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Great features! Rides like a gem, but repairs and maintenance can be expensive.

My Cadillac dots is awesome. It has all the best luxury features like heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, and automatic start. All of these features are awesome for me because I live in Minnesota and the weather is crazy. It also handles and drive so smoothly which is great for our terrible construction and roads. The car does not have too many problems, it had one owner before us and they took good care of it. We have needed to do some repairs sense we purchased it a year and half ago but it has not been anything too out of the norm for typical maintenance for a vehicle. Only downside is that Cadillac's are more expensive than other cars in almost every way. So oil changes and repairs are going to cost you more than if you drive a Toyota, but we really like our features.

- Jessica L

Nice and runs pretty well for a 2006.

I have had my car for almost 6 months now. It has a big gas tank which is pricey to fill up but lasts about a week at a time. The leather seats are nice for cold fall mornings because they heat. The heated steering wheel is one of my favorite and most used features because it can be cold on my way to work in the morning. One issue I have had I might say is on a cold fall morning (lower than 32 degrees) I went to go insert my key into my manual lock to unlock it, as my key fob was dead, and it was frozen so it was locked shut. Took awhile to unthaw. Cruise control works nicely, wish it had Bluetooth stereo, but AUX works just fine. Hoping it performs well this upcoming winter.

- Justin M

Comfortable and smooth riding.

I have a spot of rust coming on the car door. The car sensors are telling me that something is wrong with the brakes and traction control. I have had this looked at before and just had the brakes repaired less than a year ago. They have been making noises ever since. Also the tire pressure sensors were not set for the correct tires. I am not sure how this happened. The car is very comfortable to drive and ride in. It gets ok mileage but it would be nice if I would get more miles per gallon.

- Kimberly S

My golf caddy. It is sporty but classy.

Right now a tire sensor is an issue. The one that tells you if air is needed. It keeps telling me that one side needs attention, and it will not register the air pressure in the rear wheels. It performs well as far as handling and acceleration. Zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds. Comfortable seating, controls on the steering wheel is a plus. Handles well. Rides smoothly at a steady speed. Leather seats, carpet, rearview mirror.

- Carmen L

Features of the Cadillac dts. You'll love every detail of this great vehicle.

I really love my Cadillac dts. It rides so comfortably, so smoothly, the leg room front and back is incredibly spacious. Huge trunk room, convenient electric seats, awesome radio and dash controls, and just the right size steering wheel make operating the vehicle a breeze. Large capacity center storage/armrest, and glove compartment to hold all your special needs, maps, and gadgets.

- Suzanne B

She's gorgeous, reliable and fits my unique personality.

I have always loved Cadillac vehicles ever since I purchased my first one with my husband 19 years ago. We enjoy the luxurious interior and all the extras amenities. Such as the individual seat control settings, heating and cooling massage controls. It rides like a dream and is beautiful to look at.

- Tammy R

The tire rims tend to wear down and contribute to leaking tires.

I really love this car, it is the second one I have owned just like it. It is super comfortable, and handles very well, and is fun to drive. The things that I think are the biggest negatives, though, is that both of my dts have had issues with the tire rims degrading, leading to annoying air leaks.

- Kate S

Luxury at an affordable price. Handicapped friendly.

This is my third Cadillac. There are always minor issues with the electrical stuff. Cigarette lighters stop working. The seat warmers in the backseat fail on occasion. For all the quirks, I would still buy another one. The reliability of the motor and transmission are outstanding.

- Correct your spelling O

Others should know that my car drives very well.

1. I like that I have a car and it gets me and family where we have to go. 2. I like that there is enough room in the car for my family. 3. I like that my Cadillac is great for traveling. 4. The only thing I dislike about my car is the gas I use is expensive.

- Daphne F

My love/ hate relationship with my DTS

The car is super comfortable but the driver's side headlight flashes on and off even after changing the ballast. There are also other maintenance problems with the suspension, the plugs, and the motor mounts. I love the car but hate the drama I have with it.

- Audrey E

If you can afford to buy one it is worth the drive.

Expensive to maintain. Most of the maintenance has to be done by the dealer. Beautiful to drive. Gas mileage is decent for the size of the vehicle and motor size. Some problems with oil usage as the vehicle gets older. Rides smoothly down the average road.

- Mary E

It has a smooth ride even at low speeds.

I like that it is a fairly safe car. I don't like that it is not as safe as some other cars. The electrical system has had problems. Data from others with this type of car shows that this car has above average problems with the electrical system.

- j H

It is worth the money and time.

I really do like my car, I am happy that this is the one I chose to purchase. The interior is easy to clean, looks great, and is often complimented on. The car still looks great even after all the years and has held up well too.

- Grace H

You should know that it is a luxury vehicle. The maintenance and operation are a little pricey. If you can't afford "nice" don't get a Cadillac DTS. If you can afford "nice' this is the car.

This is a beautiful car. It rides smooth, it runs great, tons of power and it's as comfortable as it gets. The only downside is that it does burn through the petrol. That's why it only gets 4 out of 5. It's a beautiful car.


The comfort of a Cadillac.

It has very comfortable seating, heated seats for the winter. Chilling AC for the summer. Very comfortable and roomy. and has an amazing sound system and more space in the trunk than I have ever seen before.

