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Purchasing a new or used car. How much I enjoy my vehicle.

Purchased this vehicle used in 2015. Really like the way it rides, it is very quiet, you cannot hear the noises outside from the road. Love have the Bluetooth. Has all the bells and whistles, heated seats really come in handy on the cold winter days and some chilly fall mornings. Lots of room for groceries in the trunk area. I do have grandchildren which I have car seats in the back seat, not a lot of extra room, would love a third row seat but it is what it is. Love the button on the rear trunk door that you can just push and it goes down, so when your hands are full you do not have to grab the door and pull it down. Had to replace the battery once. Take it for regular oil and filter changes. My husband is very good about keeping it very neat and clean, it is also garage kept. This was my first Cadillac SUV and I will definitely be looking for another one when I trade this one in. I have been very pleased with this one. I also do not have all wheel drive but it still does ok in the snow, I do not go out with it very often in the snow but if I do it does not do too bad. I would highly recommend this SUV to someone who is looking. I think they have everything a consumer is looking for, from a young family to an older couple. I also feel maybe the price for a brand new one may be high for some people like myself or younger people, but you can get some good deals on a new one with a lease or also they have a lot of used ones coming off of a lease for some good prices. You can get some great deals. We purchased ours from another dealer and were able to get a good price.

- Kim L

The 4 wheel drive that you cannot even tell cause or looks nice and fancy.

I have rheumatoid arthritis, my hands have got the deformity already so a lot of things are hard to do, I have had other cars and things are always difficult but with my Cadillac, it has the electric seat, of course the windows, it has sunroof that cover opens with a push of a button plus the seats are leather they are black, it has everything I always wanted in a car, usually a car has 2 things but it does not have the other 3 or vice versa, this one I love it had everything I want it is even and specially a 4 wheel drive which we're really need in Reno, NV.

- Ruby A

This luxury vehicle is not as expensive as you think!

I love the smooth ride and the look of the body shape. It is unique, especially for the year of my car. I love the options that it comes with as standard (such as the Bose stereo and leather seats) and the fact that it's a luxury vehicle but not so expensive that it is unaffordable for all but the richest. I feel special driving it, like I am driving a much more expensive car than it actually was. The only thing I dislike is the location of some parts that makes it expensive to fix in some cases.

- Rachelle C

Sleek vehicle that is able to be driven with ease.

I think that this vehicle is a great car. It drives really well and easily and has fantastic gas mileage. There are rarely any maintenance problems that have to be dealt with but when there are they can be pricey. The biggest issues with the car is with getting the tires replaced and the sensor that notifies the tire service goes out a lot. The car is also very wide on the tail end so curbs can be a bit of a issue with hitting them.

- Mila L

From 30, 000 to 140, 000 miles - still going strong as ever.

I have had a great experience with my cts. I bought it used with about 30, 000 miles on it still runs great at 140, 000 miles. The leather interior is durable and survives my two big dogs. The music system is loud and perfect for a young adult who enjoys listening to music loud. The only slight issue I have experienced is a short in the wiring recently that makes the music/radio cut out. Other than that, it is been a great vehicle.

- Savannah W

Comfortable interior with exceptional gas mileage

I am, by and large, enormously pleased with my car. It has a sleek design that makes it seem "sporty" or, more plainly, that it can go fast. The large number of customizable features such as seat heating and cooling makes drives much more comfortable, and the excellent gas mileage is another bonus. I will say, however, that I have had to replace several parts with the hub assembly, which has been a headache.

- Ethan D

It is the best car I have ever owned.

I love everything about this car. It drives so smooth, and is very comfortable. It has all wheel drive and handles great in all weather. It has heated and air conditioning seats, heated steering wheel, power windows, sunroof, rear assist, GPS, tinted windows. It is silver in color and stays clean looking for a long time. It is midsize and easy to park. I feel high class when I drive this car.

- Lori B

My Cadillac is the best car.

My Cadillac cts is my first car, and it is been amazing. I love that it comes with all of the luxury that any German car does, but with more safety features! It has everything that I have always wanted in a car, the one con though, is the gas is pretty pricey, especially if you love to travel. But it is very comfortable to travel in, and I get compliments all the time!

- Faith S

Comfy, luxurious and a blast to drive.

Runs great, plenty of pep and the all wheel drive is amazing! Very comfortable and fairly good on gas on the highway/ the seats are comfy and the leather and wood appointments are very nice. The Bose sound system is amaze balls and the trunk space can fit mass amounts of luggage, just absolute wonderful styling.

- Steven W

Reliable but does not hold value.

