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Luxury car for a fraction of the price of other luxury vehicles.

Love this vehicle! It is super sophisticated looking and really comfortable on the inside. Only a few issues we noticed. One is the car would jerk briefly while driving long distances when driving straight. Come to find out it needed a software update for the power steering. This has corrected the problem. Only other thing is this is not really a family car. Baby car seats do not sit in the seat correctly due to the lip on the back part of the seat. Still love driving this car and can appreciate how comfortable and the smooth ride.

- Eugenia C

The trunk issue, it can get very annoying.

I love the size of my car, it's perfect for my family! I look of it, it looks fierce, but also pretty. I love how it rides, all the dashboard controls, the ease of cleaning it. There are only two things that bother me: 1. the trunk doesn't have a button to open it, you have to use your key fob or remember to push the button on the dash, and 2. the visibility on the drivers side window is not very good.

- Kaitlynn M

Backup camera is wonderful.

I like the car, but wish it had a bigger engine and more power. Seats are very comfortable, but back seats do not have much leg room. Happy with everything else. Would like lane change warning too. So far the car is working fine and have no complaints with it. The chrome that was put on this model is very attractive. The Buicks are priced higher than others in the same class.

- Cheryl B

My Buick Classy high-end look at an affordable price and a comfortable ride.

My vehicle provides comfort, luxury and dependability. It rides smooth and has all the upgraded features to provide the feeling of high end at an affordable price. I love the backup camera, heated seats, combo leather and cloth seats, Bluetooth capability, controls on steering wheel, spacious trunk, wood detail on dashboard, center console and doors.

- Debbie M

Luxurious but affordable for anyone.

One of the best vehicles I have ever driven. Bluetooth radio, good on gas, good control. I have 0 complaints. It's got leather seats that have the ability to be heated which is very nice in the winter. It sleek like a luxury car, but affordable like an everyday car. It is easy to park and it's got a backup camera. Buick is a great brand.

- Patrick D

Nice little car, but it does not have Bluetooth.

Haven't had any problems with my vehicle. For it to be small it has a lot of power. It a nice car for a small family or just for one person not made for a big family or for someone big. As I said before it is small. It has USB so you can listen to your music while charging your phone but it does not have Bluetooth.

- Shay M

The leather seats, heated seats and steering wheel are a great on cold mornings.

This is a luxury vehicle at an economical price. Very comfortable, roomy, easy access to accessories. Great gas mileage. All in all a great vehicle at a very economical price. Makes a great family car. Lots of “extras”. I love the heated seats and steering wheel, great to have on those cold na mornings.

- Beth N

That Buick has not changed anything in their vehicles. They are still a terrible car company and unreliable car.

I do not like my car, it is a new car and that is about the only good thing about it. When it rains the electric on the dashboard acts up and the windshield wiper fluid doesn't work. I have always owned foreign cars before and never had one problem. I will definitely go back to foreign after this car.

- Jenna T

Comfortable and cozy vehicle.

The car is very reliable. No issues the few years we have had it. It is extremely comfortable. The first thing passengers comment on when the ride with me are the seats and how good they feel to sit in. The car is relatively good on gas. I would like it to be a bit better but I average about 28 mpg.

- J J N

I love the auto car starter.

I really love how compact this vehicle is. I have had many cars in the past but this one tops them all. It is good on gas and mileage as well. I taught my sons how to drive in this car, everyone just loves it. I wish I had more than just one. I want to see what the next model looks like.

- Tiffany R

The navigation system and the style of the car is the best features.

I love the way it drives. I have powered windows and seats. Love the navigation system. The stereo system is excellent. The only problem is the car is very low to the ground and the back up camera is not that clear. I would definitely purchase or lease this vehicle again in the future.

- Patrice B

First time I have had a rear camera; it is quite helpful.

It is comfortable, drives smoothly, low-maintenance (except that I needed a new battery at 30, 000 miles). I love the cruise control and satellite radio. It is small enough to park virtually anywhere (rear camera helps too) and fits beautifully (with flexibility) in the garage.

- Mike S

A midsize car that will satisfy my driving needs.

My vehicle is very good with fuel consumption, but lacks interior space. Would prefer more room in the back seat. The cargo space is very limited, would prefer more space for luggage. The style of the car is fine very comfortable ride. Performance of the car is satisfactory.

- Alice O

Smooth ride, spacious trunk.

Have had this car for nearly 3 years now, maintenance still covered under warranty, great drive, easy to figure out most features, smart abilities, and huge trunk! One thing I wish I considered was the smallish rear seat, bit difficult with car seats. But overall great ride.

