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The car has excellent safety features as an available option and I'm glad to have that feature. It makes me feel more safe and secure.

The car is a very pretty color of blue, which I love. It has a built in navigation system but I don't end up using it very often. It seems cumbersome and slower to type on the buttons compared to using a smart phone for directions. I love the safety features of having a camera when backing up, the sensors for when getting too close or approaching too fast. Overall, I am happy with the car.

- Catharine H

Most awesome car in the world!

My husband and I love everything about our cts. What I love the most about it is that we do not have to start the car with just the remote. You can just go to the Cadillac app and start the car right from your phone! We also love the navigation system and the heated and cooled seats. There is also a double sunroof and sun protectors on both rear passenger windows and the back window!

- Alexis H

I love the color of my vehicle.

My vehicle is very dependable. It rides very well and is comfortable. I am not a 100% fan of the cue but now I am used to it and it works well for me. I have not had any performance issues. The front sits pretty low, however, and the guard on the front bumper is damaged from hitting curbs. I realize this is to prevent any permanent damage to the bumper, but I think it sits too low.

- Christi G

Wonderful and comfortable car!

Wonderful comfortable car. This is my third cts and will continue to purchase. They do last for a long time and I really have minimal problems. The Bluetooth Wi-Fi is one of the problems the other is how the heater and a/c work. Again though there is so much on the car you really have to spend a lot of time reviewing.

- Pat D

Review of 2014 CTS Cadillac. It’s pretty but a rough ride.

This car doesn't ride smoothly. It is very bumpy. The radio screen quit working just before 65, 000 miles. Luckily I had an extended warranty that paid for it. The part cost 1000. 00 otherwise. It is a beautiful car though. It rides 4 people comfortably but the middle seat in the back is not comfortable for a trip.

- Michele G

That I work very hard to be able to afford it. I did buy it partly for the name brand.

I like the fact that it is a luxury car but handles like a sports car. It is comfortable and I feel good driving it. It is a Cadillac and yes...I do have a deadhead sticker on the back window. The only complaint I have is the built in navigation. I wish there was a way to update it.

- michelle H

The body style is what caught my eye from the start. I love my 2 door coupe.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle which I have owned for 3 years. Sleek body style and has always been reliable. Has OnStar and satellite radio. Drives well but does not have the comfort of previous Cadillacs I have owned. Very small trunk and back seat so seating is limited.

- Roxanne C

It is a great little coupe car.

The cts is a really great vehicle. It does well in light snow and great in the summer. The interior is spacious and fits my family's lifestyle very well. The only thing I don't like is that there is no back window winder wiper. This makes the back window hard to see out of sometimes.

- Marisa A

Performance and style is the way to go.

Great handling and performance. Very stylish and a head turner. It is loaded and has everything you could want in a vehicle. Having power everything and leather seats is definitely the way to go. This is the first time I have had this options and will also have on my next cars.

- John L

The color of the exterior is exactly what I wanted.

I have had no problems with my Cadillac cuts. The inner passenger space could be a little larger. I couldn't ask for anymore comfort features. The 4 cylinder turbo charged engine is great! I get 24 mpg with city driving and sometimes over 30 mpg on the highway.

- Joseph B

Cadillac will always be my first pick!

My car is very reliable. I have never had any major problems with this vehicle since I bought it in 2014. I tent my window and put 2017 ct6 rims on it and it looks beautiful. It ride beautifully and leather is not worn out. I highly recommend Cadillac.

- Mary B

Love look and inside of car but too many issues.

I love the car but have had a lot of expense after warranty air conditioning compressor, condenser and q system had to be replaced. Now the console broke and won't close. I love the drive and look of the car but too many issues after warranty ran out.

- Wendy L

Safety features are great and some should be on EVERY car

It has every option and they are all great especially back up cameras. The out of lane signal is nice and LOVE the cruise control with the help of detection of other vehicles.... I think the parallel parking is nice too but I need to use it more.

- Beth D

Heated steering wheel along with heated and air seats. I love this option

I love all the bells and whistles. It drives great and is a sharp car. Because it is older there are a few newer options it is missing, but otherwise it is not a big deal. I love the Cadillac customer service as much if not more than the car

- amy c

GiGi's CTS-Coupe aka my Batmobile

MY CTS-Coupe is a dream. It has serious pick up in speed. It handles the road (s) very well . I LOVE how it feels on the road the weight of the vehicle makes the ride much smoother. And it's great for road trips

- Paulette C

It is a white Cadillac with leather seats and good air conditioner.

