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Built in factory features of my car.

I have had no problems with my present car. It starts immediately. It gets good fuel economy in both city and on the highway. It is very reliable. I would drive it anywhere I needed to go. I have had it for three years. It has a great radio, power windows, power locks. Tilt wheel, automatic antenna, leather interior, very comfortable seats, extra smooth ride, . Miles to go, gallons used, average miles per gallon, average miles per hour, timer, traction sensor, instant miles per gallon and temperature controlled air conditioner and heater. It has a roomy trunk.

- Sam H

My Cadillac and how I love it.

I absolutely love my car. It has enough room in it to transport my whole family and all our language in the trunk. Great handling. Big back seat for entertaining female guests. I am doing good and thanks for asking for a friend and we can talk about it and have some drinks and laughs together with me until power comes back on. My car is great on the highway. It feels like I am riding on a cloud.

- Marcus F

The car runs very smoothly down the highway.

My Cadillac deville is very comfortable. It rides very smoothly now with the Cadillac deville you have to use a certain type of antifreeze that is made just for Cadillacs and the car has not broke down on me yet it is great car I love it. It is got enough room I can fit 6 people in, it is got leather seats power windows cruise control and a big trunk to fill a lot of stuff in.

- Karma O

A smooth ride I like the color large back seat large trunk good gas mileage.

This car has a very smooth ride gets good gas mileage about 26 mpg has a northstar engine goes really fast on the highway is a very solid made car that feels like you are floating on air. This car is very easy to maintain not a lot of work needs to be done. It is an older car but you wouldn't know it as to look at it. Very clean and well kept.

- Lynne P

The gorgeous blue color is honestly my favorite part.

My vehicle is absolutely incredible, I mean she is a true beauty. I have had it for about 3 and a half years and have only had minor problems. I got it in perfect condition with only 100 miles, pretty insane deal if you ask me. I would absolutely recommend this car to anyone that has kids but also likes to go fast.

- Justin M

Comfortable car for the family.

The car drive is smooth, even on rough roads. The car interior is big and good enough to fit a whole family. The car is large to fit tall people. Have been using this car for 10 years and barely had any major issues. The only issue was with the window as it would stop working every 6 months and needed replacement.

- Bin K

Heated seats and just press a button to move my seat.

I love that my car is large and luxurious, and I often get compliments from others. When there are no mechanical issues, it runs great and smooth. I feel relaxed when I drive it too. What I do not like, is that due to its age, it is starting to cost me lots of repairs like wiring, tires, engine issues.

- Ro P

Cadillac series reviews..

battery problems mostly, not a lot of it tho. The car is nice and large enough to fit my child seat. The seat button movement are great and the radio is great also. I think most people would like it if they gave the car a chance. Even though the battery can run out VERY fast you just can't leave it on.

- Janice M

19-year-old car works great still

My car really hasn't caused me any problems. I've had to replace the brakes. The AC needs to be recharged. Some seats and windows do not work. The electric has gone out on them. The CD player doesn't work. The heater works great. The Winchell wipers are good. Radio is great. Cruise control works.

- Taylor B

It's like driving on a leather cloud, but having to pay a lot for it.

It's a good car, but the gas mileage sucks on it but that's a given, it being a "luxury" car. It has 4 seat warmers, 2 up front and 2 in back. Very spacious, but the leather wares a lot if your not careful with it. If I could change one thing about it, it would definitely be the gas mileage.

- Cheyenne H

the comfortable ride, very smooth on roads with bumpiness

As an 18 year old car, I am very comfortable driving it. Nice interior, smooth ride. The dashboard models are too expensive to fix, so that is a complaint..the warning prompts come up when the roads are wet, several warning lights come on, which are false, not practical to fix in an old car

- Joyce M

It is 2018 and the car is from 2000 and it runs very well.

Back window wont roll down, door handle is broken with same window. Original hubcaps are gone. Leather is starting to pull up. One of the small lights on the front inside is broken. Ac does not work on drivers side. The passenger seat starts to move if you sit down quickly onto it.

- Joan B

Seats 3 and the back you lay down since no seats.