- Claire B

Do not buy American vehicles. The Buick Verano was good-looking. From the outside.

Will not lease another one because foreign cars are more reliable. Had cooling issues along with trouble on side door. Engine was loud especially while in park waiting at places parked. Prefer the Japanese vehicles as they are much more quiet. Those are main issues.

- Frank G

Reliable and drives very smooth.

I have not had any problems with the car since I bought in 2016. The ride is pretty smooth. I like the hands free phone and the sound is pretty good from the speakers. The seats are very comfortable and its good on a long drive. I get good mileage to the gallon.

- Arlene B

Very reliable car. No problems.

It is a very reliable vehicle. It has only been in the service department for scheduled oil changes. You should have no problems with this kind of vehicle. I would buy another one without hesitation. Buick is a reliable car manufacturer. Thanks for listening.

- Ian S

It is small enough to handle great; large enough to be comfortable.

It is a Buick, which I have fallen in love with. Looks beautiful. (the original battery did "die" after just 30 thousand miles, though). It runs smoothly, with good pick-up for a four-cylinder. Satellite radio is now a necessity for me, as I am spoiled.

- Michael S

Love my Buick. Great family car.

My 2016 Buick Verano is a great family car. Plenty of interior room for teenagers to spread out and get comfy on road trips and plenty of trunk space for sports equipment. The Verano has a sporty body and sleek luxury interior. And great gas mileage!!

- Molly C

My mother is in love with this car and has never had anything this nice before.

What I love about the 2016 Buick verano is the gps features and the computerized screen. The bose speakers are of very high quality. I love that my family and I have a CD player included in our vehicle. Plus the usb phone chargers are very helpful.

- Spencer O

This is just an all-around reliable, smooth, awesome car.

I love the way it feels and drives - especially the backup camera and speakers. It's also just cute! I haven't had any issues so far with it. If I had one complaint, it would be the visibility when changing lanes.

- Aimee L

Good gas mileage, the outside of the car has cheap plastic in some places.

Great car, very dependable with amazing features for young and old drivers. These features include seat and steering wheel heaters, blind spot detectors and tells you when you are swerving out of your lane.

- Izzy S

The tires bust easy if you hit a pothole. You better have tire protection.

It's a reliable vehicle, it does not drive that fast. I love the hands free phone. Gas mileage isn't all that good. The seats are very comfortable and It's a good vehicle to take on the road.

- La Shanna P

It runs very smooth and you feel like you are riding on a cloud!

I love my vehicle because it is very comfortable and stylish! It is a smooth ride and you do not feel like you any bumps in the road. The only thing I dislike is the gas mileage is poor.

- Jean M

It's a great family car. It gets great gas mileage and the navigation system inside the car is outstanding.

I like the vehicles updated features reverse camera lane departure navigation system I like that it has lot airbags I just like the way it switches gears just like the way that it does

- Gill S

It's clean and it runs well. It gets good gas mileage and is reliable.

I like the style of it on the exterior and interior. I wish that it had a little more space between seats and in the trunk. It gets good gas mileage and I've never had issues with it.

- Lindsey U

It is a well-made vehicle.

I like the smooth ride, gas mileage, Bluetooth capabilities, Bose speaker system, and trunk space. It looks fancy despite being reasonably priced. I do not have any dislikes.

- Jamie G

It looks wonderful. The style and design are good.

I really don't have any complaints. Overall I like the style and design of the car. A lot of the features are useful for driving and safety as well. Overall a great car.

- Tim N

It is nothing special... It's a car that will get you from point a to point b

I like the size, but would like the steering to be tighter. It is quite comfortable for me, but not so much for my wife. The sound system is average at best.

- Mark H

Buicks feel like luxury cars and are quiet. These cars are made really well.

I love that it is a quiet and smooth ride. The size is perfect. I do not like that the chrome handles are cheaply made, the film is already peeling.

- Stephanie M

Luxury car at an affordable price

I've had no problems. It feels like a luxury car to me. It's an automatic with leather seats, seat & steering wheel warmers and a sunroof.

- Laurie R

Good gas mileage and I drive in short spurts so this not highway miles

I love the gas mileage it gets. This car is easy to maintain. It also is very comfortable to drive. The on screen navigation is great.

- Tamre F

It drives smooth for driver and passengers and it handles easily.

The car drives smooth with good handling. The upholstery is in excellent shape and very comfortable. The car is good on gas mileage

- Cheryl M

It is easy to drive and has fantastic gas mileage.

