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2016 Cadillac ATS, personal review after 2 years of ownership.

I am very happy with all the features of my Cadillac. I have had problems lately with the computer screen on the dash freezing periodically, which makes it unavailable for adjusting the music and climate inside the car. The dealer service department seems to be unable to fix or even basically understand what is the problem. Also have had tire problems that the dealer claims is pothole damage as the tires have bubbles, only 12, 000 miles and need to be replaced before the car can be inspected next month.

- Thom L

It is amazing. a luxurious ride that everyone is sure to enjoy. it is not just a car, but an experience!

Love my ATS! it is stylish and the luxury package includes a backup camera and other amenities. and love the heated seats. if an ats is too small i would recommend acts as that was my vehicle prior to this cadillac. once you own a cadillac you will be a customer for life! My only complaint is the low profile 16 in tires. they get bulges very easily as the side wall is very small. had to replace all for tires ??

- alexandra q

The comfort and the smooth ride of the Cadillac ats is like no other.

Very comfortable for long and short drives. I have had no problems at all. The Cadillac dealership has amazing service. Very reliable and great performance. The features you can choose from is really great. I love the OnStar feature and the Bose radio is also wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about the Cadillac. This is my third.

- Cherie S

It has a truly comfortable ride in both the front and rear seats.

The Cadillac is a fabulous vehicle, it gets amazing gas mileage. It is a very comfortable ride, and very reliable. I truly like this vehicle. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. It is a fabulous car that is truly exceptional is every area. The car is fun-loving and driving. I would recommend it to anyone over 35.

- Denise G

Growing on me! That's how I feel about it!

No problems, good customer service, nice appearance, not in love with it as much as my old Mercedes that I traded in. But the cad. Is growing on me. Like the camera, ease of GPS destinations. Personalized initials at no extra charge (probably a dealer thing) first American car in 25 years I was on my third Mercedes.

- Judith F

Beautiful and quick little sedan.

Beautiful sedan with all the bells and whistles. I came into this vehicle from a Lexus and feel much more comfortable than the other vehicle. The pre-owned warranty is great, too. Cadillac service centers have been wonderful and quick. There's plenty of interior room and the pick up to really get going!

- Ashley S

Unique body style that only Cadillac provides.

The style is what sold me, the Cadillac body style is unique. My black ats is beautiful and always stands out, great ride and gas mileage. Received a great lease program that carries 100% coverage of all routine maintenance during my lease, no out of pocket. Will buy again.

- Jim W

Drives great in the rain and hugs the road.

This car is a smooth ride and drives great in the rain a very nice car looks great as all white vehicle. Smaller vehicle and very easy to park in any parking space. Has the Cadillac style and feel. Looks good and drives well ad is a very nice and sharp looking car.

- Kay M

I like the color. It is silver.

L like it is a large vehicle. Not that great on gas. It is solid and plenty of room. Four door even though I am single pretty easy to clean and reliable. I will keep it until it gives out. It rides really smooth. The maintenance is not complicated. I like my car.

- Vladimir W

I think it irks my ex that I have it and was able to get it without him.

I like the compact size as opposed to the larger models I used to drive, I love the red color, moon roof, the get up and go, and the back-up screen. I love that it has slides and buttons instead of knobs, and most of all, I love that it's paid for.

- Karen C

make sure if you have a partner especially a man to check if he can fit comfortably in the car.

I like that is drives very smooth. I like that It is comfortable for me to drive. I like that I have XM Radio I don't like how low and small it is for other people to get in and out. I do not like the payments. From time to time it jerks


The car is great. The warranty of the car is awesome.

The touch screen monitor was crack due to the whether. It started to crack about second years of use. After it crack, it cannot use anymore. However, the cat has warranty to replace the screen for free.

- Paul S

The car is extremely comfortable, very quiet inside and handles like a sports car.

Comfort, Style and Power are the main assets for the car. What I don't like is gas mileage and over priced service department. To replace a headlight they wanted $600 and I fixed it for $30.

- Scott R

It's the best and it has heated seats!

I love the seats, the look and everything, I have no complaints. It is an amazing car, truly the best. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Elizabeth V

You will get what you are willing to pay for, this vehicle is a pleasure to drive.

It is the correct size. It is powered correctly. It provides all the convenience I need. Overall quality so far has been as expected.

- Daniel M

How comfortable and reliable it is especially if you have back problems.

Hivery comfortable and reliable. Great long distance comfort. Great gas mileage. Wonderful features. Great service at dealership.

- Cheryl S

You get a lot of car for the money.

I love the style, the color, the interior, the way it runs, the responsiveness, the features and the overall handling of the car.

- Tracey J

It's beautiful and is fairly good on gas yethas power

Great technology in this car. The car has sleek lines.Dislike the cheap tires. After 20k the tires started showing a lot of wear

- Mike F

The engine cuts out when you stop in order to conserve gas.

This car handles very well and is fun to drive, but the engine is a little noisy and the ride is a little rough.

- Evan D

Thought is: a small car you give up comfort. Not true. It is very comfortable.

Very easy to drive. Everything is automatically controlled. Compact. Yet very comfortable and luxurious.

- Sharon P

Great quality very dependable.

I like the ride. I like the color and I love the options. However I dislike not having a full sunroof.

- Janice W



- JT S