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The vehicle is very tech savvy.

The technology freezes. Bluetooth is annoying because it does not connect right away especially if you turn the Bluetooth off. And the navigation glitches a lot. Other than that I love this car. The interior is great and very different than other cars because of the technology. It is really small though so it is not great for younger children because a car seat will not fit in it.

- Amani B

Far Ahead of any other, Best Car on the Road.

I love my ATS. It is reliable in all sorts of weather since I live in the northeast. The front is very comfortable while the back is not. It has excellent performance, especially when taking off or overpowering another vehicle. The heated steering wheel is a must, especially in the morning in winter. It is automatic when the temperature is 60 or less.

- Eileen F

Having a smaller Cadillac has it is down sides.

The performance is a bit sticky. Takes a second for it to accelerate. Riding as a passenger is very uncomfortable. The ride is not smooth and the g-force when accelerating, at any speed, can make the passenger nauseated instantly. The trunk space is underrated, as a full size golf bag is difficult to maneuver into the trunk.

- Shannon M

I have done some changes to my car and it is performance is great.

It goes at a very reasonable speed and it has not broken down on me yet it is kinda roomy. The car looks fairly good I got it off of my cousin so not really any problems with the car. I have added a new radio in it because the one before wasn't that good and the seats are pretty comfy.

- Kyle R

Cadillac ATS, fun to drive.

Well made car, no glaring deficiency. Exterior is good looking and excellent quality and workmanship. Engine is powerful an receptive without being over consumptive. Interior is comfortable and well designed. Only issue is with CUE system which is a little difficult to navigate.

- Ed A

Falling in love with my Cadillac.

Ever since I bought this car yesterday I have fallen in love with the interior, the exterior, the settings of the vehicle, the design, the layout, the machinery, the control system, and even the smell of the gasoline that protrudes off of its very own lacquer.

- Theo J

The car has a feel that is much more luxurious than its price point.

Issues with infotainment system but an overall wonderful driving experience. Good acceleration for the class. Reasonable pricing and cheap to insure. The car is very comfortable for the size and will be a vehicle I would purchase again.

- Ron T

It is a smooth drive and good on gas.

I love how it saves money on gas. I love how it can fit in any parking. I love how it is girly. I do not like the stop motion at light. I do not like no sensor in rear. I do not like the legroom in back.

- Olivia T

In spite of the comfortable seat, the ride could be a lot smoother.

Like the interior size and styling. Dislike the road noise and rough handling. Does not have a luxury car feel that cadillac once gad.

- Lisa G

That my car is beautiful, represents me, and proves that I am better than others.

I like that it goes fast. I like that the brakes work. I like the lights, and the way the car moves in general.

- Luna S

Phantom gray, leather seats, moonroof, navigation, heated steering wheel

Amazing vehicle; it's very realizable and drives so smooth, it's got all the features and very luxurious.

- Ali S

It's gets great gas mileage. For a car it's size, I didn't think it would be so good.

I love this car, leather seats, navigation. It's red on the outside, nice rims.

- Matthew T

it's a luxurious, fast, nice and good tire i am happy

I have a very modern and luxurious car, I am happy

- Clifton C