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Spacious comfort & reliability.

This is a great car. It is awesome for road trips and actually gets somewhat decent gas mileage on longer trips. The leather interior is very comfortable. There are also lots of secret compartments for keeping belongings hidden. There is a lot of leg and head room. It is very spacious. If it is all running well there are not many problems to deal with. However, the radiator is plastic and it cracks easily, so be prepared for that, and it is a costly fix. Also, the battery is under the back seat so it is a pain to jump start. We have gotten more than our money's worth and would like to purchase a newer model Cadillac.

- Lisa S

The compartments of a caddie.

There really are no problems. The drive is smooth. It has been a reliable car so far minor work so far I bought it from a used car salesman who gave me a pretty good deal on it. I think it is a very comfortable car nice leather seats cream color the car outer color is burgundy. The car has seat warmers, small sunroof, it has ashtray for those who smoke car charger radio, the driver seats adjust every time door are unlocked.3 people can sit in back if choose to if not there is a cup holder in the back as well it has a middle compartment in between the driver and passenger.

- marsha A

2001 Cadillac deville review and highlights.

This is a very reliable car. It's been running for 18 years. It has had some maintenance done. Maintenance can be costly, but rare. It's a beautiful car with leather and wooden interior. The car has heated seats which are a plus if you live somewhere cold. The center console folds up to allow for a third passenger to sit in the front row. Just as well, the middle seat in the back row can convert into an armrest, complete with plenty of storage space and two cup holders. The trunk is very large. The car is good on gas mileage.

- Lindsay S

Carol the same time, the more you know what you think about it, I think I have e.

The car is more import need to be able to get it right now, but it does not seem to be any different from that of the most popular connection for the first time since the beginning of the season in a way that is the case, and the other hand, if the person who has been on the market today and the second half.

- Sam S

My 2001 Cadillac is awesome.

Vehicle is overall good. Only problems that occur with my Cadillac is the wheel bearings need occasional replacing. I switched from regular oil changes and now go full synthetic. The synthetic oil prolongs my engine life for a high mileage vehicle. My vehicle drive smooth and hugs the road perfectly.

- Catherine E

Car is a good car but has minor problems any car would have.

Problems I have had is the overheating engine performance wise it runs smooth it is reliable and has good sound system. I love the heated seats it has it also has 6 disk CD changer,, good traction control switch, car gas good speed and just laid back style, the woman flock to the car.

- John D

Best car ever you will be very happy with your purchase.

My vehicle is a very smooth ride. I love the heated seats and great speakers to listen to my music to. I am never disappointed with this brand of car. Even though u should use best quality of gas it is worth the extra cost for a long lasting car. I can't wait to repaint my car pink.

- Melissa O

This car has been dependable ride for seventeen years.

I inherited this car when my mother passed away. Though it has fewer than 66,000 it is considered to be in fair shape because it is a "flood car." It runs well, though there are a few issues that should be dealt with. I keep it because it reminds me of my mother.

- Norma A

Vehicle needs and maintenance.

Due to being an older vehicle it has cosmetic damage and needs a new transmission. The vehicle rides smooth and brakes work great. Radio works fine. Inside needs detailing though. Other than that there's really not much else that needs to be done with said vehicle.

- Brittany B

It is in very good condition for the year.

Vehicle is in pretty good shape. It has 50, 000 miles on it. I have never had any problems with it. Just had to replace carburetor a few times. I have had one leak in all the time I have the car. Powering steering fluid has been replaced multiple times as well.

- Emery B

My vehicle is great and ready for the road all the time.

Greetings, I have a 2001 Cadillac Deville. I have to replace wheel bearings time to time. Over all the vehicle runs and drives super great. The vehicle has an all the works such as heated seats, on star, Bose system and power everything. I love this car.

- Wayne W

Comfortable seating rear and front.

Most comfortable seats ever with heating. Has needed repairs because it is a 2001. But it has not been hard to find someone who. Can do the repairs they are expensive though. Once fixed it is definitely reliable we have 125k miles on the car as of today.

- Jean S

If you can drive a Cadillac.

It's straight up awesome. In every way I have no complaints get gas mileage. Rides like a dream. Very roomy and comfortable all the gadgets you need in a car are easy to work and within reach. No problems easy to maintain.

- Carol P

Cadillac does not maintain good control on electric windows.

Recently had to replace rack & pinion. Need struts & shock absorbers because auto continually tries to adjust leveling. The passenger electric window needs replacing. Other than above items smooth riding car.

- David M

It is an all beige and beige on the inside. The seats are also beige.

Right now it has no problem at the moment. It is running good. I change the oil every morning and when something needs to be change I do it right away.

- Carla L

It is very dependable & stylish.

It's a great car however things go out on it very fast. Within a few weeks of getting something done I need it done again. Otherwise a great vehicle.

- Vanessa G

My Catty Cadillac My car gets me around very well. It has a smooth ride and a strong engine comfortable seats nice sound system plenty of legroom great steering base.

I love my car, it drives well and has luxury appointments, good sound system, comfortable seats, plenty of leg space, easy steering, strong engine.

- Sandra C

It is reliable and gets me where I need to be.

Although my vehicle is 17 years old, it still rides as smooth as any new car. My only complaint might be the age...wish it were a newer model

- Douglas t

I like to drive it and would recommend it.

Is a good car, reliable. I have no problems with it. There I could. I like to drive it. I would recommend this car if somebody ask me.

- Ana P

it's an amazing car buy 10

I really love this car We drive it everyday it does overheat a little bit and the gas meter is broken but it drives good.

- David W

It is very heavy, hard to go and stop like trucks.

I do like it's comfort. It is all inclusive for me. It has radio, cd player and cassette player. It is wonderful for me.

- Kristin K

It was made by people who care about their job my car is hugs the road it's great.

I love my car it drives better than any car I have ever had. The only thing is if something goes wrong it cost a lot.

- Diana W

Pretty good condition and will be satisfied in how it runs and looks

My Cadillac is in good shape needs just minor repairs but it will get you to and from wherever you need to go

- Deonte B

This car was made to last.

Amazing car. For it to be over 17 years old it still runs amazing and could not imagine not having this car.

- Mary S

It's just a very good car takes me everywhere am very satisfied.

It's a very good car, got to repair my front left strut, water leak, brakes, paint job, repair new rag top.

- Florencio P

Amazing would recommend to all

It is an amazing car. Even to be so old it runs amazing and we have had no real problems out of the car.

- Mary W



- james R

Suspension is stiff and it sits low is what should be known

Ruff and bumpy ride is what I dislike. Love the bells and whistles

- Michelle M

Cadillac luxury normally vary expensive to maintain and drive

I like the comfort.the way it drives and how you feel

- Devin V