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Cadillac offers top notch service.

Comfortable seats, heated seats and steering wheel, bird eye view camera when parking and driving, very roomy. My car is very reliable, it has sensors for the tires that tell me when they are low and have parking assistance. It has different modes that can be changed for the different seasons, sports mode that can be used to drive with a tighter suspension, and a mode for snow and ice. The only problem I have had with the car is a leak in the transfer case. My car is still under warranty so they replaced it at no cost to me. Cadillac has an excellent warranty program and the perks that Cadillac service are excellent.

- Pam P

My car has room in the back that can be a third row or the seats can go down.

I love the room that my car has. I also love that it has heated seats and drives smoothly. The problem I have is that maintenance is high such as the cost of gas because lower grade gas makes the engine not run so smooth. In addition, the cost of regular upkeep is high such as wheels and changing the oil. But it generally is a very good car. I am not sure it would last long if you do not maintain it regularly so when the car tells you it is time for something it is important to get it done or the cost of waiting will be more expensive.

- Shirl E

My Cadillac has a nice pearl look to the paint job.

I love my car Cadillac's have always been my favorite type of vehicle. The Cadillac cts is very luxurious and also affordable. This car is very good it has good pick-up and speed it is great on the highway. I love this car it is got a nice look to it. The cts I got is a dark navy blue. I also put 20 inch rims on it because I didn't want to get anything any bigger I feel it would have messed up the performance. Cadillacs have a nice unique luxurious ride there one of a kind if you ask me.

- Andrea G

Of course the heated seats! The. Interior design is excellent.

The appearance is wonderful, Cadillac is unsurpassed for beauty and luxury. The ride is excellent. However the repair expense is way over the top. We have replaced the brake shoes, rotates. Then there was the motor mounts in a three year old car, I mean, really. We are not hard drivers, most cars we have owned go to approximately 250'000 miles, but this car has not stood up the expectations that I wanted.

- Susan E

that it's easy to drive it's comfortable and it makes you feel safe

the performance of my vehicle is great I have no problems so far the mileage is good the gauges are reliable and I've had no problems so far I'm doing regular maintenance on it and everything is good with the car I've been enjoyed riding and it it smooth I really like how we cut the outside noise out very surprising how it makes you feel when you don't have outside interference in a car like the Cadillac

- Steve R

Cadillac with incredible comfort ride and heated and cooling seats.

The Cadillac is a wonderful ride with lots of comfort such as heated/cooled seats. The problem we had was the navigation screen quit working and was a very expensive fix. When you read online, this is a common problem with the Cadillac. It first acts like it is freezing up and then hairline fractures cover the screen. We love the car so much, that we chose the 3, 000 fix.

- Lisa R

Great car. Elegant and luxurious.

Good car, very expensive. Their shop charges high for parts and repairs. Car runs perfectly mirrors have been ripped off the car by idiots in parking lots and were expensive to have repaired. The heat and air are fantastic. Heated steering wheel and heated seats also. Very roomy inside. It's the last elegant long sized before they downsized and shortened all the vehicles.

- John F

Elegance and power reimagined.

Excellent for comfort with heated & cooled seats with massage feature. Entertainment value with 2 screens facing back seats. I have owned Cadillacs for over 40 years. Contemporary design improvements make this brand competitive with Mercedes. Service after the sale is excellent as well. Safety features, parking assist, backup cameras make this grand exceptional.

- Robin A

Love the looks of this car. I have received so many compliments.

I have never had any issues with the performance or reliability of my car. The only negative that I have to say is that apple does not allow you to listen and charge an iPod through the cue system. You can listen to the iPod via USB but apple did not add the charging feature to their software that they installed in the cue system.

- Teresa J

Smooth and comfortable riding vehicle.

My Cadillac rides smoothly. The gas mileage around town is only about 15 to 16 mph. On long trips it gets about 25 mph. I don't like the touch screen for changing the climate controls. You have to take your eyes off the road, creating a dangerous condition. The information only stays on the screen for about a second.

- Cindy W

Best handling automobile I have ever driven.

I absolutely love and recommend the Cadillac cuts. It is so stylish inside and out. It has plenty of safety options. My car handles the road well in all types of weather and road conditions. The cuts has plenty of room inside for a comfortable ride. It also has a very roomy trunk for carrying all types of items.

- Marie C

Cadillac cts best luxury car for the money.

It is the most stylish car inside and out! Very smooth on the road. Very powerful and nice to drive in the city. I have owned other luxury cars such as BMW and. The Cadillac is by far better and much more affordable. The interior is much nicer than BMW and overall I think it is the best.

- Michael J

Best package all the perks.

