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Dependable. 'minor' overheat, idled it, cooled down. No other challenges.

Purchased about three years ago. Still having challenges with how to operate some items. Maybe I should read the book. Overall I am happy with the dts and may keep it for a few more years. It is at 99, n500 miles and still going great. Only reason I'd give it up is to lease one that has more sophisticated features to help navigate. Yet, the kids do not want me to drive out of state to visit them in Virginia. Am pleased with the dts. Had it detailed about two years ago - I won the detailing. Normally, I drive a vehicle till it is ten years old or goes beyond 100, 000. Yet, I do not drive as much, even locally, some of the younger volunteers pick me up.

- Ron R

Good vehicle Cadillac dts.

My car is a good car never really had any major problems with the car but it is a 2007 with over 140, 000 miles on it for that reason there is problems with it overheating. The vehicle is very comforting, it has leather seats they heat up it has an worn steering wheel it seems like it wore down fairly easy. Oil leak in the oil pan is something u would have to look out for. Breaks need to be replaced but all of that is because of how old it is other than those few flaws the car is amazing gas mile good and runs great.

- Josh B

Massage seats. Heated and cool seats. Leather. Moonroof. Power seats.

This car is great really great. At 100, 000 miles, I heard it gets oil leaks from the engine though. The v8 in the engine is bad-ass. I have the 2007 luxury model with all the bells and whistles. It is now 2018 and the car still runs very good. Do not like that I am paying 405. 00 for my car note. But I am glad about my ride. The rims on the car makes the tires brand new or not have leaks. You just need to get the rims shaved down a bit. Great car I love my lac.

- Malachi M