not given me any issues and it is gets me where I need to go. I cannot complain. It is very spacious, especially the truck. It is also really good on gas & I can travel long distances before needed to refill.

- Jasmine W

Reasonable price with lots of features.

Love all the features including heated seats heated steering wheel touch screen. But I only have sixty six thousand miles and I am already had to replace the actuator sensors and it just does not run like it should for the low mileage. Sounds like it idles pretty rough. More than that though I love it.

- Amber B

Comfy and cute! Reliable and timeless!

The only problems I have ever had with my car is on occasion the display screen would freeze and thus leaving me unable to control my radio. It is very comfortable and great on gas! The design of the car is cute as well! I wish my particular model would have has GPS built in but it does have OnStar.

- Allan M

Info you would like to know before purchasing a Buick.

I do not have any concerns about the vehicle. It is reliable for me I love the technology in the car. Informs me if my tires are at low pressure. Battery issues, I can check to see if my oil change is due. It has OnStar in the car. Now I think in all luxury cars should be rear view cameras.

- De W

Feels like a powerful car when I drive it.

Bought car from auto body guy that had a previous owner. It had been in a accident. Bought it at a good price. Haven't had a problem with it. Good car. Very comfortable. Easy to handle. Easy to operate. Looks good. Feels safe. Good performance. Rather not have 20 inch tires.

- J S

Buick Verano overall great compact car.

I love the Buick for all the features including Bluetooth compatibility and the push to start. however being the Verano it is considered a compact car and road trips is when you notice this. Driver seat gives me pain of sitting in it for too long. Overall very nice car.

- Crystal K

Great car for the money lots of extras on this car.

Leather seats heated seats cruise control very reliable very smooth ride backup camera great gas mileage am fm radio Sirius radio large trunk duel heat and air controls have no problems only work done is change the oil great price easy to work on room under the hood.

- Keith M

Poor finish, but smooth ride.

There is a internal oil leak. Uses 2 qt between 5000 mile oil changes. Also infotainment center not working. Too expensive to fix. Finish on switches is peeling off. Ride is smooth and fairly quite. People enjoy riding in it the overall finish on interior is sub par.

- Rick W

Great car for a fair price.

My Verano is spacious and extremely comfortable, so it's nice for long road trips. It runs very smooth and it looks sleek. I've owned it for 2 years and never had a problem with it. The only (small) downside is the center console display is outdated.

- Andrea S

2012 Buick interior-nice cockpit.

I like the looks of the car, both inside and out. I particularly like the "cockpit". It looks impressive and has everything that I need. The only thing that I do not care for with the car is it is pickup. I wish it was offered in a 6 cylinder.

- Susan B

Good gas mileage and good handling. Plenty of power.

I've owned the Buick Verano for 2 years and have had not problems. It's roomy and comfortable to drive, even for a large man like myself. It gets good gas mileage and has plenty of power for a 4-cylinder.

- Dalton S

My car is small and quick which means it is very responsive to turns, pickup and braking.

I love the the heated seats, steering wheel and Bluetooth radio. I love that it is small, quick and easy to maneuver. I wish the pickup was better and there was more leg room.

- Lindsey H

One important thing you should know about may car is that it is reliable.

MY vehicle is very reliable. It has been on the road for over 6 years and gone some distance and it runs well. It has all the gadgets that are still used in newer model cars.

- Brittany c

Sporty chic, mid size car

I doesn't have enough storage inside. And it doesn't have a backup camera like the newer models but it's a great car. Ride smooth perfect size for me. Beautiful design

- Judy A

Reliable vehicle, updated technology.

I purchased the car as certified. I like the car because of the technology. It alerts when my tire pressure is low, it informs me my engine problems battery problems.

- De W

Buick are very reliable cars that don't give you any complications

I love my vehicle I have had it for 5 years now and have not had any complications at all with it. It is very easy to drive in any weather condition and reliable.

- Natascha W

I really like that I can Bluetooth my phone as I am on phone a lot with my job.

I really like my Verano. I have not had any issues with my vehicle in the 2 years I have had it. Lots of comfort and features that are really nice.

- jennifer g

It's faster than it looks and doesn't seem like a typical Buick.

My vehicle is great for the price I paid. It has the power I want with good fuel economy. I have paid more the maintain it than I had expected.

- Amanda C

The car is relatively smaller size than others. Not baby car seat friendly.

Color and size I do not like. Too small and color looks like old people's. I like the brand and function. It is provide good safety for family.

- Coco T

The most important thing about my car, it's a safe car.

I love my Buick Verano because it has lots of cool features. My car is very comfortable to drive. It looks, and operates like an luxury car.

- Kelley W

It has the ability to use both e85, and regular gasoline.

I like the steering and handling of the vehicle. I like the gas mileage. I love that the car is compact, and can be driven nearly anywhere.

- Parker S

Review title problems after the first six years

My car is a 2012. I service it as schedule but 6 years later the timing chain jump time which was more feasible to replace the motor.

- Jean K

It is a very nice looking car.

I like the gas mileage I get and the style of the car. I dislike that there is not enough leg room for a tall person.

- Marcel W

Reliable and so many safety features.

I love my car smooth drive no issues. I have over 150k miles on it and it still runs like the first day I bought it.

- Maria R

Buick Verano. Good value.

Very good vehicle that get great gas mileage. Very good driving car. Smooth ride and comfortable. Very fun to drive.

- Walter G

Great car at a great price! Ride in comfort and in style.

I like the size of the car. It drives well and hasn't needed much maintenance. Overall, it also has good amenities.

- Janet L

Perfect car for me and I am in love with it.

My car is a luxury car, which means not much space. It drives great and I love the color (cocoa and peanut butter).

- Me T

It's not your Dad's Buick.

The way it drives and rides. It is good on gas compared to my old minivan. A small luxury car that turns heads.

- David T

great on gas great for trips

it has been great car love the all star makes easy find places drives great and comfortable and great on gas

- linda h

A bit low to the ground so it makes it challenging for older folks to get in and out

Love the heaviness of the car, feel very safe! Wish it had the back up camera and a better sync program

- Bonni B

Vehicle is very dependable

Have had the car for 6 years and have had no problems at all. Performance and reliability are great.

- Margaret L

Looks like a more expensive car and is worry free

It's a good looking car and has been a good car, no trouble. Runs well and has no recalls.

- Patricia D

It is very spacious! It makes a great family car!!

I have a 2012 Buick Verano with just 34000 miles. It is white with tan interior.

- Janell S

the style and the handling of this car.

Love the Fuel mileage. It ride very well. The handling is very good.

- Walter M

I've never had any problems out of my car. I love the look of it, the size, and the gas mileage is pretty good as well. My only dislike in the fact that the tires are so expensive

It's great on gas. A tank of gas usually lasts me about two weeks.

- Alan M