- Amy H

It is a good car and it as it has been maintained and it gets good mileage

It is a good car having had only minor problems IT is a pearly white color so it is a pretty car. it gets good mileage. Having looked at newer models I find I will keep my car for several more years.

- Patricia T

It is still in great shape but we do garage keep it. Not too bad gas mileage on a trip for an eight cylinder 26 mpg.

I love the look of the car and the style. The car is 12 years old and have had no trouble with it except a water pump hose got a small hole in it and we had it replaced. What more can you ask of a car.

- Rhonda k

Reliable and lasts a long time as long as they are taken care of.

I love the smooth ride; the extra features; and the gas mileage I get for a large car. I love the large trunk and the large back seat with plenty of legroom. I do not have any dislikes.

- Jan M

Gets great gas mileage and has good pickup for such a small car.

Smooth ride, comfortable seats, quiet engine. don't like that they are not making them like they used to. The seats in the newer models aren't as comfortable as in the older models..

- Josephine D

Others should know that Toyota's are a very reliable and safe car.

It is big, fast, and powerful. It is a beautiful car. It is the best car on the road. I feel safe when driving it. People have complimented me on having such a beautiful car.

- Mary B

I enjoy driving it. Hard to keep speed down though because it likes to go

The cadillac is a very smooth ride and because it is older it's still luxurious but not all the bells and whistles the newer models have, however its not great on gas mileage

- deby c

Northstar V8 engine that will leave in the dust

Well made car and reliable.Strong Northstar engine so you will never have lack of power.Handles well and is luxurious enough to be good for a long haul

- Barbro K

If you need speed this is the car to get.

It was an used car, great leg space for person with long legs. 'I'm 6/6 inches tall sound system. Is awesome, this car will get up go I love this car.

- Selena F

Large trunk and smooth ride makes carrying virtually anything a breeze

Big car ride and comfort. Has a very large trunk which can easily hold 4 golf bags. The engine has 180,000 miles without a single problem

- Donald L

The miles are high but has no issues. I've put new parts on it.

I like that it's a four door. I hate that the parts are expensive to fix. I love that it's reliable and gets me back and forth to work.

- Leonard M

It is a car that fits my style. It is worth owning

I like everything about my car. I like that it lets me know when I need to change the oil in it and when my tires need to be looked at

- Jackie T

It is very sturdy and drives well.

I just do not like Cadillac's, I am more of a truck person. The Cadillac's my husband's vehicle but we drive it most of the time.

- April O

It is in very good shape and clean and handles well

I like the ride, it gets good mileage, I don't like that it is hard to see when trucks park beside you because you are down low.

- LaVonne B

Classic mid size luxury with premium leather cooling and heating seats

I love this car and all the luxuries, I hate the gas mileage it gets but do like that it take low grade gas unlike the escalades

- Cynthia W

It's awesome to drive. I drove it across country in comfort.

I love that the seats warm and cool. It's such a comfortable ride. It's a very reliable car, as long as you take care of it.

- Melissa M

It's got lots of horses under the hood! It will get up and go when asked !!

Car is very nice to drive, very comfortable to ride in. Only dislikes are the cost of repairs and cost of insurance coverage.

- Darla H

It drives smoothly and it steers very steady. It has good brakes, heated side mirrors, and leather steering wheels.

It is smooth to handle, drive, and seat. It has a lot of extras that newer cars have and its sporty without being small.

- Elise a

I love my car. It's a pretty pearl white with tan interior. We tinted the windows

I love the way the car handles. It drives on the freeway and street with ease. I don't like the fact it's a gas guzzler

- Adreanne J

It drives really well I would buy this car again it's a great car to have

It's gold drives really well it's fully load has special features I like it a lot it gets me from point a to point B

- Henry M

Good looking,well maintained, comfortable riding car.

It has a comfortable ride, but it is a bigger vehicle than I prefer. It was my husband's choice and I agreed.

- Vivian B

the best car I have ever driven

Cadillac all wheel drive, fully loaded DTS with heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, and sunroof

- William H

Very Comfortable for traveling.

It rides very smooth. It is dependable. It is very comfortable. I don't like that it is very low to ground.

- Kim E

It has a Comfortable ride,and has great acceleration,and lots of trunk space

It has a smooth ride and is comfortable but maybe sits too low to the ground for exiting the vehicle.

- Len T

Overall Ithas been a reliable car but is starting to have problems. It is leaking oil, the driver's seat doesn't always move and the windows don't always work. It is very comfortable to drive.

It is a very smooth riding car. It has a V8 engine so it is easy to accelerate quickly.

- Karen S

Everything still works. It gets me where i need to go. It's still good after all these years.

It had a few minor complications right now. I still love my car and it runs

- Sierra R

I love my Cadillac. It rides smooth. The inside is spacious and luxurious.

It is very reliable and durable. Cadillac makes great cars. Easy to fix.

- olivia n

It gets better mileage than most people would think.

I love the ride. It gets good gas mileage. It's a beautiful car.

- Ron T

I love the way my car looks and I keep it very clean. My car rides smooth and I Love the programed seating and adjustments. I love the leather seats. I brought it used, and I've had a lot of mechanical work performed on it.

It's luxury and it rides smooth and I feel good driving it.

- michelle k

it's old and needs more repair potentially than newer cars

runs well, too huge, hard to park, don't like gray

- Mary H