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Pro and cons of caddy CTS

I love my car a lot, it does have some defects however it is a reliable and great car to drive ! It has a sports mode that is awesome, you can fly down the freeway. However it is a low to the ground car sometimes it's an issue stepping into and out of the car. The radio face is sensitive to too much sun exposure it begins to crack and causes the touch screen sensor not to work in result no touch screen on your radio so you're stuck using the buttons on your steering wheel to control your tunes, it's a big drag for me. The maintenance on these cars is not cheap the wheels are always going flat or losing air, I have full cover and warranty on my wheels b/c of the constant issues with them but overall this car looks fantastic and drives smooth & fast which is my preference in cars.

- Karen A

Good, safe car, has traction and stability control. Beautiful interior and has kept up well over the years.

Recently had a check engine light. Changed the wiring and cooling sensor.. Also had brake pads, rotors and wheel bearings changed. Other than these repairs, oil changes are the only repairs that have been required in the past. Great on gas mileage, drives smoothly. Has the full luxury package: memory seats, heated outside mirrors and seats, lumbar support, separate heat/cool control for passenger supply. Programmable buttons and volume control on steering wheel. Display that can be programmed for whatever info you want displayed and so much more.

- Wilma I

My vehicle is a four door black Cadillac.

My car is very reliable. It is a bit luxurious. It is spacious enough for my family yet not too big. It has leather seats and heated seats for those cold winter days. It also has a GPS which is very helpful assisting my to get around without a problem. It also has an entertainment system for the kids for the long trips. Perfect to keep them entertained on road trips. The mirrors are also heated mirrors which helps melt away ice and snow during the winter.

- Jessica R

Not reliable in snow or cold damp roads.

It is been an excellent car. Holding up great but lately I have been having to make small repairs. I do not know when to buy another car and it is not a good time to make that purchase. The car has been very reliable in the past. I do not like the fact that it is rear wheel drive. I have to put sandbags in the trunk so I do not slide around on damp roads and it is horrible in the snow. Slides a lot and does not stop on a hill.

- Lori K

Excellent car - great value.

This is a good car in that it has reasonably good mileage considering its horsepower which is very good. A/c and accessories are top notch. Drive is very comfortable and stable on turns and at high speed. In the last 6 years I have had not problems with it other than replacing a battery which is normal for its age being a 2007. I recommend this vehicle and will likely trade up to a more recent model when ready to trade in.

- Don D

The most important thing to know is that it does not get good gas mileage.

The 2007 Cadillac cuts is very spacious and easy to drive. It handles well and last a long time if you keep up on the maintenance. The electronic controls for the seats, the heated seats, and the basic stereo all are great. The downfalls are that it does not have the best gas mileage, insurance tends to be higher, and it can be expensive to fix them if they have any mechanical or body issues.

- Linda O

Smooth ride and nice body style but pricey repairs.

Car sits low, difficult to get in and out. Some features are very close together which causes one to open the trunk when actually you are trying to release the emergency brake. Extremely small glove compartment - is basically worthless. Not easy to get simple parts. Such as a battery. Auto club doesn't carry them and automotive stores have to order them as they usually are not in stock.

- Loretta A

2007 Cadillac CTs with a v6 engine.

My car is a 2007 Cadillac CTs which was upgraded to a v6 engine at the time of purchase. It is white on the outside with tan leather on the inside. It has brown headlining. This is a very reliable car. It was previously owned by a family member and passed down to me. Although the brakes have been changed there has not been any additional problems. I would definitely recommend this car.

- Sarah S

Used 2007 CT's less than 100, 000 miles!

I originally bought this car for my mom when she was 82 years old because I wanted the OnStar package whenever she drove hundreds of miles to visit relatives. Of all the cars she drove in her lifetime, this car was her favorite. Eleven years later, the car is still safe, reliable, and comfortable with no rattles or squeaks. The color is a grey/silver with grey leather interior.

- Trish I

Cadillac cts is an excellent choice.

I have had 2 Cadillac cts and I would buy another one in a minute. Best car I have ever owned. Maintenance has been excellent with almost no issues except for the stop lights across the bumper which my husband was able to order parts and fix. It still drives well after all these years and I hate to give it up for another one, which I probably will have to do someday.

- Vicky K

The corvette great to look at but expensive to maintain.

Corvette has many problems and both cars are very expensive to fix even oil changes are about 125. Corvette have replaced transmission and rebuilt half engine. Horrible on gas. The only upside is it is really pretty to look at. The Cadillac handles well but is terrible on gas. The features in the Cadillac are great have hands free device output, drives very smooth.

- Dianne M

The good the bad and the old.

It's been very reliable thus far. The seats of course have somewhat lost comfort but of course the car is over a decade old! I hate that it didn't come with the Bluetooth feature but I guess in a sense that's an 'easy fix'. . I've always loved the personalization feature where it says welcome ' whatever you want to be called'. It's the little things.

