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2006 Cadillac CTS: Sport Package

I love the way this car handles and drives. I have spent thousands on big maintenance problems though. I believe it's because the car was only 3 years out from the first production year and therefore the tweaks had not been ironed out yet. The interior has held up very well. I love the soft cloth headliner that goes down to the dash. The rear leather seats have maintained their condition well. The design of the inside door panels mimics the design of the outside of the car. I love that the overall design of the car hasn't gone out of style. People still think that it is brand new after 13 years!

- Laura H

My Cadillac CTS is a definite reliable car.

One of the main things band problems that I have with my Cadillac is such expensive maintenance on it. Just a simple oil change in cost me almost $80 band another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a Cadillac CTS is to make sure you always have a strong battery because with it being digital it tends to not want to work with a battery that is not strong so I highly recommend keeping that in mind. But this is a really good car and it's very reliable for the most part I have no complaints about it besides the maintenance upkeep this is a perfect car choice.

- John B

The screen will go in and out from occasionally

I have no problems I absolutely love this car, good on gas, if you keep up maintenance there will be absolutely no problem, it drives great and when you start the car it's like a rocket taking off. I love the interior, when the car needs maintenance I take it to the Cadillac collision center and they get my car to good standing from maintenance to a great car wash highly recommend this car to anyone! Love this way it drives

- Dominique B

Waste of money, only looks good.

The Cadillac is definitely overrated. It is sleek with its design on the exterior & the interior but is hard to get out of because it is low to the ground. It also has the transmission cooler built inside the radiator which when & if you have a rupture, the car is a goner because the coolant mixes with the trans fluid. Wish I would have got more miles out of it. Waste of money.

- Nicole D

my vehicle is great and Cadillac really surprises me how cars last long

everything is going good and this car still drives like it's brand new I'm so pleased with the gas mileage and the power in this full luxury sedan. Cadillac is the future in the car industry. I will be having a long term relationship with Cadillac. The service is excellent and the company is going very well so it looks like I'm going to get another vehicle from Cadillac.

- alvin K

Reliable and luxurious: Cadillac.

Great handling, vest breaking I have ever seen in a car. No AUX cord which us unfortunate, and acceleration is pretty good. Not great gas mileage but very reliable. I love this car and I feel very safe in it. The look of it is beautiful with a great interior and exterior. I love the smooth but sharp edges on the exterior and the details inside like some of the wood.

- Ivy E

This car will give you the ride of a lifetime. You will not be disappointed.

Nice and smooth ride with exceptional acceleration. With the 270 horsepower you will not be left behind. Heated seats for the winter chills to help warm your bones. Great sound for the music lovers featuring Bose speakers. The problems I have experienced: 1. Stability system engaged code 2. Differential bushing on rear end 3. Motor mounts 4. Ecm.

- Jackie W

I love my blue caddy! Nice car inside and out! Still rides nice and runs good.

I bought my 2006 Cadillac cts used. It had 52000 miles and was at the friendly dealership in nova I think. It's a nice dark blue with a white pinstripe on both sides. I have only had to do 1 major repair that costs 750. 00. It's very good on gas, has a great sound system and rides great. It now has 120000 miles on it and is still great on gas.

- Bernadette S

The look of luxury but drives like a sports car.

The center controlled radio/ heart of the car controls any and all features to this car, it is almost like flying an airplane and your center console is the cockpit. I would like it more if it wasn't so connected to the radio the way it is, . You must clear all lights and engine checks before car will allow you to toggle through the radio.

- Melody G

Best car ever ! Lovely for the entire family

It's a very good car. The motor is amazing I really love big cars , I never had a sedan before buy this car in particular is very spacious inside very convenient, has a/c vents in the back for the passenger which is very good and sits heating and cooling as well and one of the most likely this is the top roof.. love it

- Mara O

Cadillac CTS pros and cons

I loved owning a Cadillac. Such a nice, reliable car. Maintenance may get pricey due to the fact that they make it so where you almost always have to take it to a Cadillac dealer to get fixed but other than that NO COMPLAINTS! Gas also could get pricey and the car does run down on gas faster

- Cadillac W

The Cadillac cuts. Is a very comfortable luxury car despite minor problems.

The vehicle is a nice luxury car. Yet seems to have a lot of mechanical issues. Have had numerous problems with the spark plugs. The heat/ ac. Works well but is very loud. Sounds like a giant fan. The lights are not to bright so makes it hard to see at night sometimes without street lights.

- Christine F

The best Cadillac ever made.

It has no problems it runs excellent I had the car for a minute it just need a oil change I love the color I been in love with Cadillac for a minute I love a lot it has good speed good gas mileage it does everything I need I took long trips with my family to Arkansas also around the world.

