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Cadillac: an outstanding ride!

I love my Cadillac Deville. It has lots and lots of awesome features, and a wonderful hardtop tan roof (not to mention a sunroof!) The only thing that I have to say that is bad about it is the gas mileage. The car's size is wedged between a normal 4-door sedan and one of those giant monte Carlos from back in the day, but with all the space I get from the car I am okay with the gas mileage. And the trunk is huge!

- Thomas I

Performs as well as 2018. Body still beautiful.

Car performs like any luxury car. It is loaded with moonroof, leather seats and warmer. This car is very reliable. It starts in minus 30 every time. . Problems include routine maintenance such as regular oil changes, bought vogue tires 3 times, had to replace alternator. This car run so smoothly you barely feel road bumps. It has 13000 mile and can anywhere with high degree of reliability. Best car owned.

- Lisa L

It has not broken down after 200, 000+ miles.

It rides really smooth. It is had a few issues though. The CD player does not work and it always says the coolant is low. It goes through oil. The brake pads seem to wear down quickly. Had to replace the ac blower motor and the windshield wiper motor. After a new oil filter was put in the average mile per gallon went down and has stayed down since. It does not get the best mileage per gallon.

- Andrea A

That logo. Cadillac cannot miss with it.

It is an extremely cozy car. Horrendously drinks gasoline. 15mpg. Great on highways. Impossible to flip a U-turn. Huge car. Same length as Chevy suburban. You'll get compliments on it because it is a Cadillac. My ladies like it because it is so comfortable but they're intimidating from driving it so they do not drive it because of it not being a Honda Civic or some small car.

- Dee W

Smooth ride. Unbelievable comfort.

The car is extremely x. Comfortable to ride it. This car is great on gas mileage. This car has never had one single maintenance problem since me and my fiancé have owned it. The back seat is extremely comfortable. The paint job on my car is 15 years old and looks brand new still. My sons love the comfort of this whole car. This car rides as smooth as silk.

- Sam B

Not a huge fan of this vehicle as it has many problems.

My car is undrivable as the frame rusted through. I did like the heated seats however some of them did not work. One of the windows is stuck in the down position. Another problem is the sunroof, it does not work at all and we cannot figure out why. The heated side view mirror burned and turned the glass black.

- Ashley H

Cadillac Deville: it drinks gas like a Sherman tank but it is worth it!

I have just recently purchased the car (secondhand) and it has shown a few odd things here and there, but I believe that is just due to age. Overall I am overjoyed with the car, and feel it is the best car I have ever owned! It handles incredibly, and has so many cool features, not to mention a ton of space!

- Thomas J

More comfort for less money.

It is very smooth and comfortable ride. Really love the heated seats. It has not required much as far as maintenance goes. Nothing beyond standard routine care. I get pretty good mileage for the size of the car. I wish the dashboard had more information, but that may just be because it is an older vehicle.

- Shirley R

2003 Cadillac Seville overheating problems.

Has problems with overheating, have replaced thermostat spark plugs air filter and still did not fix the problem. Flushed radiator two times the only thing that wasn't done was replacing the coil pack. Other than the radiator problem the car is great comfortable to ride in very smooth very roomy.

- Lee D

Classic beauty and luxury on wheels.

I love that my 2003 Cadillac still has the classic body style and elegance known to the brand. Has a v8 engine and purrs like a kitten, no outside or road noise, which affords a pleasant road trip. Many amenities not expected in a car of that year. Can easily compete with today's luxury cars.

- Serena P

Red with green and black trim, the original rims and only goodyear tires,. Lea.

It is a great automobile. It gets me to and from. Parts are expensive though. Great on gas. Smooth rider. Environmental friendly. The older the model the better the car. It compliments just about any occasion. Be sure to get your oil change on time. If the engine goes out the car is useless.

- Courtney B

2003 Cadillac Deville birthrate engine overheating problem.

Very smooth ride lots of room. Does have overheating problems if I do not excel over 50 mph it will not overheat other than that it is a fantastic vehicle. I like that I can see the error codes on the dash but it seems that it is always the same ones showing even after clearing them.

- Grammy G

Awesome after 15 years and just as comfortable as new.

Exterior color is still rich after 15 years, but the caddy was stored under a carport. Reliability is excellent except for the normal wear and tear and keeping the fluids and oil changed. Leather interior with all the comforts as standard features. V8 engine with average 20 mph.

- Robert L

The Cadillac is very reliable and I will continue to purchase them!

I love it. Trunk is not as big as my 1999 but still good size. I do not like the column shift. I like the programming for different drivers. The heat and air work great. The seats are comfortable and I like the heat and lumbar. I would buy a Cadillac again and I have!

- Sue J

The defrost icon directs the air to the windows so that the road is clear.

It is good and I like that the interior is comfortable enough plus the leg room is adjustable and the defrost helps in cold weather for example if the fog is bothering your windows and making driving difficult the air conditioning can actually help in that regard.

- Robin A

Pearl in color, smooth ride, but the steering is a bit loose. Has a lot of play in the wheel.

