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Most advanced vehicle I have owned.

I love the heated leather seats, the heated steering wheel. The cup holders are easily hold a 32 oz cup. I really enjoy the moon roof. The tint on it is just enough to keep the from feeling the sun on a hot day. There is adequate enough room in the back seat for two normal size car seats. I do not think a small child could sit back there with two normal size car seats. Overall the car drives smoothly. I have a blind spot when driving and turning left but other people who have driven the car do not seem to understand what I am talking about. For me just how the windshield and the sidebar come down, I have to lean up to correctly turn left if I am in a tight spot. The leather has held up well in the car and is easy to clean. I absolutely love how the front floor mats pop into place and do not move. I wish the back ones did that. I am always finding the back ones halfway under the passenger and driver seats. I like the amount of favorite radio stations that you can add. I still have extras waiting to be filled. XM radio is a feature of the car however I did not active this feature. The main display screen is very easy to navigate with the dials or using as touchscreen.

- Lindsay D

Buick Verano over all owner review.

The car performs well. Never had any major problems other than the crankshaft sensor failing but other then that it is a pretty solid car with many positive comments that I received. I am hoping they continue making this car as the years go on. I am in love with the comfort and gas mileage. Overall I recommend this car to anyone that wants a cheaper alternative than the other luxurious car models.

- Ivan I

Buick Verano: smooth & comfy in a small package.

The Buick Verano, though no longer produced for the us market, is a smooth, comfortable vehicle, and small enough to fit into practically any parking space. The sound system is top-notch, and passengers consistently compliment me on the comfort of the seats. The 2. 4l engine is not as fuel-efficient as comparable vehicles, but at 22 mpg (city), it is still pretty good.

- Brian M

Aa vehicle that is dependable and easy to drive, the Verano is a good choice.

I use my car daily, for work and for pleasure. This car rides well, and is efficient with gas mileage. Since I travel frequently, I appreciate the roomy trunk for luggage etc. I really have no complaints about this car, but if I were to have a needs list for the future, maybe a little more room in the interior of the care. I would probably really like an SUV.

- Nita A

Best car that I have ever owned!

I had to get both ball bearings changed on my vehicle. My a. C. Is not running properly but other than that my car is good. The Buick Verano is a very nice luxury looking vehicle without the luxury price. I cannot wait to upgrade to a Buick SUV. My Verano has made some many trips up and down the highway without any major problems I am very pleased.

- Elizabeth W

It's the best and nicest car I've ever had, and it gets the same highway mileage as my last car, a Toyota Corolla.

Love the way it runs perfectly, love the way it looks, and the comfort. I've been driving since 1973, and this is the first car I've had that I haven't needed an extra seat cushion to see over the steering wheel. I do dislike the automatic door locks, when they lock I feel like I can't breathe unless I unlock the door.

- Susan M

The 2013 Buick Verano is a great and dependable car.

Buick Verano is a great car. It is very reliable, easy to maintain, haven't had to do any repairs to it. Change oil every 3 months and it runs great. Has all the features power steering, power windows, satellite radio, Bluetooth compatible, CD player. All the features work great. I would highly recommend this car.

- Mark H

Sporty comfortable ride with sunroof.

This vehicle is an overall good ride! Frequent repairs on it include engine valve. You will feel a sporty ride in this with the sunroof up! The four-door model allows our family of four to fit comfortably. The best part I enjoy is the fuel efficiency of this nice looking car as I have a long daily commute.

- Susan B

The Buick Verano is a very nice car and has nice touches.

The Buick Verano is a very reliable car! There has been no problems so far. The sunroof is a really nice feature on hot days. Plus the ac works really well! The one downside I have found is trying to move the passenger seat back. Its a pump lever type of deal. When an electric version would be much easier!

- Elizabeth N

Very pretty, comfortable, good gas mileage.