I enjoy that it is a luxury vehicle without the luxury price. I like that it has very good gas mileage. It is easy to keep up with.

- Kaylee H

Lots of airbags are you safe. Very liable and picks up very good and the features on the navigation or excellent

I like the options it comes with in the amount of airbags it has. I don't like the way it shifts gears and how much gas it uses.

- Gill S

Gas mileage is excellent for city and long duration driving.

The Buick Verano has great gas mileage with modern features. The car is compact and make sittings full car, a tight squeeze.

- Ben M

Economical to run. Instrument panel easy to navigate.

Do not like heating and cooling system. Smooth riding car, good gas mileage. Passenger seat should be electronic not manual.

- Betty C

The Buick Verano Is The Best Car I've Ever Owned

My Buick Verano drives well. Very responsive steering. It's easy to see the road. I like the back up camera. Smooth rides.

- Ruth M

Low maintenance, reliable.

Very dependable, smooth ride. Low costs care. Very efficient gas mileage. Comfortable to drive and attractive to the eye.

- Sharon H

sound car with great safety features

very easy car to drive. it has a lot of good safety features. very little machine problems. good gas mileage as well.

- carol s

It's not that big on the inside.

I love everything about the vehicle except that it is too small. The control is great. It's just not a very big car.

- Savanna Z

A smooth classy car that you will love to drive.

This car rides very nice and smooth. I love the heated seats that move very easily. The backseat has lots of room.

- Tina S

It should have good gas mileage so I do not have to fill up every time I turn around.

I do not like that the gas tank is on the passenger side. I like that it tells me when the air in my tires is low.

- Lindsey M

It has remote start, I can stay inside in winter.

I like the vehicle information, and the monthly reports. I like the ease of driving. I love the mileage it gets.

- Susan B

The car drives smooth and is reliable.

The car is very reliable and is a good looking car. The only complaint I would have is that it uses gas quickly.

- Katrina C

Tires, battery, interior parts, seat heaters needed replacement.

I like the way it drives and handles the road. I dislike that it is too small and plan to get an SUV next time.

- Cynthia K

The car is safe and reliable.

I love absolutely my car. It is very roomy and drives very well. haven't had any issues with the car this far.

- Athena L

I love the stereo system with the Bose speakers.

The 2016 Buick Verano drives smoothly, is full of technological advances, and is an awesome luxury vehicle.

- Spencer H

That it is extremely well built and reliable.

I like that it is smooth and very comfortable. My dislike is that I would like have a larger vehicle a SUV.

- Nicole M

Great car and value, doesn't have all the bells but most of what you need. It is not a big car, not much room in the back for big people. I have had three in the back but not much room.

After one year, no problems. It handles well and easy to keep clean. It's not a large car but enough room.

- rafael s

It used to be for old people but with the technology they're trying to make it appealing to younger people.

The technology is good but I hate the leather seats, the feel of it, and the fact that it's an automatic.

- Tracy S

It gives a really good ride. It is a really good looking car

I love that my car has a backup camera. I love that I have Sirius radio. I love that I have WiFi.

- Deborah R

safety, The car handles very well due to the large tires.

solid, goor ride, very comfortable. Safe car, holds the road very well. Price was in my range.

- ed M

The ride and peppiness of vehicle

I like the ride of the vehicle. The quietness inside. The handling and style. I DISLIKE NOTHING

- Dave I

It's a good mileage when traveling and holds many things

I love how it rides on trips and the sound system is good. Wish it had better cup holders

- Paula B

It's cheap and safe. I like the way it handles even in the snow.

It is a little on the small side but it's a great vehicle. Great Ride, fuel efficient.

- tina d

This car is not meant for families or large people

It is too small for us. Not very much trunk space. Awkward getting in and out.

- Monica T

It is very dependable. I like the style, and I like the color.

I like that it is a smooth ride. I like my sunroof. I get good gas mileage.

- Karen C

tough car... was in accident recently but car has very little damage

it is dependable, built strong, looks good, rides smooth, easy to handle

- Cami M

nothing just a nice car, don't need anything else

good dependable car. looks good price was excellent. good gas mileage

- peggy c

I like the looks of the vehicle as well as the features for the price. I wish it had better gas mileage.

It is a decent car for the cost. No problems as of now.

- Matt R

Comfort and quiet ride, very stylish. Only complaint for a car of this size could get better gas mileage


- Andy G

The luxury of the interior, the sporty looks and feel.

I like the size, the looks, and comfort of the vehicle.

- William I