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Resting in reliable transportation.

The Verano performance is outstanding. It goes from 0-65 fast. It is sleek design separate itself from cars that people that spent more money drives to meetings. It has comfortable seats. The technology is perfect for me since I am in my vehicle 90% of my work day. I love the touch screen and OnStar. Keeping the maintenance of this car is simple and affordable for a single mother. It is a very reliable car to drive. The only issues I have had was one time it didn't start and it was due a drained battery. But it was jumped and I am still driving it with the same battery. I live in the Midwest and therefore she's seen all four seasons. She has to have a braking system for variables of weather conditions. The Verano pulls great in the snow. If I could suggest one thing to enhance this vehicle it would be for the wiper to have a third speed. Otherwise it is a great vehicle and driving such a reliable vehicle is a blessing!

- Jackie P

There is on handle on the driver's seat that it not electric.

The verano is a really nice car. The engine feels really nice when your drive. My car also has leather seats, heat on the steering wheel and comes w a lot of safety futures. . A thing I don't like is that the windshield is a little narrow and when you make turns it does allow your to see everything, if a car is turning the other way you won't see it until you are right next to it. Also my car is completely electric expect for one handle that brings the back of the seat forward or backwards which is really strange being that the entire car is electric. Something the bluetooth doesn't work as well w my phone, I almost always have to connect it again to the car for music. Overall is a really nice car, with a lot of nice futures and the new design it's much nicer than years past.

- Anthony F

The tire and rim size are very much likely to cause flat tires regardless of how carefully you drive

The Verano is a very nice cars and has a lot of great features like the comfort of the seer, the stereo, Bluetooth, voice command capability, and it's a very comfortable ride. The downside of the Cerano would be the tire size. They are very much likely to be blown-out and having another size put on the car to stop the problem is costly; I blew-out 6 tires in 2 months (and no, I don't drive crazy) simply by hitting a pothole on the highway or road. One of the tires blew out going 20 mph. Also I've had to replace parts on the Verano earlier than with previous cars I've had. They were items like the wheel bearings, things that normally end up being replaced but I had to do it significantly earlier with the Verano versus other cars I've had in the past.

- Ryan W

Tons of safety features. Dual ac/heat controls. Small but large trunk

I love my car. The only drawback I would say is the size. It's a little tight in the backseat with 2 car seats. It's has a very sleek design. There are a ton of safety features like alarms for lane departure, forward collision and the back up camera alerts you when someone/another car is about to be behind you and shows you which direction it's coming from. The heated seats are great in the winter. It also has dual control ac/heat so you and your passenger can set it differently. Trunk space is surprisingly large for its size.

- Maddie L

The comfort of the Buick Verano.

The Buick Verano drives very well and the features such as the backup camera works very well. I would recommend this car because of the safety features such as the lane assist. The car also beeps if you come close to any car or object. This vehicle is a reliable and dependable vehicle that drives really well. I would recommend whoever gets the car to maintain the recommended services on the car the keep it running at peak performance. The car also has power seats and heating seats.

- John W

My Buick makes me feel safe and it is always reliable.

Reliable smooth ride good on gas looks like a luxury car I love the white diamond color people stop and say what a pretty car air conditioning works well great stereo system. Feels safe to ride when the weather is bad. I am very happy with my Buick Verano and I recommend it all the time to friends and family. My granddaughter has the same car it is her first car she got it at eighteen years. I was happy that she bought a Buick Verano.

- Patricia M

The car with a whole lot of features.

Our vehicle is very reliable. It's a comfortable ride. Good on gas. No major problems. The only things I don't like are the leather seats. They get very hot in the summer. It has backup features that warn you if something is in the way. Also stop features for the front. A C is great. Automatic start. Two phone chargers. Sirius radio. CD player. Good size trunk. New battery. Tires less than two years old. Serviced three weeks ago.

- Karen D

Reliable and comfortable and stylish.

Love the Bluetooth connectivity and the dual side temperature controls. Good gas mileage. Car sits pretty low so have had issues with scraping on the bottom. Car was used but had good mileage so haven't run into any issues except needed to change tires less than a year with the car because of issues with the align. Have taken it in already but car keeps turning to one side primarily.

