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Cadillac escalade 2003 review.

I love my vehicle because it feels secure that I can run over everything and am well protected in the vehicle. The things I do not like about the vehicle is that is burns through a lot of gas and it uses the most expensive gas well. It only take 11 mpg and uses 91 in gas grade. Also in the Cadillac the heater/ ac knobs always get messed up. When you turn pop or down the digital reading just move randomly in numbers. You have to turn to 90 degrees for the heater to turn on and 89 degrees is more like 60 degrees for the ac to activate. The escalade is a 2003 and it has not given me any problems at all and it is 2018 so its 15 years old and the only problem it gave me is to change the gas tank. Other than that I do regular maintenance like change oil and filters when needed and the nice thing is that the escalade tells you when you need to change the oil or anything else in the vehicle.

- Denise N

Do not understand the question. Responded to this on previous page.

The escalade I own is a fine reliable vehicle. It is an older car with many miles on it, so like all older vehicles with high mileage, there will be problems and repairs. The disadvantage to this car is that it is a Cadillac and maintenance and repairs tend to be more expensive than you'd encounter with a less pricey vehicle. The AWD feature is great for traction, particularly in wet, snowy weather. All together I consider it a valuable purchase for my family.

- Alan S

Third row seats, and three zone climate control

I love my vehicle. What I love most about my vehicle is the third row seats.. And with the three zone climate controls I don't have to worry about the kids getting to cold in the back. So far I haven't had any problems with my vehicle other than cosmetic reasons but I bought the car like that. The outside is a beauty. Inside I'm not too crazy about the wood trim however I love it just the same no complaints.

- Allison J

Best vehicle on the road; heated seats, sunroof, built in GPS, luxury ride!!

This SUV is most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. We bought it in 2012, and had no repairs till this year, when we had to replace the water pump. The ride is super comfortable; you barely feel the bumps in the road. Especially love the heated leather seats. With my back problems, makes long trips much more comfortable. Wish I could afford a newer model, but, probably will never be able, too!!

- Carol E

Like riding on a cloud. Heated leather seats, sunroof, built-in GPS.

Have had the SUV since 2012 and never had any mechanical problems, except the water pump went out. My husband replace the brake pad as a precautionary measure. Love the heated seats, built-in GPS, and rides like a dream!! It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I would buy a newer model, if I could afford it. While drive the one I have till it falls apart.

- Carol Y

Luxury. It may be an older car, but it's still incredibly nice for It's age.

I love it. It accelerates beautifully and for what I'd consider an SUV, it gets better gas mileage than most. It has several issues, but none of them outweigh the benefits. It's kind of silly but my biggest issue? The seats barely recline. They recline to like a 65 degree angle, and that's just the front seats. The back seats don't recline at all.

- Hunter S

Vehicle has over 250, 000 miles on it and runs like a champ! Very reliable!

My Escalade has over 250, 000 miles on it and has had minimal issues with it. Recently we've replaced the fuel pump and brakes and rotors. The motor is a 6. 0 and still runs like it did when it was brand new. Transmission is also in excellent condition, even with so many miles on it. Interior is in immaculate condition and still looks brand new.

- Amber M

Common problems with everyday bonuses.

Heated seat broken seems to be common. Language won't change, seems to be common. Seats and pedals adjust very well for short people. I love the buttons on the steering wheel. Absolutely love the sunroof. The back tailgate window opens. Heated mirrors really help and the mirrors adjust automatically when you are trying to back up.

- Christina E

2003 Escalade ext excellent truck.

It is phenomenally reliable, and the ride is extremely comfortable on long trips. The gas mileage could somewhat be improved. The ac compressor did have to be replaced after 150, 000 miles, a wheel hub had to be replaced on drivers side at 70. 000 miles, and the water pump at 145, 000 all other repairs were general maintenance.

- Frank H

2003 Escalade reliable still 16 years later

I like the luxury features except for the leather seats which have cracked overtime. Also had the CD and extra clock stop working, a handle broke off of the driver's seat, and the heat in that same seat no longer works. Performance is great and the ride is exceptionally smooth with the automatic leveling shocks.

- Jennifer K

Extremely reliable and exceeds expectations.

My vehicle has great performance, reliability, comfort, and great features; however, it could use an upgrade on features including navigation system. Due to the year these were the options at the time. Therefore, other than upgrades on options the SUV is AWD, long lasting, extremely reliable.

