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my Buick verano and why this is an amazing car

I love my Buick verano, I'm 18 and it was bought as my starting car for the amazing reliability of the car. The car has OnStar, which is a paid service that you can call with questions about your vehicle and is amazing to use for any sort of emergency. My mom drives a Buick as well, which may have swayed her buying me one, and one day my grandmother was with us and had a seizure so we used our OnStar emergency button and we had the complete road being redirected because of traffic and we had her in a hospital in less than ten minutes. On my Buick verano I've gotten in two wrecks, on both of my wrecks I never got hurt once! which is crazy considering I got t-boned in this vehicle, and I still love it more than anything because it's so nice to drive and feels safe as well. The body of the Buick seems so have a very strong build, I was a brand new driver and I hit plenty of curbs but never got a single scratch from it surprisingly. If you're considering buying a brand new Buick or even a slightly used, but still amazing, Buick I would highly advise you to do so. whether it be for yourself or someone you know, these cars are fantastic and they're amazing for a first car or even a last car. I hope I have my Buick verano for quite a time, they are truly amazing cars.

- Zoe D

The classic black Buick automobile.

The 2017 Buick verano I own I have had for three years now. It is a pretty nice car. I love everything about it from the interior to the exterior. They had many colors to choose from but I like the black glossy color they had. It is fast it had power. It is a classic automobile. It is beautiful and pretty cool. Love everything about it inside and out. The Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi, the way the car was made. It is a pretty nice car to own in my opinion. Mileage and gas are pretty good. Still runs 30 miles when gas light is on. Quality and quantity are great. I do not regret this car. Not once.

- Bailey M

Feels like a luxury car but for an extremely reasonable price.

The air conditioning system was messed up when I first bought the car. The car has alerts to alert the driver when there are other cars or when the car is shifting lanes. This feature is great but sometimes it gets very annoying. When driving on small rounds, the car beeps a lot to indicate that there are things around the car. The heated seats and steering wheel are great features. The ability to turn on the car from the house is a great feature to have but the car remains locked. This is great to have to prevent theft.

- Vanessa R

Good car otherwise. Comes with trail on-star feature.

I like the car for the most part. It has leather seats, good radio sound system, super great seat adjustment capabilities. The thing I dislike the most is the blind spot on drivers side and the lack of good pick up when taking off. It needs a faster take off and removal of the bar on the driver's window side.

- Nita J

The slick looking ride turns heads everywhere I go.

I love the smooth ride. The leather seats are great. My long drive every day to work seems like I never have to fuel up. Great on gas. Trunk space is amazing, I can haul everything I need. All the gadgets inside are very tech savvy. Bluetooth, CD player, USB plugins, and more, make traveling so much better.

- Rocky C

Really decent gas mileage for the midsize car. I absolutely love this car!

I have had zero problems. It rides very smooth and comfortably. The trunk is large and has plenty of room. I have leather seats that are very comfortable. I haven't had any issues with sunroof or anything else. My only complaint is the spare tire is a donut-but I think that is normal for new cars now.

- Jennifer R

Great car, excellent gas mileage.

This vehicle is very comfortable to drive, has many features ('loaded'), and gets great gas mileage. It is a quiet, smooth ride, with extra trunk room, and sufficient back seat room for a car seat and/or additional passengers. The built in Bluetooth and navigation are great additional features.

- Shannon M

Sporty modern car at a great price, good on gas and super reliable..

It is good on gas, drives very well pretty sporty and got it a great price. Purchased it new and luckily I have not had any major issues, I got flat tires a few times, and I prefer to get the exact make and model of tire and they are quite expensive. I will only purchase them new.

- Maria A

Very reliable sharp looking Buick.

Beautiful black sporty looking reliable vehicle. I just love this automobile. I bought this vehicle used from enterprise car sales back in august 2018 and have not had a bit of problems with it. Just had the oil changed last week and tires rotated and maintenance is minimal.

- Vicki S

The Buick is a nice starter car for low budget maintenance.

I love it. Very reliable, easy to drive. The speed picks up quickly. It is a gas guzzler though and can be a bit costly to fill up. The back seat is super small, not enough leg room. The seats heat up quickly and are comfortable. So far I haven't had any mechanical issues.

- John R

Sleek and comfortable Buick

It drives very smoothly and is very comfortable and reliable. The trunk has ample space and the backseat is not cramped. The tires are a little small unfortunately, but that seems to be the trend with most sedans now. It has a sleek look outside and inside.

- Blair D

Internet, mileage, comfort.

Great comfort, affordable gas, an the car is smooth driving. It is also at an affordable price. The high tech amenities are my favorite feature of the vehicle. Having internet within the car makes really easy for my kids to stay calm, and entertained.

- Don C

Drives great. Love the sleek look of the vehicle.

Love the car. The only issue I have had is that the a/c seems lax. Works great and puts out a lot of air, but never seems to cool the car, especially the back seat.

- J R

The back seat is very tight. There isn't a lot of legroom in the back seat. So don't plan family trips in the vehicle.

I really love the drive feeling of the car. It's also very nice having the navigation. I wish it had a bigger engine. The 2.2L doesn't have enough power.

- Matthew M

It's a very low car. You must be careful on roads. There is good mileage on it.

That it has hail damage. And the windows are broken from the hail damage. The tire is low from pulling into a porch trying to hide from the hail.

- Kimberly R

Get tire insurance when purchasing the car.

It rides really nice and has lots of great features. The only thing I dislike is the car rides very low to the ground.

- Patty B

My cons of the 2017 Buick Verano

Two things I hate about my Buick is gas and space. It's a very small car and the gas goes so quickly.

- Chasity J

That it is a 2017 model that is new.

It is a midsize vehicle, the color is dark blue. It has a stick shift. No complaints really in mind.

- Anna M

When upkeep services such as oil are needed and minimum cost for this

It is a good size for me for errands short local trips. So far no major problems and good mileage

- PAT l

that i keep it in great shape in spite of the harsh city traffic

i like it it drive so much better than my old car.

- tony L