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2004 Cadillac pros and cons.

Very comfortable car! Lumbar support can position seat ever so slightly for a perfect conformity. Heated steering wheel is a plus. Very smooth ride even on rough roads. Handles well in rain and snow. Can seat 5 people comfortably. Air conditioned seats or heat for all passengers. Great for a backache. Inside interior is sleek and complimentary. Chargers for phone for rear passengers along with air conditioning and heat adjustment. . Downfall repairs can be pricey. Car needs oil check especially with high mileage travel. Known for oil leaks and pricey sensors. Some repairs can be difficult to get to parts. Battery in back seat. Blower motor for heat and air calls for removal of glove box. Rotors replacement very common. Brake fluid continuously flows carrying debris that pivot rotors. So far I have never replaced brake shoes in which I have driven 50,000 miles. Throttle sticking can be a problem. But if you love your car then it is all worth it.

- Barbara S

Great riding Cadillac deville with chrome wheels.

I love it. I need to replace a power steering pump but otherwise it is great. It is comfortable, luxurious and looks great but most of all it rides like a dream. Cannot complain at all. Very happy. It has low miles for its age, not in bad shape interior or exterior wise, very clean, and lots of space to stretch out and also load and unload things for trips and purchases which is a big bonus for me.

- Mickey W

Cadillac is the sleek dependable car you are looking for.

I love the reliability, comfort and sleek look of my vehicle and look to continue driving it for years to come. I have spent a minimal amount on repairs since I have had it aside from the oil changes and new tires as needed. It is a heavier car which makes me feel more safe and the brand Cadillac speaks for itself. I purchased this car because I knew it would last longer than most other brands.

- Patricia M

The pros and cons of owning a Cadillac.

It is a large vehicle which can be a blessing or a curse. Safer on the road, more difficult to park. It is fairly easy to maintain as long as you keep current with oil changes and basic maintenance chores. I have not had too many issues with this vehicle. When it breaks down it does need immediate attention. It is an older vehicle that has stood the test of time.

- Lisa S

Wonderful car to drive both in the city and on the highway.

Gas gauge doesn't work. Console lid broke. Car is very reliable, gets 18 mpg average. The v8 makes it a dream on the highway. Comfort is great in the front and back seats. Both front seats is heated with three temp. Options. Each seat in front has it is own temperature choices. Glovebox is big and holds a lot. Heated steering wheel is nice in cold weather.

- Julie B

Good car, some sensor issues.

This car has been very reliable. The average gas mileage is 20 miles per gallon. The temperature sensor for the ac/heater is broken, and the gas gauge malfunctions when the gas range is below about 80 miles. I have to be careful not to get too low on gas since the gauge is not accurate. Overall, it has been a fine car with no critical issues.

- Jessica M

Why I like my 2004 gray Deville.

Drives good, feels good to ride in, started to have some minor problem because of age. Has four tire that are ok. Conditioning still work very good, keep car cold. Like radio still work also have a great wrap around sound system. The only thing do not like about this car was that it was made by general motor, which stole money from people.

- Roland L

Oh yeah, the seat can warm up or cool down good feature to have with leather seats.

I had an air flow sensor going out but the good thing is it gave me a year to go out but I replaced it before that it's a really comfortable rides fast v8 engine lots of room on the inside only thing is when something goes out you have to take it to a mechanic. But all an all a very reliable car I would buy another Cadillac.

- Scott R

I love how it drives, it is so smooth.

I love my car. It drives really smooth, is very reliable, and I love the heated steering wheel. It has normal car problems for a car it is age, especially considering it recently reached 200,000 miles. The antifreeze chamber thing has a leak, and I do not know how to deal with that but otherwise everything is great.

- Rachel G

It is has one of the ten best engines in the world

It has a nice ride, most functions are automatic so it's less for me to remember, it has rear seat climate control, it has a built in cell phone which gets better service than my smart phone, it is a mobile hotspot so I can use my tablets in the car. I haven't found anything I dislike about it yet

- Robert B

A smooth ride on any type of pavement.

It's a great car to have, but the gas mileage is horrible. If you get into an accident, I would hope you have insurance because replacement parts for a Cadillac are not cheap whatsoever. Very smooth handling. Good gas mileage on the highway though. Great music system with heated and cooling seats.

- Brandon W

The interior is comfortable with plenty of room for other passengers.

I love the performance of my Cadillac, in the 4 years that I have owned it I have had very few problems. The engine runs very nice as long as you take care to look after it with regular oil changes and checks. I always feel very safe while driving my car and the interior is comfortable too.

- Chloe T

Expensive repairs, bottoms out easily.