My car is nice, has no body issues. At times it flashes a code for stability, still unsure what that is, it never does it when I take it to a mechanic. The over all ride is smooth. It's a V8 so the mpg could be a lot better for someone like me income wise.

- Ashlyn C

Keep checking the check the engine light.

It very slow Cadillac mess up easily do to the type of car it is. Be very careful keep car up to date with check lights. Everything else is pretty good with the car miles can exceed over 200, 000 with constant checks. The engine runs pretty good and quiet.

- Ls L

Dependability and smooth noise free drive.

My 2003 Cadillac Deville is super comfortable, I love the heated seats, handling is a breeze. I like the climate control a/c. It is extremely dependable. Preset seat adjustments are a must when others drive your car. Smooth and no road noise.

- Elaine H

The comfortable ride and safety because it is so big.

I love the comfort, size, luxury features. My husband and I love to travel and this is the car we drive to travel. It is a dependable car, smooth ride. The leather seats are heated so in the winter when I am cold I use the a lot.

- Maria P

Cadillacs are still classy!

Uses oil once a week because of its age. Great riding and driving. All the bells and whistles. Love the heated heats. If you don't take care of the leather seats, they will split. Cadillacs last forever if taken care of.

- Sandra S

It's a great comfortable stylish vehicle.

My car is stylish and so very comfortable. . I love the driver settings it auto seat adjust is so nice. . The heated seats are amazing. . The big: roomy trunk is so useful. . The stereo system is astounding. .

- Tammy J

The gas mileage is good. It has 45 miles in a gallon.

I like all the features that come installed in it. The interior is good and it has great gas mileage. No complaints I have for this vehicle yet, I've had for 5 months and runs good.

- Tim B

The make and model is very attractive look.

At this time, the air condition system is cooling on better on one side of the car. The car balancing is not good. The break traction lights is spelled out on dashboard.

- Jo H

The seats are some of the most comfortable seats you can find in a car.

It has gone through the test of time and still working good. It has recently been stalking but with a bit of warming up the car first it works just fine.

- Erik S

High mileage performance!

I bought this car new in 2003 and it has always given me great service and now has over 200,000 miles and still giving great service.A very smooth ride.

- joann k

It is a car that is very sensitive and you have to put a lot of care into it.

The car I currently own is expensive to repair. My car uses up a lot of gas because it is big. What I love about my car is the space and comfort.

- Angela A

It is very gas eating. Be careful and remember to double to cost of gas.

It is amazing for its price and is very steady and will never fail. I love it because it also looks cool which is also very important to me:).

- John S

Get good tires make sure to keep up on alignments.

It is old but comfortable.It will not make another long trip,it is trustworthy only around town. The AC quit working a few years ago.

- Lisa W

How it has a really smooth ride and is very comfortable

I really like my Cadillac. It's extremely comfortable and rides really nice. It has great features. It does use a lot of gas though.

- Molly J

Nice looking car that rides and has a lot of zoom!

It's an amazing car until something goes wrong and it is very expensive to have worked on. It rides amazing and have tons of power!

- Jon B

It is a very reliable car it is just unappealing.

It's a big car and it takes up a lot of space. It also uses a lot of gas. But it is very comfortable and a smooth ride. I love it.

- Molly K

It is spacious very roomy.

I like how comfy it is and the sound system is pretty good too... I do not like how low it ride nor the mileage in gas I get..

- Kaitlyn M

Gets good gas mileage and if any recall they treat you awesome at the dealership.

Large inside easy to get in and out! Smooth drive. Is very comfortable to ride if. Big back seat so comfy for riders.

- Tammy S

It is a good dependable car.

I like that it is a smooth ride. I do not like that it does not have better gas mileage though. It is a good car.

- Clifford W

I love the leather seats.

Living in Hawaii is great. Making yourself look great with a fancy car gets a lot of attention - which I enjoy.

- Sara H

It is comfortable to drive, and for the winter it has heated seats..

It is very comfortable to drive I love that it has heated seats for the winter. It does use way too much gas.

- Millie B

Cadillac name and performance in this particular model.

This car is the luxury end of the Deville's when I bought it. It is an excellent riding and driving car.

- Ron G

It's a larger car so I feel It's safer if you should get into an accident

I love the space it has inside, the smoothness of how it rides and how large the trunk is for storage

- Barbara b

It's a very well made automobile, very fuel efficient and comfortable.

It's very comfortable. The Northstar V8 engine is very fuel efficient. I feel very safe driving it.

- Vaughn S

Rides smooth and drives good.

This model of Cadillac is made with northstar engine and have been known to go out with no warning.

- Jim Q

It the only car I will ever own I don't intend to ever buy another car

I like the old style since I have had it for a very long time sometimes I have to get new parts

- will W

240,000 miles and still giving good service. Good gas mileage.

Like my car even though it is old it still brings me where I wish to go.

- Joan K

I don't like it. It is uncomfortable. It leaks oil. It is very old. I would like a new car. I can not afford it.

I would like a new car. It sometimes works well and other time doesn't.

- Angie H

very comfortable, strong runner, reliable, plush accessories, good mpg for the size, good style, easy access to the interior, comfortable to drive

it is a very comfortable car that is a pleasure to drive

- Mike T