- Kimberly B

Cadillac cuts is a very reliable car.

I have a 2007 Cadillac cuts. It was recently given to me by a family member. It has a v6 engine, leather seats, and air conditioning. The car seats 5 people and has a big trunk. I haven't had any problems since I have got it, I have had it for about six months. I truly believe this is a reliable car, and would definitely recommend.

- Karen H

Cadillac cts a great vehicle to drive.

I love my 4 door Cadillac cts. It drives great and I haven't had any major problems with it. The only thing I worry about is the transmission going out. It needs detailing and some updating it does not have an outlet to plug my phone into it also does not have Bluetooth. I would like if I could hook my phone up through the radio.

- Kelly M

2007 Cadillac cts performance, comfort and reliability.,

2007 Cadillac cuts twelve years old car stills performs well with scheduled oil changes and scheduled service maintenance in car. Cadillac 2007 cuts with 85, 000 miles and daily driver has been very reliable. Only problem is so sensors replaced. Cadillac rides comfortably., does sit low but seats are adjustable.

- Brenda J

I use 89 gas rather than 87 but either one of them work for it.

I normally do not have any problems with my car. I've had my Cadillac for about 4 years so far the only problem that I had was that I needed to replace the radiator and the battery. This cost me about 150 dollars all together but it was a cheap and easy fix to get it back running like the dream it is.

- Marc H

2007 black Cadillac cts v6.

Drives very smoothly. Not great gas mileage. Fixing anything on the car is expensive. Black interior and exterior. Bose speakers. It is very spacious and comfortable inside. 6 cylinder engine. Love the way it drives, and pretty much everything about it other than the expenses of fixing and fueling.

- Daniel R

It's a lowrider for sure! I will definitely be upgrading to an SUV in the near future

I like that I am finally in the Cadillac family. I like that my car is black and has very tinted windows. I do not like the smell of my car as the last person who owned it didn't take care of it very well. I like that it has automatic everything. I wish it had bluetooth, but that was easy to fix

- Ella B

My vehicle is white with a brown leather interior. It�s running on 180k miles.

Cadillac is always a good choice for a person who likes luxury and comfort. There aren't really any cons to this car, but the maintenance. The maintenance is pretty expensive and not like other cars. My Cadillac is a 2007, but it's still really comfortable nothing compared to a 2018-2019 though.

- Adrian B

The leather seats are durable and pretty.

I've had to replace almost every part on this car. Too pricey parts. Would not recommend it to anyone! I like the leather seats they are kind of durable and pretty. The car drives great. Too many problems with the transmission. Don't buy this car you will regret it I'm positive in the long run.

- Michelle S

My car isn't what I expected I was ripped off

I've had a few things wrong with my Cadillac from day one but the biggest problem I've had is dysfunction with the circuits in the dashboard. My air comes on constantly by itself and all of my extra functions don't work as they should. I constantly have leaks and constantly replacing tires.

- Tori M

Powerful luxurious vehicle.

Luxurious. Really like the leather seats, very comfy car and has a sunroof. Drives smoothly and has a lot of power. It is missing a plug to hook up my phone to play music which would make it even better. I really like Cadillacs.They are quite luxurious and am quite happy with the car.

- Elizabeth F

CTS - A Great Car for the Money

Overall happy with the CTS. The model I have has a big engine so the mileage is not the greatest but it is not bad either. Certainly if you want super mileage you don't buy a luxury car! It drives very nice and handles corners and accelerates with easy. I highly recommend it.

- Don D

Very nice luxury car gas economic.

Is a great little car for me and my two kids. Does not waist a lot of gas which is a big plus. Usually I am the one driving my kids to doctors appointment and is just as much as spacious as a bigger truck. I would really recommend this car to single parents with at least 2-3 kids.

- Nancy M

Poor seals cause greater damage.

I have experienced leakage causing the radio, ac, and heat too malfunction. It has leather seats. It drives great. It is spacious. I do not like how there is no spare tire. The repair kit does not work very well. It did not fix my tire that went flat a few months ago.

- Samuel M

An interesting detail is that my car is great.

No problems. I love it. My car is the performs well and I have no complaints so far because I keep up with the maintenance and keep quality gas. The comfort of my car is astounding and comfortable. The car has been very reliable throughout the years I have had it.

- Tiffany M

Comfortable and satisfied driver Cadillac cts 2018/it's going to be nice.

Love my vehicle Cadillac cts had it for 3 years now its came with sunroof navigation system very comfortable to drive and have not had many problems since I have got it is my everyday car it is 10 years old and it still runs brand new Wilson buy me a 2018.

- Danny L

One important thing others should know about my car is that it runs nice and smooth.

I love to travel so it's great for road trips. It drives very smooth. It's an older Cadillac so the price was great. Even though it is older it is still very luxurious because in my opinion no matter how old a Cadillac is it will always be a gorgeous car.

