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Nice and practical. This baseline car model does give you some nice extras.

2015 Buick Verano Base

The base model does not have electric seating positions which I wish I would have noticed. Also, being a 4cy it uses a lot of gas. Other than that the base comes equipped with a backup camera which is nice to have. Since I bought her new I haven't had any real big problems other that a sensor going out but was easy to replace and not too expensive. I make sure that I keep up with the oil changes. The handling of the verano is good. The inside of the car is nice for two people. Although it sits four. The is not a lot of legroom in the back. Even the front is a little uncomfortable for a tall person. They have to put the seat all the way back. The features are good. I like the radio controls on the steering wheel. Also, it has a hands free phone system which is really nice so you can focus on the road. The sound system is good as well. It sounds good even when turned up. So overall, the verano is a good buy for someone that is looking for a compact car with some mid size features.

- Maria B

Great, small car with lots to offer you!

2015 Buick Verano Leather Group

My Buick Verano is great. Good on gas, which saves me a lot of money because I travel for work. It is comfortable with the leather seats. The seat warmers are a lifesaver in the winter. They are on both the driver and passenger sides. Heated steering wheel is also great. I bought it used and have had it for almost 2 years and have not had any real problems with it. My side mirror detectors were not working once, but a quick reset and they were fine. The only real thing I don't like is it is a little smaller than my past few cars. It makes carrying a full car load of people with luggage kind of tight and uncomfortable at times.

- Erik D

Great for some, a headache for others.

2015 Buick Verano 1SV

The car I have is a bit larger than I am used to which comes with a lot of issues for me. This may be something that is on a personal level however. The car itself runs well, but it requires very specific oil and oil changes so it can be a bit expensive. The car has no exceptional extras, but I adore some of what it does have. There is a USB plug in the center console between the two front seats and a space for a cord that could run out. While many people may be used to plugging charging ports for their phones into a device that is plugged into the lighter part of the car, this is a brilliant addition to take away that middle piece.

- Amber M

I live my Buick verano more than my BMW.

2015 Buick Verano

I love my Buick verano. I have the very basic package but the interior is extremely cushy and comfortable. It is an incredibly quiet ride with a great sound system. I find it very enjoyable to ride long distances and open highway drives. It is very easy to maneuver and park in the city as well. It has been very reliable and dependable. I love the shade and color of the navy blue exterior and the gray interior. It is easy to maintain and has had all work at the dealership. I would love to purchase another and am very disappointed Buick has discontinued this car. I will drive this one until she dies!

- Shelley L

Great vehicle for you and your family to enjoy.

2015 Buick Verano Base

So far I don't have any problems with me vehicle. The performance and reliability are quite great. The AC kicks in after a few seconds of the vehicle being on. The seat warmers are perfect, not too hot but just hot enough to feel it on my back after a long day of work or running errands. Plenty of room everywhere to be comfortable no matter where you sit. And even enough room in the trunk. Turns are nice and smooth. Gas mileage is impressive. All around a great family car for its size.

- Rachel M

I would tell others that my Buick Verano is a great car for the price that was paid for it (around $30,000).

2015 Buick Verano

The car that I drive is a 2015 grey Buck Veranco. I used this car to commute to school for about two years. In terms of things that I like, I enjoy the many extra features that the car has, including but not limited to a heated steering wheel, as well as heated seats. As for dislikes, my only complaint is that the car is somewhat aesthetically dull in the interior.

- Michael G

Verano. Touch screen is awesome feature in this car.

2015 Buick Verano

This car is reliable so far it is roomy and has all the features you could think of. I like that it has a touch screen and a rear camera also. One thinking I do not like is my rear camera does not alert when you get close to an object. The Bluetooth is a little tricky it does not seem to disconnect other Bluetooth that was connected before. Overall a good car.

- Lee L

My car hooks up to my phone which allows me to listen to my music and make calls.

2015 Buick Verano Leather Group

The seats are very comfortable. I feel safe and secure when driving. The features are not confusing to use; it is very user friendly. I have hill start assist so my car does not roll back when I am on a hill. The car drives very smooth. I have automatic start which is great to warm up the engine in the cold months.

- Katherine H

Luxury vehicle and cost efficient

2015 Buick Verano Base

It feels like a luxury vehicle for an affordable price. I love the Bluetooth connections and upgrades available. The heated seats are my absolute favorite, especially in the winter. Rides smooth and quiet. It is also very economical as I can fill up my tank for $35 and still get 22 miles per gallon.

- Sandra Z

My pearl white 2015 Buick.

2015 Buick Verano

Smooth and quiet ride, good gas mileage, great stereo sound system, love the Bluetooth functionality, great sleek look, love the safety video system while backing up, and side warning system when cars are passing. Have not had any problems with my Buick. Only expenses are maintenance-related.

- Joseph C

It is a reliable, attractive sedan that provides great fuel mileage.

2015 Buick Verano

The Buick Verano is a great entry-level luxury sedan. It averages 27 mpg with combined city/highway driving and 35 mpg on the highway. It is a smooth riding vehicle that is easy to park and maneuver, and the interior is comfortable and features an easy-to-read and functional instrument panel.

- Mary S

It has everything from Sirius/XM to plenty of safety features and ladies love it.

2015 Buick Verano

I love that after I get out of work I can start it from across the parking lot so it is cool by the time I get there. I love how stylish it looks. I love the camera in the back so that I can see when I am backing up. I like the collision sensors that make it a safer car to drive.

- Dale M

Great Family Car, 5 Stars

2015 Buick Verano Leather Group

I think my Verano is a great vehicle. I have not had any major issues with it in anyway. I have practiced strict maintenance schedules and have taken care of the car. The interior and exterior of the car are very modern and look great. It came with all of the features I wanted.

