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Honest review of a Cadillac cts from a current owner.

I love it. It's a beautiful car. It is a very comfortable and very reliable ride. I get compliments all the time. The performance is great it's pretty decent on mileage. The only issue with the design is the windshield frame slants in such a way that it could create a blind spot when trying to make left or right hand turns. The size of the vehicle is also not conducive for a large family or hauling more than 4 large grocery bags in the trunk. (ok I am exaggerating a bit but the point is, its not designed to fit a lot of bags and boxes). The features are top of the line with the back up camera, Bluetooth, Bose speakers, navigation, heated seats, dual ac and heating. It's a very good car and I will definitely recommend this vehicle!

- Dee S

This 2013 cadillac cts coupe runs and drives great.

2013 Cadillac cts v6 coupe with 3. 6l performance package is fully equipped and in outstanding condition with all power equipment, automatic transmission, am/fm/cd/mp3 audio system, leather seats, cruise control, dual front and side airbag restraints. The paint is glossy and in like new condition. The interior is clean and in like new condition. This 2013 cadillac cts coupe runs and drives great with all of the power equipment in perfect working order.

- Greg K

2013 cts coupe. Looks great but does not handle well.

I love the look of the car. There’s nothing on the road that looks like it for the price. It is very sporty and nice. The interior is very comfortable. This car makes terrible U-turns and I have had many mechanical issues with it. I have had two oil leaks and for some reason I have to have the breaks worked on every few months.

- Jennifer P

Unique cts wagon. Roomy and stylish.

I love my 2013 cts wagon, handles just like the cts sedan/coupe. Roomy but also not hard to park/get around. It is all wheel drive so sometimes when making sharp turns the wheels will "chatter" if you will but have been told it is a common issue and does not hurt anything. Stylish but roomy and you do not see them everywhere.

- Amanda B

Looks great but underpowered for its size.

Overall I am very happy with my Cadillac cts performance sedan. The look is stunning and the feel of the vehicle on the road is exceptional in the turns. There are only two things I feel are lacking. First, I feel it is underpowered with a 6 cylinder engine for the weight of the car. Second, the suspension is a little rough.

- Bryan D

2013 Cadillac cts review for people on the fence.

Nearing 50, 000 miles and zero issues whatsoever. Performs great in all weather conditions & all seasons. Extremely reliable and quite a large interior compared to other cars in its class. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that is looking to purchase a used vehicle.

- Brian E

Great car fast spacious and beautiful.

My car has been perfect no problems I drive everyday and also runs good on gas spacious luxurious I would buy again if I had to and would recommend to anyone my car goes fast and very comfortable cadillacs Toyota infinite and Honda are my favorite cars but this car is awesome.

- Jeffery P

My Cadillac is very awesome.

Runs and rides wonderfully. Very comfortable. Has great power and handled amazingly. Luxury full leather seats. Front seats warmer is awesome. OnStar and Sirius radio big plus. Handsfree phone with the Bluetooth. Keyless entry remote start is very pleasant.

- Laurie H

Best caddy in the world too drive. It is very smooth to drive.

I have never had any problems with my Cadillac SUV. It is very easy to drive. There is plenty of legroom. You can haul anything in. The keyless entry is the best. The radio is very nice with plenty of speakers. It lets you know when theres a car beside you.

- Pam C

I love the smooth ride in the car!

Great car! I have no real problems with it! I change the oil, tune ups and have changed tires. No other real issues to deal with. I plan to only buy Cadillacs and may be in the market for another one at some point next year! Cadillacs are great cars!

- Joe E

Extended warranty came in handy.

I have had my car for almost two years now and the only major issue was needing a new transmission due to something within the transmission leaking and corrupting the whole thing. I also had the dashboard go completely black due to needing an update.

- Amber W

I would have to say the most important thing people should know that my cadillac is just as good if not better in all respects than a comparable luxury import like BMW or Mercedes, and definitely superior to any Japanese made automobile

It is technologically advanced for the model year. It has excellent road manners, plenty of power, and excellent agility. It is very attractive - I love the styling. And lastly I am a big man so it is just the right size for my needs .

- Bob W

My car is black with a diamond tricoat and I pay to much for it, wrecked it 2 times

My car has had tire problems and burning through them. I also have a leak in my steering fluid so I'm always putting fluid in it. I honestly can't stand this car because I feel it has a lot of maintenance and it's still low Miles

- Nicolette M

Very comfortable & reliable.