Too low to the ground, needs more room. I love the color, comfortable seats. Drives very smooth, great on gas mileage. Can haul five people altogether! Too low to the ground, needs more room. I love the color, comfortable seats. Drives very smooth, great on gas mileage. Can haul five people altogether!

- Danielle O

Such a wonderful car overall.

there's been an issue with the passenger airbag or whatever. Other than that it runs well and is a wonderful car. I've had it for years and just started having the minor issues with it. Nothing too horrible. The air works wonderfully. Never had problems with the heater. It's a really wonderful car.

- Marisa C

Luxury car at an affordable price.

The car is very comfortable. Up to date music and technology features. There is an unknown electrical problem that has caused me issues for five years owning this vehicle. Other than that I do love the car. However I do not know if I would trust the manufacturer to buy another Buick in the future.

- Chelsea D

I like the sharp look and the pearl paint color.

I really like the look of my car and it rides very smoothly. I like the blue interior night lights and how it's sound proof. The only thing I don't like is the size, but that's expected since it's a small car. The opening of the trunk is small and I have had a hard time getting things to fit.

- Nick R

My vehicle is easy to drive with the back up camera.

I have never had a problem with my vehicle. I have had it for 5 years, all I have had to do is change the oil. The feature most helpful is the backup camera. I love being able to see behind me without turning my head. The car is very comfortable to drive. Everything is at your fingertips.

- Jane D

Buick excellent review, great car.

It is very quiet. Has a lot of built in features. It is a great gas saver. I spend minimal on gas monthly. One down side it is very small inside with not a lot of room to move around. It has great trunk space. It has a rear view camera. The screens make it easy to read and understand.

- Maxine P

Compact but comfortable luxury vehicle.

Our Buick Verano overall is a good vehicle. It performs well around town and gets great highway mileage. It is a quiet and comfortable rode, but the seats up front are a little narrow. The trunk space is plentiful and versatile as you can fold down the rear seats to fit longer items.

- Kurt B

It is small, handles terrific, great on gas mileage.

Great on gas. Smooth comfortable ride. Smaller but still enough room. Features inside are great. And the inside looks like luxury car (good quality). I chose it over Ford Fusion just because it gave me more luxury feel and I liked the way it drove and performed over the Fusion.

- Jill M

Heated seats and backup camera! Heated steering wheel. Push to start.

Work amazing, just started a problem shuddering but going to get it looked at might be just a small problem. It was the car of the year in 2013. Comes with great features. Only problems with is you cannot change the radio to a aftermarket radio. Engine feels as fast as a v6.

- Michael P

All the luxury of a Cadillac but costs a lot less.

We just bought this vehicle used in May. We chose it because the interior is very luxurious yet the price was good. It also got good safety ratings. Overall, we love it. It is very comfortable for longer trips. I am just disappointed that this model has been discontinued.

- Valerie H

It is a premium trim level.

I enjoy the comfort ability of the drivers cockpit. It is all at arms length and can be easily accessed with little hassle. The only thing I wish I would have added would be a sunroof. It can make a difference in the interior lighting if the vehicle on a beautiful day.

- Jamie C

If you're buying a car for driving any commute and need comfort and a simple purchase, look no further

Cons: Windshield defogging issues, the interactive radio occasionally freezes and doesn't work which proves to be annoying. HOWEVER! There are many pros. It drives smoothly, is a comfortable vehicle with great features, great mileage, and gets me where I need to go :)


Pearl colored with a tan interior that is half cloth/leather.

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned and it drives great. Even after five years it still runs like new. The inside of the car is very quiet which is great. It handles great. My favorite feature is the blind spot detectors on the side mirrors.

- Savannah J

Excellent gas mileage and a smooth ride.

This car has a navigation system, power steering, and tires that do not go flat. It is a red, four door sedan with power steering, adjustable driver and passenger seats, also Bluetooth-enabled with onstar capabilities. There are airbags front and sides.

- Amelia W

Really good car only one problem.

