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Cadillac cts: sporty stylish American luxury.

My 2012 Cadillac cts is classic and stylish, sporty and luxurious without being ostentatious. It drives like a dream and is very comfortable. I love the supportive, bolstered leather seats. If you like plush, cushy seats, this is not the car for you. Do not get me wrong, the seats are very comfortable. I needed the support and this fit the bill. The premium model has many creature comforts. I am kicking myself for forgetting the air cooled seats during this recent summer! What a cool feature! I love that I can just get in and go since there is a key fob and everything is set it and forget it. Power seats that remember your positioning, automatic lights and windshield wipers. Like I said, I just get in and go. Then I park and go about my business. I never have to hunt for my keys in my purse. Love it! The cts 3. 6 has a lot of power, I recommend that over the lower level luxury model. I never want for power entering the highway or taking off. I hit the gas and go! I have no fear. You can use premium or regular gas; she'll run on either with pretty much imperceptible impact to performance. Of course premium is best, but you will not miss much if you do not use it all the time. Just add it once in a while. Baby loves to roar and she does seem to perform a tiny bit better on premium. She's not a gas guzzler but she's no lightweight either. Mileage is somewhere around 25-26 mpg highway. The cts has been amazingly reliable. I bought mine used with less than 25k miles on it. Best car purchase ever! I highly recommend it!

- Barb C

My car is a 4 door Cadillac. Year 2012. It is a six cylinder vehicle.

The seats are not as comfortable as other Cadillac's I have owned. There is too much road noise. I have never had road noise in a Cadillac. I can not see out of it very well. There are too many blind spots. The car handles very well and responds to command very well. I am not satisfied with the gas mileage. I only get 14. 6 miles per gallon. This is a six cylinder car. I realize it is a larger car but still think I should get better mileage. For a luxury car it is too low to the ground. It is also hard to get in and out of. I do like the look of the car. I love the sleek look of the back end.

- Colleen C

Fabulous features, incredible interior.

Luxurious leather interior, cool stereo system, and the steering wheel warmer is a must-have. The back-up camera is very responsive and incredibly useful, as is having a digital speedometer as well as an analog speedometer. Body of the car is very sleek, especially with a darker paint job. Only major gripe would be with the airbag sensor; despite my airbag being replaced twice, the 'check airbag' indicator will not go away. Otherwise, wonderful car, and I'll buy another when this one's lifespan is up!

- Jacob S

You can set the lights on auto.

It drives really good on the highway but if anything goes wrong with the car the parts and labor are expensive!! It's not all that bad on gas either but we use it everyday because it's our only vehicle. It's got heated seats and you can even set the driver's seat the drivers side mirror and your favorite radio station with the push of a button! It's definitely not a car you want to cruise around in. Its fast! Faster than I expected!

- Mark M

Wear the seat belts. My car does not roll unless everyone has on a seatbelt.

My car is a 2012 Cadillac cts 4dr. The car is a comfortable size for me. The inside is large enough that I don't feel cramped and can drive comfortably. The leather upholstery is cool and comfortable. The only thing I can complain about is the gas mileage. It was stated that I should get approx. . 17 miles city. I get about 14 mpg. Most of my driving is city.

- Colleen C

The Cadillac cts is my choice for a well performing car.

My car performs really well about town as well as out on the highways. The car is ultra comfortable to drive with adjustable drivers seat. Leg room is very adequate for me. I am very tall. The car performs best when I do not use the cheapest gas but the mid price one. I have the car inspected and checked regularly and have had no major issues with it.

- J. M

Buyer beware for what you get. It can cost you more than you are expecting.

The screen is broken on the front display. I researched and found it expensive to replace and it is impossible to find a used one. The rest of the vehicle is very nice and I would not change anything on it. I love the color the leather and the double sunroof. I suggest getting used to paying high prices on parts if you want to own a Cadillac.

- Jenny W

My car looks so sleek and racecar attractive.