The cts coupe has an awesome & unique exterior styling. In both the winter & summer, I really enjoy the heated & ventilated seats. I find the engine very powerful. I find the cts to be quite reliable with no mechanical issues.

- David M

It really saves on gas 25 dollars and the tank is full for three days maybe four.

I have a very nice blue car. It is a very good car. It saves gas a lot. The car also has very low mileage. There are no burn marks on the seats. Ac and heat work wonderful. Brand new motor and brake pads.

- Shay C

Very smooth and comfortable ride

It is a very luxurious car with awd and it handles well in all types of weather. It has full leather interior and very economical with fuel. We haven't had any major mechanical issues.

- James E

It is high quality and performs at a high level.

It is a quality vehicle that offers an excellent ride. It provides driver and passenger comforts. It has a very roomy trunk space. I have never had a major problem with my vehicle.

- Greg F

The Cadillac CTS is a sporty 4 door sedan.

The Cadillac CTS is a very sporty looking sedan, and is very reliable. It has surprising power for a v6 engine and has very good handling. Lots of legroom in the backseat.

- wade k

Love my Cadillac best smooth drive ever had.

Best car ever drove. Smooth drive love all features. Tires are expensive to replace and must buy better tires or drives with a bumping sound if not all tires same make.

- Valerie R

I baby it because it's our first luxury vehicle.

It's our first luxury vehicle so we're in love with the drive, performance, handling, smoothness. The only thing we dislike is the expensive repairs we've had to make.

- Tracy B

The Cadillac CTS is very reliable and comfortable to drive.

I love my car. The body style is phenomenal and drive really good. The only bad thing is it doesn't have good gas mileage but can't complain about anything else.

- Meressa P

The investment is worth the ride.

The car uses regular gas and the mileage is excellent and low maintenance. The car is easy to drive and very comfortable, practically hold itself in the road. .

- Patricia C

How it performs on the road.

I like the big roar of the engine that makes my vehicle come to life. I really like how it performs on the road. Finally I really like the look of the car.

- Jack D

Cadillac CTS Aint Bad for the Money.

Great pick up. Solidly built. Seats do not fold down which is a bummer. Ample trunk space. Not big enough for large or tall people. Great stereo.

- Mike S

it has good gas mileage and it's very comfortable.

I love how smooth it is you can barely tell you are on the road. I love the interior, the look of the card. It could be bigger on the inside.


It is 4 door pearl white fully loaded

I love my car. It is very comfortable. It has all the bells and whistles. One thing I do not like about it is the leg room. There is not much

- Samantha R

That i.. Great car. They should consider buying it because I would buy it again..

It's very good. No complaints. Love everything about it. No problems with anything. The car is very durable and I can always depends on it.

- Sarah Y

Dependability and realizability.

I love the dependability, the quality and the speed. The only thing that I do not like about my car are the blind spots. Can obstruct view.

- Vivian G

I don't think it cost as much as people think, but the luxury is worth it.

I love the body style. Love the grill. love the interior color and the cars features. ie sunroof and heated seats. No complaints.

- Deborah D

My car is all wheel drive which was an important feature when i was looking for a new car.

I love my Cadillac because of its unique design. You can tell it apart from all other cars. It is very reliable and performs well.

- Paulette W

It has been a very reliable and sturdy car.

So far I have not had any major problems with the car. The only couple of things that I know of are a couple small electronic parts.

- Angie M

It is a good car to drive.

I love everything about my vehicle. It gets great gas mileage, has tons of space and I have never had any issues with it.

- Christy R

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- all K

Great on gas, nice color. Very spacious.

I love the mileage on gas, rides smooth, spacious. I do wish the interior was darker. Also wish brakes were better.

- Crystal D

That it is. A great car and it run really well it does not burn a lot of gad.

I love Cadillac I am a Cadillac man it is not hard to find a good car but you can never go wrong with Cadillac

- Walter L

Leather seats, bluetooth, all black interior.

2 door, rides nice, leather seats, all black interior, great gas mileage, has bluetooth, lower to the ground.

- Katie E

Luxury and comfortable with lots of space inside. Loads of trunk room.

Very comfortable to drive long distance in. Good gas mileage. Goes through the snow without much problem.

- Cindy P

I love it and take good care of it

black, extra equipped, has everything 20 inch wheels, rides awfully nice

- dennis c

great car with lots of room, fits five adults or four adults and a toddler seat

very smooth and comfortable ride, easy on gas, no concerns

- Susan C