The only problem I know of with our car is that the passenger air bag keeps going off and on. The performance is really good always know we will get to where we need to go. A very comfortable car. And I love the features I really enjoy the rear camera.

- Danielle M

Drive the car and make sure you look through all your blind spots. There are a few and make sure you can handle it. Know it is a small car but the way it drives you would never know

My car is a 4 cylinder that drives like a 6! Love the gas mileage that I get. The car is low to the ground and the front end gets damaged easily. The windows are the worst they fog easily and cannot get good temperature to control the fog at times.

- Tammy C

The Buick Verano drives very smooth.

In a Buick Verano, it is very hard to pick up speed especially when I am about to enter the freeway. Another problem I have is that my seat will not adjust and it is stuck to the closet setting to the steering wheel. Other than that, I love my car.

- Marisol R

Would recommend very dependable.

I bought my Buick Verano from a Used Car Lot.. and I have put 10,000 miles on it since I started driving it. I love the car, it is a very dependant vehicle. It is dark grey with metal flakes in the paint. It's very sleek.

- Megan N

side mirrors light up when there is something on the sides of the car.

My likes of the Buick are- rides smoothly, heated seats, heated steering wheel, sensors on the front, back and sides of car, and the backup camera. My dislikes- too bulky- creates many blind spots because of this.

- Lauren G

It is a very reliable car with a lot of features at an affordable price.

I like the gas mileage. I also like how many features it has. I do not like that the air conditioning does not seem to be as powerful as I'd like it to be. I also do not like the armrest.

- Zack T

It handles well around corner & can see around the entire car well.

I love the style, the comfort, the ease of driving this vehicle and the included options. The gas mileage is good. There is nothing I dislike. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Sandra K

It is exceedingly reliable.

I like the way it handles. I like the acceleration just fine. I like the touch-screen, bluetooth, and so on. It has not had any major mechanical issues in 5 years owning it.

- Andrew S

Nice car, even though it is a chevy cruze underneath.

I like the smooth ride. The options are also nice and include a sunroof and one-touch down windows. The overall feel of the car is good and it has been dependable so far.

- john S

It's a compact somewhat luxury car. It's a manual.

I like the quietness and comfort. I love that it's a stick shift. My only complaints are it could be a little roomier and the shifting could be a little more aggressive

- norma m

How great the gas mileage is. This car gets 30 mpg city and 70 mpg highway.

This car is wonderful. Manual and automatic transmission, bluetooth, independent climate control, and remote start make this car both fun and comfortable to drive.

- Roger I

Buick Verano is a nice car

It is nice, not too many bells and whistles. The car is quiet. Buick has good service. I kind of want a 4wd vehicle, but I just can't afford it right now.

- danielle e

That Buick is a car dealer to be recognized!

It is a classy solid vehicle. It had great integrity and the style resembles a BMW. We gets lots of looks when we drive it. It is also great on gas mileage.

- Deon S

There is not really anything important that others should know about the vehicle

I like almost everything about it. The way it drives. The fit of the vehicle it is more compact but stylish. I don't like that the tires lose air a lot.

- heather b

It has a smooth ride with excellent handling.

I love my Verano. It is sleek, compact and has excellent smooth handling. It is also very comfortable and gets great gas mileage. I have no complaints.

- Amanda B

Economic and great for all your family

My car is very economic and reliable although is not very comfortable due to been very small. So far, it was work great and it's in perfect condition.

- Dilma Z

The handling of the car makes it easy to drive and the warning you get when other cars are near you is great

I love my vehicle. It has a great sound system. It handles well and the Interior interior is a great feel and look. I won't trade it in for nothing.

- Jerome P

In love with the back up camera!

It's a very reliable and dependable car. It has a backup camera that I love. The backseat is a little small but all in all I would buy another one.

- Jennifer S

I get a lot of compliments for it.

I love the leather interior and the sunroof. It looks professional and has a nice look to it. No complaints on the car since I have purchased it.