- Joan M

Buick Verano-not bad, not fantastic.

Lots of issues with the tires going flat. Electrical system quirky, especially when the phone is plugged into the USB port. Not bad for value. The interior is nice end it has a smart interface. It ran fairly well the first year I had it last year however, this past year I have had several problems but the Buick dealership was very professional and easy to work with.

- Candace F

Quiet reliable car. No major issues of any kind.

Have had no problems major problems with our Buick verano. The Bluetooth is not clear to some callers. But other than that the vehicle is very quiet. Also outside noise is very quiet. The leather package is well worth it. Multi Zone heating/cooling is a nice feature as well. Good space in the backseat for our 2 kids. Overall we are very happy with the purchase.

- Brian K

This car has style, comfort & class.

My last 2 vehicles were a Buick. This car is sporty and comfortable. It's still roomy enough in the back seat for kids and reliable. There is plenty of trunk space. I lived in Maine and it handled like a dream in the snow and ice. I've never had any real problems with it, I just keep up with regular maintenance. There have been no recalls.

- Sher H

Beautiful car. 2014 Buick verano

My vehicle is a 2014 Buick Verano premium model. I love the car, it drives really smooth. I have put quit a few miles on my car from traveling. Parts for my car are cheap. I change my own oil and it's cheap. I've changed my starter once, I don't think I needed to do that but I did anyways. The starter I got has a lifetime warranty on it

- Robert M

Touchscreen and hands free phone calls

I have none. I love my car. So realizable and fits everyone comfortable. Very spacious and good on gas. Good size trunk. Pretty interior and easy to clean. Touchscreen is a plus. Buttons on steering wheels is very helpful. Hands free phone calls. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I honestly don't have anything negative to say about my Buick Verano

- Tatiana B

Comfortable and chic vehicle.

I just bought this vehicle a couple months ago and I really love it so far. It drives really nicely. It is a smooth ride and it feels very safe. The interior looks to be very high quality with leather and wood grain features. I love the Bluetooth stereo system and backup cam. The body style is chic and classic but looks modern.

- Lo F

Buick Verano, drives smoothly and has extra spacing.

No major problems with the car. It rides smoothly with a built in car system which adds base in the trunk & the radio is also nice. The seats are adjustable for your comfort as well. The exterior of the vehicle is durable. Plenty of space in the back seat area & the trunk is also roomy for extra materials for travel.

- Courtney C

It�s luxury to a point. Should come standard with power seats.

The car is comfortable. It seems to lose alignment easily, which is not good, because Orlando, FL has some rough roads. It doesn't have Android Auto, or navigation. It has OnStar, but it's expensive. It's pretty good on gas mileage. The center console has storage, but it's usage as an arm rest is to low to be comfortable.

- Brent L

The sleek design small but powerful.

My Buick is white with partial leather cream seats. It is a 4 cylinder but it have a lot of power. The gas mileage is great. I do wish that it could be a little bit bigger in size. I like my car very much and plan on keeping my car for a long time. There are a lot of features it have that I did not have in my prior truck.

- A J

Buick Verano: Our favorite households car!

I love my Buick Verano! It is the right amount of luxury, but also extremely practical. It fits all my needs. The touch screen and Bluetooth really makes it seem like a really expensive car. The tan leather seats also make you feel like you're in a luxurious car but it's family friendly because it's a Buick!

- Sofia G

It has the best safety features.

Never had any problems, just basic things you need like oil change and tires so far. Performance is great, will go when need be. I have basic package but seats are comfortable, full safety package, backup camera, have remote where you can start it up and wait for it to warm up or get cool I love my car.

- Janice C

Great car = great mileage and good looks.

have had no problems, get excellent mileage in town and long distance, only have 35,000 miles and just wish they would continue making this model so I could get another one. I have nothing but good to say about this model.. Only negative point would be it is a small compact and not for large families.