- Pronto G

My car has a DVD player in the front seat, it is only available while in park.

The only issues with my car came from the person who previously owned it, and the fact that Cadillac parts are quite expensive to replace. Otherwise, my car drives fairly nice and it feels like I am driving in luxury. A Cadillac is definitely people who like to stop and smell the roses.

- Lauren C

Cadillac of the year 2006

Great performance. Runs smooth. Good on gas. Brand new features and installed navigation inside. If you're looking for something that will the do the job a Cadillac will do. Great motor and power to itself. Wheels are great and the air works. Never overheats and stereos plays amazing

- Shannon D

Love my car just not the service.

I love my car. It's great on gas and reliable transportation. Only problems that I have is that I must have my car serviced by a Cadillac dealer. Like just adding transmission fluid is like 275. Can't do it myself. . Everything is so complicated and has to be done by the dealership.

- Ginger C

Cadillac in style with luxury.

Var rides and handles well. I have not had many issues at all with my car. I always keep oil changed, tires rotated, and tuned. Sound system in car is a bonus as well. Interior is well maintained. Love the luxury of heated seats. I definitely love my Cadillac. Money well spent.

- Sabrina K

Some minor issues, good car.

The car is comfortable but the seats stain easily. The brakes need a great amount of pressure to work and sometimes veers to the left. The gear shift occasionally gets stuck. Despite these issues, I have felt in control of the car most of the time and the exterior is beautiful.

- Brittany R

Reliable Cadillac great for older people.

Need oil changes more frequently than others and has some sensory issues with the airbags if you move the passenger side seat. Trunk is a bit small. No auxiliaries or tape player only the radio or CD player plus the speakers tend to go out every few years when it is cold out.

- Ashley M

Cadillac CTS 2006 review!

The transmission is slipping. The car is comfortable but a gas hog. The brakes need replaced often. I love how it handles in the snow. My windshield wipers do not work correctly. The radio in it is great! Bose speakers are co clean sounding. Back seat has plenty of room

- Lori U

My favorite vehicle I've driven!

This vehicle is amazing. It is very comfortable. Heated seats are amazing. The only problem with this car is that it is terrible when the road conditions are bad, in the snow/ice/rain. It slips quite often. Overall this is a great vehicle and has been very reliable!

- Kaitlyn L

Great vehicle, spacious and fun to drive

This car has had it's problems but are easy fixes. The timing chain was replaced, the wiring in the headliner was replaced shortly after I bought it because of a short, currently the ECM is going out of it and it's putting the vehicle into a anti-theft safe mode

- Whitney W

Well built and fun car to drive.

A very well built car that has lasted well through the years. It is a comfortable car to ride in and so fun to drive. Maintenance has not been high maintenance with this car. I would love to have a newer model but will stay content with my paid for older cts.

- Nate M

Cts: reliable car, comfortable ride.

Very reliable and not many issues with performance or maintenance. Very comfortable with nice "cozy" seats that wrap around you. Breaking is very smooth and the heated seats and air conditioning are stronger than any car I have ever been in. I love this car.

- Liz M

Some positives, some negatives.

When I first bought this car it was in the shop every other month. It is an expensive car to fix. I had to basically rebuild the engine a few years back and since then, it has run perfectly. I love the way the car drives. It feels very heavy and safe.

- Lindsey E

The Most Important Thing People Should Know About My Car, is that it is mine. Regardless of anything else, it is paid for and fully mine.

I have a love hate relationship with my car. I'm thankful that I have transportation and I'm able to get from point A to point B comfortably. It is an older car and doesn't have all the bells and whistles. However, I'm glad I do have my car.

- kourtney M

Is a luxury car. What one would call a sunday car. Is meant to drive slower.

I like the way the cadillac looks. It is done in all black. Has the tinted windows and the lights are of a dark tint. The interior is grey which coordinates well with the exterior. It rides smooth. I dislike the a/c. It is very loud.

- Christine F

Keeping a Cadillac regularly maintained is very important to the longevity of the life of the motor. It can become costly if neglected.

Of all my vehicles this one is bar far the best one I've owned. The ride is smooth and fast. It gives me the experience of luxury everytime I drive it. I just absolutely love my car. Best investment I've made this far.

- Jennifer P

Very dependable car that has stood the test of time

Very durable and reliable for a 12 year old vehicle. Sadly some of the upgrades were the first things to stop working/need expensive repairs (heated leather seats and sunroof). Backseat could be more spacious as well.

- Sammi S

It is fast and it is not a daily driver.