- Amanda C

My onstar program is a lifesaver. Always makes me feel safe and if my car is ever stolen it has a security device that tells where it is located

My car is very reliable it drives smoothly and I feel very safe in it. I don't have to worry about getting lost it will tell me how to get home

- Cathy K

It looks pretty fancy! But it isn't super expensive.

I like my car. My boyfriend thinks it's a little small for him to ride in, but I think it's big enough! It gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Amanda M

It has a very smooth ride and is worth the money.

Too expensive to upkeep. It is reliable. It gets from point A to B. It has a very nice interior and it has a great screen in it.

- Eden G

Bad resale value and bad in the snow.

Bad in the snow. Already had mechanical issues with it. Good on gas. Comfortable. Sharp looking for price. Bad resale value.

- Crystal T

Back up camera, touch screen and leather seating

It's very reliable and it's comfortable to drive. I feel like it's a very safe car to drive and I don't have issues with it.

- Tara Y

It is easy to drive and gets good gas mileage.

I like the ease in driving. I like the gas mileage. I love the exterior look of my car. My car is very roomy which I like.

- Jane D

highlight an interesting detail

I love my buick verano! my favorite part is the back up camera and the various menu options i can put on my front dash!

- Hannah M

It is a dependable solid car.

I love my car. It is a comfortable car with good gas mileage. It is a low maintenance car with the ability for onstar.

- Diana J

That it is very fuel friendly!

I love the design, the color, and the features! I just do not like that the back seat is more for 2 people than 3!

- Veronica V

It's a good solid car, and it's nice without being over the top.

It's been very dependable. It's a good size. The gas mileage is decent. I wish it had all leather and navigation.

- Nikki D

It is safe and economical.

Our Buick Verano is a stylish, comfortable and reliable vehicle. As a 4 door sedan, it fits our needs very well.

- steve E

Nice ride and very dependable.

Has many travel miles. Very dependable. Rides smooth. Only new brakes and tires, other than that oil changes.

- Kathleen D

It has great mileage, and runs smoothly.

I like the mileage, the backup camera, the blind spot sensors. There is not anything I do not like about it.

- Ben W

Reliable car. Stylish. Fuel efficient. Affordable.

Permanence is great very fuel efficient. No reliability issues as of now. The vehicle is very comfortable.

- Greg P

Getting oil changes/new tires/specific work done can be a little difficult.

I am happy with my car! I get decent gas mileage, it's big - but not too big. The price I paid is fair.

- Amanda M

I couldn't ask for anything more in a car.

It is a reliable, comfortable, safe and stylish car. It suits our needs perfectly and is economical.

- Steve N

I get a great performance out of this car . It alerts me when something isn't working right,,Quick stopping. I can make sharp turn in a limited spaced area.

I like the way it handles. Good on gas. I t let me know if tire pressure is low. It has bluetooth

- pat m

It is a midsize car that gets great gas mileage.

It is a solid car. Nice heavy doors. It gets great gas mileage and it has a smooth ride.

- Don G

Easy to maintain and care for

It is beautiful and easy to drive. Has no repairs or maintenance. Verano is so affordable.

- Jane M

It is a great car and I love it. And they should like it

It is a smooth ride. Great on gas. But the back seat is not very roomy.

- Ikeda N

The mirrors do not beep when another car is in your blind spot. It only shows a light

It's good on gas mileage. It has onstar. It also has a backup camera

- Dawn J

it is fuel efficient and durable

I like the comfortable interior and the shape of the exterior

- Joseph S

I have been very happy with my Verano that I purchased used in 2014.. It has been a low maintenance and dependable car. Good gas mileage also

The Buick Verano get very good gas mileage on the highway.

- Diane J

Classy vehicle for a lower cost than luxury brands. I always get compliments on my car. I get great gas mileage without sacrificing style and comfort.

A classy vehicle middle class America can afford to drive.

- Lindsay W