Not only is my car beautiful, but it is serviced from a fine company that bends over backwards to make sure I am in love with my car at all times. It is good on gas mileage and has enough pick up to get on the freeway and stay out of everyone's way. We have never had a problem with it and have had it new and drove it off the showroom floor.

- Gloria K

Owning a Cadillac is a very good investment.

I've had no major issues with this vehicle. Handles well. Usual maintenance service, oil, tire rotation, etc. I am preparing to purchase another Cadillac. This time a luxury compact SUV. Driving the vehicle is amazing. It handles well. Not only in daily driving but also driving long distances. Interior leather seats have not cracked.

- Carl J

The Cadillac is the best vehicle out there today.

The Cadillac cts is one of the best vehicles made hasn't had any problems whatsoever and it's a very comfortable ride and if you ask me there should be a lot more of these on the road compared to the useless vehicles out there now the Cadillac any class you should look into if you have the finances.

- Cypress B

Love my cts. I recommend the car to all my friends.

It has all the extras that I want and need. The ride is wonderful. I love the heated seats the best because I am always cold and heat is just for me. I bought it used. It was a returned lease car and was very well taken care of. To save money getting a new car is buying a returned lease car.

- Rose P

My caddie is great, my repair shop is great, keeping it well maintain.

My caddie, is the best. It perform like new. Good on gas and reliable. And still looks good. I do a lots of traveling and I need to know it is safe and reliable. The color is great, low maintenance, good on gas. I would recommend a Cadillac to anyone. The process was so easy to buying.

- Betty J

Luxury can be quite uncomfortable.

It is tight and uncomfortable, lacks accessibility and safety for disabled passengers such as myself. I would love if there were a cloth option because when it's hot so are the seats. For the size it would be nice if the car was better on gas. The seats are hard to get in and out of.

- Sachet M

Great body style super performance.

No problems great performance get up and go very reliable starts right up good acceleration comfort is real good roomy leather seat power sunroof Bose stereo system power driver seat power windows remote control XM radio on star power door locks cruise control over all great car.

- John L

I love the Bluetooth phone device.

I love this car. . . It met all of my expectations. . . It performs well and gets good mileage, and the dealership I bought it from are such nice people and they're very helpful too. . . And has one beautiful day for the past almost 7 years and the warrantee is really good too.

- Karen N

Headlights, the quality of sound, the speed and the smooth ride.

I love the actual color and interior. And how great the sound quality is. Great performance but it is a rather long car but you get that when you drive a Cadillac. Has some squeaking that is not able to be fixed but overall a great ride.

- Jacob D

It looks great and starts every time.

Our cts4 is sleek and attractive; it appears newer than it is. The inside is nice and upscale. We've not had any maintenance issues. It drives well and does not shimmy or shake at higher speeds.

- Richard C

It's a classy car for the discerning driver!

It's a great car. It rides well, handles well and is holding up very well. All things considered it has been a very economical car to own. The only complaint is a lack of rear seat leg room.

- Kenneth M

Is an updated and great look on a classic car.

Great car has great luxury and features. Gives a sporty look with a luxury feel. Have gotten many compliments on the body. The car is very reliable and gives a great ride.

- Michael H

This is a good car for a single person who lives in a snowy area.

Great comfort m. Reliable. This car could handle more like a Cadillac sedan type of vehicle. It does right a little tougher for a Cadillac. Performance is good and fast.

- Bryan F

It is expensive, but well worth the cost of you plan on keeping the vehicle a few years.

This car runs better than any vehicle I have ever had before. It is smooth as glass driving and I have had no problems with it whatsoever. The power is unbelievable.

- Sandy A

It's a lot of fun to drive.

It looks very sleek. I like the backup camera and the built in onStar. It handles nicely and is fun to drive. It would be nice if it got slightly better gas mileage.

- Maija J

It if you take care of it really holds Its resale value.

It is used, but it was well maintained. It's beautiful and it a safe car. It also gets great gas mileage and it moves when you put pedal to the metal.

- maria s

Beautiful stylish comfortable to drive true luxury car.