The brakes are not my favorite and I don't like the fabric. It kind of is not really overall a daily driver but I like that sometimes it can hit pretty good speeds the fuel economy is bad.

- Kyle W

My Cadillac has enough space for a full sized family which I love.

In the past our family Cadillac has had low maintenance or no issues and has been great for road trips as well as everyday uses. It looks nice and we love the CTS brand.

- Erica G

I thing you should know that putting regular gas in it is not okay.

Honestly, I love my car. I find that when it comes to repairs it is pretty costly. Cadillacs are considered a luxury car and for they their parts can be pretty pricey.

- Wright J

Great car to drive! Highly recommend the Cadillac!!

Fantastic car. Has a few miles on it, but runs strong, very comfortable, great stereo and a/c. It is like a race car, power and cornering are amazing. Love this car!

- Patrick S

Nice ride for a mid sized Cadillac.

It's a nice car, smooth ride, plenty of power. Repairs cost a lot when and if they are needed. It was purchased by my Father and I inherited it after his death.

- Michael R

It is really expensive to keep up with (repairs).

I like the model and the way it looks but it is expensive to take care of which leads to a build up of problems. I like the amount of room and trunk space.


Its pretty fast and it's a smooth ride.

I like that it has quick pick up when you pull out but. I don't like that it's so low it is to the ground I have trouble seeing around things at times.

- Stacey K

The cost of repairs are very expensive on a caddy.

I absolutely love the smooth ride. The beautiful caddy body style! I love how well made the interior is. My only complaint is the cost of any repair.

- Sarah M

It's a nice fast family car it has plenty of room.

I love everything about it. It's in good condition. The only thing is my car is low when it floods. Other than that it's a good car.

- Laura P

It has a smooth ride. It also has good gas mileage

I like the classic style of my car. It gets good gas mileage. I dislike the fact that I have to my oil level almost every week.

- Lisa M

It's very expensive to get repaired. Even getting a headlight replaced is over $100.

Love the look but hate hate hate the upkeep. I spends thousands a years on maintenance alone. Can't wait to get something else!

- Deidre E

Bought and paid for And still looks like the day I bought it

I have zero complaints it is a fantastic car that is very fun to drive that gets relatively good gas mileage and very reliable

- Chester B

its cool when it comes to traveling and have fun when it works so good.

My vehicle has been really good so far without having any issues or any doubts about it. I love the color and how it rides.

- Amy S

It has a good safety rating.

I like how it drives and the body style. I also like the interior with the dual air. The color and paint job is nice.

- Garry S

I mean not much! It's a great car and it runs great. It also looks very clean and sleek

No I do not have any complaints or concerns since I have purchased the vehicle. It runs smoothly and work super well

- Kayla B

The gas mileage compared to other SUV it is size.

It's really comfortable, stylish and also its a great brand. Plus its a classic brand and it's a high quality car.

- May T

Reliable car. Easy on the pocket. Comfortable front seats

I only gave this car a 3 because i have a family and it is not very fitting for small children and carseats

- Sammi S

CTS is the car for you and your family

Drives and handles great, roomy, good gas mileage, comfortable interior, large trunk, good sound system.

- Vivian A

My car has been very reliable, fairly fuel efficient, and has not had any significant problems since I got it a few years ago. One disadvantage is that it does seem to use more oil than average. Overall, I would buy this car again if I had to choose.

Make sure to use full synthetic oil in this car, especially when getting the oil changed.

- Sydney H

I love my Cadillac. It will get up and go. It has over 240k miles and is the best car I have ever owned!

Maintenance cost a little more because it is a luxury vehicle.. but it is well worth it!

- Kayla N

Others should know that it has decent trunk space.

It's okay, it's roomy and gets from A to B. I don't have any other complaints.

- Tanisha W

it is very reliable and comfortable. Seats in this car are heated in winter time, so it's very good for north states. Your bottom and back will be happy how its feel during driving.

it's easy to drive and very comfortable. It's very good for long trips.

- Gal W

Used, year model (2006), rides smoothly, very spacious

Smooth ride, luxury car, spacious, heated seats. Could get better gas

- Emily E

It's a very reliable and sturdy car however the gas mileage isn't all that great. So if you use the vehicle for daily driving you may want to consider another vehicle. However it's a nice car.

The car is very reliable. Haven't had any major maintenance issues.

- Michael G

It rides smoothly and handles well

It's older; rides well; no major problem good on gas medium lux

- Richard Rice B

It drives nice and smoothly while still having enough power to drive safely on the interstate.

I love how comfortable it is but dislike how low it is.

- Rose L

Very comfortable for trips. Very good sound system.

Very comfortable for travel. Needs better fuel mileage

- Kimberly W