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Overcall car review of my family car.

The car seems to drive nicely so far. The only issue I can think of that really bothers me is that the parts do not seem to last as long as I should like. Most often it seems I am taking my vehicle to the car shop to continue to get the parts worked on. Also, sometimes changing parts or working on the car myself can become tedious. Of course, this is quite typical of cars now days. I think that it would be better if the parts were not so close together and easier to get to. At least the mechanics have an easier time getting to them as they have the equipment for it. Other than that, I like the systems in side, it seems quite safe, and it is nice for the family.

- Kevin R

Evaluation of my car. I have not updated it because of my age and the comfort.

My vehicle is very reliable I have had very few problems with it. The comfort level is very good because of a smooth ride and roomy. The performance is great it is easy with a v8 engine but has recently developed a small oil leak which I have been told by a mechanic to be common to a Northstar engine which my car has. The equipment is not as updated as later model cars. The paint has held up very well and looks almost like new. It would be nice if the gas mileage was better but I cannot expect more from a large car with a powerful engine.

- Teddy Muse O

I get great gas mileage with my Cadillac dts.

It is dependable, it has a smooth ride and I get great gas mileage. It is very comfortable, I like the heated seats and the fact that it is a big car as opposed to a mid size car. Overall I love my car. I like that it has heated seats in the back passenger seats. It has a large trunk. It is like riding on air.

- Lucinda M

In summary my Cadillac is a very comfortable and luxurious ride I've owned.

My Cadillac is equipped with all electric windows, seats, . All leather seats make a very comfortable and stylish look. . It is equipped with satellite radio. . On star. . The seats are also with heater to warm you up faster when cold outside. . My caddy is probably the best riding vehicle I have ever own.

- Linda C

It is a comfortable and safe car.

It has a smooth ride without feeling imperfections in the street. I feel safe in it because of the heavy protective body. It is large and spacious to make me feel I am in my living room. On long trips, I along with my friends are not tired upon arrival.

- Charles Q

Its solid, ride is smooth, great pick up when needed, really roomy.

Nice and roomy for my doggie. Great power, solid ride, wish it had better gas mileage, love the leather seats and heated seats, tuck is really big, it's fully loaded probably more than I need but it's nice to have all the extra features.

- Tina A

It rides nicely. Others comment on the nice ride even in the back seat.

It rides nicely. There's room for 6 people in it. The trunk is large. It's a sharp looking black car with a special top.

- Patricia I

Basic review of maintenance

Great ride but maintenance is costly. Gas mileage is not great. Issues with computer system, air ride and basic upkeep.

- kathy b

That it is the first new car I have ever owned.

I like the comfort and power and style. It has a large trunk.... I dislike the sunroof and it could be smaller..

- Diane S

Comfort and style.. Great looking car.

Great driving and riding. Wish it got better gas mileage. Have always been person who likes cadillacs.


It is a very nice car and I am proud to own it.

Great Car. Smooth Ride. Nice Luxury. I enjoy riding and going out with the family on trips with this car.

- Leonard m

It's a great vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone.

No complaints, great car. Good mileage for a big sedan. Comfortable and stylish. Hard to parallel park.

- Tony H

Built to be long lasting and very dependable!

I like the size (sedan) it rides smooth and quiet. I dislike poor gas mileage (large V -8)

- Gary R

It is a very nice looking car

I do not have any complaints at all about my vehicle. It has always ran well. I enjoy it

- Michael D

Excellent Ride, features are excellent. The moon roof, the option to control vent for each of car.

The features that it has. The ride is so smooth bumps in road are not felt.

- Judy F

runs great and handles very well.

high tech. luxurious. runs great. excellent running vehicle.

- joseph P