It's not the best car I would like to drive. It runs smooth, it has a great color and seats. The air conditioner works fine. Mileage is a little too high. It runs on gas perfectly.

- Chelsea R

It is a wonderful cAr. Very comfortable and rides smooth

It is a very comfortable car. The only thing that I don't like is how short it is. It is very difficult for a tall person to sit in there and not hit their head

- Keri T

service dept is lacking but car is great

It's a luxury car with many upgrades. the car is very good looking and drives well. the service department however is not that great.

- kay H

My car gets really good gas mileage for the size and power of the engine.

The Cadillac CTS is a comfortable car. It comes fully equipped with tons of options and space. It's a very stylish automobile.

- Jon S

This car is all wheel drive, which makes it good for driving in the winter with proper tires.

This vehicle is a 2 door coupe, equipped with heated/cooled leather seats, navigation, sunroof, and more. I love this vehicle!

- Madison S

I have the American version of a mercedes, the Cadillac.

There are issues with the engine stopping after the warranty runs out, But overall a smooth ride even after being a used car.

- Nicci O

The Honda crv is a great value.

I like the looks I like the options I like the craftsmanship I like the way it drives and handles I like the gas mileage.

- Alexander H

Consider trunk space before buying and think about the view when backing up.

It is a coupe so it looks nice. It drives smoothly, but not as smooth as my previous car. The trunk is way too small.

- gary h

Had to change headlights..

It is a nice car and ride smooth. Heat works so it is good for the winter time season. Heated seats and good stereo.

- Noah M

The vehicle runs very smoothly.

I like the control options. The stereo is wonderful. It has ample storage space. Leg room in the back is excellent.

- Jamie W

It is very safe and reliable.

This car is luxurious with all the features you could want, touchscreen radio, very comfortable and a smooth ride.

- Jordan T

It drives like a dream and is very comfortable to drive and ride in!

It is the Luxury model so it has all the bells and whistles. It rides very smooth. It is also very comfortable!

- Michelle W

Technology, efficiency, safety and awesome.

I like my car because the technology. I like because is a smart car. I like because is fast. My car is very safe.

- Ana W

They are expensive to fix if something goes down on it.

Smooth driving. I love a luxury car to travel. It's just the right size. I don't like the big long Cadillac's.

- Tamara A

It's tech savvy, that has all the feature that anyone could want

I love my car. It's a highly function car that I look good in. Its a high class car that's drives excellent

- Sherry R

Its very comfortable to travel in with plenty of legroom.

Like the comfortable heated seats, rides well, no mechanical problems and it looks nice. Dislike low ride.

- Wendy M

How well it drives, and handles curves and acceleration.

I love the way it drives, it is smooth, and quiet. It gets reasonably good gas mileage.It is sporty.

- Amy W

One of the most important things is that the head space is very small.

I love how fancy my car looks and is and the features. I don't like how expensive it is to repair.

- Nikki H

My car is holding up very well and needs very little maintenance.

I love that it is a Cadillac but I do not like that it is so old. I really want a new one.

- Nicole B

very reliable and supported by dealership to assure that I always have a vehicle

I like the appearance, comfort, response and dealership attention when I have problems


Good value. Older models were built better.

Vehicle is tough. Vehicle is reliable, but unfortunately suffers from premature wear.

- Suzanne P

It's a Cadillac that not only looks beautiful but it drives beautifully as well.

I love the sleek lines. I love Cadillac in general. My car looks sexy!

- Donna P

handles very well on the road. ecsalerates well. love it

drives good, rides good. handles well, no complaints. its fast.

- tonjoh n

it is modern and up to date with technology. very stylish and custom

very good on gas, stylish and modern, good price and nice color

- sam a

My car is comfortable and has style as well as performance.

I like the style and comfort. I don't love the visibility.

- Craig W

best value in Its class and trouble free.

great quality for the price. very reliable and sporty.

- andy M

It's great! would buy it again.

love the ride and appearance. love it. no complaints

- bob R

for a smaller car it has plenty of power

smooth, comfortable, great styling, good power

- Gary m