- Sandra W

Overall it's a dependable car

I drive a lot and over two years It has proven to be a dependable car. I enjoy the features such as the reverse camera and the heated seats in the winter. Every now and then I do have problems with my Bluetooth it will just stop working for days at a time. The shortcut on the dash won't even be active.

- Patricia M

I love my backup camera! And the touch screen display is also very nice

Nice vehicle for me and my child. Gets good gas mileage and has good updated features like the back up camera and nice interior. It drives really nice. It is a little smaller especially the back seats. I don't really like the half leather half cloth interior too much but it looks good when it is clean.

- Jessica S

Overall great vehicle. Space of midsize, gas mileage of compact.

It gets great gas mileage. The car seats five very comfortably. The body is extremely sleek and stylish. Interior of the vehicle is well laid out and comfortable. I love all the electronics which include heated seats, steering wheel controls, on star, dual climate controls and in dash diagnostics.

- Lisa H

Relying on warning in the rear view windows when a car is in my blind spot.

Bought it used about 3 months ago, and so far am very pleased. Only complaint is: no windshield wiper on rear window. Had to take it for a car wash just to see out the back. Looking forward to using the heated seats this winter. A bit disappointed in mileage -- only getting 16 - 17 mpg.

- Pat C

It is a nice looking car, and the interior is nice.

Since I have purchased my vehicle I have had problems with the airbag light coming on, I've already had to replace a part for my air bag, (four months ago) and it is already going bad. I have also had problems with it feeling like something is grinding while pressing on the gas pedal.

- Kyra H

My Buick is sleek, beautiful, cost efficient, sturdy and classy.

It is fully loaded: all perks, drives smooth, not for families of 4+, great sound system, lights, comfortable seats, looks bigger than it really is, great on gas and mileage, beautifully designed, looks more expensive than it really is, looks and feels like a luxury vehicle.

- ClAudia M

The great car for retired people.

My vehicle is perfect for a retired person. The front seat is roomy and the trunk is roomy. The backseat is small but that is ok, I do not drive carpool anymore, the car gets good gas mileage and runs very well. It scoots into parking places and is very maneuverable.

- Beth W

For a small, 4-cylinder vehicle it drives and handles very well.

In the 2 years that I have owned the car, there has been no problems. It is a nice design, comfortable(i am a large guy) despite being fairly small, and drives very well. It gets very good gas mileage and despite being a 4-cylinder, it has more than enough power.

- Dalton S

Love my car, great retirement car.

My vehicle is perfect for one or two people. It had a large front seat and a large trunk. The backseat is small. At my age I do not drive large groups so it is perfect for me. Not sure what else to say. It is sporty and has nice features for not a nice price. .

- Elizabeth W

Surprisingly powerful and stylish

My vehicle is very reliable. Five years old, and no problems. Gets great gas mileage. Looks very nice - get lots of compliments. Easy to drive and comfortable. I would recommend a Buick Verano to anyone who wants a comfortable, stylish car that has some power.

- Tina R

My Buick sedan in a nutshell.

Would prefer a bench seat in the front less complicated equipment all in all it is a pretty good vehicle with a comfortable ride. The fuel efficiency could be better but it is pretty good I do not know anything more to say to make 250 characters so I am done.

- Rosalyn W

I love my Buick. It�s a young kids game now

I've had no problems with my car. It's the perfect fit for me and drives perfectly. The only negative is being in car accidents that were not my fault. The car itself drives very smooth and it's not just a car for the older generation. I love my car!!

- Rachel S

Lots of trunk space and leg room. So much space for the size of the vehicle.

I love all the extras on it, rear view camera, and especially the remote start!!. My car drives very well and the value of the car versus what i paid, i couldn't walk away from that deal. Honestly i cannot think of anything i dislike about my buick.

- Tammy M

Well, the reason I choose it is because it had a built in navigation system, which was important to me as a real estate agent.

I love the way this car looks and I love the high end features in it. It rides great. I have had some minor problems with it and I am afraid things will start going bad soon as there is so much electronic gadgetry in it.

- Tanya D

Buick Verano- leather seats, backup camera, touch screen, voice system, etc.