Perfect car I like the way it drive. I think I am upgrade later on. I drive out of town everyday and it hasn't had any many issues as of yet. I've had it for 2 years still ride like it left the dealership. Cadillac really out did it with this car. I really love it glad I bought it.

- Jerome M

Mt vehicle is comfort and class rolled into one.

My car is extremely reliable and comfortable. There are many awesome safety feature such as traffic detectors on the mirrors and a back up cam. The only problem is we have to have the main screen replaced but it isn't the end of the world.

- Sarah G

My car is very comfortable and I enjoy driving it so much that we have taken a couple of road trips every year in it.

For style and comfort Cadillac is the best. Love a car that other people look up to and envy. I have not had any problems with my vehicle and if I do, I know that I can take it back to my dealer and have the problem corrected quickly.

- Jane V

Great car - great performance!

We have had no performance problems, other than a couple of minor recalls. I wanted a car that would safely allow me to merge into oncoming traffic. Very comfortable ride. It is on the small side however, and has limited trunk room.

- Deborah H

My car has those kind of seats in it that you can turn on & they will warm up.

The cts is one of the most comfortable cars that I have ever owned. It rides like you are sitting on a cloud. It is good on gas. It is excellent for trips that you may have to take that are some distance also.

- Patricia L

it is of premium quality and has everything in it a person needs to be comfortable and safe.

i just wish i could have been able to afford to order it customized exactly to my liking. i just purchased what was on the lot. i really love it though. it's a beautiful and reliable vehicle.

- Lisa S

Looks mean going down the road.

I have only had maintenance items done on my car with one small recall due to wrong fuse stickers in my book and on the fuse panel. Car has a lot of features on it and looks terrific.

- Teresa J

American with a good warranty program and all the features you expect out of luxury.

It's a nice little luxury sports car. Great thing is it has all the benefits of luxury without having to buy premium gas. Wood and leather interior. Car is like a little bullet.

- Matthew R

My car is expensive to maintain.

I like that it drives smooth and has lots of room. I do not like that it runs its most efficiently with gas that is a higher price and lower priced gas usually chokes the engine.

- Shirl R

Quality and comfort is the top features of this car.

Repairing can become expensive. The ride and performance is worth the extra cost. This is the first Cadillac I have owned, and can say it will not be the last.

- Susan E

The most important thing others should know is that the car is dependable.

I dislike the energy saving feature that comes on automatically. I also dislike the tires that came with the car. Finally. I dislike how the paint chips.

- June P

It is a respectable brand and hold value well as long as it is maintained.

I like most of the the features including built in navigation and heated seats. It is is very comfortable. I don't like car payments.

- Jamie J

It has great mileage and comes with a complete service package.

It gets terrific mileage - over 40 mpg. I like the varied technology the car has. It is too small. I would prefer to have an XTS.

- Larry B

Cadillac CTS, back from the boring.

I love my car. It's stylish, comfortable and has plenty of power. It's a very well made car from a great car maker. Cadillac

- Derek R

Trusted, reliable and safe

I love my cadillac, I have been driving Cads for 30 years, I find them to be reliable, safe, trusted and a very good value.

- jeff k

my cadillac cts, my kinda car

it's a nice car, its a cadillac cts, i like how smooth it drives and how nice it looks, i try keeping it as clean as i can

- paul v

Drives very fast, great pick up speed. Looks classy.

Has all the bells and whistles, love the look and color, very sporty looking. Don't like that it's close to the ground

- Robin R

Updated technology and service issues are displayed on dashboard

It drives fast and picks up speed quickly. I like that I can get texts and calls via Bluetooth. Sound system is great

- Rebecca S

The most important thing that someone should know about this car is it handles amazingly.

I love the power and handling of the car. The look of the rear end isn't my favorite but overall i like the car.

- T T

the handling of the cadillac is great and it is easy to maneuver and drive

i like the handling and the size of the cadillac. i like the color. there is nothing i don't like about it

- kay m

Radio and many speakers are cool

Love the cadillac! Handles very well! Decent gas mileage. Leather interior very nice! Sunroof is cool!

- Mary B

An important thing to know is that it has seats that can be warmed up!

I love my vehicle because it is a beautiful shade of red and it is from the brand Cadillac.

- Andi M

It performs well on the road and has good gas mileage.

I like the make and model. I have no dislikes. It is a comfortable vehicle

- Barbara Q

the one most important thing other should know about my car is that it is outstanding.

i like the luxury. I like the elegance. I like the beauty.

- mar d

many generals like loads stuffs

love the car, ride smooth, good gas mileage

- Gordon T

A great, quality ride in a sharp looking luxury sedan.

- Sally B