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It is the best car on the road!

I love my Cadillac. It is the best car on the road. I get compliments on it all the time. I like it because it is big, fast, powerful. I feel safe in it, even when I am on the expressway in heavy traffic. It is a wonderful car to drive--it "floats. " Gm put all their best parts and their top engineering into this car. My 2002 is a better car than my 2006. It is bigger, heavier, more solid. The interior--seats, doors, dashboard --are better quality. The 2006 seems to be a slightly lesser quality. But I love them both.

- Mary B

This is Not your daddy's Caddy

I really enjoy my Cadillac. My car runs great, gets decent gas mileage and has a lot of room. Cadillacs are definitely passenger vehicles, no seat is uncomfortable, and it is a smooth ride. Except for some minor cosmetic issues mostly inside, this has been a great car to own. It has a lot of special features too, heated seats, driver's controls memory, backseat vanities, safety lights, removable window shades for the back n an extra roll up shade for rear windshield. Great reliable car.

- Sharon W

Cooling and heating seats

My car runs great especially out on the freeway. It feels like we are floating. I've not had any mechanical problems. I keep up the regular maintenance on it and she runs great. I really love the heating and cooling seats. And just found out that when u turn on the seat settings and have the heating or cooling system on and have the vents blowing there is air that blows the middle of your back. I live in Arkansas where that is very appreciated in our hot summers.

- Misty N

It is a black sedan with light interior trim.

The Northstar engine will have this car running forever as long as I maintain and keep oil in it on time. It is a smooth ride and a cruiser. The gauges on the tire pressure are a little old and show as errors on the dash, but I keep a close eye and fill them with air as needed. Other than that the stability system shows errors every once in a while but I believe it is just an issue with the sensor since it is an older vehicle.

- Alex S

Cadillac is a great car I hate the newer car there to small.

I love the Cadillac it very comfortable and I love the Dodge but its a single cab I wish it was four door Cadillac computer gave problem and. Dodge tac don't work has pick up when its not working. And fuel pump has to be change I thought to many time I love the power seat on driver side and both vehicle need better drink holder especially the Dodge drinks cup fall out when you turn corner.

- Rachel W

The little old redneck lady's red bomb.

I like my car because it has been very reliable, it is large enough to ride very comfortably which is important because I have had two back surgeries and two knee replacements. I also have two dogs that frequently travel with me and the leather seats are easy to clean and do not get ruined or stained. I also like the power it has, the pick up, the large trunk and I love the red color.

- Felicia T

The car looks nice but it one problem after another. Parts are costly.

a lot of oil maintenance. Brake caliper bolt danger. The bolt loosens and falls out. Parts on the caddy are like foreign prices. There are some good features like the on star. I locked my keys in the car and was stranded. They had a trial price. And I got it and they popped the lock instantly. It could have been worse but that was a good thing at the time.

- Duane T

2002 Cadillac Deville. Great car with many great options!

I have had no issues with this vehicle. It is so comfortable to drive and rides like a dream. It does use a little oil, but this is not bothersome and as long as you add oil nothing further happens. It gets decent mileage and currently has 110, 000 miles on it. I recently just purchased tires for it and I would keep this car until it goes no more.

- Seasons U

It�s Trash and undrivable half the time.

Bad transmission and engine overheats. Back window doesn't go up. Lots of mileage on it. Bad tire rods and needs a alignment. It's old and just runs really bad. Leaks oils and pretty much every form of liquid. Eats gas and oil. Radio is trash and the system in the car is bad. AC and heater doesn't work well if at all.

- Zachary S

Heated seats front and back

I love that Cadillac has heated seats on pretty much any vehicle years or younger. Cadillacs are always great for smooth driving you can't tell what how fast you're driving sometimes. Always an elegant look. Doesn't matter your age or career you can never go wrong with a Cadillac no matter the year.

- Samantha G

Very Reliable and Spacious

It is very comfortable and very spacious! Mine does have problems with air conditioning and my heat takes a while to start working. It is very reliable for how old it is and it takes me where I need to go. It does leak steering fluid but this varies depending on how well the car was taken care of.

- Sonia B

Comfortable ride, but high maintenance due to oil and mount issues. For a luxury car, high maintenance seems cheap and cheesy. Wouldn't recommend.

Uses a LOT of oil, which several mechanics have told us is typical for Caddys. Also, have to keep an eye on the engine mounts, because again, Caddy's tend to break there. Had to fix once already & we know previous owner did as well. Known problems shouldn't be allowed to continue - it's unethical.

- K C

my vehicle is a black 2002 Cadillac Deville. It has a oatmeal interior.