I love this car' it lives up to all the expectations I ever had on a car and the dealerships are wonderful to me and they take care of all my problems.

- Joan P

There is nothing out there like a cadillac and everyone should drive them.

It is sporty, comfortable, luxury, beautiful, fast and fun to drive. I love the horsepower and it gets great gas mileage. I have no complaints at all.

- Peggy V

this car is reliable and comfortable

This car is reliable, comfortable reasonably economical. Its acceleration is adequate. I have had no problems with this vehicle in 50,000 miles

- car t

Exceptionally Reliable Vehicle

It provides a smooth ride and had rode reliably for many years, mileage is very good and it has required very little maintenance over the years

- Brandon D

Cadillac cts on why it is a great car.

My car is very reliable. It drives very smooth. My engine size is 3. 0. It is very good on gas. I will recommend anyone to get a Cadillac cts.

- Willis D

If you want a luxury car, you don't have to buy foreign brands to get it. Buy a Cadillac.

I love it. Cadillac lives up to it reputation as a luxury brand. It's ride, comfort, and performance is everything you expect from the brand.

- gary N

Great ride and strength of vehicle.

Like comfort and smooth drive, engine power, sound system. Would like better seats like those NASA-inspired seats from my previous maxima.

- Brenda D

Others should know that I take pride in keeping my car clean.

I love my car, it gets great gas mileage. I dislike the maintenance of the car sometimes. I do not have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Amber A

That it is a very nice car to have and it save on gas.

I have not had any problems and it performance is very good it get me everywhere I need to go and it is very reliable and comfortable.

- Sheila B

Quality for the money, comfortable too.

I hate that the driver's seat is the only heated seat. It is put together well, no road noise and is comfortable to sit in and drive.

- Susan H

My caddie gets great gas mileage which helps when the gas prices keep climbing

No complaints. Smooth ride, comfortable heated & cooled seats, plenty of legroom - pretty much loaded and is easy for me to drive.

- Carol B

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it is a gas saver.

I like that my vehicle is a gas saver. It looks very nice on the inside and blends in well with newer cars.love the sunroof top.

- Gabriela O

It's worth the money very durable.

I love it! I waited a long time for it.( like 62 years). The Cadillac Dealership is so nice too. No complaints at all.

- Mel M

Black beauty. Shiny. Comfortable

Great car great ride all the bells and whistles. Maintenance is affordable. Great size trunk and interior for family.

- Sherri T

Great ride with extreme comfort.

My vehicle is fun, comfortable ride. Handles turns wonderfully. Gas mileage per gallon is not the greatest, however.

- Denise D

It's nice rides good. Handles well.

No issues, good gas. Luxury feel, like leather. Rides great. Nice interior, sweet, expensive to fix, nice colors.

- Diane F

The maintenance costs are very reasonable.

I wish the technology was a bit more updated in my car, it is comfortable, luxury feel and reasonably priced.

- Caitlin N

Gets good gas mileage and love the way it drives.

Cheaper gas, cheaper cars and less mechanical problems. Self driving cars for better quality and purposes.

- Jarred S

Looks like new. Drives like a dream.

Very comfortable luxury car with just about anything you could want. Reliable, economical, and classy.

- Carol P

It is very reliable. Few repairs.

Beautiful. Smooth ride. Rear view camera works well. I wish it had blind spot camera

- Mary W

It is all wheel drive so that makes it easy to drive is snow.

I wish it had heated seats otherwise I love it. I love that it is all wheel drive

- Darcie T

it great gas mileage and I just love how much money it saves me even on long trips

It a beautiful car. It is fully loaded. It get good gas mileage

- Dorothy H

The way it drives and handlers. The safety. The navigation system.

I like the way it drives. I like the color. No complaints.

- Brenda w




Don't buy one, they never fix things under warranty

I like the style but the power seats stay messed up

- Jenn O

It is a safe car but because it is rear wheel drive, drivers have to be cautious when driving in wet and snowy conditions

It is a good car but fuel consumption is high