The seats adjust backwards, up and down to suit anyone's comfort needs. It is a reliable car. The interior and exterior is astounding. This is the first Buick I have had and I never want another type of vehicle now.

- Madison P

Buick isn't just an old lady car brand anymore. The verano has a sporty look and performs like a small sports car.

I love the gas mileage it gets highway and city driving. The size is perfect for our small family. Roomy trunk is nice as well. Complaint would be the mixed leather and cloth seats difficult to clean at home.

- kristen C

reliability and comfort that you can't beat.

The verano is a wonderful car and performs like a well oiled machine. Upkeep costs are very low and it gets great gas mileage. Even though it is considered a small sedan the comfort level is great.

- dennis v

The most important thing to know is how comfortable and reliable it is.

This is a very comfortable car. The interior is spacious, it is a smooth ride, and the heated seats are great. It does pretty well on gas. My only complaint is that it does not accelerate quickly.

- Susan M

It is a great midsize car and very fuel efficient and comfortable.

I like the size as it is not too big and not too small. It is roomy inside and has lots of space in the trunk. It is easy to handle. It is fuel efficient. It is also a very attractive vehicle.

- Char M

Great on gas mileage. Trunk size is also excellent for a midsize car.

I like the fuel economy of having a sedan. The sporty look is nice as well. I don't like that it's mixed cloth and leather, I prefer leather seats. And I miss sitting up like in an suv.

- Kristen L

It's a good car and safe and very nice to drive. I like that it also looks more luxury than other vehicles in its class.

I like the body and look of the car. I like the acceleration and smooth ride of the vehicle. I only dislike that the interior paint on the radio console and ac console paint peels off.

- Alfredo B

The seats are super comfortable. However if you need to move the seats that will be a challenge unless you get upper trim levels with power seats.

I just bought the car on Sunday. So far I love the car and it does just what I need plus a few extra things! The instrument panel is easy to read. But I am still learning the car!

- Laysha J

The technology lets me know when there is a mechanical issue, oil needed, tire pressure is low, etc.

I love my Buick Verano. It is beautiful inside and out, the technology features are great and simple to use. To date, I have had no issues outside of normal wear and tear.

- Amy S

Reliable, with some good music.

This car is amazing. It drives smooth and is really reliable to get you from point A to point B. I really enjoy the radio system that also works with numerous music apps.

- Brian D

This car is a very good value for the money and it is efficient to own.

This is an efficient, snappy little vehicle with attractive styling. It gets great gas mileage and handles the road very nicely. I am very happy with this little car.

- april a

It's a great small car that has a very quiet, smooth ride.

I love the body style and the way my car drives (it is a very quiet and smooth ride). I used to like it's small size but now that I have a child it's a bit too small.

- Erin H

Heated seats are nice to have racially when it gets winter

The back seat is a little to small if you have small children. It's a pretty nice car though, has heated seats push to start, has a lot of features that are neat

- Brandon S

It's my life line and to keep their hands off my car!

I love the sleek look of my buick. My Buick is very safe and comfortable. My one complaint is that it has a very small back seat and I wish it was roomier.

- Lauren L

All wheel drive for any driving conditions.

Great gas mileage. Very comfortable, decent interior, reliable. Bells and whistles are easy to understand. Love safety features like the back up camera.

- Stephanie A

It looks nice and handles real well. The trunk compartment is roomy.

I like that I can get a good price from a GM vehicle, but I do not like my Buick Verano. The car is way under powered with a 4 cylinder engine.

- Brian C

Overall the vehicle is great, low profile can cause issues on steep roads and potholes compared to a similar car with a higher profile tire. Would recommend for a person with no children.

The car itself runs great however there is not much room in the back seat when you have passengers larger than an elementary aged child.

- David B

The car is safe and drives smoothly. It's a great car.

I like the smooth ride. I like the way it looks. I like all of the features. I dislike the small gas tank and that it's a 4 cylinder.

- Betsy S

It is a smart car because of the technology.

Great car. No complaints. Would be nice if the steering wheel went up a little higher. Car rides nice. Like all the extra technology.