The acceleration is on the slower side but the vehicle is extremely reliable. The vehicle does not hold value like some others but I haven't had any issues and I make sure to maintain the vehicle as scheduled. I rate the vehicle 3/5 because the rapid depletion of value and the lack of acceleration.

- Danielle F

The review of our 2011 Cadillac cts.

Problems takes premium gas- expensive. We love it because it is large enough so that we are comfortable when driving. My husband is 6'3" our sons are 6' and 6'4". The truck has plenty of space for our luggage when traveling. The radio picks up many stations when traveling to different cities.

- Patricia R

Great car, great gas mileage, just a great car!

I love my Cadillac cts! It was purchased to use as a work car, with a lot of highway miles in mind. It gets great gas mileage. The only downside to it is that it does not have Bluetooth audio. However it does have an auxiliary cord so I can still take my music on the road with me!

- Ana H

The sleek design of the Cadillac cts is very alluring.

It is very luxurious, gets very good gas mileage, and is dependable. It has heated seats, and a rearview mirror that makes backing up easier. It is roomy and sporty and gives me a feeling of prestige and power. Holds it is resale value very well, and is pleasing to the eyes.

- Melissa G

Silver caddie is my favorite thing.

The Cadillac is very comfortable a pleasure to drive and sharp looking anyone would love the ease of driving it and how dependable it is I love the vehicle and it has a kinds of extras everyone should test drive this vehicle the color is fantastic and I will buy it again.

- Cindy C

It is talking piece, it looks sleek and luxurious, it has a wonderful presence.

I like the gps on my vehicle because when my phone service is disconnected I can still get from point a to point b. I also love the Bluetooth. I dislike that the car does not have a sunroof. I love the push-to-start feature and I also like that the car is great on gas.

- Tanya D

Overall really great car to drive.

I love the hot and cooled seats. I do not like that there�s no Bluetooth system and the navigation is really bad. I love how good quality and sleek everything is. I wish the back air conditioners were better, you cannot control how much or how little air comes out.

- Christina F

Love the king Cadillac Cts.

Stylish, fast, roomy, comfortable, handles well, reliable, good on gas, travels well, great stereo, seats feel good, instrumentation is functional, good looks, great air conditioner and heater, mirrors are well placed, sunroof works well, nice bright lights. ,

- James C

Sharp looking ride says so many people.

Its installed with the performance package and has never had an issue. I've received so many compliments on my car. I have a hard time deciding if I ever want to trade it due to how sharp it looks. I've added my own wheels which makes it that much cleaner.

- Angie G

Love my car but hate the back doors.

I love the comfort and ease of driving. The one thing I do not like the back doors is not square so if someone who has physical problems has a very hard time getting in and out. Love the individual controls for the front seat. Love my color off white.

- Rosemary H

Cts coupe premium performance, styling and also elegance. No soccer mom car.

Performance is incredible. No trouble passing on the expressway. Great car. Radio features a hard drive to download CD's to store. Steering very agile. The looks of the cts are unique nod always get second glances. Performance and elegance combined.

- Melissa Y

The back seat can be a difficult to get in and out of and is limited in space.

I have owned a 2011 cts coupe for 4 years and have not had any major mechanical failure. All work has been regular maintenance only. Though the upkeep is pricier than most (tires, oil changes, etc.) this car has been a very smooth ride.

- Rebecca E

Beautiful car to drive and admire.

I love the luxury features and color of my car. I do not like It's lack of capacity for cargo. It also has had some mechanical issues with the transmission which i would not expect with the mileage it has achieved.

- Jeff A

It is very comfortable to drive and gets decent gas mileage

It is very comfortable to drive and gets decent gas mileage. Dislikes would be repairs are a bit more costly. Changing my headlights required taking it to a mechanic and cost me almost $300.

- Tara J

Cadillac's reputation for producing quality vehicles is well-deserved.

The Cadillac CTS performance extremely well. With routine maintenance, I didn't have any issues until year 5 and then I had to replace parts (batteries, brakes) due to normal wear and tear.

- Kei G

My luxury car is very beautiful.

Everything is good. My Cadillac cts 2011 is a high performance vehicle and is a luxury car. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. The most important thing is that it is reliable.

- Krystal D

It is just right for me! I enjoy everything from the styling to the performance.

I love everything about my car. I love the way it handles. I love the way it rides. I do not like the trunk arms-they limit trunk space. I also dislike that it has no spare tire.

- Kim W

Few repairs, great performance, sleek look.

Currently own 3 due to family members death. I have owned 2 Cadillac's before now, I simply love their performance. It has been my car of choice since I was 27 yrs. of age.