I really don't have anything bad to say about my car. I've always wanted it because my grandmother had the same car when I was younger so I decided to get one. As far as maintenance, As long as you keep checking everything and be on top of the problems then your car should run great

- Mike J

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is still an unfinished project.

I really really enjoy my current vehicle very much. I rides very well and the most vital parts are intact and functional. My only dislikes is its inside. It is a bit difficult to get the carpet as clean as I want it to be.

- Brandon L

While it is a luxury car, it was definitely designed for comfort.

I love how smooth it drives and how comfy it is. I like the technology in the vehicle and I like how much space it has. I do not like the cost of repairs and difficulty getting issues with the car diagnosed.

- Nikki S

Still very reliable surprisingly

It needs way to much fixed.it needs an ac compressor,motor mounts a sensor for the transmission but negligence it or not if it was fixed for about 500 out would be very nice and lots of luxury and features.

- Michael H

It's pick up speed and smooth ride along with the cooling and heat system.

I love the smooth ride and the automatic windows. The radio control buttons on the steering wheel along with the temperature controls on the steering wheel. I haven't really found anything to dislike.

- Peggy M

It is American made by Americans.

Very economical 21 miles per gallon of gas, nice and roomy I am a large person. Very powerful the v/8 engine makes passing safe and easy. It is also economical to operate.

- Emmanuel V

Car of my dreams and a wise purchase.

My car is the best I have ever owned. It's spacious, luxurious, and fully loaded. Other than routine maintenance, I have not had any problems with it.

- mark h

It is a trustworthy car company with a long history of car making.

I like that is very reliable and a beautiful color. I do not have a lot of mileage and it never breaks down. I know it will last a long time.

- Marjorie W

The gas mileage is not great. I usually get about 17 miles per gallon.

I love how comfortable the seats are and the smooth ride. I dislike the old technology and some of the electrical wiring is breaking down.

- Benjamin J

It gets me from point A to point B.

It has no a. C. Needs an oil change. Two broken doors. Two broken windows. Needs new brakes. Overheats. And has horrible gas mileage.

- Brittany W

Very dependable and comfortable. It doesn't have a great turning radius

I love the dependable of this vehicle and the stereo system. IT IS good on snow and ice.i bought is used and love it for travel

- Sherry P

It is an old car that will run well.

The gas mileage is poor. The electrics have many problems. The moon roof is not working. The air conditioning is not working.

- Benjamin J

Power seats and windows are a must

Lots of room and big. Leather seats are a must have and the power seat features are amazing. Along with the power windows

- Sara S

I had it 16 years I bought it brand new, I've taken I think really good care of it

I love the smooth ride I love how much room I have I love luxury cars dislike the car much older but still rides good

- wanda t

This car can ride very smoothly. Takes turns nicely.

I like my car because it rides very smoothly. I dislike the cost of parts. I hope to sell my car for a Lincoln soon

- Jonathon K

The original intake manifold is prone to cracks.

Uses a lot of gas... But rides smooth.. That is all I have to say.. Well one more thing, it is costly to repair..

- Arlene M

It's fast fun to drive cool looking and has great gas mileage for me.

I don't have any complaints it's a great car the few problems it has are easy to fix and mostly affordable.

- Chris S

it drives great in comfort

i love the interior leather. i love the ride. it is wonderful to drive. it actually gets 20 mpg plus.

- skidney P

Has a lot of computer controlled accessories, which can cause problems.

It is extremely comfortable and feels safe. It gets 25 mpg on the highway. It looks like a nice car.

- Hugh R

it's fun to drive and I would recommend it to my friends and family

it's a fun little car I enjoy it I rarely ever have any complaints its sporty and cool

- taighan M

The one most important thing to know about my car right now is that the passenger door window motor doesn't work and I can't get the window to roll up.

It is an older vehicle and it uses oil and at the moment has a coolant leak.

- Tim T

Seats are great! We enjoy the space in the overall car. Including the trunk size

I don't like the gas.mileage, or the loud ac. It's a comfortable car though

- Briana P

It's fun to drive and it speaks to who i am

i like my car it runs great i got a great deal on it It's fun to drive

- taighan s

very expensive maintenance but otherwise it's a nice car to drive

parts too expensive but otherwise i love the vehicle

- Joyce W

I've driven a Cadillac since 1984 and love the comfortable and smooth ride it always gives. I've owned several brand new caddies, including this one. Would love to have a new one, but this one is just broke in with only 50000 some miles on it.

This is a one owner, low mileage, very clean auto.

- Linda F

That it's a good, strong car with character

Easy to fix, runs well and is comfortable.

- Mortimer J

You can look at your tire pressure for each wheel, oil life, gas you've used.

- Catherine H