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Fully loaded 2013 Cadillac ats.

I personally love my Cadillac ats. It has wonderful advanced safety features, even as an older model being a 2013. Super comfortable and has no issues running. Even after buying the car used, it is been extremely reliable and safe for me. Gas mileage is fair, I only have to fill it up once a week for a surprisingly manageable price. My selling point on the car was all of the inclusive and advanced safety features that has been extremely reliable and made me much more comfortable as a driver.

- Jasmine M

A day with a Cadillac at.

Not much a problem just gas to expensive and parts are a hassle to get. But overall love the car how it drives and all. Very smooth. But not so good for winter conditions. It has touch screen you'll love it if you like touch screens. But just not spacious enough. Features. Contain seat adjusters mirror adjusters and but only thing does not have GPS. Would be awesome of all models had them.

- Jonathan N

The vehicle that really grips the road.

It drives like a dream and really grips of road. Very smooth ride, I just love it. The seating is very comfortable service, I love having the back up camera and it also has a large trunk. The backseat also goes down so if something is long that you are putting in the trunk makes it go right through giving you more room. Not bad mileage for having to get up and go it has.

- Kathy P

Great handling with a lot of acceleration.

Performance is great. Only problem are the tires then tend to go low often. It has very good acceleration and handling. The cue system is challenging sometimes with not picking up the sensor and the navigation could be better too. The paint stays fresh like dripping wet. My car is 5 years old and it still sparkles when it is washed.

- Jacob K

Short review of the 2013 Cadillac ats.

The seats are very comfy and the car has great acceleration. The only problem with the seats is that there is not a lot of room in the back. All the features are great, I wish this year model would allow me to play YouTube videos while my phone is plugged in and charging like the newer models allow. Very reliable other than that.

- Brandon P

It handles very well in all types of weather and has good gas mileage.

The Cadillac a is a smaller car that is very comfortable and has great gas mileage. It has a very smooth ride and has had very little maintenance besides the general oil change, tires, etc. It has many features that are convenient like the hands free calling. It is an all wheel drive and handles very well in winter weather.

- Tracy D

It has manual shift mode which gives me the ability to drive more aggressively.

I love the look of the vehicle, it is engine hp and torque as well! It is nimble in it is handling and just a sleek looking car. The trunk space is limited along with limited rear leg room. A few blind spots as well. I still love it!! It is an AWD as well so the winter stability and traction should be excellent.

- Earl G

2013 Cadillac ats: extremely luxurious interior and good reliability.

I got my car in 2014, barely used, 9, 000 miles. I had a few problems about 2 years in but nothing major, and they fix everything for free under your warranty. Now about 80, 000 miles deep and it's been very reliable. I love the sleek design and it's a classic look that will look modern for a long time.

- Carry H

Great performance and handling.

Automobile handling is great, good performance, I feel car is very comfortable to drive and has been very reliable. I have not had any mechanical problems in the 4 plus years of ownership. Auto is fully loaded with features and all features have performed well and have been very reliable.

- William R

2013 Cadillac ats performance.

There has not been any problems with my vehicle thus far. It has been very liable. The inside is luxurious and very comfortable. Very cozy. Black leather seats and steering wheel. Aux port. Very cool air. Bose sound system. There is a lot of space in this vehicle.

- Kelsey K

Luxury in a compact vehicle.

This car is comfortable compared to others its size. This model offers all the amenities you would expect a Cadillac to have,... leather, heated seats, bluetooth, sunroof, large touchscreen, rear camera. Drives as a sportier car. I love it.

- Amanda M

One thing you should know about my car is that the color of it is red.

I don't really have a problem with my car. My car works good. It does have a lot of miles on it though so it needs oil changes quite often which gets annoying. My car runs good though and I am glad I have it in my life.

- Caleb B

It's made in America! Always has been and, Lord willing, always will be.

It is a sporty luxury vehicle that rides like a dream. It's fully loaded with everything from a backup camera to a heated steering wheel. Gas mileage is average, but worth it!

- Jean K

The center console opens up to a hidden storage area.

I love the power to weight ratio. It looks aggressive in a good way. It has many features. One thing I dislike is the active headlights get stuck once in a while.

- Joel G

It is an AWD vehicle which means good in all types of weather.

Just purchased a week ago so I haven't experienced any problems. I love the look of the car, the performance and it is comforts. It is a sleek looking car.

- Tom G

Great, affordable car with nice clean look

very comfortable car. nice and sleek design makes it super epic and a really affordable price. And it's still really nice after 3 years of having it

- bruce s

The bumper to bumper warranty. This includes the tires

The car is very fast. Has very nice handling. Has navigation and camera in the back. Has run flat tires. Moonroof. Comes with cadillac engraved ipad

- Kevin R

Highlights include: grille, wheels, 20" gloss red premium painted alloy.

The ats is very enjoyable car to toss around. I love the way it hugs my body once I am seated. Performance is great and it is very reliable.

- Kat S

The tech and computer goes out easily.

It is a beautiful car, they just wear out easily. But I have never had trouble with Cadillac's. This is my second Cadillac car.

- Lindsey H

It's a great car. It is stylish and functional and great for any age.

I love my car. It drives great- very smooth. It's a luxury vehicle so it has heated seats, touch screen etc. which is nice.

- Trish K

The screen cracks in extreme heat and cold.

I love my vehicle for comfort, luxury, etc. The only thing I do not like is the screen cracks in extreme heat or cold.

- Erin B

This car has plenty of power and is very enjoyable to drive.

The only thing I dislike is that the trunk is small. The car is fun to drive. It is very comfortable for me as well.

- Barbara K

It will last a very long time.

Like that my car is low maintenance, sporty and classy. There is nothing I do not like about it. I love my cadillac.

- Maxine W

My ATS is an Affordable luxury car, has great available options

Fairly Smooth ride. But could be better, my driver's seat has a defect and shifts around slightly while I'm driving

- Ruth D

Reliability, responsive, handling.

Responsive, comfortable, no complaints, good handling, fully loaded. Has been very reliable to date. Love it.

- Bill R

It's a nice car, but it takes a lot of maintenance.

The Cadillac cue screen doesn't work, the ac is broken, the door handle fell off, it makes a rattling noise,

- Hannah H

Fun to drive, good on gas, not the same as every other car out there.

I love the looks, the HP and the feel. I don't like all the little things that go wrong with it.

- Jeff B

The 2.0 turbo motor is the better motor for power.

The Style comfort looks Ride of this car is amazing. Handling and power is good for the size.

- Steven C

It has lots of space and has good mileage. Very good for road trips

It's great for commuting. Very comfortable to drive in. I recommend to car a lot.

- Loka A

In the summer it's not so cold but in the winter the heat burns hot. It's hard to find parts

The color is nice. Maintenance is terrible. Good hwy miles

- Sherul V

It's actually a much better car than the comparable BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Infiniti models.

I don't have any complaints at all. The car is fantastic.

- Jeff W

Great car for petite people to zip around in.

- Megan G