- Brenda R

The Cadillac CTS of any year is very luxurious. It makes any trip comfortable for me and my family.

I've never had any major problems with my vehicle. The performance of my Cadillac is outstanding if I do say so. This vehicle is extremely comfortable for any trip and for getting back and forth to work. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Kyra W

The 07 Cadillac i drive is by far the most luxurious car i have driven to date.

The 2007 Cadillac i currently drive is a amazing car, 210 HP V6 engine keeps the car going highways speeds when going up hills as well as gets decent fuel mileage. its has proven to be reliable in more ways than one.

- Tyler E

Reliable, comfortable and good gas mileage considering its horsepower.

Comfortable, higher end, decent gas mileage. Looks like a later model but made in 2007. Cadillac is a recognized brand which being an owner is something to be proud of. I recommend this model to my friends.

- Donald D

You always feel very in control of your car.

I love my car because it is very comfortable and nice looking. It's great on gas. And most of all it is fast and hugs the road. The only thing I don't like is it is very expensive to fix.

- Jessica O

It is a luxury car and it is well known throughout the automobile industry.

It is a car that I love to drive and it gets me to where I need to go. I love this vehicle and it has given me so much joy to driving it. I have no complaints about it at all.

- bulinda m

Very reliable and sleek looking, i have taken very good care of it, and has scheduled maintenance done.

It is a very cool looking vehicle very Reliable my wife likes it my family fits in it, a little hard to fix and expensive, i don't like that need and fits only original parts

- Cecilio M

Its smooth ride has all the equipment for a luxury car.

I love everything about its nice it runs great its my first vehicle I ever purchase on my own it has low mileage. The looks of it is beautiful.

- Darwin L

It is a very slick looking car

comfy, nice performance, starts to become brittle the plastics interior over time. The reliable engine though, the features are at a minimum.

- preston s

It is reliable and a fun car to drive.

It is beautiful and fun to drive. The auto lock on doors is frustrating especially when I am in a hurry. I'd like more color on the wheels.

- Susan L

It is not dependable, it is dangerous and not safe to have children in.

The vehicle messes up a lot. Something goes wrong with it all the time. I like it is look. Sometimes I do not have brakes when I back up.

- Teresa S

Cadillacs on 22s nothing in my life but being true

My car is very dependable and I can rely on it to get me where I need to go and get there safely. It's what me and my kids are in daily

- Aimee L

The one most important thing that others should know is how much I love it.

I like the way my vehicle drives and I feel safe in it. I dislike that it needs the interior deep cleaned and it needs some body work.

- Kelly M

It is drives really well and it is dependable.

I like the color of my vehicle. I like that it drives very smooth. I like the comfort of my vehicle and I like the air conditioning.

- Elizabeth H

My car is reliable, comfortable and the air conditioning is ice cold!

I like my car and even though it's older it still runs and looks great. I just wish it had more room for my furniture purchases!

- Tammy O

If mobility issues, this is not the car for you.

Low and a little difficult getting in and out. Some features too close together which results in hitting the wrong button.

- Loretta A

Maintain the required maintenance of the vehicle (oil changes, tune up, etc.)

It's a good and dependable vehicle. Well built and looks beautiful. It's held up well overtime, even being 10 years old.

- Amber N

Parts are super expensive.

I have no problems with my car. I have only had to do basic maintenance. I love it as a family car. Absolutely great.

- Amy L

Great ride and stability - gas guzzler though and maintenance needs attention

Just purchased from dealer @ 58,300 miles - catalytic converter needed replacement - dealer took EXTREMELY long time

- Robert C

The car is reliable and great with the gas.

I like that the car is smooth when driving. I like that is roomy in the inside. I like that it's great with the gas.

- Maria D

It is a good and reliable car.

When my car sits sometimes the breaks do not work upon starting. The car is great. It gets really hot in the sun.

- Courtney S



- Manuel H

Uses Mobil one oil. Uses a lot of gas.

Very smooth driving. Nice interior and radio works quite well. I have no complaints. Like the OnStar feature.

- Robert Y

You need to be prepared for high cost oil changes.

I love that it has a sporty look to it. I love the fast acceleration. I dislike the oil changes cost so much.

- Taylor A

Is very comfortable and handles great.

I like the AWD and I dislike the room space inside the car. The engine is great, the gas mileage is perfect.

- Anthony R

Sometimes it wouldn't start. It would get hot.

I dislike lot about my car the brakes always go out. And always having a flat tire. I took a lot of gas.

- Crystal P

If you want a smooth comfortable ride this car is for you.

Dislike the price of car parts they are so high. Love the smooth ride. Love the sleek look of the car.

- Vicki J

It is dependable and rides smoothly.

I like that it is stylish and handles and drives well. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Christy W

It is dependable and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

I love everything about my car. It's sporty and fast. It's dependable as well

- Heather W

The style of the car because it doesn't look like the rest of the cars on the road

I like the style of the car I like the value It has enough room

- Ralph A