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Getting your vehicle serviced regularly.

The only issues I have been having include computer difficulties. I do not know very much about cars but my husband always works on it without any problems. He recently replaced the starter, coil packs and a few other minor problems and it has helped my car to run in immaculate condition. The most important thing to remember is to keep the maintenance up on your vehicles, get them serviced regularly and that will help with the longevity of your vehicle.

- Courtney A

Family car that is so much fun to drive.

Timeless design. The vehicle does not age. Have only had issues with tires and have had two alignments. Leather interior is easy to clean. The Cadillac is a heavy vehicle and you will feel secure in it. Easily maneuverable on curvy roads without a lot of body lean. Not very good on gas especially if you like to put the pedal to the floor. Would definitely recommend buying it new.

- Harley H

The most important thing others should know about my car that it is dependable.

I love my Cadillac the ride is so smooth I like my Cadillac. My Cadillac has a sunroof top that I can open for fresh air without opening my car windows. My Cadillac also has electric seats and electric windows. My Cadillac has a seat heater in the driver's seat and the passenger's seat which can be control individually which I like very much.

- Edna W

The heated seats are great.

Love the heated seats. The 2 back doors won't shut sometimes in the winter for some reason. We have problems with the air bag and some strange noises coming from the dashboard. The parts for this car are expensive. The only reason we bought it was because we got a good deal. Other than these problems it is a smooth ride.

- Lisa T

Fast sporty car with looks to match.

Uses a lot of oil but runs great. Expensive to buy and replace parts or have repairs made. Nice look for an older car. Has nice leather interior and electric heated seats and transmission control for driving in adverse weather conditions. A car that is still produced and is very popular among older and young drivers.

- Tony M

My Cadillac keeps on running and still looks real good!!

Great car but as it has gotten older I have had to take care of several issues including switching out the computer but it still runs great and looks amazing!! Also living where I do has taken its toll on the car. General maintenance must be performed more often do to the conditions of the roads.

- Randy B

Cadillac situations with everything bad.

Sometimes it does have problems like with the transmission. Plus it is very expensive on any thing you do to it. I have spent a lot of money on it already. I would love to have a car that is as maintenance free as it can possibly be. That would be very helpful in the long run and saves me money.

- Ashley R

Reliable Cadillac that has rarely has problems.

I have owned this car for over two years and I have had probably 1 minor problem. My front right blinker just burned out recently. The car is smooth and has a perfect size engine. The car may be small but it is very roomy for traveling. The car never has problems and is very reliable.

- Kate P

Comfortable driving a Cadillac.

Not good to drive in bad weather, parts started to go and I had under 100, 000 miles and very expensive to fix. The car was a birthday gift, it was used and after 3 months it needed a new motor was bought from feders Acura in Middletown, they wouldn't help me, we bought a lemon.

- Diana M

Spacey, Luxurious, Comfy

Leather seats, a decently sized interior with the ability to adjust my seat. Pull down back seats for trunk access. Problem wise , loose trunk latch and messed up cd player but otherwise I absolutely adore driving this car, the controls are smooth and simple.

- Carama S

Cadillacs cts drives smooth and nice.

I love my Cadillac because it's a beautiful car. My car drives nice and sounds great. It has low miles and it gets me every where I need to go. Also it has one of the best engines I ever had in a car. I always loved this car because it fits me the best.

- Jasmine J

Has only 51,000 miles on it and is garage kept

it is fuel efficient, looks brand new, and has very low mileage. It looks very classy and elegant. The problem that I have is that it is very low and that makes it very hard to get in and out of it.

- dorothy L

Major transmission problems, look up the make and model of your car because it's known for that. Be aware.

I loved the body style and it's nice and sleek, inside of car is very nice but, I've had major problems like steering wheel and my transmission has went out and they are known for that I guess.

- Jaci M

It's worth the money spent to purchase. I bought it used and its been the best.

Its has been the most dependable vehicle I have owned. I am on the road a lot. 50, 000 miles in 1 year and this Cadillac has never left me stranded. Always preventative maintenance.

- Amanda S

This make and model has a very bad oil eating problem

It's lasted me 4 years. It was able to make a cross country trip. It's now 12 years old and the transmission is starting to give out. It was a perfect starter car for my family

- Tori M

Feels so solid and reliable, I always know It's going to start and run well.

Very comfortable, safe, and reliable, I am concerned with the gas mileage as I drive for my job. . I live down south so I am very impressed with the air conditioner.

- Mariah H

The Cadillac cts is a very reliable and uniquely designed vehicle.

The car performs very well and hardly ever needs fixing. It is a little outdated. The heated seating feature is great. The buttons on the wheel are very handy.

- Megan W

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very reliable.

I love that I have a sunroof in my vehicle. To me that is the most important. It's a dark color so I don't have to clean it as often.

- Douglas J

It's A very quick accelerating vehicle that handles perfect for me.

My caddy is a great vehicle. It's dependable and is good on gas. I love the quick pick up that it has, plus I love my power sunroof

- Alfred M

I love it. It runs great. Great gas mileage

My car runs great I bought off a mechanic who took really good care of it. It's an older model so I definitely like a new one soon.

- Jessica J

Its very janky, and I dislike it very much.

My vehicle drinks a lot of gas. It also has fuel injector issues. Power steering is not that great compared to my other cars.

- Phoebe S

I really like the sport feature on the car.

I really love this car. It handles great in any type of weather. No major problems with the car just regular maintenance.

- Victor L

That it lasts a long time.

I like that it steers smooth. I really like that the gas mileage isn't to bad. I dislike the size of the vehicle though.

- Danielle E

The air conditioner works well plus has a great stereo system installed

I really like the head space and the trunk space it also has good acceleration from stop to go also the onstar is great

- David Z

It was purchased used. Its original owner installed a double muffler.

I like the look. I like the way it drives. I like how smooth it is when driving. I like that it has leather seats.

- Sam P

Will not purchase another Chevy product

After warranty was up everything started breaking or falling apart. mechanical and electrical breakdown

- Dawna G

I got a great deal on it. It rides so smooth. It is true comfort.

It is powerful. It is luxurious. It has a smooth ride. It has a great sound system.

- Woody M

It runs well and is kept up with regular oil changes.

I love the look, however it is old. Would like a new car with low mileage

- Alicia W