- Vida J

Like four flats on a Cadillac

I love 2003 Cadillac Escalade. Mine is AWD and that is the only thing that I dislike. Equipped with power locks and windows, sunroof & Bose speakers. Have not had any issues whatsoever. Perfect size for our big family and luggage. I would recommend this to any and every one.

- Kelsey M

It is an excellent car. Very comfortable.

It is ok. It is comfortable but it is older. It's expensive to keep this vehicle. You have to order at the factory everything..But the car is very comfortable, excellent for a family.I am going to buy a new one this year. My experiences with Cadillac escalade: excellent

- Gonzalo M

2003 Cadillac ext vehicle.

It has required very few repairs mostly standard maintenance. It is extremely comfortable both to ride on as well to drive. The paint color is white pearl and it still looks fantastic. It is old school compared to new model vehicles but it suits us just fine.

- Dm H

I really should have done research before I got it.

Have problems with brakes calipers and rotors, a lot of issues with electronics from dash the doors and seats and CD player rear end and alternator it is very expensive to fix and very expensive to have insurance and very expensive for even regular upkeep.

- April N

Runs like the first day I bought it.

Electrical problem only, still runs like a champ the first day it was bought. I would recommend this car with this engine to all. Just watch out for electrical problems that occur in the dashboard. Cadillac needs a recall because it iS a very common.

- Erik C

Its gas monitor is broke. We use the gallons and miles to know when to get gas.

I like it is roomy. I like it seats 7 people. I don't like that back rusts. I like its color, heated seats, DVD player for kids. I don't like tire in back since the tire option underneath truck broke. I do like temp on mirror.

- Sandra J

That it is a Toyota truck with a camper shell.

I like that my vehicle is paid off, it is fully loaded and safe for my kids. I know that if something were to happen, my kids have a good chance of walking away. It drives good and is very comfortable.

- Valerie F

The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I have had this car for 8 years and has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The only things I have done to this vehicle has been tires, oil changes, battery twice and radiator once.

- Shawn M

It is extremely reliable.

Cadillac escalade. Is a nice vehicle. Big fancy rims definitely look nice. Very spacious and so far extremely reliable. Is our daily driver. To school work and in town errands.

- Cecilia C

I've paid it off. It is mine. Never done anything like this before. Yup all mine.

I wish it was newer. The maintenance is expensive. Parts are expensive as well as the labor. I love trucks. She's a pretty truck. She handles well for all she has been through.

- Laurie M

It is a sturdy yet comfortable vehicle. It has some issues known to the company that they haven't fixed.

It is a great car for traveling and for hauling a lot of things. It is trustworthy. It uses more gas than I like and it has some inherent issues that have been hard to fix.

- Cindy C

well one thing I think you need to know about this car it's a General Motors car it's a truck like vehicle sits high and gravity had bad gas mileage and I wouldn't recommend it for long travels

I like to comfort the ride the ease of all the communities inside the car only one problem. Just like about it is the fuel mileage it's a bad vehicle for traveling

- Eric W

Its a truck it's nice and I sort of like it.

Its okay could be newer. I would love to have something better but right now I just can't. But I will eventually and it will be something I really want.

- Ashley L

That it has seat warmers in the winter and individual climate controls.

I have a used Escalade and I like that it has 3rd row seating. I also like the feeling of safety when I drive it. It also has a lot of features I like.

- Aaron C

Reliable older suv, its cream color hides dirt,!

I love my vehicle, even though it is older. It was well taken care of and it takes my family camping, and to work, and everything else we need.

- Katie M

It is mine, it is paid for and it is reliable.

I love my escalade. It is big but easy to handle...It is old but is in good shape...No complaints if it continues to run properly....

- Donna D

It has been very reliable over the years, and has had very few issues.

There is nothing I dislike about it. I like the size, color and options of the SUV. The only downfall is the age and gas prices.

- Annette C

It has a TV in it and good on gas.

The best car there is drive good would not trade it for nothing my whole family can fix in it my family enjoys it as well.

- Gail C

That it is a good solid vehicle and very dependable.

I like that it sits up high. I like that it is solid and feels safe. I do not like that it burns gas quickly.

- Caroline H

Why I love my Cadillac escalade.

My vehicle is very comfortable, reliable, and stylish. It has tons of space. I have the extended version.

- Sara M