- Rae G

It is very good on gas and roomy car with a roomy trunk.

Very nice and reliable car the only thing I miss are having heated leather seats and also sunroof. It gets very good gas mileage.

- Jennifer S

It doesn't have a lot of legroom for someone taller than me

I like the size. It suits me because I am a petite person, however it doesn't drive as well as my previous car with a v6 engine.

- Grace D

Great every day car. Comfortable and reliable

It is an extremely comfortable vehicle that has had zero problems so far. I've had it for 3 years and it is a great every day car.

- Caleb P

I do not allow smoking in my car.

I like that it's a newer car but I don't like how hard it is to keep clean my interior is cream color so it's hard to keep clean.

- Jodi C

Well built the fit and finish is great

love my car, it well made the fit of the trim is tight. Great overall design comfortable interior well equipmented. Smooth ride

- matt J

It's almost paid for!! Still looks and runs great.

Nice car. Love the xm radio and the ability to have heat and air at same time. Driver can have one and passenger the other.

- Janet D

I own my own car and it is my favorite thing.

I love my car. It is great on gas and has great features like heated seats and Bluetooth. It is a pretty blue color.

- Aric C

Buick makes a solid product and everyone should buy one.

Like it enough to get around, not enough to buy another one or anything but its nice and cheap and not at all junk.

- Peyton A

It's dependable & doesn't require lotsa maintenance. Also, good on gas.

Dependable. Nice ride. Doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Good on gas. Attractive design, exterior & interior.

- Gery C

The back seat is quite small and not very friendly to passengers who are large.

Safe and reliable good quality car what I do not like is it is not a truck and I cannot put big items in it.

- Joe J H

It has plenty of room and it has a comfortable ride.

The vehicle is reliable. The vehicle ride is comfortable. It could be a little better in fuel efficiency.

- James P

It is a good quality car for your money.

Like the comfort and the reliability. I like the looks and gas mileage. I dislike the small interior space.

- Jennifer B

It is fuel efficiency car. You have great mileage on the car and it runs good.

I like the mpg on the car and fuel efficient. I dislike it does not accelerate fast and it is no leg room.

- Kimberly L

It is mine and it is red and I make the payment.

Love it and all the options in it and the sunroof and the backup camera. . It needs to have GPS though.

- Mandi D

It is a luxury car that cost me a reasonable amount of money. It is reliable and is of good quality.

It is a smooth ride and overall, has been of little difficulty to keep nice since I got it in 2015.

- Linds R

It's very smooth when driving. The car is easy to service.

It has leather interior nose speakers. It also has navigation and satellite radio. I love it.

- Melissa S

Great looking and stylish! It's very economical, too!

Great handling! Comfortable! Very economical! Well designed vehicle! The perfect size!

- Don S

My car can turn corners very fast and can speed up very well.

It is hardy. It is very durable and can withstand a lot. It's actually the best car.

- maddie b

Great on gas easy to drive and maneuver comfortable fit

like the style. dislike visibility while driving . The all around comfort in good.

- caudia s

What I like most about this automobile is the quiet ride.

What I like the most is the Smooth ride. I also very much like the quiet ride.

- diane g

it is comfortable and reliable

it is good looking. no mechanical problems. is the right size for my needs.

- mark K

The side mirrors block sight of traffic and create blind spots

I like the style, color and mileage. I don't like the side mirrors.

- Kimmie T

It is very reliable. Comfortable on long trips. Low gas mileage.

Very reliable. Very comfortable.and easy on gas No complaints.

- Suzan M

It's a Buick, so it's super! I love this car and they would too

I love the interior, the power, and all of the new tech.

- Michael S

It's not for old people! It's good for any age.

I love the design and the options I get for the price.

- Tracy K

That it runs good and is good on gas.

Love the color. Love the style. Wish is was larger.

- PHIL g

It gets good gas mileage.

Comfortable, good gas mileage. Nice technology.

- Melissa V

Good on gas mileage and overall good car

Wish it had more leg room in the back seat

- Rita B