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Cadillac has redesigned to go after the European market.

It's very reliable. Have not hand one major is as of yet. Performance is excellent, very tight and balance in corners you'll love it. It is extremely comfortable in the front two seats and a tight in the back. I prefer to just have one passenger with me. In has the different driving modes ice snow, sport and tour. Sound system is very intense if you want it to be.

- Christopher M

Great car, very smooth drive.

The car drive a great very smooth, it also looks great. There's a dashboard warning about everything and I love that even if one of your tires is a little low you get a warning. I also love the heated seats in the winter and I love the navigation. There are a lot of great things about this car and so far no problems.

- Ronald M

The red interior is great since its custom made.

Performance on the vehicle is amazing and it runs very smoothly on the road at high speeds, it's comforting and its luxurious. I love it. Have no problems with it the only downfall is that Cadillac maintenance is high and it costs a few bucks but other than that I find it to be completely worth every cent.

- Venus J

The Cadillac has red velvet seats with black the lights inside are blue.

I haven't had any problems with this vehicle but I do recommend to get this car. The way the car is it is very fashionable I do not waste a lot of gas I have good mileage. I actually bought this car from someone else and was in perfect condition I was in need of a car and got better than what I thought.

- Stephanie N

Made for younger people not the elderly.

Have always driven a much larger car usually a dts 4 door and much prefer the added comfort and safety . Features. My present is much to low to the ground for me. My caddie service tried to convince me I would not be happy downsizing and he was right change models as they no longer make the dts.

- Mary C

2015 Cadillac ats owner review.

No mechanical problems. Not as comfortable as anticipated. Very small turn radius which helps. Needs to be heavier to hold the road. Horrible in rain. Very prone to hydroplaning. Clear coat is very fragile allowing paint to chip very easily. Air conditioner could be more powerful.

- Paula S

I think sometimes people see a Cadillac and think that means I am rich but I got a super smoking deal on the car when I bought it.

I have a grey Cadillac ATS 4 door. I love the service that I receive from our local Cadillac dealer. The car is very sporty. The only thing that I don't care for is that even though it is a 4 door, the back seats are smaller than I originally realized when test driving the car

- Julie H

Sleek and classy Cadillac ats.

My Cadillac ats is very reliable it has many luxurious features such as touchscreen leather seats seat warmers electronica windows and push to start. It is super reliable and I have never had any problems with the engine or brakes. It is a very nice car very sleek and classy.

- Dana S

Great luxury car for the price.

It is fast, having very quick pick up when pulling into traffic. It has most of the luxury features that I wanted except ventilated seats. It had a very stiff drive until I replaced the tires with Bridgestone run flats which give a much better ride. It is ok in the snow.

- Laur C

It is not too expensive cost wise.

It is not big enough or fast, not a lot of features for the price that I paid for it. Would be better if the company lower the cost and add more features. It is still a nice car just would like it to upgrade a little. The company is good though, quick service.

- Seth G

Although it has been an incredibly reliable vehicle it needs to be maintained regularly and that isn't exactly cheap.

I absolutely love my Cadillac. It is by far the best, most technologically advanced car I have ever owned or ridden in. I get tons of compliments from not only my friends but strangers also. The performance of the car is as great as It's sleek looks

- John B

It is a great, fun driving car.

Console could be configured better. The phone storage location could be bigger to accommodate the phone and charger better. Would like to be able to fold the seats in the back down to accommodate larger items for the trunk.

- Jennifer M

Very dependable and not bad on gas. It's truly a luxury car.

I love the looks it looks sexy. I love the color of the exterior and interior. I love all the options it has and the size. It's also very dependable. I don't like that I can't figure out the built in cordless charger.

- Angie H

The ATS sedan will be gone but not forgotten

Love the handling of the car and the exterior. Car has some zip. Interior is small and trunk space small. The cue system had to be replaced. Unfortunately they are no longer making the 4 door sedan version.

- Max C

The vehicle would be a really good one to keep and pass onto a family member.

The performance is outstanding. The features in the inside are really up to date. T he there have not been any problems with this vehicle. The gas mileage is excellent.

- Michelle F

Beautiful pearl white. Sunroof and details inside are perfectly done.

No problems. This vehicle meets all my driving needs. Beautiful inside and out. Car maker does a wonderful job in comfort and easy operation.

- Jo Ann D

My car is my own and is black.

My car is a black 4-door sedan. It is a nice comfortable ride on the highway and is sporty. It has a few dents and scratches on it.

- Skye I

The drive itself is good.

Like the size, the cue system failed often! The technology is not as advanced as other vehicles. The gas mileage is good.

- Ava Z

It is kind of expensive to maintain as far as parts premium gas and oil

My car is sleek and has a nice design. It looks classy but does have some issues like the dash touch screen not working

- Amanda S

It handles the road nicely.

I love the feel of the car,. The way it handles. The way its drives. I have no complaints about the vehicle.

- Joseph D

The size of it, you can't fit two sets of golf clubs in the trunk without a problem..

The car is two small not enough trunk space. The overall ride is nice, but it has two much road noise.

- albert E

I handled well and great for comfortable trips.

I love the sporty drive. I do not like the size. I need truck to pull boat. But I have no complaints.

- Bobbie N

That is worth the money I paid and I reliable good car.

I like how fast and easy it is to drive. The extras are nice. But it is lacking in room.

- Kara S

It's a very nice looking and driving car that I like driving.

I like the power the turbo engine has . I wish the back eat was larger.

- Gloria T

It looks and feels super sleek. You can't feel a bump in the road.

It's a luxury car with a sunroof and all leather interior.

- Brandon K