- Sandra M

It feels like it drives itself. Very controlled.

It's a comfortable yet high performance vehicle. The main problems I have had is with the sensitivity of the censors, especially with the traction and brake systems.

- Karen G

Its red with black leather interior. No sunroof which I really like not having a sunroof because it won't leak lol.

I love my Cadillac. It is a smooth riding and most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned. Even for a base model cts. I definitely recommend driving a Cadillac.

- Robert W

The car is all wheel drive. I love how on the highway I have no problem being around semi trucks in the rain.

I like how easy it gets around in the winter. I have no problem driving in the rain or snow. I don't like how expensive it is to fix if something breaks

- Jennifer S

Nice Shiny CTS Coupe. Fun to drive.

It has LOW miles and is a bright shiny car. I haven't had any problems with the car. The only major repairs that it's had is a new water pump.

- Jim D

It is very reliable and has never left me or my family stranded.

I love the ride nice and smooth. Love the look. T would like it if it had more pick up. Not women that part works fine. I mean motor..

- Sam P

Stylish and reliable and hold its value and look.

Very reliable, just minimal room inside but it is kept a very up to date looking style. Never have had any problems in 7 years.

- Charise S

The front of the car is low to the ground.

The vehicle is comfortable and stylish. Easy to drive with plenty of power. However, I wish it was better for the environment.

- Carlos T

Very reliable especially living in a state where the winters are treacherous.

The cts coupe is visually stunning as well as reliable and great on gas. The all wheel drive is great for inclement weather.

- Christopher R

It is comfortable to travel in, because the seats are adjustable.

It has been a reliable car for us. But I would like to get a newer car, before we start having to money into repairs.

- Robin S

The engine, the handling, the tires it comes with.

Lots of space. Needs more power for v6. Has great turning radius. Looks fast even staying still. Love the sunroof.

- Charles F

It is an all around great car and I think it will last along time.

It rides smoothly and performs well. The interior is very sleek and comfortable. Also it gets great gas mileage.

- David H

Cadillac CTS is a great car

Very good on gas easy to use Comfortable ride. Love the interior Very beautiful car. Sunroof and backup cameras

- Tanya L

Very fast and as stated before, expensive. Hard to find people who are affordable.

Very expensive luxury car where upkeep is extremely necessary. When one thing goes wrong, other things do too.

- Shykiyla C

It is classy, yet sporty and is fun to try. Decent gas mileage as well as I have a longish commute.

I love almost everything about my car except the fact that it's getting older and I would like to upgrade it.

- Sue T

It's a great quality vehicle and very safe for your family.

I like the vehicle itself but it's not very roomy if you have a family, and maintenance on it is expensive

- Cody D

Cadillac are heavy making them very safe if an accident occurs.

My Cadillac is luxurious. I feel comfortable and safe when driving. Passengers feel pampered in my car.

- Jane W

Cadillacs are very expensive to fix. One light cost over $200 to repair

My car drives very smooth and has a great sound system. I like that it has a backup camera and NAV system

- Maritza S

It is a nice car that drives well and is reliable.

I like the style and how it gets me from one place to another. It is a little too expensive to maintain.

- David G

It's a Cadillac, although not top model. It has fewer miles than normal.

Love the ride. It's smooth and you hardly feel the road. Has plenty of legroom. Love the grey color.

- Mike H

My car is reliable and gets you where you need to go

I like the make and model and gas is good. The style is good. My only complaint is the mileage.

- sandra k

It is a 2011, but looks brand new. It rides like a brand new car.

The CTS has a smooth ride. It is low to the ground which is hard when it rains and snows.

- Lisa C

It's a Cadillac CTS Luxury model

It looks great. It runs great. It has many nice features, except for auto-start.

- rich f

It is a beautiful Caddie and very sleek, Smooth ride and just overall comfortable.

No complaints. Enjoy the nice smooth ride. It is very comfortable and roomy.

- Linda C

Very comfortable so easy to drive

Love the handling.rides wonderfully. Very comfortable and beautiful sedan

- Janis S

Comfortable. Great looking car. Stands out among others.

Love the comfort. Dislike the length. Only complaints in the blind spots.

- Dianne E

Nothing in particular, as it's just a car. It does have a backup camera, which I like.

I don't like that the back seats are not heated. I like the sunroof.

- Sherri S

Dependable but rear wheel drive, not good in the winter in Wisconsin.

It is very dependable. Drives and rides great. looks nice.

- Arik G

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Drives smooth has power windows sunroof

- Deborah M