- Stephanie G

Premium Buick Verano with Turbo

2015 Buick Verano Premium Turbo Group

I love my car, it has been incredibly reliable. It is comfortable, gets great gas mileage has an amazing premium Bose sound system and a sunroof. It also has a turbo engine that has great get up and go, you definitely won't have lag when you are trying to pass.

- Brian H

Safe, Secure, Stylish Ride

2015 Buick Verano

although my Verano is compact I feel really safe in it. It came with limited OnStar features and I can connect my phone via bluetooth. I haven't even gone through all of the features yet. One day I swear I hit a curb really hard but the car suffered no damage.

- Candice E

I totally love my Buick!!

2015 Buick Verano

The Buick Verano is the perfect young professionals vehicle. I love the fact that is has remote start, black leather, moonroof, push start and many more features. This car is perfect for those that have a career and want to expand your family at some point.

- Amanda C

I am very proud of it, I don't appreciate it being talked down because it is not a "cool" car. It has enough bells and whistles, and kept me safe.

2015 Buick Verano

I was in an accident almost one month ago today in a 2013 Verano. I was safe, very bruised but despite both vehicles involved being totaled I was fine. This piece of mind is why I bought a 2015 Verano to replace it. I wish they were the same color though.

- Kate G

Gas Mileage is extremely important to me, as well as being able to see out of all the windows.

2015 Buick Verano

The first Buick Verano I purchased was a Lemon. The reason I have the 2015 Verano is because approximately a year later I had to go in and finally argue my way through getting another vehicle, which I still had to put another $2000 towards it.


It's a perfect combination of luxury and safety.

2015 Buick Verano

Perfect car for what I need it to do. Safety features are unbelievable, it is comfortable and stylish and I feel good while driving it. I have no dislikes at all for my car.

- Curtis S

It is a very comfortable car.

2015 Buick Verano

I dislike how it says that it has Wi-Fi, but whenever I connect it doesn't give any actual service. I love how you can control the temperature to whatever degree you want.

- Jonathan C

Interior is too small, but it is a great car!.

2015 Buick Verano

I like the interior, the leather seats and the reliability. The thing I dislike the most is there are no small storage areas. Not even enough room for a box of kleenex!.

- Kay G

It is very reliable and smooth.

2015 Buick Verano

I love everything except that the interior is already has a couple things falling apart and I feel like 3 years old is a little early for that to be happening.

- Nicole F

This car looks like a expensive car but it was cost efficient.

2015 Buick Verano

There's not much that I do not like about this model of car. The only thing that I really wish it had was more room especially in the backseat for comfort.

- Elaine M

It is so pleasant to drive and it has a great gas mileage.

2015 Buick Verano

I love that my car drives very quietly. It is small but comfortable, and I haven't had any problems with it so far. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Isabelle A

Just because it's a Buick doesn't mean it's only for older people. The Verano is a very reliable and comfortable car

2015 Buick Verano

The car is very quiet while driving. It's comfortable, as long as you're not sitting in the back seat. It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable.

- Chris N

The Verano includes great features and gadgets to better the driving experiences.

2015 Buick Verano

The Buick Verano is a reliable, gas friendly car for both city and long distance driving. Includes update features to make driving enjoyable.

- Ben M

Love the backup mirror love the mileage it gets

2015 Buick Verano

No problems sometimes hesitates very good on gas love the onstar feature love the navigation this car was the best for its price

- JoAnn H

It's safe. It's futuristic. Enough room. Good radio.

2015 Buick Verano

I love my vehicle because it has room for my children. It has built in navigation. The best radio. And a nice sound system

- Brittney M

Buick in recent years. Just as good as ever.

2015 Buick Verano

It is easy to drive, and comfortable during long trips. It gets good gas mileage. At 30000 miles it is hard no problems.

- Merrily C

It is perfect for me. It drives well and does not give me any problems.

2015 Buick Verano

I do not have any problems with my Buick Verano. It is comfortable the performance is wonderful as is the reliability.

- Mary D

Safe and reliable great on gas!

2015 Buick Verano

Amazing reliable vehicle great on gas. And poly coat is worth the extra money. Buick takes care of their customers!

- Nancy Y

It's an affordable luxurious car with a lot of newer features.

2015 Buick Verano

2015 Buick Verano that is an affordable luxury vehicle and has had no problems as of yet. It is very reliable.

- Danielle H

Great car, loaded for the price.

2015 Buick Verano

I love this vehicle, luxury feel, great gas mileage, reliable. No complaints except that gm discontinued it!

- Patricia C

It's reliable, easy to drive, stylish, convenient, worth what I paid for it.

2015 Buick Verano

I like that it is low maintenance, gets good gas mileage, looks nice. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Ruth M

It was expensive, but I bought it because I knew I could manage it.

2015 Buick Verano

It is a nicer car that is pretty economical. Also, it has good storage in the back seat and in the trunk.

- Garrett M

great service from dealer.the price was right. will buy another car from this dealer

2015 Buick Verano

like the comfort in side.hard to get out; air bag problems on passenger side

- oscar b

That it drives very well. And handles well in bad weather. For example it drives good in the snow.

2015 Buick Verano

I like almost everything about my vehicle. I wish it was a little bigger.

- Robert S

My Buick is great on gas. A comfortable ride. And has a style that I like. I'm not a kid anymore but I'm not ready to retire so a good car right in the middle. Comfort and enough power to leave a teenager sitting at the light in my dust.

2015 Buick Verano

Comfortable affordable and fun to drive that's how I would describe.

- Jeff C

Issues with a 2015 Buick verano.

2015 Buick Verano Leather Group

- Cheryl G