Love how it only seats total of 3. 2 In front and 1 in back but have to lay down. A lot of people stare as I drive down the road. Gas I️ s not too bad. My kids hate it and would not be caught dead in it. No air in back only front. Has a plex glass that divides the front and back.

- Sarah M

Caddys are just that a caddy.

Window motors seem to be the number 1 issue I've replaced 2 and have one out now. And coolant sensor is out as with a lot of other caddis. Runs good and drives smoothly. It has 12 volt power at every door so plenty phone charge stations. Gets good gas mileage for a v8.

- Cassandra K

Drives smooths, good ac and heat. Good radio. Low mileage.

Gas tank is huge so changes from empty to full. It takes a long time to heat up. The brakes slip a little. Windshields are not strong. It drives smooth. Oils been change it might need a tune up soon. It's a clean car. Only had one owner. Has less than 100k miles.

- Nicholas A

My Cadillac gets me where I need to be.

No problems normal wear and tear. Vehicle runs smoothly with standard service. Runs well on the freeways better than some newer models. Would not sell or trade. Have taken long trips in it and its held up well. Even has a camera up in front of the engine.

- Pearl E

White exterior blue interior

Smooth ride classic car it's a time machine. Absolutely beautiful! No issues with the vehicle regular maintenance is a must. Beautiful blue interior white exterior. White wall wheels all original everything. No accidents excellent handling, v8 very fast,

- Cor O

What I love about my vehicle.

I never have any problems with this particular vehicle. It is very comfortable and reliable and I would recommend buying it to other people. The features are very efficient and effective. It is state of the art technology running inside of the vehicle.

- Hamid M

Very spacious and can adjust to whatever position.

It is the best car to have and travel with especially to work and then meeting the wife during lunch. Then going home and stopping to visit the mistress and makes it easier to hide the vehicle in the neighborhood.

- Eli R

It is practical and almost an antique. The gas is expensive, it only takes Premium.

I don't like that it has two doors. When needing maintenance, the parts and labor are expensive. I don't like that the air conditioning doesn't work. I like the smooth drive and size of the trunk.

- Katrina L

It is a front wheel drive car.

Great ride. Very safe. Very big. Very powerful. Has a lot of room for people, pet's, groceries. Also, can haul a lot of band gear. It is white so I get to wash it a lot.

- John H

The rims are very good looking.

It needs a paint job, and it has a new engine, tires, ball joints, and new wipers. It also needs inside roof paneling and needs new wiring for the door locks.

- Lilli E

It is good on gas. Strong motor. Reliable.

It is a great care just a little small. As long as you keep on maintenance it will last a long time. Parts are not very expensive either. Good on gas.

- Amanda V

Beautiful color. Hold gas great. Is fun to drive.

Its an awesome car. Fun to drive. Love having family and friends in car. Is well on mileage and perfect on speed. Coasts very well on the freeway.

- Shannon F

Affordable and easy to maintain and repair for DIY car people and used car enthusiasts.

Extremely reliable and comfortable. Cheap repairs for YouTube DIY people. Solid all around vehicle with all power features and comforts.

- Morgan J

She ain't fancy; she ol' reliable.

It is simply a car. It runs well. I got it used, it is 18 years old and still working. Reliable, but by no means fancy or eco friendly.

- Erica J

It a old car, and it a Cadillac, and I enjoy it.

Dislike to much gas, love the ride comfort beautiful car. Drive good on highway nice, and not to crank up in car a lot of room.

- Joyce H

I live the look of it the way it drives

It overheats, it is comfortable drives smooth needs a paint job and new tires the buttons for the truck and gas don't work

- Eda C

The drive is really smooth, it's like you're sailing in a boat.

Window Problems, Smooth Cruising, Comfortable seats, Front driving well water fillment issue, suspension issues as well.

- Peter C

Comfortable. Smooth. Reliable.

Suitable for 2. Always needs gas, very smooth, runs like a champ. Heated seats classic horn. Radio jamming.

- Beverly W

It's a nice smooth running vehicle.

I love that it's a Cadillac. I love the leather seats and sunroof. I love how everything is automatic.

- Ebony R