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Dependable. 'minor' overheat, idled it, cooled down. No other challenges.

Purchased about three years ago. Still having challenges with how to operate some items. Maybe I should read the book. Overall I am happy with the dts and may keep it for a few more years. It is at 99, n500 miles and still going great. Only reason I'd give it up is to lease one that has more sophisticated features to help navigate. Yet, the kids do not want me to drive out of state to visit them in Virginia. Am pleased with the dts. Had it detailed about two years ago - I won the detailing. Normally, I drive a vehicle till it is ten years old or goes beyond 100, 000. Yet, I do not drive as much, even locally, some of the younger volunteers pick me up.

- Ron R

Good vehicle Cadillac dts.

My car is a good car never really had any major problems with the car but it is a 2007 with over 140, 000 miles on it for that reason there is problems with it overheating. The vehicle is very comforting, it has leather seats they heat up it has an worn steering wheel it seems like it wore down fairly easy. Oil leak in the oil pan is something u would have to look out for. Breaks need to be replaced but all of that is because of how old it is other than those few flaws the car is amazing gas mile good and runs great.

- Josh B

Massage seats. Heated and cool seats. Leather. Moonroof. Power seats.

This car is great really great. At 100, 000 miles, I heard it gets oil leaks from the engine though. The v8 in the engine is bad-ass. I have the 2007 luxury model with all the bells and whistles. It is now 2018 and the car still runs very good. Do not like that I am paying 405. 00 for my car note. But I am glad about my ride. The rims on the car makes the tires brand new or not have leaks. You just need to get the rims shaved down a bit. Great car I love my lac.

- Malachi M

the remote start is the best thing I love about my car

love my dts Cadillac it drives like I am floating on air it has star motor. It has power windows and heated seats, remote start I love that in the winter can stay warm and still start my car from inside my house its an automatic transmission, has where u can call for help if u need to. I bought floor mats for front and back they have wolves on them. I get 21 miles to gallon on highway, not sure about in town .

- ann E

It is a Cadillac that emits luxury at each turn of the wheel.

No problems... Regular maintenance every quarter. At high speeds car tends to fishtail. Poor gas economy. Good trunk room. Seats five adults comfortably. Good music system with modern amenities. Air and heat controls add to cabin comfort. Handles well on highway at moderate speeds. Easy to park. Adjustable heated seats for driver and passenger.


Smooth and powerful ride.

Car ran like a dream. Very smooth. Great performance and holds up very well in a minor accidents. The heating and cooling system is top notch and the stereo system as well. Seats are automatic and the comfort level can be changed. There have been no major problems as of yet but I only have 70k miles on it.

- Tim B

Cadillac's are great vehicles.

I really love my Cadillac CTS. It is almost like riding on air as you drive down the road. I never thought I would own a Cadillac but I am so glad that I do now! I would definitely recommend this car for anyone looking for a luxury type vehicle. The performance of this vehicles are absolutely amazing!

- Abby H

Cadillacs are the best luxury car.

This car is very reliable than any other vehicle. Gas depends on the daily use. It's a beautiful fancy, and luxury car. It's very comfortable, huge, it has most of the features, seat, and back massage. Hot and cold. Seats are automatically adjustable and it has a memory of your seat adjustment.

- Nadia S

Beautiful pearl white paint, all leather, luxury ride!

It is a luxury ride. Heated and cooled seat. Heated steering wheel, navigation, sun shade. What can I say, it is loaded and floats down the road. It is a v8, so it is not great on fuel, but it is easy to sacrifice that with all of the options. Cadillac's are one of my favorite vehicles.

- Bee H

Most comfortable car I have ever owned.

No problems out of my car. Very comfortable seats with all of the seats in the car heated. Ac stays freezing in august. Lots of trunk space. Rides smoothly especially down our bumpy interstate. Back and forth 30 miles to school every day with no problems. Very reliable.

- Abby H

Good running family car. It will last a long time if taken care of.

I have no problems with my car other than regular oil change, etc. The gas mileage is good for the size of the car. It is very comfortable. It has more features than I use.

- Judy G

My car has always been very dependable; hot and cold weather alike.

My real estate clients love the space; they have sufficient leg space. I really do not have any complaints. The color is silvery beige and does not really show soil.

- Carla H

It was within our budget, but still is a high end vehicle.

I dislike bucket seats with console in between. The car is great. Super comfortable, lots of bells and whistles. When you step on the accelerator, you really go.

- Holly O

Nice car but you have to get used to the blind spots in the cheap plastic pieces.

I like the remote start, love the heated and cooled seats, love the ride, love the look. Trouble free for the last 8 years. I do not have any complaints at all.

- Frank W

It has been good maintenance car.

I like the luxury of this car. Also, it's trunk is large enough to hold bot a wheelchair and a walker which my wife needs to continue go almost a

- Elmer K

It will serve you well as long as you take good care of it.

Its old. . . I want a new car. The vehicle drives well and looks good. I enjoy the ride but it is expensive to maintain if you have no money.

- Shonda L

It is Deceptively fast. It is very quick for the type of vehicle it is.

I like the speed the luxury the name. I do not like the fact that it gets bad gas mileage and is very expensive to repair even the brakes.

- Victor M

It is a very safe car, I think. It is nice looking and has not needed a brake job at all. They say the brake pads are only half gone.

I am very pleased with this car. It has had to have very little repairs done on it. It is almost 13 years old. No complaints

- Bonnie O

It drives like a dream. I get a lot of compliments on it.

It has a northstar engine that most places wont work on. Parts are more expensive. It's a great car to have overall though.

- Amanda W

Luxury Car with sunroof with one owner and currently has 94,000 miles

Check engine lights is on. While driving the traction control comes on and the car jerks when you take off. Gray in color

- Krystle C

It is very safe and comfortable to drive.

Its older and has front end issues and some electrical issues. I need a newer vehicle but cannot afford a lease payment.

- Jess W

Comfortable ride, heated seats.

It is a great car, drives smooth. It is just getting too many miles on it. It is got great features for an older car.

- Jo B

The car is really rad and everyone should know. It's spectacular.

The car is red and lined with a black stripe. It has four doors total. The windows are very shiny and I'm pleased.

- Ashley B

It rides great. Looks great, easy to drive.

This is a very nice looking car and I enjoy driving. It is very easy maintain. It is a pleasure to drive.

- Anna B

Cadillac is expensive but worth it.

Leaking oil pan, very comfortable, heated seats and steering wheel, very expensive and high maintenance.

- Stephanie H

It gets bad gas mileage and gets very hot on the inside during summer.

It rides well and runs everyday. It is kind of small for my lifestyle.

- Brody G

Nothing else to report. Car runs good.

Ride And Room. Dislike problems with seal leaks

- Gerald B