My main issue with this vehicle is that when anything goes wrong, it costs a lot more than normal to replace it. Even small repairs add up. The second most annoying thing is that the car rides so low that it bottoms out very easily, sometimes even taking a corner on a slight incline.

- Seth B

Perfect for me. My Cadillac is one of the best cars I have ever owned.

My Cadillac is the most comfortable ride. Very smooth and quiet. All electric such as windows and seats. Leather seats. . Electric locks and temperature control. I bought it used and had to have some repairs done. I also bought new tires and rims. It is the perfect car for me.

- Roxanne G

The advantages of owning a Cadillac Deville.

I have loved all the features on my 2004 Cadillac Deville. It has heated seats in all seats power windows. Lets you know your tires need air or any fluids are low. Besides all that it runs smooth and is a comfortable. Its has easy access to the truck and great security.

- Angela M

Sleek silver Cadillac, skimming down the road.

Reliable daily driver. Has heated and cooled seats. Problems were bearings on one side. Comfortable. Also some problems with small animals getting into air conditioning and needing to be removed. Good tires and ice cold ac and really warm cabin. Defroster works well.

- Helen W

Very reliable, comfortable

Comfort is a big thing when travelling from work and to school. The area I reside in is a small location so I have to drive a hour and back. I've never had a problem with this car besides breaks change and regular maintenance. Very reliable family car.

- Robert T

It is dependable and it is a very comfortable vehicle

I bought the car about 2 years ago, with about 80,000.00 miles on it. I have driven it about 35,000 miles and this week was the first time I needed work on it. I got new front brake pads and rotors plus new wheel bearings. I am very happy with this car

- Bart D

Technology sucks, here's why.

It is ok I guess. . But it has to many sensor issues especially after 100, 000 miles. . . I bought it used at 12 yrs old at 123, 000 miles. It has an oil leak in 3 places. Cost $1100 in engine work. 2 oxygen sensors at $100 each.

- Misty M

I got a very good buy when I bought this car.

Comfortable and reliable bought used about 2 years ago. For the first time I had to get some work done on it. I needed front brakes and rotors. I also needed to get new wheel bearings.

- Bart D

We've had to fix the air conditioner twice in the last year.

I like that there is lots of room and everything works most of the time. I don't like the make and model of the car overall, but can't argue over a nice, good working, free vehicle.

- Mary G

It is paid for and I do not want anymore car payments.

I like everything about my car. I truly enjoy the luxury. And there are no issues with it. It is really great for the long trips.

- Robert S

A brief overview of the 2004 DeVille

While it does have a particularly quirky electronic system, the Deville offers quite a comfortable ride in a powerful package.

- Joseph D

Parts and service are a premium cost secondary to brand /complexity of the car.

The safety of size and the over the road comfort are the likes. Dislikes would be cost of parts/service and economy.

- James R

very comfy and dependable

Love it. only problem ever had was motor to one window burned out and the window wouldn't stay up.but was easy fix

- Diane S

Comfort and many luxury items.

My large car has be been a minivan alternative for many year. . It. Drives smooth. And comfortable and fits 6.

- Maria C

Very comfortable ride. Uses 7.5 quarts of oil and will last 7000 miles.

Luxurious and very smooth ride. Expensive repairs, window motor costs $500. Very large interior and trunk.

- Janes S

Easy rider..Floats well, handles well, reasonable on fuel.

Kind of easy driver. Stylish and good looking.... Expensive to maintain. Electronics are costly to repair.

- Jeff B

its comfortable when traveling. it is a pretty white pearl color.

my Cadillac is comfortable on long trips.it's pretty good on gas mileage. I just love everything about it.

- katherine w

Great vehicle is well maintained.

Need to keep up with the maintenance. Tune ups needed for vehicle to run smoothly. Some suspension issues.

- Rick L

That if you get a Cadillac buy it new.

I like it because it a Cadillac and what I dislike I got a oil leak and my back window won't come down.

- Jeffery I

It runs very nicely. It gets me to and from my destination.

I like the comfort. I like the ride. I like the gas mileage. I dislike the cost of repairs.

- Red M

The engine is hard to work on and requires to take to a mechanic for most fixes.

Ride very good and has a large interior. Gets good gas mileage for its size.

- Richard P

Power steering is out and exhaust has smoke coming out.

My car rides smooth. But uses a lot of gas. And is expensive to fix.

- Joshua E

They should know that our car is easy to use and excellent condition

Its excellent to drive, Good condition Easy to use

- Phearly F

I love the car. However it is old and has way too much mileage. It is beginning to cost more than it is worth.

It is very comfortable to drive and rides smoothly.

- Jane B